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What is Ally?

Ally Financial headquartered in Detroit offers online banking, via full service auto finance operations, and boasts a complementary auto-focused insurance business, a growing wealth management and brokerage platform, and a trusted corporate finance business offering capital for equity sponsors…

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Rocket Yoga Demo with Ally Ford


Learning Ally Solution Demo for Educators


How to create ally hero in Dota 2 Demo


How to use Gelly plate with brusho - Demo at Ally Pally by Tracey Lavinia - Lavinia stamps


Dinner With Ally - Ample Sound ABU demo


LG Ally Android phone hands-on demo

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What is Ally?

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Initially, only the Product and Engineering teams used Ally to manage quarterly objectives. Recently, the entire company started to use this tool to align on objectives.

Ally helps us:
  • Be transparent about goals.
  • Be accountable for those goals by using clear success measures.
  • Assign ownership to these goals.
  • Anchor departments/teams to the same overall vision.
  • Visualizing the hierarchy and relationship between objectives and key results. The nesting and double alignment functionality are especially helpful, as they can't easily be expressed on, say, a simple worksheet or Confluence page.
  • Reminding the team to make regular check-ins. What gets measured gets done. This prevents the common pitfall of setting goals and not revisiting them until the end of a project (when it is too late).
  • Integration with external sources for automated check-ins. Why do this manually when it can happen behind the scenes?
  • It would be great to have a direct integration to Sigma.
  • Sometimes the UI is a little buggy/weird (e.g. re-ordering and adding objectives is not the easiest).
Ally perfectly meets our needs for OKR management. My team uses it to ensure that we are making progress on our quarterly objectives and regularly check in—at minimum, once a week but often more frequently. The only misuses at my company are due to user error, notably when people incorrectly use it for task management rather than measurable goals.
  • Nesting and double alignment of key results.
  • Integration with Slack for regular check-in reminders.
  • Integration with 3rd parties like Jira for automated updates.
  • It definitely helps the product team stay focused on the quarterly objective and not get distracted by other "noise."
Ally and Sigma are very different tools. However, they are both integral to my team's daily work and success. One of their common strengths is the responsiveness of their support team. I always feel that my questions are being answered in a clear and informed way. Another shared strength is the knowledge bases that these tools have built out, which is very helpful for onboarding and answering questions self-serve.
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