ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based HR platform for mid-sized businesses. It features customizable modules of various HR services that businesses can tailor to their specific needs, as well as regulatory monitoring and alerts to help businesses remain compliant.ADP makes my job easierADP Workforce Now is being used by the HR Department for payroll, benefits and time tracking. All of our employees have access to our portal both that and the mobile app on a regular basis.,Their customer support is timely and accurate. The Time Off program makes tracking and requesting PTO easy for all involved. We know we can trust ADP to file my tax reports accurately and on time.,Their rehire process is not user friendly. It is cumbersome and needs to be as simple as the new hire process. All of the "pages" in the employee record should look and react the same.,10,ADP keeps us in compliance with all DOL and compliance issues. We had a HSA issue a few years ago and had to refile W-2's. They were very helping in getting this done.,Our HR team has saved time, but I'm not sure how much.,,Epicor HCM,4,1,Payroll processing Benefit maintenance PTO administration,Using the Time Off program has saved time in the monitoring of PTO.,We need to expand the Mobile App usage with our employees.,10Ease your mind with ADPWe use it for our enterprise based on the filing requirements that it addresses.,Support Ease of use Regulatory updates Regulatory compliance Tracking for regulatory requirements,Works well Easy to use currently No suggestions,10,Frees accounting staff for other crucial tasks Reliable compliance,Our HR team has saved 1-25 hours per month.,Paychex Flex,Microsoft 365 Business,1,1,Payroll Regulatory compliance Payroll employee reporting,Frees up Controller for other duties,Expand reporting and HR reporting,10ADP WFN - Making life easier!We use ADP WFN for all of our HR and Payroll needs for the entire organization. We are able to track, update and process all of our HR and Payroll day to day functions with it. It is simple enough to use and when we do have issues their customer service is available to help us. We use specifically to enter new employees into our system, process payroll and all of our reporting.,We are able to update all employee information including I9's which keeps us compliant We are able to process payroll in a timely matter We are able to use the HR module as our company HRIS system and we are very satisfied with that For Payroll reporting with Accounting and Finance, we are able to produce reports that satisfies our needs.,I would say their customer service via phone needs to improve by a lot. A call to them could take up to an hour sometimes and that has to change. WFN should have more options to choose from on just about every module that they serve. It seems their modules address the most popular issues but many times you are limited. I think they should mend their 401K module into WFN, instead of keeping it a separate entity. It is basically taken twice the time to do repetitive work for employers like us that use ADP 401K The reporting that we use WFN for works ok, but requires some time on the phone, a simpler format with more to choose from would be helpful.,9,For our uses, it has all been positive. We need just an HR program that transitions into payroll. This is excellent for us The payroll reporting is fantastic. I can always request or create something that doesn't exist, but ADP seems to have covered the major ones. It is extremely useful Tracking and moving funds with WFN is easy to record and keep track of. We are quickly able to send and post funds for payroll.,Our HR team has saved 1-25 hours per month.,Paychex Flex,Google Maps API, Salesforce App Cloud,2,2,Payroll HR Reporting Time tracking,Birthdays/Anniversarys Review time,we are looking to use WFN for our 1099 Employees Track Sick Days,9,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation,Interesting question. I am not sure if we would have. We met with Sales Reps from ADP , Paychex and a start up company that was going to give a lot of exclusive products designed for us. It was more than we needed at the time and with a start up , many other problems can occur on their side that we did not want to be apart of at the time.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Not all employee information was transferred Some important information had to be reset for staff, such as Direct Deposit,8,Online training In-person training Self-taught,9,9,The payroll module was very easy for me, Most of it was common sense , it just involved learning the way it is done by WFN. The HR module was a little trickier , only because of my lack of familiarity with some of the stages and procedures. Actually , once I understood the steps, the flow in the HR module was fine.,8,Specifically, no. If there is some set up that has to be done, all it takes is a call to customer service and they will walk me through everything. Once we are good to go, I can adjust around the settings of the module to make it work best for us.,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,We have not. The format works fine for our company.,No,9,No,Yes!- Last Christmas on December 22 or so after our final payroll was run, Our President decided to give out bonuses and we had to run a special payroll and have the funds in the employee accounts before the holiday. Basically it took one call, We process the extra payroll over the phone , transferred funds and produced our reports in a matter of hours and every was paid promptly. I always thank my Rep about this.,Payroll File Hire/Rehire/Terminate Batches,Time & Attendance Reporting,Yes, but I don't use it,9,9,9,9,40i K provider Transit provider,Health insurance,File import/export,9,I think selecting a vendor that allows integration is very key. You should choose one that allows for this to happen and make the most use of this with as many vendors as possible. After awhile, they become simple tasks that can save time for everyone. With all this, support should be reviewed and check before submitting.,8,8,More or less a specific fee for specific services. I'd rather not get into any more detail than that.,We are very happy with ADP as our payroll vendor. Their service has been above satisfactory. I'd suggest that you stay in contact with your Sales Rep from start to finish. You may be direct to someone else but your Sales Rep is your point of contact and I find that to be key, should there be a new issue.,Yes,Time & Attendance Pay File Upgrade,simplified the batch process even more simplifying reporting,No,NoADP is truely my right hand!Workforce Now is being used through our entire company. Currently used for payroll, timekeeping, time management, and benefits. We are currently looking to expand with ADP by implementing additional modules.,User-Friendly; easy to navigate and provides training online via learning bytes or a full training course. Training or learning can be for the smallest task to larger complex instruction. When calling in either to general customer service or an account manager, the ADP team truly makes an effort to help resolve the concern or question in a timely manner. The ADP Team are good listeners before responding on the phone or via email.,Benefit enrollments have a glitch for one-off enrollments 'life events'; the practitioner cannot change the default enrollment date without rejecting the enrollment and manually re-entering. Note: This is not an issue for annual open enrollments. Workflow messaging has some room for improvement.,9,Time management has gone from a manual process to complete 100% managed in ADP. From initial time-off request, approval, and peer or management team overview, this has saved about 2 hours bi-weekly from a payroll standpoint. Branch Managers also save valuable hours managing time off for their teams.,Our HR team has saved 1-25 hours per month.,Paychex Accounting Online,Cisco Communications Outsourcing,600,2,Payroll Paid leave accrual management and workflows Benefit self service, carrier to carrier agreements/management, open enrollments Customer support! Reporting and analytics,Policy notification management, e-signatures, reminders and reporting of policies completed. New Paid Family Leave tax credits - Managing tracking of this via our time off features coordinated with payroll.,Document Clouds for employee record keeping Recruitment and onboarding and integration to employee self-service set-up and required new hire documentation. Become eligible for additional Tax Credits,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation,We would not change based on our own roll out timelines.