TrustRadius is a great value to our teamWe use spreadsheets quite a lot in our department. Airtable is a tool that combines the simplicity and flexibility of sheets with the possibilities that comes with databases. It gives endless opportunities to display almost any kind of data and relationships across different data sources. All data is accessible within a few clicks and without the hassle of setting up new spreadsheets.,Airtable excels in its ability to display complex data in a simple way thanks to predefined layouts. It is extremely easy to switch between the grid and list layouts when necessary. This would require setting up a new spreadsheet every time. The whole app is easily scalable as our requirements change.,The proprietary nature of Airtable makes the importing and exporting of data an occasional problem. The learning curve for users with no database background. The pricing model is restrictive.,9,Airtable is great for collaboration, it removed the friction of using Excel sheets within our team. We were able to eliminate several tools and replaced them within Airtable, making our data more accessible and in one place. Overall time savings by giving us easier access to our data and fast reports.,9,9,Microsoft Office 365, G Suite and Microsoft Access,Hive, MeisterTask, Workzone, Kanban Tool, WorkflowMax, Teamwork Projects, CoSchedule, Wunderlist, LiquidPlanner, ProjectLibre, AgileCraftFree is always goodRight now we use Airtable for our whole organization. We use it to manage weekly tasks. Every week we look at the Airtable to see what needs to be done and mark off tasks that are complete. We also use it for our influencer management and shipping management. It helps us store key information in all the same place.,Flexibility: there are many view features and different ways you can use the product Integrations: there are so many apps you can integrate it; from Slack to Shipstation Beautiful: it just looks nice to use. Sometimes project management apps are ugly, this isn't,Pricing model: we don't like how we have to pay per user. Calendar view: we wish the calendar view was better, or if there were different types of calendar views. Right now there is just one. Complicated: some parts of the app are a little complicated.,7,It has a free version, so it's a good ROI for us. We haven't been updated to the paid version yet, we don't think it's a good ROI for now, especially since you pay per user. It saves us time finding key spreadsheets, which is a good ROI.,7,3,, Basecamp and Teamwork Projects,, Basecamp, Teamwork ProjectsThe best for managing your database and projectsOur company is responsible for the distribution and sale of food wholesale, therefore, using software like this to organize, sort and classify our information has been very helpful. You can manage your customer database masterfully in a reliable and productive way. Airtable allows us to establish links between the different fields and categories of our database and use it efficiently for the benefit of the company.,It's an easy to use platform. It is quick to get information to others through links, or by exporting data in CSV files. Spreadsheet appearance makes it easy to handle and manage information. Integrates well with other productivity tools. Payment per month is affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. Easily puts your inventory in order.,The errors that may occur during the use of the platform depend on the knowledge of the information and its configuration, otherwise, I consider it an excellent platform to manage databases.,9,Establishes an order in the organization and management of information. Promotes collaborative and effective work in the execution of projects. Security in the safeguarding of contact and customer information.,9,9,Wrike,Basecamp, Wrike, AsanaA highly customizable (and fun to use) multipurpose business toolI used to use Airtable for editorial project management (keeping track of which assignments were due and when, who they were assigned to, status, etc.) but now I use it primarily as a database for managing keyword data for my SEO clients. I also use it personally for my family budget.,Customization. There are a million ways to use Airtable; it's very easy to customize and adapt to your needs. Familiarity. If you've used Excel or Google Sheets, you'll have no problem with Airtable. I prefer it over these tools, however, because of the color-coding and interface style. Value. If you're looking for a budget, multipurpose project management tool, Airtable can't be beat. Price goes up if you have a lot of users, but you can set up a combination of free and paid "bases" to meet your needs so you don't have to pay and arm and a leg for every user.,Restoring deleted records - it's way too easy to accidentally delete something and not realize it! Dashboarding - it would be nice to create custom dashboards that give a high-level view of different things across bases.,9,Scaling - Airtable was what initially took my one-woman business and made it possible for me to manage multiple clients and projects. Speed - I learned it quickly and was able to implement it in my business within days. Better collaboration Automation - Airtable integrates with Zapier, a function I used frequently to notify writers when they had projects assigned to them.,10,8,,Zapier, Zoom, CanvaAirtable is Great!Currently Airtable is being used as our primary social media scheduling platform. It is the