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Alida CXM

Alida CXM
Formerly Vision Critical


What is Alida CXM?

Alida CXM (formerly Vision Critical) is designed to enable users to listen to direct & indirect sources of customer feedback, perform automated actions on collected feedback and have complete visibility into key customer experience metrics so users can create exemplary…

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What is Alida CXM?

Alida CXM (formerly Vision Critical) is designed to enable users to listen to direct & indirect sources of customer feedback, perform automated actions on collected feedback and have complete visibility into key customer experience metrics so users can create exemplary customer experiences day…

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Product Details

What is Alida CXM?

Alida CXM (formerly Vision Critical) is designed to enable users to listen to direct & indirect sources of customer feedback, perform automated actions on collected feedback and have complete visibility into key customer experience metrics so users can create exemplary customer experiences day after day. Alida CXM offers a holistic customer experience platform that brings in both operational and experiential data, integrates this data with the tools to collect, understand and action customer feedback along with the ability to analyze data and monitor trends in one integrated solution.

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Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
VC was used to deliver a research panel function to customers. It allowed email communications directly with the panelists instead of sending out standard company emails.
  • I don't think it did anything "particularly" well.
  • As a self service survey creation tool, it lacked question types and logic functionality found in SurveyMonkey/SurveyGizmo etc.
  • As a self service panel tool, the functions of panel management was not up to par with some other providers. Almost prefer to jet let the VC rep/team do most of the work you typically would do yourself.
  • There were functions such as panel feedback and communications that was not even mentioned or shown to us until after we decided to stop using VC for our needs.
I had better experience using VC as a full service provider when I first had a chance to work with them 10 years ago. Most recently, using VC as a self service panel management experience was very disappointing.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it to help clients build, and maintain panels. We often support clients in the entertainment industry who want a slick panel presentation.
  • It is a highly visual product
  • It supports numerous skip, and piping options
  • It is easy to use
  • It is weak on statistical analysis
  • Documentation could also be improved
If you need a robust back end statistical program, this is not for you. If you are looking for a slick, interactive media survey tool it deserves a strong look.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The survey creation tools were intuitive but creating reports was definitely not. Also managing Panelists was more difficult than it needed to be. Overall a decent product that works for small panels but not the greatest option.
  • Creates and delivers surveys easily
  • Contacts panelists easily and quickly
  • Report creation
  • Survey response exporting
Well suited for smaller custom panels.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Vision Critical's Sparq platform across the organization to manage a consumer insights community and survey our viewers about a variety of topics (programming, marketing, advertising, etc.) We also use it for forum discussions to create deeper insights. The tool is managed by our corporate research team, but many other researchers have access to program surveys and reports for their own departments.
  • Sparq is great as a single tool to manage relationships with some of our most avid fans. It allows us to survey them, send emails, and provide information about how their feedback is being used.
  • The survey programming platform has a little bit of a learning curve but is quite flexible and provides a good respondent experience.
  • Vision Critical has greatly improved the reporting capabilities of the tool. It is quite easy to quickly generate custom cross-tab reports.
  • The customer support, and the collaboration from our account team has been very good.
  • I wish the product was more friendly to video surveys. It does support video, but there are restrictions on file size, and you can't maximize the size of the screen when watching a video.
  • I wish the product was more customizable. We have taken several measures to make changes to customize the product for our specific needs. It has turned out well, but it hasn't always been a smooth process.
  • I wish all of the reporting capabilities were rolled into one master reporting module. Within the tool, there are several different report areas. Each has its advantages, and like I said earlier, it is easy to generate quick reports. However, for more in-depth analysis, I sometimes want to use features from each of those report areas, and it would be very helpful if all the features I want were in one place.
From my experience, I believe that Vision Critical offers the best software to manage an insights community. They are great to work with, and my opinion has only improved over time. However, that doesn't mean it is the best survey software overall. If someone simply needs to program and distribute surveys, this may or may not be the right solution. There are some other really great survey tools on the market that are competitively priced and offer very intuitive interfaces (like Qualtrics).

