Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing services. With over 165 services offered, AWS services can provide users with a comprehensive suite of infrastructure and computing building blocks and tools. Web Services is a complete world that has helped with my workloadAmazon Web Services is a very helpful platform because of its attractive interface that allows me to obtain and configure capacity information, with minimal friction, that perfectly suits our company. Moreover, it helps me to take complete control of my computer resources and helps to reduce the time required to obtain and to boot new servers, as well. Apart from this, it provides tools to be build-failure resilient applications and to isolate them from common failure scenarios, in a very efficient manner.,What I like in it, is its simple notification service which provides a mobile messaging feature to enable push messaging to my mobile devices as well. It helps in sending out notifications to all my teammates with full integrity. Responsive Support. Offers a variety of features that help to manage my workload.,It is a bit costly when compared to other tools. This application has great integration power, which enables me to work on different applications, simultaneously. This suits me well. It is playing a significant role in our company.,9,It is a completely effective and efficient tool. It provides a variety of workloads including data processing, game development, warehousing, and many more ways to save time and money. This is so useful for testing and monitoring mobile applications.,Microsoft Azure,9,TargetProcess, Mailchimp, LastPass for BusinessWelcome to Cloud CityWe use Amazon Web Services as our primary compute platform. We run our primary applications and run our business from the Amazon cloud. As an IT professional, AWS cuts out the busy work of IT. AWS lets me focus on the needs to the business and not the needs of datacenter hardware. We're able to deploy new systems within minutes without needing to worry about having enough server capacity.,The platform is extremely agile, we will typically get a new server request fulfilled within minutes AWS hardware is reliable, we don't worry about the on premise data center environment. They have tools and services that allow you to create anything you need.,AWS can be overwhelming with the vast amount of services they provide. It can be tough to pick the right option to fit the goal you're trying to accomplish There is some reliance on your own skills to create tools\functionally that isn't native. Like scheduling backups. There is a steep learning curve to the platform.,10,We're able to adjust our compute spend by suspending\powering off systems during off hours Our server up time is higher than it was on premise. Our users are able to work without intteruptions Compared to an on premise datacenter the cost is roughly the same if not slightly higher.,VMware vCenter Server,9,VMware vCenter Server, Druva CloudRanger, Okta Workforce IdentityAWS: short for AwesomeAWS is used in many, but not all, departments within our organization. Leveraging AWS allows for our company to avoid upfront infrastructure investments and scale to customer demand with a very short ramp time (if any at all). Using a secure and best practice common cloud infrastructure mitigates much (but not all) of the security and business continuity risks.,AWS is very cost-effective, costing far less than 1% of our revenue. AWS is very reliable, with the services we use being in the 4-11 9s SLA. AWS is very scalable, with the services being on-demand and growing with us as we need them.,AWS doesn’t offer the same level of end-to-end software that Azure offers. S3 individual transactions can be expensive. AWS charges for transactions in addition to storage. EC2 instance controls are limited to one option. EC2 allows users to deploy dedicated hosts but they must declare an instance type. Each instance per host must be uniform that requires users to specify configurations like RAM, CPU, and bandwidth requirements.,10,I cannot disclose the particulars, but consider this a glowing review of AWS's ROI.,Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Storage,10,Slack, G Suite, GoToMeetingGreat Service For All Your NeedsWe currently use Amazon Web Services in multiple parts of our organization. We use it for the development of our product, QA, Sandbox and UAT scenarios, as well as in our production environment. AWS allows us to reliably provide our customers with the services we have to offer. It also allows us to test the latest technologies and make future plans to develop our software to use them.,AWS allows us to scale up (or down) depending on our busy season. Our software has fairly predictable "busy" seasons, so this allows us to properly spend on infrastructure based on needs. EBS Snapshots allow us to create in-time based backups. We use these as part of our DRP/BCP.,Understanding the AWS bill is very confusing. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to track what charges are for which particular service is using which feature. The ability to tag all items, including Marketplace items for cost usage report would be especially useful. The cost usage report being more detailed when filtering by usage and cost allocation tags would also be exceptionally helpful.,10,AWS has allowed us to properly budget our infrastructure and IT costs. This helps us plan our expenditures for future development and projects. AWS has allowed us to leverage some of the newest technologies (FSx) to make our software offering one of the most dependable in the industry.,,10,SolarWinds N-central, LastPass for Business, Slack, Microsoft Office 365Serverless Saviors!It is being used by an individual department. It provides scalability without the need to manage server infrastructure. It offers versatile services such as data warehousing, machine learning, and performance monitoring. You also have control of who accesses what feature through identity and access management, as well as audit activity through Cloud Trail. It is easy to import your data into AWS, so start-up time is quick.,It is highly redundant. You can design performance capable infrastructure at up to 80% cheaper than other services. You can configure your routing based on latency, geo-location, weighted, etc.,Menu to access different services is a bit muddled. It could use some streamlining. Interactive and informative training should be offered by Amazon, rather than third party services. Availability zones differ between accounts.,9,We have reduced our S3 operating costs by 70% migrating to S3-IA. We save an average of 50% by bidding of spot instances and high capacity hours. It has allowed us to automate a large amount of our workload.,Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon RedshiftThe biggest name in cloud services, for a good reasonBoth within our organization and for clients, we implement several different Amazon Web Services. We mostly make use of EC2 for hosting private cloud servers/applications, Simple Storage Service (S3) for hosting data in the cloud, both for active use and backup, and S3 Glacier for archiving low-touch data to the cloud. All of these AWS services allow us to provide on-demand, infinitely expandable cloud services as needed.,Easy to deploy. It's trivial to create a new S3 bucket, or spin up a new EC2 VM. AWS console is relatively easy to navigate/administrate services. It used to not be the case, but it has improved quite a bit over the years. Cost Explorer service makes it somewhat easier to plan/budget and track/manage AWS cost. Tons of software, services, etc that integrate directly with AWS services -- example, CloudBerry Backup that integrates with S3, Glacier, etc.,Cost - Because of the many variables involved in AWS pricing, it can be difficult to budget for AWS costs. For small deployments, this isn't too big of a problem, but when you start using multiple AWS services, even with Cost Explorer, planning can be time-consuming. Some of the terminologies are unnecessary. Too much input from marketing types. They should just say what the service does and note waste time with cutesy names. On the flip side of the thriving AWS ecosystem, the lack of Amazon-created apps to interface with their services is a bit of a bummer. Sometimes you just want a good, documented, first-party backup app, for example.,8,Positive: I have been saved by spinning up an emergency EC2 instance on more than a few occasions. Be it for disaster recovery, or just to set up a server for testing. For IT departments, having basically the entirety of Amazon's network infrastructure at your fingertips is invaluable. Negative: I have definitely been burned by AWS cost overruns, usually due to the services being too useful/successful for their own good, introducing mission creep. Basically, if you set up a solution for a client using AWS, they are so pleased they want to expand what AWS is used for. You can explain costs estimates using Cost Explorer but either stakeholders don't pay attention or continue to tweak plans during implementation, then are surprised by AWS monthlies. Not entirely a dig on AWS, but pretty common in my experience. Positive: Glacier usage eliminates the need for on-premise archive solutions and having staff physically move archive media offsite for DR purposes.,Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud CDN, Google Drive, Google Cloud SQL and Google Cloud Storage,CloudBerry Backup, Microsoft Azure, Google DriveAWS is the best cloud providerAWS is being used by the IT department mainly. We take advantage of manged VMs, serverless databases, and different services in order to publish our web applications to external and internal users. It is also used by our analytics department for predictions. AWS addresses operational costs related to on-premise infrastructure; it helps to simplify infrastructure management and in other cases, eliminating infrastructure management.,Serverless services remove overhead from IT department. Diversity of services. Anything you need, it is there. Support