best for this because of all the features it offers our company. We do a lot of long term social media planning it it really creates a space for all of our team to collaborate on our posts. I give airtable 10/10 on what we use it for!,Allows the posts to be scheduled day to day Allows for monthly view of the scheduled posts Allows for others to collaborate on scheduling,It would be nice to have enough space to see more than 3 events in any given day It would also be nice to have the ability to mark off a day as complete. More space to write captions.,10,It helps drive more people to our social It has increased our exposure to our community It helps us advance our social,10,10,Adobe Illustrator CC, Marketo, AxisTV Signage SuiteAirtable wins big at our company, everyone loves it!In a business where there are multiple things going on and with many departments weaving in and out of projects and meetings, we were struggling to keep up with staff responsibilities and vertical and horizontal communications. We were previously dealing with could-based shared spreadsheets to keep up with all of this, but spreadsheets are bulky, boring, and were not meeting our needs. We now use Airtable across our company. The UI is unmatched by any other software in this field and keeps each group, project, and each individual organized and running with maximum efficiency. Outside of the heavy-lifting calculations best left to spreadsheets, Airtable is beautiful and intuitively handles everything else we might need.,Multiple viewing options, including self (individual) view and then view by project (also called a Base). Completely customized columns with the ability to easily create many different data types. The templates are really, really good.,I would like to be able to sort items into groups without having to sort by specific columns. Just manually sort by click and drag. I'd like to see all of the documents of each base stored collectively somewhere and cataloged in a document library. I would like to see this base exportable as a Gant chart.,9,The ROI is simple: Airtable has created a more efficient workplace. We have fewer meetings, certainly. But any meetings we do have are much more efficient and impactful. Everyone walks in having used Airtable to prepare for the meeting (uploading needed docs, etc.), and the meeting is held using Airtable as the agenda. Airtable is updated and continues to be used after the meeting, so everyone stays on the same page. Airtable also makes planning events much more streamlined. Contracts, rental agreements, rosters, etc. are uploaded. Dates are set with reminders. People know what they are responsible for planning the event and for what role they will play during the event.,Asana, monday and Trello,Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator CCAirtable: A visual hybrid of a database and a spreadsheetAirtable is currently being used by our UX team. We use Airtable to store all of our UX research, studies, and insights. This helps us keep all of our research organized, and keep everything in one central repository that anyone can conveniently access. We would like to get other departments to also use our same Airtable repository to contribute their customer research.,Airtable has some very smart filters. The blocks provide advance customization and features. Airtable is very easy and simple to use.,Sometimes the onboarding tips can be a bit intrusive and annoying. Often you only need the functionality already provided in a Google Spreadsheet.,10,Airtable has helped us organize our research, giving us more insights on what to build so we don't waste money building the wrong product.,UserTesting, InVision, Google DriveA fantastic product to consolidate data workflows across the businessWe use Airtable ourselves to automate a ton of business processes and ensure that the entire company is on the same page. We also build products that work with Airtable to solve business processes, and we work with clients to set them up on Airtable right from the start.,Data structures. The API is phenomenal. The UX is fantastic.,The API needs push notifications. Granular permissions would be nice. The 50k row data limit should be higher.,9,Significant time savings by consolidating data in one place.,Zapier, Trello and Google Drive,Zapier, Salesforce App CloudAirtable Should Be ReveredWe use Airtable across departments, but mainly in our social media and content marketing services. It's also in use as a kind of collection area for lead submissions from our website and print resale pricing that we can present to clients. It's easy to collaborate on Airtable, it works seamlessly with other apps, and it's customizable beyond recognition.,Collaboration Tool Planning Tool Integration with Other Apps Lots of ways to customize,Very expensive for the paid plan More embed options More privacy options for clients viewing tables,10,Been able to scale my offerings Been able to templatize processes Been able to ease tracking of errors/bugs/change requests,10,10,Smartsheet,Asana, Everhour, Zoho CampaignsEnjoy making org charts quickly, unless you want to print themWe specifically got and used Airtable to make various versions of our organizational chart quickly. This is particularly helpful when looking at models for organizational design and effectiveness (and wonderful to avoid the tedious work of doing this in a PowerPoint or other document). Our use case was narrow because it did