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What is Adthena?

Adthena from the company of the same name in London is a marketing intelligence tool for search marketing focusing on keyword research, analysis, and suggestion for optimizing the budgeting and management of pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Adthena algorithmically…

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Adthena is a software that provides valuable insights and helps users monitor and understand their competitors' strategies in both paid …
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What is Adthena?

Adthena from the company of the same name in London is a marketing intelligence tool for search marketing focusing on keyword research, analysis, and suggestion for optimizing the budgeting and management of pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Adthena algorithmically searches industry…

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What is Adthena?

Adthena Video

Powered by our Whole Market View technology, Local View shows you activity at state, city or custom level.

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Adthena is a software that provides valuable insights and helps users monitor and understand their competitors' strategies in both paid search and organic search. Users have found that the software offers visibility across SEM and SEO, allowing them to monitor competitor ad copy and flag any infringements. It also provides advanced insights on competitors, such as share of clicks, search term opportunities, and new trends. With Adthena, users can gain a deeper understanding of the market landscape, including competitor positions and strategies. This enables them to modify their approach to combat competition and make better performance-based decisions.

The software goes beyond revenue-focused performance by showcasing performance to clients in a more comprehensive manner. Users have been able to use Adthena to analyze competitors' spending and targeting from a paid search perspective, helping them translate SEM outcomes to market conditions and outsmart their competition. Adthena fills the gaps left by limited data from Google Ads by providing detailed information on competitors' actions and performance, saving time and money for clients. It has also been used to identify gaps in the market that competitors aren't bidding on, allowing users to dominate those searches and generate incremental revenue. The software proves valuable in not only supporting search strategy but also making more informed decisions on ad writing based on market trends.

Overall, Adthena serves as a business intelligence tool, checking on other players in the field and providing performance benchmarks for course correction. Users appreciate its ease of use and find it helpful in monitoring competitors, analyzing market trends, understanding competitor activity, and identifying new business opportunities. It has been praised for its customer service and support, with account managers being described as insightful and responsive. Adthena's AI and machine learning capabilities have impressed users by providing actionable insights based on real-time information. It is considered a solid product in the digital marketers' toolkit, offering invaluable insights into competitor threats and their impact on businesses.

Competitive Insights: Users have found Adthena's ability to monitor competitors across both SEM and SEO highly beneficial. They appreciate that Adthena scrapes the Google Search Results page and derives its own data, providing valuable external validation. The insights provided by Adthena are excellent for identifying competitors on relevant search terms on Google Ads and understanding the ads created by competitors.

Valuable Information: Users find Adthena to be a reliable source of useful information about competition and the industry. They highly value the helpfulness and responsiveness of the Adthena staff. The insights provided by Adthena are invaluable for clients and monitoring market trends.

Market Trends and Performance Tracking: Users consider the market trends and market share sections as essential tools for monitoring changes in the landscape and tracking performance at a granular level. They credit Adthena's cutting-edge technology and skilled sales/AM teams with providing a deep understanding of the competitive landscape in their industry.

Lack of Automation: Users have consistently mentioned that the software lacks the ability to automate exports of reporting, which requires a technical team for integration. This limitation hinders their efficiency and adds extra work to their processes.

Occasional Glitches: Some users have reported encountering occasional glitches in the user interface. These unexpected errors can be disruptive and frustrating, impacting their overall experience with the software.

Pricing Concerns: Several users have expressed concerns about the pricing of the tool. They believe that it could be more competitive, especially for small businesses who find it expensive. This pricing issue may deter some potential customers from fully adopting Adthena's services.

Users recommend Adthena for its powerful competitor insights, finding it to be a valuable tool for gaining a deeper understanding of their competition. They suggest it is suitable for both companies and individuals seeking better insights into their competitors. Adthena's features provide comprehensive data and analysis, allowing users to make more informed decisions in their marketing strategies. Customers highly recommend Adthena as a tool to stay ahead of the competition. Its competitive intelligence capabilities enable businesses to identify new opportunities, optimize their marketing tactics, and react quickly to market changes.

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Raven Wheatley-Hawkins | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Adthena is a great tool in order to benchmark on share of search, it is really easy to use and can save a lot of manual time as it is easy to see this in the display and it offers more than just Share of Search too such as period on period change.
  • Share of Search
  • Period on Period Change in SOS
  • Easy Interface
  • Account management - quicker
By using the share of search aspect of Adthena, I could see that although the SOS for one brand was high at this point in time compare to competitors, that the competitor had more growth in the last 3 months which identified a time to research in more depth to see as to why which I wouldn't have got if I used a platform which looks at the search volume as it stands and worked out the SOS manually.
  • Period on Period Change
  • Trends over time
  • It has allowed us to create richer competitive analysis as an agency
You see more insight (over time, period on period growth) and save time compared to platforms which looks at the search volume as it stands and you have to work out the SOS manually.
April 22, 2021

A Great Search Tool

Joseph Alleruzzo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We primarily use Kantar as a competitive tool across all of the media departments at our agency. It helps in understanding where the brands stand among their competitors in the search space.
  • Competitive spend.
  • Keyword suggestions.
  • Slow performance.
  • Ranking options are not detailed enough.
Kantar makes it easy to spot brand spend and position which is a compliment for other tools. The interface is easy to navigate and simple to use. The tool is difficult to configure at times when trying to get more detailed reports.
  • Ability to show competitive spend to clients for increased budget requests.
  • Save time on keyword ideas.
Kantar can give you specific search details, broken out by device and search engine where it does best. We include it in our overall Kantar subscription which is efficient for our business.
Our Kantar rep is great and very responsive overall. It is hard to get on-site training and preferred pricing with them, but at the end of the day, I am helpful that they are around.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use AdGooroo for our competitive SEM research and reporting. We upload our campaign keywords to AdGooroo and then get access to competitive insights across thousands of keywords and categories.
  • Track and monitor spend and performance against competitors.
  • Identify missed keyword opportunities.
  • Informs our campaign and keyword budgeting/bidding on a daily basis.
  • I wish their graphs/infographics were more ready to use so I could quickly drop into presentations instead of having to format or re-do them myself.
  • Has a bit of a high learning curve.
  • There is a limit on the number of keywords you can upload. For large clients there shouldn't be a cap. I want to be able to upload all of my client's keywords.
Great for competitive reporting for SEM clients. I use it for all my monthly performance reports to pull out specific insights on how we compare to competitors on top keywords and categories and where we have room to improve. AdGooroo allows me to format really specific and impactful recommendations that impress the client.
  • Improved competitive analysis
  • Insightful data that helps improve client trust
  • Indentifying opportunities for keyword expansions
AdGooroo is preferable for search only clients. When it comes to mixed media campaigns, such as display and social, I definitely prefer to use ComScore. The platform is just more user friendly overall.
comScore Ad Metrix, DoubleDesk
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