through official channels or even through unofficial ones helps you never get stuck on anything.,Mobile app for AWS console is very limited. Site-to-site VPNs provide no logs for troubleshooting. Grub access in VMs would be nice.,10,Savings on operational costs (no datacenter, small infrastructure team).,Microsoft Azure,Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series, Trend Micro Deep Security for the Hybrid Cloud, AlienVault USMLeader in the hyperscalers for cloud servicesAs a managed service provider, we are seeing AWS as a preferred platform by the customers when it comes to moving their existing workload from the on-premise data center to cloud or deploying new applications. AWS as a leader in the space continues to release new innovative services each year helping customers meet not only security, scalability, and reliability but also to stay ahead in the game by adopting the latest technologies.,User-friendly and super responsive user interface. Rapid deployment and instance scalability. A wide variety of services and applications.,Lack of support for disaster recovery solution. Highly complex and steep learning curve to learn and use the platform. Lack of edge in legacy enterprise apps (Microsoft, Oracle and IBM).,9,Enabling organization to be much more agile meeting immediate business needs. Reduced overall costs of owning and maintaining IT infrastructure in-house. More visibility and controls in IT expenditure.,Microsoft Azure,Microsoft AzureLeading IAAS. Customizable and broad offering. Solidly reliable.We've chosen AWS as our infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) solution across the whole organization for all our development environments, i.e. dev, staging, and production. We build custom-coded apps (full-stack). We specifically use it as our cloud solution for compute, storage and content delivery.,Great levels of service, with strong infrastructure maturity. Lots of cloud service options, third-party programs, and APIs available. Highly flexible and customizable.,Pricing is a bit complicated and can be slightly opaque in the outset, but AWS has pricing calculators to help out. The vast array of options available can be a challenge to navigate and figure out at first.,10,AWS has definitely delivered a high ROI. The ability to dynamically scale, i.e. grow on-demand across any server environment and geo is excellent. Once you get going, we've found AWS quite straightforward and easy to use. AWS offers various productivity-boosting features, such as templates, 3rd-party offerings, APIs, cost calculators, etc.,Google Cloud AI,9,IBM Cloud Databases (formerly Compose), MongoDB,8AWS is highly recommended for mid-to-large scale companies having global operations.We use AWS as the infrastructure provider for our entire global operations. From DNS down to database systems, we are using services powered by AWS.,Automated server provisioning. Load balancing. Hassle-free OS updates.,Hard to get support (even you pay extra for paid support services). Expensive compared to the competition. Regional outages may occur.,10,AWS gave us the flexibility of having one to thousands of servers from day one. We did not have to invest in the servers from day one and we had a saving of 40%. As AWS is expensive compared to its competition, our opex grew higher than the companies using other services from AWS competitors.,Rackspace Cloud Hosting,Intercom, PipedriveAmazon Web Services does a great job of fulfilling cloud based requirements!Amazon Web Services serves multiple purposes for our company. Depending on a clients requirement and budget, we use Amazon Web Services as database storage and for deploying our computing environments. It is generally used, accessed and managed by the team working on that particular project. Our company is a data science product based company and we sell products like inventory management tools, discount management, etc to clients.,Secure data storage. Reliability. Less downtime. Faster data retrieval. Easy to use.,Costly compared to other alternatives. Billing is a bit confusing.,10,It really does a great job for the work it is tasked to do.,Google BigQuery, Apache Hive and MySQL,Google Data Studio, MySQL, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Kaspersky Endpoint SecurityA Product Managers Perspective on AWS and Cloud Computing by AmazonOur goal as a company is to ensure that our services are efficient and fast to load. After years of using traditional web hosts, we finally made the switch to Amazon Web Services and we have not looked back. Our biggest issues with traditional web hosting was the inability to store large amounts of data and the lack of scalability for our different applications. AWS allows us to run our services more efficiently and without absorbing the high cost of owning servers. For our business it's really about solving 3 problems: Scaling - The solution should be able to allow us to scale effectively without the hassles of setting up new servers.Cost effective - The solution should allow us to manage