If you are going to recruit people to answer surveys or provide feedback on an ongoing basis (re-contacting and engaging with the same people repeatedly), though, Vision Critical would be my #1 recommendation.
Margaret (Meg) Manning | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Vision Critical to draft and deploy surveys to a broad sample base as well as our Vision Critical Panel. Within our panel we manage a panel portal and occasionally create discussion forums for panel members. Our research team primarily uses the program to field regular tracking studies or ad-hoc requests from internal clients. Particularly with our panel it helps to quickly field requests without purchasing sample from a third party.
  • The team is helpful in creating complicated survey logic
  • The team is accommodating in creating interfaces that suit our desired look
  • The team keeps in regular contact in order to effectively manage our requests and goals
  • I appreciate the possibilities of Vision Critical but in writing surveys the tool is not intuitive and takes some time to get used to.
  • Given that we are a media company we have also had to find ways to adjust to media file size limits when including videos.
  • Overall, with time I became very proficient and find uses for all the different aspects of the product, but for training others wish that some aspects were more user friendly.
Frequent use to create proficiency is necessary in order to fully utilize the product.
John Sloneker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use VC as a survey tool for special requests that generally come from other departments, but we are the only department in our organization that uses it. We are generally looking for consumer opinions or behaviors around either specific artists or music, or potential marketing opportunities across types of consumers/music fans. Male vs. female breakdowns and age are always important, but we also filter our data to look at a variety of product buyers, genre groups etc... It helps our organization plan successful product releases, and get specific feedback after recent product releases.
  • The ability to cross-tab and filter in dynamic report is pretty flawless.
  • Additionally, the various export formats in the report module are each useful in their own way.
  • Their client relations is really nice, they are always quick to respond to issues or additional help needed.
  • They do a great job on their end of finding panelists when we need additional people for a survey.
  • The functionality when creating a new questionnaire is rather clunky, particularly when there are a few conditional factors in the logical flow; being able to see those factors and how they apply with some sort of other logical layout would really help when creating a longer survey.
  • There are quite a few steps that aren't intuitive when launching a survey, for instance all the various dates (launch date, reserve date, survey date, etc etc etc). If there were a description field if you hovered above labeled areas of sections that explained what this field was for that would really help
  • It doesn't help either that the entire site is grey; it's a cold environment to be in for a long time, and the simple design makes it seem more clunky than it probably really is.
It is well suited when you need to look at subsets of people who took a survey, cross-sectioning findings with other questions. If you just need an overall populous opinion about a few questions you may have, using VC may be overkill.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The company used Vision Critical as an online research tool. I was basically the only person using Vision Critical. It allowed our company to gain insight on new technologies in business and education by surveying our community panels. We created revenue from the sponsored surveys, and were able to use stats found in these surveys in publications.
  • Very easy to learn. Everything is fairly intuitive.
  • Great customer service. As I learned the software, I had lots of questions, ranging from survey methods to technological design questions, and Vision Critical provides a lot of online support, as well as personal support over the phone and online. They even created regular reports for us to show the health of our panels
  • If you can see that you won't meet the number of responses you need, Vision Critical can help get your survey out to their very large panels and get your response rate up.
  • Vision Critical easily integrates your panels/respondents and surveys into one tool - very manageable! You can easily see previous communications, surveys, newsletters, etc., and see response rates for certain segments, all in one tool.
  • Some things on Vision Critical allow for customization, but other pieces seem cumbersome. Based soley on the survey piece of this software, I would rate it better than most basic online survey tools (surveyMonkey or Zoomerang), but not as customizable as some of the more advanced solutions (like Qualitrics)
  • The tool in Vision Critical that allows you to see survey data and reports is unwieldy and complicated to use.
I would recommend Vision Critical to anyone with a healthy panel of respondents. When I used this software, we had several unresponsive panels, and although Vision Critical was willing to help and get our surveys out to other panels, it is almost a waste of money. As long as you have an engaged, responsive group of respondents, Vision Critical will work well for your business and research needs.
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