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NaviPlan by Advicent

NaviPlan by Advicent


What is NaviPlan by Advicent?

Advicent headquartered in Milwaukee offers NaviPlan, a financial planning software for firms.

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NaviPlan is a versatile financial planning software that offers a range of use cases to help individuals, couples, and financial advisors …
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What is NaviPlan by Advicent?

Advicent headquartered in Milwaukee offers NaviPlan, a financial planning software for firms.

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What is RightCapital?

According to the vendor, RightCapital's financial planning solution allows financial advisors to: •Differentiate their value for more clients. •Create a simple plan in as little as 10 minutes. •Empower themselves to evolve with planning needs.

What is Covercy?

Covercy is a Banking-Embedded Investment Management Platform built for commercial real estate investment firms. It offers automated distribution & capital call payment processing, an Investor Portal, and APY yielding checking accounts.

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What is NaviPlan by Advicent?

NaviPlan by Advicent Technical Details

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NaviPlan is a versatile financial planning software that offers a range of use cases to help individuals, couples, and financial advisors manage their clients' finances. Users can input detailed data about life situations and financial goals, allowing for personalized planning. The program securely stores this information, making processing time and information recording easier for users. NaviPlan assists in financial planning by calculating and providing recommendations on saving, investing, and living expenses, simplifying the overall process. Users have found NaviPlan to be a fantastic tool once they become familiar with its features.

One key use case of NaviPlan is the ability to model different financial scenarios and run Carlo scenarios to assess the probability of success. This feature helps users determine the impact of various strategies on retirement plans, making it an invaluable tool for financial advisors when discussing options with their clients. The software's visuals are also helpful in presenting analysis to clients, enhancing communication during important financial discussions. Additionally, NaviPlan allows for both quick retirement plans and detailed plans, offering flexibility in future projections and showcasing different strategies.

Moreover, NaviPlan serves as a central database for managing employee accounts in small industries and enterprises. It provides comprehensive information on salary, allowances, insurance, and other financial aspects. This end-to-end financial management solution streamlines processes for businesses while ensuring accurate record-keeping. Overall, NaviPlan helps users make informed decisions by visualizing income streams in retirement, estimating the longevity of funds, and assessing tax implications for different financial choices. Whether it's individual financial planning or enterprise-level account management, NaviPlan offers a range of solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

Accurate and Detailed Financial Planning: Several reviewers have found NaviPlan to be a highly accurate financial planning tool that allows for the entry of detailed information, including variables like inflation and future dated changes. This level of detail creates a highly accurate financial plan.

Comprehensive Overview of Financial Situation: Many users appreciate the ability to view all of a client's assets and accounts on one screen, providing a comprehensive overview of their financial situation. This feature enables them to calculate potential options for financing and make informed decisions.

Flexible Scenario Illustration: The flexibility of NaviPlan is praised by reviewers as it can produce a wide range of documents to illustrate various financial scenarios. Users specifically highlight the usefulness of the foundational plan tool for illustrating retirement funding.

Steep Learning Curve: Several users have found the software to have a steep learning curve and not be particularly user-friendly. They have expressed difficulties in navigating the user interface, finding specific information, and ensuring accuracy. This has made it challenging for them to effectively use the program. Outdated Features: Many reviewers have criticized the software for being outdated and not suitable for goals-based financial planning. They believe that it lacks modern features and functionality compared to its competitors. Some users also mentioned inconsistencies in the program, such as random labeling of couples as single, which further adds to their frustration. Lack of Customization Options: A common complaint among users is the lack of customization options and difficulty in tracking specific items. They desire more flexibility in tailoring the software to their individual needs and preferences. This limitation has hindered their ability to efficiently manage their financial analysis tasks. Overall, users feel that while the software may adequately perform its job, it falls short in terms of ease of use, innovation, and adaptability to different user requirements.