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,Ensuring accrued paid leave was properly transferred, accounted. No 'issues' come to mind otherwise, well planned steps for implementation were handled directly with a dedicated ADP account specialist.,9,No,10,Yes,Open Enrollment was probably the biggest project that ADP helped me through our first year working with self-service in ADP.They via virtual connection walked me through what I was doing right and what I needed to change. They are not judgmental when I make mistakes, they kindly walk me through the corrections and explain why the change should be what it is.,Payroll Paid leave requests and approval benefit self service functions profile updates,first time set up of benefit self service as an administrator took a bit of learning, however, not cumbersome.,Yes,10,10,10,10Works but a little priceyWe use Workforce Now for time and attendance; we have used ADP's payroll processing for several years before adding the Time and Attendance [modules]. We also use the benefits feature to track information for ACA reporting.,Time and Attendance record keeping HR Benefits Easily Accessible Accruing time off,Knowledge of staff in call center Pricing Reports,6,The costs are increasing. Every new feature adds to the bottom line.,Our HR team has saved time, but I'm not sure how much.,3,3,Payroll Tracking attendance Accruing paid time off,Comparing scheduled time off among other departments Tracking part time hours Uploading forms and documents,Open enrollment Workers comp insurance,6ADP works for usI use ADP Workforce Now to process our payroll. I also make use of the detailed matrix of record keeping by ADP to report all of my union dues and benefits on a monthly basis,Ease of processing payroll Ability to properly set up and process all liens and deductions Detailed level of records,The customer service people are friendly, but because of our unique niche of having unions for most of our employees, the customer service people are not fully up to speed. The ability to add departments and memo codes and deduction codes is limited. It should be easier to make the additions. The custom reporting option is cumbersome.,10,Positive. It works well for us.,QuickBooks Pro,QuickBooks Premier,4,1,Payroll Union Reporting Custom Reporting,Ability to make sure we are current and correct with our unions,Track payroll by departments,10,Yes,Product Features,All good,Vendor implemented,8,Yes,Just today, Angelica made sure an item that was supposed to be collected for totaling on our paychecks was done. Because of my schedule, she had to call back a few times and was extremely pleasant about it all.,Doing the payroll Adding employees,Sometimes the custom reports The canned payroll reports The tax portal/support system,Yes, but I don't use it,9ADP WorkForce Now - I Love It!We use ADP Workforce Now for the largest sector of our company which totals about 300 employees. We have 6 subsidiaries with 6 different EIN's. We use it for payroll and time and attendance. It allowed our time and attendance to flow easily into the payroll. We still use Business Portal for 2 of our companies, and there is a huge difference in the time to get the time from ADP vs Business Portal. One click with ADP versus a spreadsheet import. Also makes running the payroll very easy and efficient.,The reporting is very good. It is easy to use, and the Excel output is formatted nicely - with bold headers, and columns and rows that are formatted to fit the output. No need to adjust the height or width. There are many canned reports, but the ability to do ad hoc reports is great. The Self-Service portal that allows employees to make changes to their W-4's and their direct deposit saves time for payroll and HR. The option to approve or just notify HR and/or Payroll is a nice option as well. The fact that managers can see their employees PTO balances is a plus - employees can see their own balances as well. Managers have the ability to run time & attendance reports such as when an employee is approaching overtime as well as the ability to see the real-time entries of their employees. I hear of people who have issues with ADP's customer service, but I am not one. I get excellent service 99% of the time. Of course there are times when i have to call back to have them fix a mistake, but the majority of my experiences are of excellent customer service. We have a dedicated team for customer service, so I speak to the same group of people all the time. I have a profile of their experience with ADP (provided by ADP), which is great!,Customizing the portal could be easier. It is difficult to understand the instructions that are there. Since the support center was upgraded, it is a little less user friendly, but still has excellent information. Logs you out of the support center too quickly. The tech support for EZlabor and the portal administration is shaky. ADP needs to seriously look at this issue because I can call twice in the same day and get totally different information for the same issue, but the issue is not fixed. This is for tech support, not to be confused with the payroll customer service - they are excellent. Does not work well at all with Internet Explorer, but it does work well with Google Chrome.,7,It has reduced the time for me to process the payroll by half. Reporting and any post audits can be done easily and early enough to catch any errors before the pay day which is definitely good for employee morale. The ability for employees to make some changes to their payroll is a great time saver for Payroll and HR as well as for the employee. Having all of our subs on ADP makes training the employee on the self service portal more efficient.,Microsoft Dynamics SL,,3,Efficient Payroll processing Reporting for management Tax Service Garnishment Service Time and Attendance Employee Self Service,Linking to our HR self service from the portal. Ability for employees to access PTO balances while entering time Recurring Schedules in Time and Attendance Accessing tax reports such as the 941 and Statements of Deposit to the various agencies Online Stop payments and direct deposit cancellations,GL interface Using the portal to put out company announcements. We don't use the complete functionality of the portal.,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Existing Relationship with the Vendor Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,We had a very quick turn around, so we were not able to really evaluate any comparable vendors.,Vendor implemented,Yes,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,Not enough lead time for the implementation, so unable to double check some of the imports. Even though we moved quickly, there was still enough time to get everything done in an efficient and accurate manner. ADP dropped the ball a lot in that I was not able to reach the Implementation Specialist a lot of the time. Implementation Specialist was hard to reach - this became a major issue on the second implementation, but not so much on the first and third ones. I think, the issue was that the Specialist had too many clients at once. I found that when I was able to get in touch with her, she was very effective, helpful and knowledgeable.,6,8,8,Yes,There was a time when I was panicked about finishing a payroll after hours. I sent an email to customer support that night, and the issue was resolved that night. I did a preview that had an error, so it was stuck. This requires a manual correction. I was not expecting a result that night, but lo and behold, the issue was fixed, and I was able to finish the payroll. I still don't know which support member handled the issue, but I was Very Happy!!,Time and Attendance import into payroll Running a preview Running ad hoc reports,Customizing the portal to our company particulars Mobile app - I need to get more info on this one, but it is not as easy as downloading the app for all of the functions that are supposed to be available, Not being able to import position and title information if you don't have the HR module. You have to manually enter job titles/positions. You should absolutely be able to import this information with or without the HR module.,Yes,9Workforce Now: When it's a good fit, you know it!ADP Workforce Now is being used by the payroll and benefits department. In our growing company, it helps us address the problem of needing one database to store the majority of employee information in one place. In the past, we struggled with having many spreadsheets storing employee information. With Workforce Now we are better able to consolidate and analyze information.,Reporting is easy and universal. You can create, edit, and manipulate reports for a wide variety of purposes. It makes auditing and comparing data easy. I really appreciate how ADP keeps up-to-date with federal and state requirement changes. ADP does a great job of notifying users of the updates to make sure payroll is processed accurately.,It would be great if more fields were available in the mass change feature. I end up importing data changes when a mass change would have been easier if the option was available.,7,Workforce Now has definitely improved our efficiency and consistency because we can pull reports into specific formats for importing into our databases. This means less hand-keying of simple things like address changes or new employee data, which makes