TrustRadius most promising analytics applicationWe use Amplitude primary for the funnel analytics, funnel optimization, and to find out the activity of a particular user. In contrast to Google Analytics, Amplitude allows passing private user data so it can be matched with our inner systems. Amplitude's funnels are more advanced.,Tracking particular users by matching their personal data. Building funnels. Ability to see events in real-time.,It would be nice to have standard dashboards without a need to set it up from scratch. It would be nice to have some additional tools to analyze the profitability of traffic channels in a particular funnel without creating additional charts for that purpose. The left panel can be used more productively for small business.,9,Saving time on analyzing funnel performance. Saving time on tracking funnels, as it would require some website modifications if we used, for example, Google Analytics. Getting access to a particular user event.,Google Analytics and WoopraAmplitude for SupportI manage our Support team and we use Amplitude to track user actions within our app. For example, if a client reaches out saying a user was deleted from their account, we have the ability to track down who deleted this user to provide them with detailed information. Amplitude is owned and managed by our Development team, but used by Support.,Customize which actions you need visibility into for your product Allows you to export the data into a clean report Saves data so you can backtrack to investigate user actions in previous years,Training my team on Amplitude is a little complicated, so I would say it isn't the most intuitive software. Certain actions require hovering over buttons in order for the options to appear which can cause confusion when initially learning how to navigate Amplitude.,8,Amplitude helps us determine user behavior so we can make the most educated decisions for the future of our product.,ChurnZero, Gainsight and FullStory,10,Salesforce Service Cloud, Namely, 15FiveAccess to great insights in a user-friendly wayAmplitude is used to draw reports on our users' activity based on certain events, actions or behaviors. It is mainly used by the marketing and the tech team and it is used by the marketing team to inform future decisions as well as analyze data in more detail.,Very user-friendly and easy to understand even for those with not much knowledge The interface is nice looking Different charts are used to analyze different types of data,No capabilities to group numbers. Impossible to aggregate the data altogether so sometimes it's hard to have a real overview of everything. Even though I find the interface rather user-friendly and accessible to people new to data analysis, maybe it could be useful to have a step by step guide when starting using the tool.,10,Better productivity A better understanding of our users Informing and influencing our marketing decisions,Periscope Data,HubSpot CRM, Google AnalyticsAmplitude is very user friendlyWe use it to track actions performed by our users in our software. It is used almost company-wide. It organizes and keeps track of all the actions, events, and paths that users are taking. It helps to segment users and defines how a product is being navigated.,You can always get up-to-date usage data on all of our users. It is really down to the minute information, with basically no delays. There are so many usage events. Events basically exist for every possible action a user can take in the software. The charts and everything are very customizable and easy to navigate even if you are not familiar with analyzing data.,Marketing and Sales actions are on separate objects. events can be unreliable as both software update and change. Sometimes they can stop triggering and it's not immediately acknowledged,8,This is a great tool for UX research and can help improve the intuitiveness of our product and thus make it more appealing.,Microsoft Office 2016,Atlassian Confluence, LogMeIn Rescue, Okta, SlackAmplitude - easy to use and (possibly) free! :)We use Amplitude for both Free-trial and customer analytics. It is a super robust tool and free for up to 10million events which is more than enough for us! It is used across multiple teams, sales, customer success, product, engineering, conversion. We were unable to create funnels and visualize our data just simply using our back-end data so we needed a 3rd party tool that would let us accomplish this.,Visualization Ease of Use Non-technical UI Always releasing new features Wide range of functionality Great design!,Pricing tiers other than free More easily shareable charts to members of our teams who don't have logins Not much else, the product is very sweet!,10,Positive: Quicker analysis of our important business funnels Positive: Decreased time asking engineering to run reports Positive: Easy collaboration and funnel development,Mixpanel and Google Analytics,Hull, HubSpot Sales, Skype for Business, Zoom, Dashlane, LinkedIn Sales NavigatorShort Amplitude ReviewMostly by marketing and analytics. We use it to see results of emailing camping as well as how different landing pages perform. The most common tool we use is the funnel analysis tool as that allows us to see what users are actually doing on our site. This allows us to see what areas are problems pages as well as which pages actually lead to useful conversions.,Easy to understand graphs Good easy API Fast support team,The dashboard for creating funnels is a bit busy and has lots going on,8,Lead to deeper understanding of ab test results Able to share data in a way that is easily understood,Treasure Data, DockerUnspecified
Amplitude Analytics
28 Ratings
Score 8.2 out of 101
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Amplitude Analytics Reviews

Amplitude Analytics
28 Ratings
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Score 8.2 out of 101

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October 23, 2019

Amplitude for Support

Score 8 out of 10
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  • Amplitude helps us determine user behavior so we can make the most educated decisions for the future of our product.
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Amplitude Analytics is an analytics platform for mobile and web. It is designed to help organizations segment users and analyze funnels, retention and revenue.

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