not look to the tool for project management.,Once our data was loaded, Airtable allowed us to make multiple versions of our organization chart quickly. Inside of Airtables product, we could switch formats and drag and drop objects quickly. The software did not require a lot of software to be able to use it, but when needed the help center had sufficient information.,It was very frustrating that we couldn't easily print our organizational charts, because organization charts were the main reason we adopted the tool. The lack of printer-rich features made us discontinue the use of the product.,5,Our ROI was low because we needed to be able to share our organization charts, which required access to Airtable for employees who didn't otherwise have a need for the product. Not being able to print the org charts meant that the value was only accessible in Airtable and not exportable. Based on Airtable's help forum, it is unclear whether printable org charts are on their product roadmap.,7,5,Lucidchart,Trakstar, RecruiterboxAirtable - Easier to deploy than SQL database with the benefits of MS ExcelAirtable is being used by 80% of the organization. Due to our company being a start-up, it is hard to invest in building a front-end for our SQL database. When we were solely using the SQL database, it was impossible to track changes made by some developers and, as a result, data was corrupted. Now, the SQL database only has 2 personnel with write access. The others only have read access. This is where Airtable filled in the gap. Airtable is capable of showing the history in each line, who made the changes, and what was changed. If needed, I can revert the changes. Airtable is something like a database combined with Excel, and it has similar capabilities, like Google Forms, where I can create a customized form and publish it on a website for others to fill in. Once submitted, it goes into a table.,Within 1 base, you can link data from multiple tables and manipulate that data to calculate a summary of useful info. For example, if you have different teams working on different parts of a project, with each inputting their own set of data. The manager is able to work out a summary of the info and get a clearer view. That said, it is not an easy task to manipulate the data. You will need in-depth knowledge of database and excel. You can create specific views of each table and provide those views to anyone. This is useful when you want to provide a summary of info (which constantly changes) to outsiders without providing them the detailed input of data. For someone with no knowledge of calculating the data from a SQL database, this is useful. You can also create forms for people to fill in. This is similar to Google Forms. I like this Airtable form because it submits directly to the tables where data can be calculated and integrated with the rest of the tables.,One issue we face was the inability to link bases. So for any calculations to be made, all tables have to be from the same base. So this makes a base very big and potentially dangerous with multiple teams updating different parts of the same base in different tables. If different bases can be linked, there can be more segregation of data and access. I hope this can be implemented in the future. Viewing of a single base with multiple tables is messy. Unlike a SQL database where all the tables are in the left sidebar, in Airtable, the look is more like Excel, where each table is a tab. This gets unsightly when there are over 5 tabs.,8,Before using Airtable, we used solely SQL database. That was bad because, due to being a start-up, we had little to invest in a front-end look for the SQL database. One of our developers updated the info in the database without permission, and that corrupted the data. Moving to Airtable, we were able to retrieve changes and revert if needed. Airtable also allowed us to share data with our partners without having to create dedicated Excel spreadsheets. We could pull data from the existing Airtables and lock it in a certain view and share that with the partners. This helped save us a lot of time.,5,5,MySQL,Asana, Slack, KlipfolioAirtable makes your administrative overhead lighter!We use Airtable as a way to collaborate on specific projects across departments. It helps everyone on a cross-functional team have concurrent visibility into the project, add notes and tags, and track the progress of the various project pieces. We only use it in relation to projects for a specific product. It is not used across the whole organization.,Users across the project can collaborate in real-time, without having to wait for someone to close the document, and without worrying about edits contradicting each other. Airtable allows for easy implementation of functionality like column types, without the complicated and time-consuming functions of Excel required to accomplish the same things. Creating a base and inviting your collaborators is quick and easy. Users can be granted different privileges. The tool is flexible enough to manage many different types of projects, everything from simple action item tracking and tagging to complex details and dates associated with client implementations.,It is frustrating that collaborators cannot view different filters of a base concurrently. This has caused confusion during meetings, i.e. "Who removed my filters?" I wish that adding color to the records was not a paid feature. That seems like very