ADP Resource (now discontinued) was a benefits administration tool that also supported some recruiting, training, and risk management functions.Payroll is a breezeI have used ADP since they were using the software from Bank of America. I’ve been using it for a long time and I can't say enough about it. It is great for streamlining the processing of payroll, no matter how many employees you might have. I worked for another company and I did payroll for over 1000 employees. I now do payroll for less than 50 and the ease is about the same. Of course ADP Resource covers more of the HR job, making the process more complete with this software. For reasons understood by only the president of the company, we do not offer the complete payroll system to our employee's but, he's the boss and signs the checks.,It is very simple to process payroll, even from home if needed. I once processed the payroll from Japan. I love that I can balance the payroll and send it knowing it is 100% correct. I can process payroll as late as 6pm and have it back the next day. I really like my ADP representative. I have had 2 and they are very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Speaking of the ADP representative.......No matter who answers the phone, if my rep is not available, they are all knowledgeable and even through they are not my assigned rep, they are all pleasant to work with.,My biggest peeve is....and they are aware of this - a new state is sometimes very difficult to set up. With all the different classifications in states back east, it can take days to get it set up correctly.,10,We currently use ADP Resource for payroll and some HR only. We have been approached for the 401k and insurance portion of ADP Resource but we have separate third party administrators for those. The customer service is outstanding. I would not change anything. I understand and agree that the employee's would benefit from viewing and making limited changes to their employee record and this will be approached in the next meeting we have with the president of the company.,,,,Records can be changed easily. Even if a mistake is made, it can be reversed and reprocessed correctly and quickly. If there is a special project that needs to be done, if my rep can't help me she will get me to someone who can.,We have a employee from Japan that has a special payroll and the calculation can be tricky at times but with ADP Resource we can get it processed without to many issues.,As stated before ADP Recourse offers a complete package for 401k and insurance packages, we however have other sources for these.,10,Year end...never have a problem balancing the W-2s - very important. Calculating bonuses - also very important. Since we are all salaried, the payroll is already done every pay period unless there is special calculation that needs to be done.,My one and only pet peeve is setting up a new employee in a new state. ADP states that they now have a department to help with this but, there is a 7 week wait time.........REALLY?,Yes,10
ADP Resource (Discontinued)
29 Ratings
Score 6.1 out of 101
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ADP Resource (Discontinued) Reviews

ADP Resource (Discontinued)
29 Ratings
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Score 6.1 out of 101
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About ADP Resource (Discontinued)

ADP Resource (now discontinued) was a benefits administration tool that also supported some recruiting, training, and risk management functions.
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