our costs effectively so that none of our clients have to pay more for our services.Integration - The solution should integrate well into our development teams coding and not slow them down.Amazon Web Services has done these for us.,AWS (Amazon Web Services) is not the easiest virtual service to set up but once you get the hang of it, it's fairly easy to install new instances (servers) and stop them. This is good for multiple reasons e.g we run multiple tests and live production servers for our different services. When we are done with one we can easily turn it off. The cost of the specifications on our virtual servers is only a fraction of the cost of what we would get locally or even on most traditional web services companies. Amazon Web Services can be relatively cost efficient depending on where you are coming from. For our smaller organization, we felt the cost was worth it as other alternatives were not as affordable. The good thing with AWS is you only pay for what you use. If you want S3 (Simple Storage Service), you can pay for that. If you want to run a compute engine, EC2 can be paid for. At the end of the month, you get one bill based on your usage. Because of our size as a company, AWS was easier to deploy compared to local dedicated solutions. All we had to do was take our development team through a simple 2-day course to get them on board. The ease of deployment means that we do not have to hire a specialist to deploy servers for us.,If there is one thing I think AWS needs improvement on, it is the administration dashboard. It can be a nightmare to use especially when trying to access billing. This could be made better, honestly, as there should be a simplified way to access simple admin features. While AWS was fairly easy to integrate into our solutions, it is not as easy to use without some IT knowledge. The dashboards are complicated and designed for someone who is computer savvy. If you are just want to keep track of billing, for example, you may need to take a course or spend a few hours with someone being walked through the admin console. AWS does tend to be slow at times. If you do not have a fast internet connection, it can take time to access services that are hosted on AWS. This is not always the case but we have had clients complain about this if they are trying to access a service from multiple points (IP addresses). The only real fix we found was to make our files cache to another server and only keep current data accessible to clients.,6,Using Amazon Web Services has allowed us to develop and deploy new SAAS solutions quicker than we did when we used traditional web hosting. This has allowed us to grow our service offerings to clients and also add more value to our existing services. Having AWS deployed has also allowed our development team to focus on delivering high-quality software without worrying about whether our servers will be able to handle the demand. Since AWS allows you to adjust your server needs based on demand, we can easily assign a faster server instance to ease and improve service without the client even knowing what we did.,DigitalOcean, Bluehost and GoDaddy,Lucidchart, Microsoft Office 365AWS Can't Be Beat for What We All Really Need: Great Service!AWS is Infrastructure As A Service for us so we can focus on what our core strengths are. We started with AWS 8 years ago for one of our Strategic Business Units and honestly waited for other competitors to meet or exceed what we received in services from AWS. While we did shop around, early on, largely for pricing reasons as our consumption increased across our entire organization. Then Bezos did what he's best at: he responded to market demand with even more elasticity, even greater service levels (for which he is known to be maniacal) and after all of our shopping around, we made a proactive decision to stay!,Customer service: There's no beating AWS for their customer service. They've clearly been trained to lisetn to understand the core issue you've called them for. Our customers satisfaction is in direct correlation to what AWS can deliver, so this is the #1 reason we chose and have stayed with AWS for 8 years. Agility: We have demand cycles that fluctuate, largely without alot of notice. It doesn't take more than 1 phone call to address any increase in bandwidth. In fact, they're more likely to reach out to us with any enhancements we might need or shoul be considering. Performance: We've never experienced a slowdown, nor failure - even when there've been internet-wide issues. They're always innovating based on every customer, and we all benefit from Bezos vision of what infrastructure technology should do for business.,It's such a well conceived service, I can't think of anything that's missing in functionality for our HC company. What we ask of AWS is to be so reliable, so customer-focused and so fast that we can just do what we do best, and forget about their job in our success. Healthcare: Since this is our core market, we're very interested in watching this vertical evolve and Amazon's