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Ajesh Krishna | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It lets the company create employees' accounts in one window so that the management, as well as the employee, can get information regarding the salary account, allowance, increment, installment and other financial EMI/subscription, retirement, loans, bills, savings, life insurance, health insurance, etc. It is very much flexible and can generate documents in a summarised form to present the status of what we require from the needy. This is a central database that is secure, easy to track, easy to input the data, and also much simpler in displaying what the user requires. It is a fully featured financial management software developed to serve mainly small industries and other enterprises to get end-to-end solutions. This online management software offers employee management, client management, fund management, budget planning, risk management, tax planning, and calculation in one place.
  • Employee benefits management, planning, and calculation become simpler with the Navi plan.
  • Budget planning, risk management, and other account management become easy and simpler to analyze by the top management.
  • Tax calculation and other payments become easy for the organization as well as individual employees.
  • Cashflow analysis and modifications in the allocation become easy and could be understood by all the top-level management in a single window.
  • Much favorable for small industries, so better to make it good for large enterprise also.
  • Illustration can be made easy so that quick understanding can be done.
  • Tracking of the particular item is a bit difficult, this could be made easier.
  • Not much user friendly compared to the competitors. But does the job well.
For small industries, it is very much suitable for planning, budget allocation, employee management, client management, risk management, tax calculation, and other financial management. The illustration is better and the simple interface helps us to input the data easily and precisely. When coming to large enterprises, there is some drawback which they can easily manage things well. Simple updates and small changes could make it very favorable for medium size enterprises.
  • Good user interface to input data.
  • Tax calculation and budget planning.
  • Employee management and client management.
  • Employee Benefits calculation and planning.
  • Tax calculation of the organization and employees was very difficult, and Navi Plan made is very easy now.
  • The introduction of the software makes positive changes in the organization in managing the financial needs, which helps the organization to allocate what is required.
  • Employee benefit calculation was a bit difficult and it made a big positive impact.
  • It does the job and we get the best for what we pay for.
  • If the industry becomes big, then slight changes must be introduced to manage the big data needs.
I found it much easy and had a better user interface, which is favorable for small industries where I work. I got a reference that NaviPlan is better for budget planning, and its precision calculation will help the organization to improve productivity as well as profit of the organization. When I tried it once, I found it better than app dynamics and radiologic.
Samantha Forbes | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use NaviPlan to build out future projections based on financial plans we build. We use it to show income streams in retirement and to show how long a clients money will last. We use it to show numerous strategies with insurance and corporations. It allows us to show the tax implications of what they are currently doing versus what we are recommending. We use it to solidify the plans we have already built.
  • Retirement Income Scenarios
  • Detailed Cash Flow
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Corporations - a more detailed module that allows more functionality
  • Estate Planning - we are missing a module that is available in the US
  • Marital Status - Ability to show comparison if a client is married versus not married within the same plan
NaviPlan is an invaluable financial planning tool. There are so many strategies and reports that can be built and used within the software. I've been using it for around 8 years and still don't how to use all of the functions. It has come a long way over the 8 years in terms of functionality. There is a definite learning curve, however, I've found it has become more user friendly.
  • Cash Flow in retirement - we use it to confirm our assumptions
  • Running different scenarios to determine tax implications
  • Showing insurance and investment strategies
  • It definitely has a positive impact on our business. It brings confidence to our clients that we know what we are doing.
  • Clients are very impressed when you walk them through the software
  • The reports blow people away. Combined with our financial plans, we can build bulletproof financial plans.
Snap Projections - We were using this software up until this year alongside Naviplan to see how it compared. The reason we tried Snap Projections was the difference in pricing. Naviplan is expensive, where Snap is only a fraction of the cost. The biggest reason we stayed with Naviplan was familiarity for the advisor presenting. He was accustomed to it. I find the interface of Naviplan better cosmetically. They both are great financial planning software tools with pros and cons in each. I have found that you can manipulate the software to show most of what you need. Both platforms continually update and take user feedback into consideration when building on to it so they both get better all the time.
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