basic functionality compared to all the other functionality included in the free version. It would be nice to have the option to auto-fit the row heights to the text, instead of a fixed row height across the base. That way we could see all the text in each record without having to double-click on some longer ones even in the "Extra Tall" view.,8,We are using the free version, so in that regard, the ROI has been great. Airtable has helped us streamline complex project tracking. We are getting work done faster because we can spend less time setting up our tracking tools and more time actually doing the project work. We have less confusion from the less tech-savvy team members, since this tool is more user-friendly and intuitive than something like Excel.,9,8,,Basecamp, Microsoft Teams, Articulate 360AirtableI personally use Airtable to track projects, who they are assigned to, progress, dates, etc. It allows for so much interconnection between sheets that I can really store a wealth of information in it and it can be easy to use.,multiple users tagging formulas,Allow for comments and notes Track on calendar Different users different permissions,7,No impact on ROI, just makes work more efficient,9,1,Trello, Google Drive, Moodle, CanvasAmazing tool for social media planningMy Marketing department uses Airtable to schedule social media on a digital content calendar. We are new users to Airtable and have been using it for less than 6 months. In our social media scheduling, we use Airtable to determine platform, caption, hashtags, what group of our users the post targets, what photo will be used, the day the post will be made, the day the event is happening (if applicable), and any link that will be included with the post (if applicable.),Calendar view Customization/Versatility Ease of use,Different views Color coding (may be available on paid version),7,Increased social media engagement Increased productivity More followers on social media,Hootsuite, Later and Buffer,Buffer, Marketo, Google DriveAirtable for Data Management!Our company uses Airtable in the Collections department. It is currently being used as a proxy customer relationship management software for accounts that enter this stage. Our various Collections teams compile the list of accounts in Airtable and track them there. Using the various Airtable tags, we can easily identify and mark accounts for each stage of collections that they are in. As Airtable is online, it is used collaboratively by different teams.,Visualization - Airtable has colorful tags which help you easily identify things. Collaboration - Multiple users can work on a project at the same time. Filtering - Airtable has a complex set of filters.,Simultaneous collaboration - if multiple users are on the same sheet and a filter is applied, the view changes for everyone. Complex calculations - you cannot do mathematical formulas within the software. Data analysis - would be great if they had charts and graphs.,8,It's a cost effective data management tool as others on the market we have canvassed are very expensive. Allows collaboration at a low cost. There are free accounts. It has allowed us to create our own system as other software on the market are not built for our use case.,Asana,Asana, Trello, ViberPractically Perfect in Every Way!I work in Primary Education; delivering the National Curriculum for Computing/ICT. This includes all year groups; from Reception to Year 6 (4 to 11 year olds). Databases form part of that curriculum. Pupils have to learn to populate, create and develop databases, and to analyse the data entered using sorting, filtering (queries), searching and graphs. Our old software became obsolete a few years ago, at which time I researched education products, later widening my parameters to include products developed for business. I needed a product that was easy to use, met all of the criteria, and was cost effective. Airtable filled my requirements perfectly. I prefer it to any of the education products. More recently I have started to use it to track student data and to create a resource inventory. I have enthusiastically recommended it to a number of people.,The website is very well laid out. It is uncluttered, easy to navigate, and is highly visual. There are a great range of field types and add-on blocks. Setting up bases is very straightforward. If you get stuck the help section and videos are excellent. You can also access Airtable Universe to see examples of how the product is used by others. I have submitted a number of queries by email and in each case the staff were very helpful and responded quickly. Given that I was using a free account at the time, I was very impressed. Given that I have used the product with very young children successfully, I think that it is extremely well designed.,They only thing I can think of is being able to switch between user accounts without having to log on and off. A personal request, would be to add shades of brown to the color palette. When working with the children, we color code field options for eyes and hair. The only children I can't do this for is brunettes with brown eyes. A small thing I know, but it would really help the younger children as it is a visual clue.,10,Zoho CRM,Microsoft 365 BusinessAirtable will take your business automation to the next level.We use Airtable for our clients. We optimize and automate business systems and processes using Airtable combined with Zapier. We use it