vision for it. We'd value more insights and collaboration with Bezos on what our vision is too.,10,Profitability: We've a team of very hands-on engineers and what they would need to build what we now get from AWS, would not have had the level of profitability we get with AWS. At first, our inhouse team really wanted this work inhouse. Now, they're very grateful it's not. Billing is always accurate and automated with full justification in every report. We can plan our growth far more accurately. Flexibility: We can onboard new customers in an instant. We can give greater service levels to our current customers, just as quickly and dynamically too, if their needs change. Ease of use: seriously, one or two phone calls is pretty much all we've ever had to make when our needs change and it's been that easy for the last 4 or 5 years now.,IBM Analytics Engine and Microsoft 365 Business,Pipedrive, dotConnect for SalesforceAmazon Web Services -- Easy to setup, difficult to manageBefore my company changed hands, my department underwent training for AWS. If you are going to use AWS, I highly recommend taking the training on CBTNuggets, otherwise you will be lost. The feature that I have used is S3 storage. It is ridiculously easy to use, and very affordable.,Scales cloud services to meet the user's needs, in a nutshell you only pay for what you use. Amazon SES is perfect for sending bulk emails, and integrates with applications already in use. S3 storage is the most reliable cloud storage that I have used, and it is also used by several big name websites.,AWS is really difficult to use if you do not have any training. You need to create your own backups. I cannot verify this, but a co-worker of mine stated that he did now create a back, and lost several items. It is very expensive for everyday use. AWS is for people that have done the research, and know exactly what they need. These instances are not toys, believe me.,8,I have seen people spend a lot of money just playing with AWS because they had no idea what they were doing. Pay attention, and know what you are getting into before you do anything. My previous company was in the process of moving entirely to AWS, and I know it had to be cost effective because they had datacenters at over 20 locations.,,LogMeIn Pro, DameWare Remote Support, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Access, Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe AIR, VMware ThinApp, Polycom RealPresence Immersive Video Conferencing, BlueJeans, ManageEngine IT360, Spiceworks, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Adobe Connect, Adobe Illustrator CC, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016, Cisco Ethernet Switches, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos Network Access ControlCloud Solutions at a glance: AWSAmazon Web Services allows me to create a virtual machine running Linux so that security, availability, elasticity, reliability, and cost factors are all accounted for. Information Assurance is of top priority, including claims-based authentication, single sign-on, MEAN stack, and secure SSH access with public and private PKI infrastructure to leverage AAA best practices.,Cost: AWS's free tier enables developers to try out the service with no commitment. The resiliency of the AWS infrastructure is a great value-add. Ubiquity: AWS networks have the availability and elasticity which not only meet the needs of developers, but also end users. AWS is an E2E solution for deploying, managing, and continuously integrating software development.,AWS needs to improve their java-based browser SSH client. Both Azure and Google Cloud Platform far exceed AWS in this regard. AWS lacks the ability to SSH from windows at this time without extensive modifications to the operating system. AWS needs a trial period to demo paid features within a free tier window, not locked out of premium services.,7,Excellent value for money. Wonderful education experience. Intelligent customer feedback tools.,Microsoft and Google App Engine,Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, IntelliJ IDEA, EclipseAWS for the win!Amazon Web Services is only used by the video, production and tech teams at my company. We are a non-denominational mega church with 5 campuses and we use AWS S3 to upload and manage the MP3 recordings of the message from our weekend services. I have been with this organization for over 4 years and this is one of the few weekly tasks I do that has not changed.,I love how clean the S3 interface is as well as being well laid out and easy to organize. It's simple and effective and allows me to do my post-weekend tasks easily and quickly. I'm a nerd for organization and this software hits the spot! I honestly don't have more to comment because it's not complicated, just a few clicks and violá!,I'm afraid you're going to have to go somewhere else for improvement suggestions because I have none!,9,This information is not under my specific role or responsibilities even though I use the software on a weekly basis. However, I feel