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Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch


What is Amazon CloudSearch?

Amazon CloudSearch is enterprise search as a service, from Amazon Web Services.

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What is Amazon CloudSearch?

Amazon CloudSearch is enterprise search as a service, from Amazon Web Services.

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What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is an enterprise search tool from Elastic in Mountain View, California.

What is Algolia?

Algolia in San Francisco, California offers enterprise search as a service.

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What is Amazon CloudSearch?

Amazon CloudSearch Technical Details

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December 19, 2023

Value for money software

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Amazon could search has been a integral part in my work, first of all it is every easy to set up, which makes it a very go to tool for workspace and it helps immensely in customising search as per specific needs. It not only saves time and make the whole process more efficient by providing tailored results.
  • First one is Effortless Setup and Configuration, Its been my personal reason for using it.
  • Second would be its ability to customise
  • Third would be its compatibility with other search engines.
  • First thing I would like to mentioned about its indexing speed, I have noticed while working with large sums of data
  • Second I would like to mentioned about customisation challenge, although it is also its pros but a con as well, as it is a tedious task to customise when time value comes place as well.
  • Thirdly, I do feel that its advanced search queries could be more supported. I have seen some level of lagging when it comes to more advanced search queries given the size of data.
I would like to mentioned about the scenario where Amazon cloud search was well suited is when we need regular updation of data and the subject matter requires continuous alterations due to the continuous changing environment and talking abut the least appropriate would the times when their is high level of customisation requirements in the project.
  • It has directly or indirectly improved the operational effiecncy for sure.
  • Its limitations towards limited customisation requirements makes it a bit negative side of the scenario.
  • Its scalability of the growth offers seamless accommodation of large data sets which is a positive impact although.
I always look upto some basic criteria while choosing up my search engine, which are easy to use approach, its capabilities of handling large data, its adaptability with other search engines and also keeps in mind the pricing factor and as compared to the above two, amazon search engine is better in more than 2 expects from the above given 2 search engines.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the Amazon Cloudsearch to get queries super fast, and don't have our system loaded to make these queries. CloudSearch is used in our application, so everyone that uses the application will get queries from CloudSearch. One of the business problems that it solves is to get some queries that can take some time in our system.
  • Really fast queries
  • Good Reporting
  • Reduce the cost of the server
  • Can take some time to implement
  • The initial configuration can be tricky
  • Takes some time to update the values
Amazon Cloudsearch can be suitable for some queries that require fast data. For example, in our case, we used CloudSearch, in a tool called Global Search. That will search everything like names, emails and a lot of stuff in our application. If you want fast data and you have a simple query, Global Search isn't appropriate for you.
  • Positive Point - Reduced the server load
  • Negative point - Not suitable for all queries
  • Negative Point - Time to implement this feature
I didn't investigate the best alternatives to CloudSearch, but did help with implementing this feature in our application. But from what i tested and used - Cloudsearch is very fast to get queries. Some negative points can be the time to implement this and some configurations that can be tricky.
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