our team more efficient and accurate. Often our Accounting Team really struggles with understanding ADP's specific lingo, which can make it a challenge for our Payroll/Benefits Team and Accounting Team to interact. It's taken time to understand, for example, that "Business Unit" means "Account Code".,,10Workforce Now = Workplace Improvements and Conveniences!Our company utilizes Workforce Now for HR, Benefits, Payroll, and Time and Attendance. It is used across the entire organization. The biggest issue it addresses is time and attendance currently. We have implemented online time card usage in lieu of paper time sheets. This procedure has been used for 2 years by 70% of the staff and is now being implemented for usage by 100% of the staff.,I love the tracking feature for PTO. With my previous company this was an invaluable tool that saved staff and managers a lot of time and calculations for vacation, sick, and personal hours. Using time and attendance with online time cards is another great feature and I'm surprised not every company uses it. In my previous position as an HR Administrator, I utilized all three modules. I loved the HR/B module with the self-service feature. As long as staff entered info correctly it was a great tool. Being able to print pay stubs and W2s online is another feature we love. Going paperless is important. In my previous position I utilized the company portal almost daily. It was a great way to get communications out to management and staff, not to mention uploading forms (such as direct deposit, enrollment forms, annual 401k communications, etc.).,Definitely customer service. Not every person you connect with has the adequate knowledge to help with issues. Reporting module could be more user friendly.,9,Time management has definitely improved. Greater accuracy has been established in time keeping and payroll in general,BenefitMall PayFocus,Sage One Accounting,500,7,Time and attendance Self-service PTO Tracking Benefits enrollment,On-line time cards (to facilitate time and attendance as opposed to paper time sheets) PTO tracking making balances available to managers and staff Cross checking time worked.,PTO balance tracking is currently being looked at and hopefully implemented in the near future Giving managers access to reports Utilizing reporting to make managers aware of time and attendance errors,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,I don't think I would change anything.,Vendor implemented,Yes,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,Accuracy of data transfer. Learning curve. Extensive amount of training for staff and management.,8,7,Yes,I was working for Total Practice Mangement and we were having serious issues with the payroll uploading. I had a support person who was working from home (in Georgia) who actually worked beyond their regular shift to work out the problem, get my payroll uploaded, and my staff paid on time.,Creating and using paydata batches, easy. Creating and running custom reports, once created, easy to use. Entering data, easy to use.,Creating reports I find difficult at times.,Yes,8Another Day in the ADP WorldADP is currently our HRIS and payroll system. This system is able to address reporting for accounting regarding benefits, payroll and general HR uses.,Accurate Reporting Self service Portal Payroll Benefits,Needs to be more user friendly Better training classes,10,Unexpected occurrences Brings real number to the table,Oracle Business Analytics,538,5,Payroll Benefits Reporting,10,10ADP is in transition but still the best bang for the buck!We currently use ADP Workforce Now as a single solution for our global workforce. We use it for complete benefit administration, HR/HCM, payroll, payroll tax filing, employee/manager self service, reporting, tax credit services and The Work Number (VOE solution).,Benefit Enrollment and Invoicing/Reporting- This is perhaps the strongest point of ADP WFN. It has interactive invoicing ability, connections to carriers, easy compares for monthly reconciliations, easy benefit enrollment wizards, and COBRA workflow. Payroll/Payroll Tax. This is an area where I have not seen competitors compete. The accuracy of the Wage & Tax Registers, Payroll Preview, SOD's, etc. are unmatchable in my opinion. The tax reports and payroll reporting that consistently cross foots to registers is priceless. Bank recs are easy to reconcile as the client has access to all information to make month end entries. The ADP Self Service Portal is an invaluable tool. It is easily modified to your company without advanced HTML skills, employees/managers can do just about anything you give them access to do, and has the ability to handle company policy acknowledgements included in the package.,Reporting. Each ADP software has a reporting tool tied to it. ADP Workforce Now happens to have the weakest reporting tool of any ADP product, but they know this and everyone is being told that the new versions (4.0+) will address current issues, like duplicate rows, fields required but cannot be pulling in a report, etc. HR / Payroll Separation. Unlike almost every other version of ADP, WFN creates a gigantic divide between the HR area and Payroll area, almost competing against one another. The challenge is keeping a teamwork attitude in spite of this oversight. Payroll reports rarely match HR reports because of this problem. But once you understand what each report is pulling, you can easily determine where you report needs to come from in order to be accurate, but this is very frustrating at times. Support. Again, unlike every other product, WFN decided to create separate support models for the HRB side versus the Payroll side. But neither know anything about the other, which is terribly frustrating to the client. You will need to educate yourself a lot to avoid hours on the phone with no answer. But it is rather simple to learn with the available tools, and ADP ILearn (free). ADP is always behind the ball in terms of compatibility with IE/other browsers. There are work arounds but usually by the time ADP is supporting one version of IE, everyone is already on the next, and so forth. No organization chart capability, no proxy manager capabilities (for performance reviews/manager changes), no ability to hand documents, etc.,7,ADP Workforce Now has really moved our organization into a self-service model. We utilize mobile access, iPay, employee engagement via the Portal, etc. The complete separate between HR and Payroll is very challenging and, to be honest, unacceptable. We have learned to work with it but it is a very poor model for Corporate America. But, ADP knows this and will no longer sell this product. Anyone converting to ADP now will have the latest and greatest which hopefully will meet the reporting/functionality of their biggest competitors. The most positive area of WFN is Benefit Administration. It does it all and is very easy to use.,,12,1,Employee Onboarding and Policy Acknowledgement Benefit Open Enrollment Govt reporting (EEO, VETS100A),Policy Acknowledgement Free Verification of Employment service via ADP (The Work Number) Employee Event capabilities, to reach target employees by security group (Training, policies, local news, etc.),Performance Management Referral Bonus automation Gross Up awards Leverage ADP Portal for Employee Communication,8,9P. Diddy's HRIS System of ChoiceIt is used as the primary HRIS system for the entire organization, which is comprised of numerous independent EIN's. The primary issues that it solved was far more robust reporting (both canned as well as ad hoc) as opposed to the legacy system that was in place. In addition, it provided an integrated Time and Attendance system, which was desperately needed to assist in accurate and timely pay to the non-exempt staff.,All in one HRIS system for small to mid-sized organizations, in a market where the options are relatively limited. Quality customer service reps who have a better fundamental understanding of payroll than many other vendors I have worked with. Optional Benefits Table, which greatly increases the ease and efficiency of all aspects of benefit administration.,Several bugs caused by the use of unsupported internet browsers. In general, it seems as though there is a lag between browser upgrades, and seamless navigation on the system. 