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ADP Resource (Discontinued)

ADP Resource (Discontinued)


What is ADP Resource (Discontinued)?

ADP Resource (now discontinued) was a benefits administration tool that also supported some recruiting, training, and risk management functions.

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ADP Resource Review

9 out of 10
August 22, 2014
At my previous place of employment, we used ADP Resource for the whole organization. We used it for payroll and benefits, as well as HR …
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What is ADP Resource (Discontinued)?

ADP Resource (now discontinued) was a benefits administration tool that also supported some recruiting, training, and risk management functions.

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What is ADP Resource (Discontinued)?

ADP Resource (Discontinued) Technical Details

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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company uses ADP for payroll and to manage our HR processes. We use the tool in the US and ADP streamlines internationally for our EMEA and APAC employees.
Specifically, we use the ADP portal to track PTO, employee timecards, track employees by headcount, chart organizational hierarchy, and to manager overall HR and payroll needs.
  • ADP has an easy to read portal that is easy to navigate. The UI is fairly intuitive and as a user I can find the right information quickly.
  • The ADP portal is flexible in the sense that we can change payroll amounts for special circumstances such as a special bonus or special payout. This allows our payroll team to make the necessary changes right away.
  • The reporting capabilities are quite robust and there are many ways to customize reports that we use for finance, payroll, HR, etc.
  • ADP organization has too many layers and you often have to speak to multiple people to find the right solution.
  • There doesn't appear to be efficient communication between the internal teams at ADP - the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Thus, you often have to re-explain your issues.
  • During the implementation of the software, it was not very coordinated. Some contacts were more knowledgeable than others and there was not uniform expertise.
ADP is best if you have a really knowledgeable client rep that has been your contact for multiple sessions. Otherwise, you are forced to reiterate the problems to multiple parties. If you have a dedicated staff member who is knowledgeable of your processes, then ADP is a good resource for payroll needs.
  • Positive - ADP has simplified our payroll batches as the payroll side is quite intuitive.
  • Negatives - Because of a lack of internal coordination, we've often had to have multiple phone calls to resolve issues.
  • Positive - The reporting within the tool has allowed us to be more efficient during our financial audits.
ADP is just a well known brand and is fairly affordable. Compared to other software such as Workday, it was a more affordable price point for our budget. However, if we had more resources and time to examine, Workday seems to offer a strong alternative to ADP in terms of payroll, HR, and financial systems. Overall though, there are more consultants knowledgeable about ADP which made it an easier choice for us.
November 17, 2015

Payroll is a breeze

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have used ADP since they were using the software from Bank of America. I’ve been using it for a long time and I can't say enough about it. It is great for streamlining the processing of payroll, no matter how many employees you might have. I worked for another company and I did payroll for over 1000 employees. I now do payroll for less than 50 and the ease is about the same. Of course ADP Resource covers more of the HR job, making the process more complete with this software. For reasons understood by only the president of the company, we do not offer the complete payroll system to our employee's but, he's the boss and signs the checks.
  • It is very simple to process payroll, even from home if needed. I once processed the payroll from Japan.
  • I love that I can balance the payroll and send it knowing it is 100% correct.
  • I can process payroll as late as 6pm and have it back the next day.
  • I really like my ADP representative. I have had 2 and they are very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
  • Speaking of the ADP representative.......No matter who answers the phone, if my rep is not available, they are all knowledgeable and even through they are not my assigned rep, they are all pleasant to work with.
  • My biggest peeve is....and they are aware of this - a new state is sometimes very difficult to set up. With all the different classifications in states back east, it can take days to get it set up correctly.
This is no fault of ADP, I would want to use our software to it's full potential. [I would like to use it for] letting the employees have access to their records for changes to their address and to view their payroll records. I like that I have so much access to process payroll but I, feel the cost does not justify the use. It is pricey for what I am using it for and this is the decision of our President.
  • We currently use ADP Resource for payroll and some HR only. We have been approached for the 401k and insurance portion of ADP Resource but we have separate third party administrators for those.
  • The customer service is outstanding. I would not change anything.
  • I understand and agree that the employee's would benefit from viewing and making limited changes to their employee record and this will be approached in the next meeting we have with the president of the company.
Before my time, Uyemura was using ADP Paynet Plus and switched to another software, who shall go unnamed, but it was a complete bust. The taxes were calculated incorrectly on employees who have a car allowance and of course this a very big area for mistakes. We quickly switched back to ADP Paynet plus.
I of course am responsible for processing HR and a semi monthly payroll. We have extra payroll that has been set up for our employees from Japan and special bonuses throughout the year. The controller is my back up for the payroll function only and in the 10 years I have worked here, she only did it once.

Number one is knowledge of human resources of course and processing of the payroll for different states, and any special taxes that need to be applied to the employee record.

The other important factor would be confidentially since this person has access to everyone's information. I am proud to say I do not discuss pay rates or any other information that is confidential. In all the years experience that I have had, I can honestly say I have not discussed any information with any other person outside of their manager, president of the company or the controller.

Keeping records up to date.

  • Records can be changed easily.
  • Even if a mistake is made, it can be reversed and reprocessed correctly and quickly.
  • If there is a special project that needs to be done, if my rep can't help me she will get me to someone who can.
  • We have a employee from Japan that has a special payroll and the calculation can be tricky at times but with ADP Resource we can get it processed without to many issues.
  • As stated before ADP Recourse offers a complete package for 401k and insurance packages, we however have other sources for these.
I have a lot of experience and trust in this software package - actually any software package from ADP. The training that I have gotten over the years has always been complete and the representatives that I have had over the years are all EXCEPTIONAL! Looking back in the 20 plus years of experience, I can say truthfully there are only 1-3 persons who I would rather not have worked with at ADP. I find their customer service, and phone reps do their best to get the job done. This makes my job easier in the process.
  • Year end...never have a problem balancing the W-2s - very important.
  • Calculating bonuses - also very important.
  • Since we are all salaried, the payroll is already done every pay period unless there is special calculation that needs to be done.
  • My one and only pet peeve is setting up a new employee in a new state.
  • ADP states that they now have a department to help with this but, there is a 7 week wait time.........REALLY?
We are not allowed to have access to this part of the software at this time. Still working on getting an approval from our president to have the approval for its use.
Really.....I hate to keep repeating my self but I am very confident in any ADP software. They are worldwide and have proven their capabilities throughout the world.
August 22, 2014

ADP Resource Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At my previous place of employment, we used ADP Resource for the whole organization. We used it for payroll and benefits, as well as HR records. ADP Resource was very helpful in that all the information I ever needed regarding our employees was there. I was able to easily keep record of all that information and maintain updates with ease. Instead of having multiple sources for recording info, ADP Resource allowed us to do everything within one source.
  • HR Documentation and record keeping
  • Easy payroll access.
  • Multiple training resources
  • The payroll function, while user friendly, was a little confusing starting out. Many codes had to be learned for certain things such as benefits.
  • When running reports, the process was very easy to make a mistake requiring multiple tries to get it correct.
I would highly recommend ADP Resource. It is a one stop shop for all human resource needs. One key question that I would ask on any product is: Does it cover all my HR needs in one application? ADP does just that.
  • Definitely better customer service. When someone called in about their account, I was able to easily access the information and make any changes at a click of a button.
I have not used any similar products.
I would renew my use of ADP Resource if I had the need. It is a great format but at this time I do not have the need for the product.
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