to solve many problems including automatically generating dropbox links and automated emailing of them. As a database used to manage a clients members, their invoicing, stripe reconciling, automated emailing etc.,It has similar functionality to Google Sheets but allows you to do much more powerful data organizing. ie. Relationships between data (which DB devs will know all about but not spreadsheet users). eg. You have a list of students and a list of classes, you want to link those two lists together so you don't have to duplicate lots of data. Also, in terms of data organizing, the fields are a lot easier to customize and lock-in. Instead of using clunky data validation in sheets, Airtable allows you to select all kinds of different field types. Single select, multi-select, phone number, email address, collaborator, checkbox are ones we use regularly. Once paired with Zapier, Airtable's ability to power annoying manual data entry is fabulous! Using views you can trigger Zapier in all kinds of powerful ways.,Pricing per user could get painful. We tend to get around this for small setups by using a generic account. You can still setup up to three people with 2FA security on it fairly easily. We use Airtable with Zapier a lot and sometimes we have some issues with deduplication where a zap won't run because a record has appeared in a view that it's been in before... which is probably great most of the time but sometimes we have to switch the zap off and on to make it work again. ie. If you trigger a Zapier process from within Airtable and then want to trigger that same process the next day, it may not work as it looks like a duplicate. Unlike a "real" relational database Airtable doesn't have a back-end and a front-end, it's more like a "mid-end". This means you can't create a tidy, usable front end for non admins and you can't create granular account permissions. ie. Admin 1 can edit table 1. Admin 2 can edit Table 2. This is the biggest downfall and has been a problem for some of our clients where they need different views for different people with different levels of access. eg. Teacher, admin, student.,10,We've been able to increase the impact of our clients by decreasing their manual admin time. Clients are making less mistakes as more of their data is automatically updated. Creating filter views for reports and then embedding these in Google Sites is also reducing pain and increasing automation.,,Zapier, Trello, Google Drive, Xero, Toggl,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,Our selection process worked well.,No,8,No,I needed to set up a workflow for a client that automated some data processes, Airtable provided me with all the steps and example formulas across multiple views to get what I needed.,Filters, sorting, grouping data. A lot more useful and practical than spreadsheets,Formulas are quite painful compared to Google Sheets which highlights which set of brackets you're working within and gives more feedback on whether you've written the formula correctly. Sometimes, I have to build the formula in Google Sheets first to copy across.,Yes,9Airtable -- Project Management for Anyone and EveryoneWe came across Airtable as we were trying out a bunch of different ways to implement a project management system. We used it in our department specifically. It helps us with the problem of being disorganized in managing a multitude of projects. Airtable has great aesthetics, and is definitely one of the more "hip" options out there.,Sleek and contemporary design Versatile in its toolset Helps in a wide range of industries Has a free option!,Nothing comes to mind!,10,Airtable has been a great tool to become more organized. It has a free option, so there's no excuse not to try it out! The Investment portion of your ROI is just your time!,Wrike,Wrike, Microsoft Project, Evernote, OneNoteAirTable makes communication management a breeze!I currently use Airtable personally, outside the office, as well as for my role in my department. Being the sole communications professional for my entire company (as we've grown from 400 to 2500 in less than 2 years), it's easy to become overwhelmed or let an obligation slip. With Airtable, I can trust everything is saved and backed up without the worry of saving -- and I can access it from anywhere while in the field. I also appreciate its added functionality (beyond Excel) for organization vs. for formulas and math, as communicators don't always play in this arena.,Customization; options to select different colors, field options, etc. Visually Appealing, easy to see and understand from first glance. An optimized user interface (UI), colors help with organization. Cloud-based; able to be accessed from anywhere.,The formula and matrix piece from Excel is not as clean-cut. The plug-ins or add-ons might need some more improvement (i.e. the map function using a sheet of addresses to plot points).,10,Has streamlined my processes and made them more efficient. Has cut down the time it takes to enter data multiple places; I can share this with anyone on the team.,JIRA Software, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio, Salesforce Community CloudA flexible tool that will help you manage work fasterWe use Airtable to manage marketing projects, coordinate content production, and social media distribution, and to house our marketing collateral. It's used primarily by our marketing, sales, and support teams and across multiple geographies. The