'Lack of attention to detail' implementation issues, which had actual net effects on effected employees requiring adjustments, all directly attributed to ADP Implementation Team. Ex. Double Time hours did not have any wages attached to them for approximately a month after go-live, which after being discovered needed to be corrected. A few normal recurring payroll activities take a few more steps, and are a little more confusing than they feel they should be.,8,Accurate, integrated Time & Attendance is by far the #1 efficiency for the organization I implemented this system for. They went from paper time sheets to having the ability to have employees enter their time via their smart phone overnight. The more robust and date effective reporting allowed us to finally be able to tear into the data and ensure people were being paid correctly. The prior system was a Citrix based platform that could only be ran on one computer, whereas Workforce Now is internet based, allowing me to work whenever and however I needed to.,9WorkForce Now....what your WorkForce needs NOW.Our organization uses ADP Workforce Now to process our semi-monthly payroll. It is currently being used only by the HR department, but we use the ADP Portal to store important HR related information that our employees can easily access when they access their pay statement and 401k information.,Good central location for all HR information for employee reference Steps in the payroll process are easy to understand and follow Navigation of the portal is simple Support is plentiful and training modules available to assist in learning about different features,The tracking of available time off. You can only load the system with the available hours. We accrue Vacation hours throughout the year, but employees have the full balance available as of Jan 1. Would like employees to be able to see their full balance, but also the balance they've accrued (or earned) as of a given payroll date. ADP is great in Payroll, but some of the other modules aren't so great. I've used the Performance Management/Reviews section of the HR module and it does not work well. It's very clunky. Other Performance Management systems work MUCH better.,8,Employees are able to see their pay statements online immediately on pay day. They don't have to wait for their statement to arrive in the mail or be passed around at the office. HR is able to provide much more service to our employees and focus on the bigger issues rather than answering basic payroll questions When utilizing time and attendance employees are aware right away of when they forgot to clock in or out. They can contact their manager and have it corrected quickly. The time it takes to process payroll is much decreased because we no longer have to key in timecards or chase employees down when they've forgotten to submit a timecard.,2,8ADP & Me, was a great combination! Try it and you'll see!ADP Workforce Now (WFN) was implemented by our parent organization, Precision Cast Parts while I was at Accra Manufacturing. Workforce now afforded us the opportunity to leverage the information collected during the hiring process to help align our organization to effective, transparent succession planning. It also served as an outstanding central reference point for employee data which we then used to extract reports to help facilitate staffing, planning, and training opportunities.,ADP WFN seamlessly ties their HRIS to a payroll system so that there is absolute transparency and alignment between payroll and HR. The granularity available when establishing security groups proved to be critically essential in providing visibility and access to the appropriate team members. I liked that WFN included the ability to attach an employee photo with the employee record so that when I needed to speak with someone I wasn't familiar with, I could easily pull the picture and then find them on the manufacturing floor.,I would have liked to see some more flexibility in the reporting tool. I really wanted to see more data/employees on a single page than the limited view (I think 15 or 20 in the version I was using). There was no ability to scale the window to allow me to see more than those few candidates at a time I would love for them to include a simple click on the payroll roll up side for me to easily see YTD totals rather than have to go in and select each individual check to include in the roll up.,8,We were able to generate data more quickly through the reporting tool The granularity available in the generated reports helped to facilitate communicating immediate headcount and leverage historic trends to assist with future staffing needs. For the employees who had access to the system, it was significantly easier for them to update their routine information such as address changes or W4 changes.,,8Not for the Trucking/Transportation industryWe use ADP Workforce Now across our whole organization for Payroll, Time and Attendance, as well as HR & Benefits. We are not fully implemented at this point. For instance, self-service is not turned on yet, and we have not turned on the ability to process enrollment into benefits for new hires yet.,We have not had any issues with the Time & Attendance piece of the puzzle. All the data from Time & Attendance flows through without a problem to Payroll. The HR & Benefits system is relatively flawless once all the data has been input for the Benefits. I simply enter the information and the system and it does the rest, including making sure the benefit deductions start on the right date.,From the HR & Benefits standpoint this system is relatively rigid. There is no flexibility regarding benefit deductions at the end of an employee's tenure with the company. It's not computing when the plan year started, what the last day on benefits is and, therefore, how much more an employee may owe in order to be paid in full upon termination. Instead, we are forced to manually override the system from the Payroll side. The Payroll side is inflexible for our industry. We are a trucking company and our Drivers pay has to be imported from another program because we pay by mile, by piece, and several other factors. Additionally, we are typically 2 weeks behind on when we are paying our Drivers and, because of this, ADP's "effective date" on the HR & Benefits side is translating to manual checks on the Payroll side for new hires. ADP's Workforce Now is designed for office personnel and simple manufacturing type environments. Not for the trucking/transportation industry, or any industry not paying on typical wage and compensation plans.,5,Since implementing most of the HR & Benefits piece of Workforce Now, our productivity in the Payroll department has been drastically reduced. What used to take 4 hours, tops, to process payroll for 120 employees is now taking us a full day, sometimes 2 days. Once we are fully implemented, and benefits enrollment is turned on, I anticipate this system reducing the time it takes HR to fully enroll an employee into the chosen benefit plans.,,2,4,0ADP Workforce Now...User Friendly SometimesI used it at my previous employer. It was being used as the HR system of record as well as for benefits, payroll and timekeeping.,It is for the most part easy to use. Allows users to configure most parts of the system fairly easily which is a plus but also a negative. Reporting is intuitive and easy to run reports. Fairly simple to get support from phone reps but again this also a negative as phone support did not always give a full or correct answer.,The support does not always respond quickly or provide correct answers. Sometimes things seem to be in a "blackbox". Payroll mainframe caused numerous problems as deductions would appear and reappear.,4,Negative impact when payroll caused issues with deductions for 401(k).,Workday,SAP BPM,2Large company= Larger Wait Time, for everything.We used ADP for Payroll, HR and Benefits. It was used by all employees as a portal for company documents as well as a source for their pay information. It offered a solution for Payroll, HR and Benefits.,This product is one of few that can handle Canadian payroll, which is something needed at the organization I used ADP for. ADP had a great reporting feature for custom report creation by the end user.,When you submit a payroll with ADP you could wait 20-30 minutes to get your payroll preview. Other solutions do not make you wait this long. If you call ADP for help, you will talk to a different person each time, and often they will have to transfer you to a different "area" where there is someone who will know the answer (different work groups for Time, Payroll and HR).,7,ADP gave employees the ability to find everything they need for payroll and HR purposes all in one portal. You can upload and save documents on the home page for employees to download. ADP's reporting was the best part of the software. You could literally create a report with any information needed. I would recommend taking an ADP reporting class. ADP offers classes to further your experience with the software. These are highly recommended.,Paylocity,saasHR kronos,mangrove,1I love ADPWe are using it for US payroll processing. HR uses a separate system and international employees are paid out of other systems. It is a very good tool for US payroll.,Reporting feature is easy to use and provides a variety of information to report. Employee portal access provides additional information to employees. Payroll processing is easy with batches and upload features. Provide thorough payroll processing reports including Personnel Change report, Statistical Summary and Register Tax service is priceless,Bank and Tax portal could use a face lift to make it user friendly. Better connection to employee