confident in saying that if it was not worth the investment we would have discontinued our use of it by now.,,Slack, Vimeo Pro, TrelloMy personal experience working with AWSCurrently, I use AWS for different applications based on client requirements. I work with digital marketing mobile applications using open-source technologies. Namely Apache, PHP and MySQL. Using AWS to create an instant infrastructure from ground-up allows faster innovation in bringing different solutions to the market. AWS’s pay-as-you-go model allows for a lower upfront investment.,Technical information availability. Open source. A lot of business cases coming from different vertical customers.,Integration with enterprise private cloud Support Services. Training cost.,7,Positive: Faster provisioning of infrastructure. Positive: Lower upfront costs. Negative: Integration of AWS to enterprise apps.,Azure,Nutanix, VMware vCenter Server, VMware ESXiAWS for all your needsI am an independent consultant. As such, I provide software solutions and consulting services to customers with different needs. AWS gives me the tools to cover much of their needs, so it is for me a key tool in the performance of my activities, specifically as application server, databases and files through IaaS go.,Performance, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) allows you to host your resources without worrying about high consumption peaks. Easy to use. The learning curve for its main functions is relatively easy and well documented. Price. The price is very competitive in the market. Variety of tools at your disposal.,Account management. If you manage many accounts AWS, management can become somewhat disorganized, as AWS does not offer many tools for internal control. It has many tools at your disposal, but you may not know them all. They could see how to promote and introduce the tools that you use less to display its advantages. It could extend free trial accounts indefinitely in exchange for advertising or something like that. Some users complain when the free trial ends and charge them without notice.,10,We are a small company. AWS has had no negative impact at all. AWS gives you the option to start using the service for a free account, which always starts to develop, so the investment is zero. Customers are very satisfied with their performance. That's a good tangible.,Google Cloud Storage and Google App Engine,Cloudant, TeamViewer, Apache Tomcat,EC2 RDS S3,No,9Global reach and scale at bargain pricesWe use Amazon Web Services (AWS) throughout the organization as the delivery mechanism for our Software-as-a-Service product. It hosts our web server, databases, web services, transcoding, and storage for the entire delivery and allows us to leverage the global edge servers for content delivery to our users around the world. It is the platform for our entire product.,Consistently available, one small hiccup in 3 years. Globally available. Our customers in Africa and the Australian Outback have extremely limited bandwidth and high latency. The global edge servers help with that. Instantly scalable. We go from a small handful of users to thousands in an instant, serving live streaming video across the globe sourced in different countries.,Transcoding expenses (separate but related AWS product) are a tad expensive.,10,Love the "free gift" of price decreases from time to time. Globally distributed development and management is a breeze.,Windows Azure, Akamai and Vimeo Pro,JIRA Software, Freshdesk, QuickBooks OnlineAWS is (so far) the best Cloud Solution with APIsAmazon Web Services is being used cross the whole organization. We have VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) on AWS and send data via Kinesis. And we provide the solution to customers via a web server in VPC.,Easy to manage through Amazon Management Console. Separate secure (virtual) service on cloud. So far it has the most used cloud solution. Easily get example or feedback from other users.,There is a Kinesis API in Java and C# versions. But the C++ version needs to built on Linux, which is a tedious job. Still, as most used cloud solution, there is a lack of examples or useful code on using AWS.,10,Positive impact is we can provide customers a service,,Hadoop, Apache Spark, Microsoft Visual Studio Team SystemAmazon built for tomorrow's needsIt is being used to support clients who are using Amazon Web service. Lot of clients are comfortable on the cloud, including financial institutions. We have been largely been using it for our marketing clients' requirements. It has been very convenient to scale and provide the solutions which are meeting today's market demands. Not sure how the world ran without AWS.,Ability to scale up and down to meet our global clients' seasonal demands Is secure and gives the confidence to have an infrastructure that is dependable Ability to cover all geographies is something that goes down really well with our clients. The types of services that meets all clients demands is also something that makes AWS an easy choice,Console access for