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What is AliveChat?

AliveChat is a live chat tool for websites from Houston-based WebsiteAlive.

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WebsiteAlive's AliveChat feature has proven to be an essential tool for businesses looking to directly connect with their website …
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AliveChat Review

8 out of 10
February 20, 2022
We use AliveChat for our ticket sales division. It lives on multiple pages on our website and allows our fans to chat with us when it …
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What is AliveChat?

AliveChat is a live chat tool for websites from Houston-based WebsiteAlive.

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What is AliveChat?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

WebsiteAlive's AliveChat feature has proven to be an essential tool for businesses looking to directly connect with their website visitors. Users have found that it significantly reduces the lag time between lead acquisition and closed opportunities, allowing them to capitalize on potential customer interest in real-time. By providing a medium for potential customers to reach out and gather information about a company's products or services, AliveChat helps users gain new customers and foster valuable relationships. This feature also enables multitasking, as users can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, making customer communication more efficient compared to traditional methods like email or phone calls.

Beyond businesses, AliveChat has also been embraced by educational institutions. Existing and prospective students benefit from its quick response time and ease of use, allowing them to ask questions and gather information without having to contact multiple departments. For students navigating admissions processes, course selection, or general inquiries, AliveChat provides a convenient channel for obtaining the support they need.

In addition, ticket sales divisions have leveraged AliveChat to enhance customer service in the entertainment industry. Fans can chat with the company and get immediate answers to their questions about upcoming events or ticket availability, even when making a phone call is not feasible. This accessibility and promptness make AliveChat the preferred option for the majority of customers who seek assistance from the company.

Overall, WebsiteAlive's AliveChat proves itself as a versatile solution that benefits various industries and sectors. Its ability to facilitate real-time communication, streamline customer interactions, and provide timely support make it indispensable for businesses looking to close deals quickly, educational institutions aiming to improve student experiences, as well as ticket sales divisions seeking to engage fans effectively.

Convenience: Several users have found WebsiteAlive to be a convenient tool for their websites. They appreciate the ability to use multiple clients through one portal, which makes it easier for them to manage and respond to inquiries from website guests. The pop-up button feature has also been mentioned as a convenient way to quickly answer questions or assist users with technical issues.

Alert System: Users have praised the alert system of WebsiteAlive. It notifies all logged-in users of an incoming chat session, ensuring that no inquiry goes unnoticed. This feature has been particularly helpful in providing timely responses and improving customer satisfaction.

Mobile Compatibility: The mobile compatibility of AliveChat has received positive feedback from users. They mention that the software has a dynamic user interface that works perfectly on all devices. This allows them to stay connected and provide real-time assistance even when they are away from their desks.

Delays and frozen screens in chat feature: Several users have experienced delays and encountered frozen screens when using the chat feature internally, which has negatively impacted their productivity and ability to efficiently communicate with others.

Inability to take messages without logged-in users: Many users have found it frustrating that the program does not allow them to take a message if no one is logged in. This limitation has resulted in missed opportunities for communication and potential business leads.

Confusing open chat conversations: Some users have mentioned confusion regarding open chat conversations that remain even after the web visitor has left the website. They have suggested having an option to open a support ticket instead, as this would provide clearer closure for both parties involved.


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February 20, 2022

AliveChat Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use AliveChat for our ticket sales division. It lives on multiple pages on our website and allows our fans to chat with us when it isn't convenient for them to call and they need an immediate answer.
  • Allows people to reach out while they're working
  • Real-time questions and responses
  • User friendly
  • There seems to always be required upgrades where you need to spend more money to get a better product.
  • The look and feel continues to change, not necessarily for the bad.
  • Price point has gone up a decent amount recently.
It is well suited for communication with existing customers and prospects. It is less appropriate for people just looking to visit our website to get up to date with the latest team news or those who aren't at a computer.
  • Live Chat
  • Website Tracking
  • Client Communication
  • Positive: real-time communication with fans
  • Negative: reps are more stagnant with outbound attempts
  • Negative: it makes it easier to not speak with us via phone or face to face
AliveChat really serves a different purpose than other products. Very few products offer the ability to chat through our website, so it compliments our phone, text, and email options very well.
Chamakhe Maurieni | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
AliveChat is used as a medium for customers to reach us about any issues they like to discuss with the company. It is the most preferred option by the majority of our customers and users of our service to contact us since it is free to use on the part of the web visitor and response to queries by customers on live web chat is almost immediate. In comparison with when a customer sends an email to the company or puts a call across.
  • Mobile compatibility - AliveChat has a dynamic user interface which makes its popup chat widget display and work perfectly on all devices - mobile and desktop. Thus web visitors get a complete experience no matter the device from which they use in accessing our website.
  • Analytic - AliveChat provides us with a dynamic set of website analytics that helps us in analyzing our progress or decline in a timely manner. With the analytics provided by AliveChat, we are able to monitor the number of visitors on the website at a particular time, the duration of which they have been on the website, the number of times they have been on the website in time past etc.
  • Feature packed - AliveChat is packed with features which makes the job of the customer care agents easier. For instance, with AliveChat it is very easy for an agent to transfer a web visitors chat to another agent that has better answers to the agent's query. We are also able to introduce short survey questions to web visitors, which they respond to before they begin chatting with a customer care rep.
  • AliveChat keeps chat conversations open even after the web visitor has left the website. The chat remains open until an operator closes the chat and this can get very confusing on occasions.
  • With AliveChat, web visitors are not allowed to drop a message when no agent is online to chat with them. It would be nice if web visitors are able to open a support ticket in the case when no agent is online, so agents get to see it whenever they come back online.
AliveChat is perfect for real-time communication with web visitors, especially when a business doesn't mind getting insight into the activities of people visiting their website. It favours websites whose users log in from multiple device formats like a pc, iPad, tablets, smartphones etc as AliveChat is able to provide a similar user experience across multiple devices. Overall, AliveChat is my suggested program for companies or startups seeking a helpdesk program for their website.
  • AliveChat has made it easy for us to track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. As the real-time number of visitors on the website gives us insights into the performance of ongoing campaigns.
  • AliveChat also makes it possible for us to have an idea of where our web visitors are coming from i.e. via the pre-chat survey form for instance. We are able to generate important data like how a web visitor got to know about us, their expectations when visiting our website etc.
  • AliveChat makes it easy for web visitors to get a real-time response to their questions, with a delay of probably a few seconds.
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