data in payroll and time and attendance that will allow you to view EE data while in T and A. More visa and I9 tracking and reporting capabilities needed.,10,ADP is more expensive than some other systems Very dependable/reliable system and company Increased connection to the employee,,10Satified CustomerADP Workforce now is being used as an HRIS system. It's being used to store employment data as well as for applicant tracking.,ADP uses wizards. This allows it to be very user friendly. ADP Modules are set up to tailor to the appropriate departments. ADP reporting fuction allows for easy reporting through using Excel and CVS software.,I don't have anything I would like to change. As along as all of the fuctionallies are turned on including self service I believe its a great product.,9,ADP has great customer service. When there was any issue I was having I contacted the customer service account line and was able to get the step by step processes needed to resolve my issues.,,9EasyADP Workforce now is being used for the organization and is used mostly for payroll and reports. I do not use it for benefit renewal.,Keep my record keeping up to date and in an easily accessible place. It is great for employees to be able to access their account through their computer or on their phone. I am starting to use it for ACA reporting which has been a huge help!,Reporting, I feel is very difficult to use. If you choose the wrong area within the reporting, your information might not be what you thought it would be. I feel the new workforce now with the upgrades they made - made it difficult to find and not as user-friendly. Where ADP put some of the changes, it doesn't seem to flow as easy as it did before. I'm not really impressed with the changes Better "help" menu and better directions.,8,,,,reporting biweekly payroll employee friendly for use,ACA reporting,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Analyst Reports,I wouldn't change itEasy Review of an Easy System - Go ADP WorkForce Now!ADP WFN is being used for our entire organization and it's being used by Human Resources, Human Resources Information Systems, Talent Management, and Recruiting departments on a regular basis. All employees use parts of the system during performance reviews. We use ADP WFN for analysis and tracking, EEO reporting, vacation and leave tracking, management reporting, and talent management.,User friendly - even for those new to the system Highly configurable Easy to read and navigate Reports are easy to build, look really nice, and have a lot of built in options Easy to configure Easy to make changes,The Talent Management section is still somewhat hard to use. Training classes for this section would help.,10,Faster report building Easier report building One integrated system equals less data feed issues Increased HR efficiency Increased data reliability,ADP eTime,ADP Resource,Halogen Software,Oracle Business Analytics,PeopleSoft Financials,SAP ERP,9Still in our early stages of ADP WFNWe use it mainly for our payroll, time and attendance, and performance management. Our employees utilize Workforce Now to request time off request, review their timecards, view their paystubs, and update their personal/employee information. The managers utilize it for introductory and annual reviews, responding to time off requests, and viewing their employee labor distribution. ADP Workforce Now has helped us centralized many of the payroll and human resource procedures. Eventually we'll fully utilize the recruitment module to streamline our hiring process.,Relatively easy to view/add/update employee information, the menu is divided into smaller section to quickly identify the kind of information is available Extensive standard reports available for use; also great that we can request or learn how to do customized reports for different needs,The effective dating sometimes creates a problem for us when we have to enter in backdated information or records; the function creates different time periods of records each time a new effective date is entered, and if you go into an old record, change something, it'll only change for the period, then you have to go into any records newer than the one that the change was made in, and update each of those as well The goal limit feature for deductions in the payroll system has worked inconsistently for us since we've began utilizing ADP, and we've had to manually track all deductions to ensure that these goal limited functions are even working properly. Having to manually track these defeats the purpose of that function all together. I would definitely favor the ability to multi-task in Workforce now by having open/pending tabs, rather than having to completely leave one section to enter in another. There have been times where I would need to exit out of a set up wizard to access information from the employee's profile, and start all over because I had to cancel out of the set up wizard, rather than "minimize" the task to navigate away from it for a second and go back to it. Instead I've had to start over after I've retrieved the information I needed. On the other hand, if the information is stored in their profile, shouldn't it auto-populate into the necessary fields in the wizards if the information is needed for that particular item?,10,Though many of the modules centralize many of our processes, it was and can be time-consuming to implement each feature. Not as user-friendly as it was advertised to be, but simple enough once we got over the initial hump.,,9ADP is Another Dang Problem Look Elsewhere!We use ADP WFN to store our HR data, track time and attendance (E-Time) and it also processes our payroll. If ADP ceased to exist we couldn't track employees or pay them -- it would be bad news.The business "problems" it addresses are problems as much as they are the day-to-day requirements of a large employer in today's world. Unfortunately, ADP themselves have proven difficult to work with (customer service is poor), the product does weird things (some days it will crash a dozen times and then work fine for weeks), and the ability to integrate with other products is really low. We are currently looking at a different HRIS system since ADP does the "day-to-day" but not well and not much more.,Everyone gets paid. HRB reporting is really easy to use (as long as you just want HR point-in-time data). Their hold music is wonderfully calming.,We have to use different Internet browsers to do different things (IE, Chrome and Firefox all give a different user experience). E-Time is the absolutely worst time and attendance system I've ever seen or used. Way too complicated where Kronos (the benchmark) is simple and reliable. Customer service is poor. It's hard to get ADP to resolve issues. We had an issue take over 6 months to resolve and, in retrospect, the fix was simple and should have been identified and resolved that same day. It seems like ADP employees are stretched too thin, not trained well enough or both. Custom reporting is difficult to use and you cannot build the reports you want in one report. Usually have to build two or more reports. Technology is so 1989. Single sign-on? Doesn't support it. Simple integrations? Nope, can't.,1,Now that we are bigger and want to do more ADP is the chokepoint on updating our IT resources. They do the basics but the ROI and improving things is completely absent.,Workday Human Capital Management, Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle PeopleSoft HCM,ADP eTime, Google Analytics,20,2,Payroll HRIS Time and Attendance Data,We send daily reports to our Data Warehouse to pull data. We merge reports together to make cool spreadsheets (but an internal ADP dashboard would be better).,We might (and hopefully will) replace it with a better HRIS in the future.,5,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor,Talk to more companies and be able to demo a real life version of the product before buying. It's crazy you don't get a free trial period for something so big and expensive.