main problem it addresses for us is that it helps us better track specific tasks for projects involving multiple people.,Managing content production workflows Housing marketing and sales collateral Prioritizing content needs across the organization,Better integrations with 3rd party programs for easier import/data sync Steep learning curve compared to some project management tools Keyboard shortcuts can be confusing at times,9,Saved time on managing content production Reduces time spent looking for marketing collateral Makes it easier for people to identify project needs,Trello, OmniFocus and Pivotal Tracker,Trello, Zoom, HubSpotHighly capable data and project management that’s great for teams.We use Airtable across our entire organization to manage inventory, organize product lists, project management, and for upload templates for some of our other services. It has helped us reduce the number of versions of files being emailed between us, and the integrations with other services have allowed us to reduce our workflow and run reports more efficiently.,Different views of information allow for a comprehensive understanding Built-in templates make quick work of some small business tasks Integrations with 3rd party software fit into our existing workflow,There is a learning curve, and several new features are only available on paid plans. Certain tasks that people may be familiar with in Excel or Google Sheets do not function similarly in Airtable Some views are not available on mobile devices which may leave you waiting to see information.,8,Increased collaboration among team members Reduction of file redundancy and version confusion Increased transparency with project management,Google Drive and Smartsheet,Slack, ecomdash, Adobe Illustrator CCAirtable - almost for every needAirtable is, in our Company, used across the whole organization. Mostly for content creation, website development and as a simple finance database. We're using Airtable for almost everything. Right now, we're actively working with 11 bases. Thanks to Airtable, we were able to create a content creation team with all the necessary processes such as project planning and tracking, assigning, and retrospective analytics, with a little help from Power BI. As a finance database, we are using Airtable also as a client database. So thanks to the "Link to another record" function we can link invoice items to invoices, and invoices to the correct client or Supplier. With that and a strong API that allows us to connect Power BI directly to Airtable, we also have real-time analytics about all of these.,Fast and easy to use with pretty UX. And for those who have a question, there is very simple but strong help center Real-time collaboration with many people and change history Integration with many apps via Zapier and API with documentation with examples Allows us to link records to create a logical structure of many tables. Many sample templates are ready to use or just provide inspiration Real-time is a universal tool that everyone can customize for personal use Also in the big base, each user can filter and customize their personal view. So everyone can view only the data and structure that they want.,No way to link one table from one base to another table in another base :/ Because of permissions, we need 1 table with restricted access to a few people. But some data we need to be used on a company-wide base. For example, one base with suppliers and CRM, another base for project management. We would appreciate more granular permission, but it is in progress,10,It helped us to start managing our projects and our team efficiently. A simple table with all the data we needed, assigned tasks etc. So we could deliver more in shorter time.,Microsoft 365 Business, TogglObsessed with Airtable. Recommend to EVERYONE.I use Airtable professionally and personally for the following uses: 1. Planning my wedding 2. Managing to do items 3. Content calendar for clients 4. Hours tracking and invoicing 5. Lead Tracking I'm such a fan of Airtable that 3 of my clients have implemented it in their organizations after my recommendation. It is great for collaboration between clients and coworkers, or friends and family.,Uploading files to cells - this is so much better than a spreadsheet! Sorting by multi-functions Color coding for ease of reading and sorting Ease of sharing for collaborators,The color scheme isn't very appealing The "blocks" are unclear as to their usage,10,It has had a very positive return. It has saved hours for myself personally. It has made a great impression on clients who appreciate transparency and organization. It has lead to fewer mistakes.,Google Charts,PyCharm, HubSpot CRM, TweetDeckA platform that can be a central part of your organizationWe use Airtable across the organization and also within different departments. We use Airtable for CRM (Customer Research Management), general bookkeeping, project and task management. We also use it for timekeeping; we create online forms and have stakeholders submit relevant information. We manage our social media calendar, general calendar, and list of events in Airtable. We have eliminated many apps and now conduct the related work in Airtable.,Filters and grouping of Data. Airtable has many options to filter and group data and it could be done so quickly and presented very cleary. A different view of the same database. Airtable allows the user to create views such as 'Gallery', 