instances Would like to see AWS presence in all countries. At times for my global clients it has been a struggle to find alternate partners like Datapipe,9,Some campaigns needed dynamic scaling and setting up a massive infrastructure to meet the demands would have been impossible if it was not for the AWS services that we used. The traffic volume was enormous and AWS did an awesome job within the budgets we had in mind.,,Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon RedshiftScale your business with AWSWe are using AWS S3 for image storage, SNS for push notifications and SQS for background jobs. It is used in the engineering department only. We use S3 for all of our images on our website and iOS applications, SNS for iOS push notification management, and SNS for background jobs for timed mailers.,Checking for enabled device tokens on SNS Uploading images on S3 - easy to use Setting up background jobs with SQS - easy setup,Resizing images upon upload - should be a built-in feature Automatically making images public by default Disconnect between SNS and Apple - constantly disabling device tokens,10,Speed of website - additional users, longer sessions Faster loading of images on iOS application and web Tailored push notifications and integration using elasticsearch,Heroku and Mandrill,GitHub, Facebook for Business, CrittercismCost effective web servicesWe are using AWS S3 and EC2 to host our customer's campaign website, public videos clips, content management system etc. S3 is really easy to setup and we don't need to put a lot of effort to maintain it; the bandwidth is virtually unlimited and it is very helpful for video download. The availability is great, so we don't need to worry about server or storage failure. Scale up the server in just a few clicks.,S3 -> Virtually unlimited bandwidth, works well with Edge servers (CDN), super easy to setup E2C -> Again, easy to setup and maintain,No datacenter in Hong Kong Weak in Enterprise services (SLA),10,Positive, save time, save initial hardware investment,Azure,Windows Azure,Yes,Price Product Usability Vendor Reputation,I will likely use Amazon web services, although Microsoft Azure is more mature right now, Amazon web service is still cheaper and easier to setup and operate for most of my clients. Both offer very good security but Microsoft has its edge as it has data center in Hong Kong.,No,3,Yes,Sorry, none I can think of. Thank god AWS does not have a lot of issues so I don't need to deal with the support,Upload files to S3 Reporting tools Create VM,Reporting - the figures, what's the definition? CDN, cache management!,9AWS usually does the trickWe keep our clients' server instances running on AWS so they can expand their business easily.,Helps manage marketplace Expands easily Stores data affordably,Can be overly complicated,9,Helped expand quickly,Digital Ocean,Amazon RedshiftAmazon hasn't let me downI personally use Amazon Web Services, primarily for database storage. A lot of the services are free or cheap. I feel as if my data is secure and trust that Amazon Web Services isn't trying to make a huge profit off of me as much as they are trying to provide a service.,Secure Easy to understand interface Cheap prices,Initial set-up takes a long time Options can be overwhelming,9,Better organization Increased employee efficiency Saved money,,Google DriveUnspecified
Amazon Web Services
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Amazon Web Services
397 Ratings
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Score 8.9 out of 101

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About Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing services. With over 165 services offered, AWS services can provide users with a comprehensive suite of infrastructure and computing building blocks and tools. According to Amazon, AWS is suitable for organizations of any size, and helps to efficiently power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs. AWS is also known for its service coverage, with over 69 Availability Zones across the world, allowing for users to experience lower latency and prevent their data centers from failing, which is important for cloud computing services.

AWS product range covers, but is not necessarily limited to, the following categories:

  • Analytics

  • Application Integration

  • AR & VR

  • AWS Cost Management

  • Blockchain

  • Business Applications

  • Compute

  • Customer Engagement

  • Database

  • Developer Tools

  • End User Computing

  • Game Tech

  • Internet of Things

  • Machine Learning

  • Management & Governance

  • Media Services

  • Migration & Transfer

  • Mobile

  • Networking & Content Delivery

  • Robotics

  • Satellite

  • Security, Identity, & Compliance

  • Storage

Pricing varies greatly across their vast scope of products, but AWS does provide an “AWS Free Tier” offering of services. Depending on the product, users can use the product for free indefinitely, a year, or in shorter-term trials.

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