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,We didn't pay people. Spent a LONG time cleaning up data. Horrific customer service experience - we felt abandoned.,1,1,Yes,I wish I could but I cannot describe something that hasn't happened. ADP support is retroactive and not proactive and too difficult to work with. I shouldn't need to call a number and go through a phone tree and explain so much every time. The person who I talk to should know my company and me and work with others behind the scenes to fix it. Not pass me around all the time.,HRB Reporting. Looking at someone's demographic information is right there and easy to see. I can see something that looks like a paycheck too (but not the actually paycheck that's a PDF somewhere else).,Custom reporting Imports YTD payroll data Data over a period of time (historical info),No,3ADP, the right HRIS application to automate your manual or paper processesADP Workforce Now was implemented about 2 years ago in this organization - the strategy was to have one integrated system for everything HR. The first items to go live were the payroll and time and attendance systems. This was a much better arrangement than the previous system, Paychex, because it was the first time managers were provided visibility at their desktops to employee data (as well as their own data). It also integrated the time and attendance system with the payroll systems so as HR, we didn't have to upload files between the two systems. We were then able to implement self-service to get rid of the paper forms and HR data entry tasks for direct deposit, address updates, W-4 tax forms, and benefits open enrollment. Next to go live was the "talent" performance review system. This is not a "best in class" system but it gets the job done. Our managers were using Halogen which had much more functionality except it was universally despised by the organization because of how it had been implemented. Following that we elevated the policy acknowledgements - which is great to get the signatures and saved us a ton of paperwork, with follow up being quite automated. We gave functionality to our Help Desk to update and maintain the company property data functions. This year we have elevated the online files to the documents section (which took a long time to scan in but is great to have online rather than paper files).,Policy acknowledgements work very well. We update them annually and can send them out quickly, send notes just to the employees that haven't acknowledged them and it really replaced work done by multiple internal departments -- making it quick and easy. AND no paper. The employee self-service functions (direct deposit, W-4, address changes) are easy to use for employees and can be set up to send notes to the processing area so that we can do any follow up needed. It's an easy way for employees to take charge of their own information. ADP has a system feedback button, which I use quite frequently AND when elevations occur, I often find some of these feedback requests addressed. ADP is continually elevating additional or modified functionality and our company is automatically updated for each elevation. They also really listen to their clients through the ADP Bridge - which is the online system and we can talk to other users too.,One of our biggest issues right now is the security and audit functions within the system itself. One of the reports hasn't worked for a while and of course it was one requested by our auditors. We are also quite frustrated that there isn't a data entry date right on the screen for researching when a transaction - particularly a late one was entered- We should have effective date as well as data entry date and you have to print out the audit report to see who actually did the data entry. The organizational charts. The way ADP sets up organizational charts is that you can only see two levels of management and then you have to click to get the next group down. So unfortunately managers with small departments can't see their people on a single chart if they have three levels of management (head, manager, supervisor). In that example, they can't view anyone reporting to the supervisor without clicking through the supervisor icon to get to the second level chart. We have to still keep a separate org chart in Visio for all the audits, etc, rather than being able to use the system org charts even though we have made them available to all employees. This is particularly problematic since this function is used to set up approvals and other views into the system. The underlying validation tables and set ups need work. For example certain tables like the job title table, and the department table are not effective dated. So what that means is that if you update something in there, you have to go over and update it in the individual records too. And they don't provide you with the information of which items update automatically and which do not. (we found this out the hard way). We are often duplicating information in the set up and until recently, they didn't provide us with a way to download the validation tables. Let me give you an example. The competencies are set up in the job title table. But they also require you to set them up in the performance review templates but when you generate a review for an employee it auto populates the competencies from the job title table, not from the review template that you are using. Sometimes the system sends out notes - and we as system administrators, can't control them. Or conversely we would want the system to send out a note but we can't because it doesn't allow us to set it up, e.g. we have to do separate reports on the terms in the week to send to other areas within the company but it would be great if when we termed someone we could set up a group and send out a note with just a few fields, like name, department, title and last day worked or term date. Alas no such functionality exists. No address history -- this is a problem with the taxes, etc. since it only provides the current address. It has no LMS system. We evaluated that functionality and it came up short.,9,Better access by employees and managers to their data Improved productivity of the HR Operations team (with the intro of self service). Elimination of file room and paper files,Oracle PeopleSoft and Halogen Software,Kenexa,700,3,Self service for employees to update their direct deposit information Annual Policy Acknowledgements for employees Updating timesheets for hourly employees (every day).,Put files in the cloud Had IT update and maintain company property section Updated the I-9 section,manage pay increases (self service managers) add in competitive market data so managers can see info right online with other employee data Message center needs some work. We would like to have it be more of a mailbox like other mailboxes, to forward items, put items in folders,,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,We liked our process. We needed to do it fast and ADP offered a good price (we implemented in October so off-cycle and we agreed to keep the system updated at each elevation so that we wouldn't fall behind with access to their new functionality. I would have liked to start with a new year rather than having two payrolls in a single year. But otherwise it works as it was presented.,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,No test area. Just live in production which is an issue when it doesn't work. We had to be persistent in getting the PTO accruals to work right. This took MONTHS. We just kept on going even though some of our team just wanted to quit -- but this was a key feature that we wanted to implement. Carrier feeds. It took a really long time and a whole separate team to get some of the benefits carrier feeds to work properly so we no longer had to send out reports. I don't really understand why since they use the same feeds with the same carriers for other clients but each one is like a new beginning and again it took much longer than the 6 - 8 week service level agreement.,3,5,Yes,We had a wonderful support person, Jane D. who spearheaded a team to help us with a multitude of issues from implementation. It was great to get this service, as she was able to direct us to multiple people to handle the different issues from the ADP support team. We worked with Jane for several months to get all the issues ironed out - weekly calls and follow up. Just recently I had a person (Arlene. G.) help with an automated report feed. She had to work through about 5 different issues until we got it working right over the course of about 2 weeks. She persisted until it worked again.,Completing the time sheets Policy Acknowledgements employee self-service,setting up an activity (activity configuration) pen enrollment always needs a support person to help Performance management set up is not easy. The compensation side needs a bit of work -- from the job title table (why would that have the WC vendor as a field?) to the pay and salary table set up. They have no place to house the competitive market information either.,Yes,7ADP Workforce NowWe use it for payroll/time/HRIS/Benefits enrollment,Reporting is excellent No problems with benefit enrollments or terminations with effective dating Pay records are extensive and long-lasting if you request no purge Easy to go paperless for payroll reports,Connection between the systems (HR/Payroll/Time) is spotty and when you make a change in HR and it doesn't flow to payroll, errors result Time system is terrible and not user friendly More mass edit features and an update to the HRB system are needed,5,Overall employees are taken care of with pay and benefits Employees are not 100% on board with self-service and it is a struggle getting them to use it,Paylocity,5,10
ADP Workforce Now
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Score 7.4 out of 101
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ADP Workforce Now
605 Ratings
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Score 7.4 out of 101