'Kanban' 'Calendar' and 'Grid' view of the same database. Many versions of each view can be created thus saving time and resources duplicating data. These views can be then shared with stakeholders. Templates - Airtable provides many templates to allow new and experienced users a ready-made platform to work off.,Bookkeeping, while there are many options for bookkeeping it's still not as straightforward as more well-known spreadsheet platforms. Improvements here would allow companies to export their basic bookkeeping to Airtable. Integrations. Airtable is lacking in integrations. Having more integrations would enable Airtable to become an even stronger database for organizations. Organization. When a base has a large number of tabs it's hard to get a helicopter view of the tabs. Although the search is pretty good.,10,We are a small organization. Using Airtable has allowed us to save a lot of time and resources as the information we need is very accessible via Airtable. Using Airtable has allowed us to eliminate project and task management tools, CRMS, and time-keeping tools thus saving us money on respective tools and time as more tasks can be carried out in one platform. Is easier to onboard team members. They need to learn about less platforms which means they can get up to speed very quickly and get started on their main tasks.,Google Drive, Trello, Toggl and Notion,Google Drive, Buffer, MailChimpI am thrilled to be a part of the Airtable community!!Thank you, Airtable! We are a small, start-up nonprofit that relies on volunteers to help us accomplish our mission. Right now we are in the process of building our infrastructure and choosing the right tools to help us do this is important to us. Good, effective and intuitive databases are critical to the work of impactful community mobilization and information sharing. Airtable fits this bill. And I tested this! I had a few folks that really did not understand the structure of a database to try to create a simple Airtable database with 14 fields and 51 records. More importantly, I asked them to create this database WITHOUT using the help desk but by GUESSING only. Folks were able to build the bones of the database. I, of course, swooped in to figure out how to add pictures, create the drop-down boxes and make links and I was able to do this without asking for "help" but by clicking onto the icons that made the most sense.I am thrilled that I found and tried out Airtable! And now I am more thrilled that I am now a part of the Airtable community!,It has a really great UI. It is friendly enough for users that may find databases somewhat daunting but robust enough for folks like me that have intermediary database skills. I like the way that you make the content of drop-down boxes look like colorful tagging. It is very easy to add pictures and other types of attachments. Making the database relational by linking fields is pretty simple.,I am still in my trial phase so some of my wishes (I will not consider these "cons", yet) may already exist in the more advanced plans but I would like to be able to wrap the text in the fields within the default Grid View. I think that all of the plans should give some the ability to change the font, font size and formatting of the text within a field. The calendar feature was a little quirky. And as far as I can tell, it does not allow me to put several items in on specific dates.,10,Right now, quickly building up our database resources is critical. Our ability to engage folks to volunteer to help with the creation of these databases without needing a steep learning curve to do so means that we can engage folks without frustrating them. Eventually, we will use Airtable to track participants time and activity resources and this information will be used to inform grant proposals,FileMaker Pro,Microsoft Office 365, Asana, Apple iCloud, QuickBooks for Mac, Facebook for Business, Adobe Illustrator CC,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product,I wouldn't
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Airtable is a collaboration platform designed to empower 30,000+ companies for content pipelines, product management, events planning, user research, and more.

The vendor’s value proposition is with the friendly interface, customizable grid, calendar, form, and stacked card views, and a fully flexible structure, Airtable empowers users to build workflows that work the way they want.

Airtable Features

Project Management Features
Has featureTask Management
Has featureResource Management
Has featureGantt Charts
Has featureScheduling
Has featureWorkflow Automation
Has featureTeam Collaboration
Has featureSupport for Agile Methodology
Has featureSupport for Waterfall Methodology
Has featureDocument Management
Has featureEmail integration
Has featureMobile Access
Has featureTimesheet Tracking
Has featureChange request and Case Management
Has featureBudget and Expense Management
Professional Services Automation Features
Does not have featureQuotes/estimates
Does not have featureInvoicing
Does not have featureProject & financial reporting
Does not have featureIntegration with accounting software

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Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No

Airtable Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Live Chat
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Airtable Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android