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September 28, 2018

ADP WFN - Making life easier!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

WFN is our everyday HRIS and Payroll source. We have come to rely on it for the service it gives us to meet our demands. We enroll employees, their employment information and are able to process everything and produce reports we need to satisfy Management. In a way it has become our lifeline. They also offer Employee search options which is something we hope to look into further as the new year approaches.
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September 28, 2018

ADP is truely my right hand!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew


We are very happy with ADP currently as well as the direction they are always moving to improve or expand on their options.

Customer Service is 99% spot on.

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Henri Pichal profile photo
June 17, 2015

ADP is in transition but still the best bang for the buck!

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Likelihood to Renew

We are happy with ADP Workforce Now. Set up is rather simple and will accommodate almost any/every need for your business in the areas of HR, Payroll., & Compliance. Support can be inconsistent but every process has an online manual with step by step instructions that make troubleshooting much easier. We rarely need to call support. Payroll tax is and tax filing are second to none and processing/importing is rather simple.
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Emilie Clark, PHR profile photo
March 03, 2015

WorkForce Now....what your WorkForce needs NOW.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

Pricing is decent. It's a headache to convert to a new system. Basically if it's "not broke, don't fix it". Client Services is easy to get a hold of and they try very hard to be sure your questions are answered before you get off the phone. Occasionally misinformation is given, but it's always quickly resolved.
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Mark Michaels, PHR profile photo
August 14, 2014

ADP & Me, was a great combination! Try it and you'll see!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

I would definitely support renewing ADP's WFN project because it hasn't left me wanting for anything. All products have minor nuances that could use improving and I genuinely believe that as long as we're providing that feedback to ADP then they will use it to leverage their resources to make the most requested changes in future versions of the software.
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Shelley Munro, PHR profile photo
September 18, 2014

Not for the Trucking/Transportation industry

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Likelihood to Renew

I don't believe ADP Workforce Now is the system for our company, with our wage and compensation systems. In addition to all the other items mentioned, we have had issues getting timely responses from the service teams. Our issues are frequently "escalated" and then it takes 3-5 days to get a response and frequently the response is, "I'm sorry, but the system cannot do that."
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Katie Sanders, FPC profile photo
August 15, 2014

Large company= Larger Wait Time, for everything.

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

ADP is a large company who is always trying to update their software, however the knowledge of the customer service team just doesn't seem to be there. When asked "What earning code hours count toward overtime?" I received the reply "That is your company's decision". I was trying to ask how the system was currently set up to calculate overtime (does PTO count, Sick time... etc.). I need someone to answer the phone that knows what I am asking for and can solve the problem. Smaller companies offer better customer service, and often are using the most advanced platforms and licensing. This is, in my opinion the best route. You will also save a lot of money going this route.
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July 14, 2016

Still in our early stages of ADP WFN

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

We do not plan on switching systems again in the near future, we just started using ADP Workforce Now this year, and were with our last payroll company for many years. We switched because ADP WFN was supposed to help us streamline HR and Payroll, while being more user friendly and developed than our last system.
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No photo available
November 11, 2015

ADP Workforce Now

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

I'm on the fence. I think it's bad but it could be worse with another provider and I cannot risk more wide-scale problems.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Employee demographic data (229)
Employment history (237)
Job profiles and administration (219)
Workflow for transfers, promotions, pay raises, etc. (220)
Organizational charting (142)
Organization and location management (165)
Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.) (163)
Pay calculation (262)
Support for external payroll vendors (89)
Benefit plan administration (207)
Direct deposit files (261)
Salary revision and increment management (193)
Reimbursement management (103)
Approval workflow (173)
Balance details (195)
Annual carry-forward and encashment (159)
View and generate pay and benefit information (246)
Update personal information (235)
View company policy documentation (197)
Employee recognition (91)
View job history (32)
Tracking of all physical assets (12)
Report builder (232)
Pre-built reports (229)
Ability to combine HR data with external data (142)
New hire portal (21)
Manager tracking tools (14)
Corporate goal setting (52)
Individual goal setting (72)
Line-of sight-visibility (55)
Performance tracking (64)
Performance plans (87)
Performance improvement plans (77)
Review status tracking (90)
Review reminders (95)
Multiple review frequency (76)
Create succession plans/pools (6)
Candidate ranking (6)
Candidate search (7)
Candidate development (6)
Job Requisition Management (71)
Company Website Posting (72)
Publish to Social Media (55)
Job Search Site Posting (63)
Duplicate Candidate Prevention (8)
Applicant Tracking (71)
Notifications and Alerts (83)

About ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is an easy-to-use human capital management solution for companies with more than 50 employees.

Built on a single database, the fully integrated ADP Workforce Now suite includes Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Talent Management, Time & Labor Management and HR Analytics capabilities. From payroll to proactive compliance to managing employees across borders, the vendor says the goal of ADP Workforce Now is to free users from administrative tasks so they can focus on their people and their business. Workforce Now integrates simply and securely with other business applications through APIs and the ADP Marketplace. Users can add more functionality as their business grows.

The vendor's value proposition is that users can save time and money through:

  • Fewer employee questions – easy self-service tools like the WFN top-rated mobile app provide access to pay info, timecards and more.
  • Less data entry – updates sync automatically to payroll, benefits and other systems.
  • Competitive pricing – options designed to meet users' specific needs.

The vendor also says users can gain peace of mind due to:

  • Expertise – vendor has over 65 years of experience, and is used across industries.
  • Automated alerts – to help prevent costly errors.
  • Compliance – over 2,500 specialists actively monitor regulatory changes and focus on users' compliance needs.

ADP Workforce Now Features

Human Resource Management Features
Has featureEmployee demographic data
Has featureEmployment history
Has featureJob profiles and administration
Has featureWorkflow for transfers, promotions, pay raises, etc.
Has featureBenefits information
Has featureOrganizational charting
Has featureOrganization and location management
Has featureCompliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.)
Payroll Management Features
Has featurePay calculation
Has featureSupport for external payroll vendors
Has featureOff-cycle checks
Has featurePayroll history for each employee
Has featureBenefit plan administration
Has featureDirect deposit files
Has featurePayroll tracking and auditing
Has featureSalary revision and increment management
Has featureReimbursement management
Has featureStatutory form management
Leave and Attendance Management Features
Has featureApproval workflow
Has featureEmail notifications
Has featureBalance details
Has featureTravel absence management
Has featureAnnual carry-forward and encashment
Employee Self Service Features
Has featureEmployee login
Has featureView and generate pay and benefit information
Has featureUpdate personal information
Has featureRequest time off
Does not have featureView job history
Has featureView company policy documentation
Has featureView company news and information
Has featureEmployee recognition
Asset Management Features
Does not have featureTracking of all physical assets
Does not have featureAsset issue and transfer management
Does not have featureAsset return
Does not have featureWarranty and after-sales status maintenance contract tracking
HR Reporting Features
Has featureReport builder
Has featurePre-built reports
Has featureAbility to combine HR data with external data
Integration with other HR capabilities Features
Has featureAdditional HR capabilities (talent management, LMS, etc.) supplied by same vendor
Has featureAdditional HR capabilities (talent management, LMS, etc.) supplied by different vendor
Performance Management Features
Has featurePerformance plans
Has featurePerformance improvement plans
Has featureReview status tracking
Has featureReview reminders
Has featureMultiple review frequency
Succession Planning Features
Does not have featureCreate succession plans/pools
Does not have featureCandidate ranking
Does not have featureCandidate search
Does not have featureCandidate development
Onboarding Features
Does not have featureNew hire portal
Does not have featureManager tracking tools
Performance and Goals Features
Has featureCorporate goal setting
Has featureIndividual goal setting
Has featureLine-of sight-visibility
Has featurePerformance tracking
Recruiting / ATS Features
Has featureJob Requisition Management
Has featureCompany Website Posting
Has featurePublish to Social Media
Has featureJob Search Site Posting
Does not have featureDuplicate Candidate Prevention
Has featureApplicant Tracking
Has featureNotifications and Alerts
Additional Features
Has featureTime and Labor Management
Has featureHR Analytics
Has featureHR Data Benchmarking
Has featureCompliance Management
Has featureBenefits: Open Enrollment
Has featureMobile Application for Employee Self-Service

ADP Workforce Now Screenshots

ADP Workforce Now Integrations

Oracle HCM Cloud, Concur Travel and Expense, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, 100+ integrations via and APIs

ADP Workforce Now Competitors


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required

Please contact ADP for a product demo and ask about a hands-on "test drive" of Workforce Now.

ADP Workforce Now Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

ADP Workforce Now Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

ADP Workforce Now Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:more than 50 countries currently supported
Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Canadian French