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What is AmTrav?

AmTrav headquartered in Chicago offers their online business travel application, available with limited functionality for free or via a paid plan supporting travel policies and approval workflow.

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AmTrav is a versatile platform that offers several key features to simplify travel logistics and streamline expense management. Users have …
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What is AmTrav?

AmTrav headquartered in Chicago offers their online business travel application, available with limited functionality for free or via a paid plan supporting travel policies and approval workflow.

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What is Rydoo?

Rydoo (formerly Xpenditure) is a cloud based travel management solution that also handles the expense management process from receipt to accounting. After taking a picture of a receipt, Rydoo will extract all relevant data, and make it ready to be exported to the accounting software of your choice.

What is Travefy?

Travefy headquartered in Lincoln offers their travel itinerary management application, supporting logging, communicating, and managing travel activities and proposals.

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What is AmTrav?

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Community Insights

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AmTrav is a versatile platform that offers several key features to simplify travel logistics and streamline expense management. Users have found AmTrav to be a valuable tool for confirming, canceling, or rebooking travel plans with ease. The platform also allows for the efficient tracking and management of travel expenses, providing users with a centralized location to document costs. By integrating hotel, car, and flight bookings into one place, AmTrav simplifies the booking process and reduces the need for multiple confirmation emails. Users have praised the user-friendly dashboard, which organizes travel reservations and itineraries in a concise manner.

One of the primary use cases of AmTrav is for work-related travel purposes. Business travelers can easily book flights using a company credit card and load pre-paid flights seamlessly into the reimbursement system. This integration saves time and effort for users as they no longer need to manually input travel details into separate systems. Additionally, AmTrav serves as a centralized travel booking and logistics platform for various departments within a company. This allows employees to manage their own bookings and payments for company conferences or other events.

Furthermore, AmTrav has proven to be an effective solution for managing different types of travel arrangements. Users can book hotel, air, and train travel through the platform, consolidating all necessary information in one place. This centralized approach simplifies travel documentation and makes it easier to track expenses. Importantly, AmTrav integrates conveniently with a company's Travel and Expenses application, enabling seamless import of travel details.

In summary, AmTrav caters to various uses cases by providing easy confirmation and rebooking of travel plans, efficient expense tracking, centralization of logistical information, and seamless integration with reimbursement systems and other corporate applications.

Convenient Travel Options: Many users have praised AmTrav for providing alternative travel options in case of any issues, highlighting the convenience and efficiency it brings to managing travel. They appreciate having a fallback option for assistance after hours and find the tools provided by the platform helpful in keeping things organized.

Streamlined Booking Process: Users find that AmTrav is a significant improvement over manual booking and random spreadsheets. They appreciate its ability to keep track of bookings, travel arrangements, and expenses in one place, simplifying the travel booking process.

User-Friendly Interface: Users like that AmTrav's interface has a familiar appearance similar to other travel sites. They find it easy to navigate, enhancing their overall user experience. The interface makes it easy to change dates and times to explore all available flight options, with competitive booking rates and variety of options available.

Tricky Reservation Changes: Many users have found it challenging to change reservations on AmTrav, often resorting to the workaround of canceling and re-booking. They have expressed frustration with the complexity of the process and suggested that AmTrav should improve its reservation management system.

Limited Cost Comparison Options: Several reviewers have mentioned that AmTrav falls short when it comes to comparing all costs effectively, especially in comparison to popular platforms like Google or Kayak. Users have noted difficulties in finding the best deals due to limited options for cost comparison within the platform.

Inconsistent Discounted Pricing and Airline Selection: A number of users were disappointed to discover that AmTrav's pricing is not always as discounted as they initially perceived. Some travelers reported finding identical trips at similar costs on other websites. Additionally, there have been complaints about certain airlines not being included in AmTrav's travel options consistently, limiting user choices and potentially missing out on better offers from other carriers.

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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use AmTrav to book hotel, air and train travel. Whenever there is a need to book business travel, AmTrav provides a centralized location to document travel cost and itineraries. The Amtrav system also provides convenient integration with our Travel and Expenses application. We can import the details of each hotel stay, airline and or train ticket with the dates and costs associated.
  • Keep in one place your travel books for business
  • Have personnel to handle sudden travel changes.
  • System integrates with our expense reporting software
  • Provides real-time booking option
  • Booking air travel can be hard to first locate. Portal can use improvement
  • Cancellations can sometimes get mixed up requiring you to fix the issue yourself
  • Rates are not always better
  • The interface can be very clunky
Amtrav provides adequate usefulness for booking trips for business travel. Does not offer ways to book from alternative sources like Turo or AirBnB, I've found. It is best suited for business travel scenarios that utilize existing basic institutions for hotel, air and ground travel. It is less suited for times when you need more options and flexibility in the choice of a travel provider, in my opinion.
  • Provides an easy accounting on employee travel expeneses
  • Does not offer flexibility from whom you can book with, I believe.
  • Keeps your bookings all in one place and convenient once you're ready to do an expense report.
  • It makes completing your Travel and Expensive report easier and quicker
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company is fully remote and we travel several times per year to get together. We use Amtrav to book flights for travel to these company conferences. Using Amtrav allows each employee to book their own flight, pay for flights with the company card, and make any additions or changes that are behind the scope of the company budget on their own personal payment method.
  • Comparing available flights
  • Purchasing flights
  • Customer service
  • Cancelled flight was automatically rebooked without notification email sent
Amtrav is great for corporate travel for organizations with over 100-150 employees. I think it’s a very useful primarily self serve tool that gives employees autonomous choices about their travel arrangements. This would likely be a less appropriate solution for a very small company. I’m not sure if a very large company would find the tool scalable. For 500-1000 employees, it’s great.
  • Amtrav has provided a low friction self serve tool for employees to book their own travel
Tristan Dobbs | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
AmTrav is our travel booking and logistics platform. It's used by any and all departments that need to book travel for work -- whether for themselves or others. It allows our teams to be assured that their travel is taken care of through a central platform that connects to our expensing platform.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • Competitive booking rates that allow users a variety of options.
  • Phenomenal customer service.
  • Filtering flights by average on-time reliability is not available.
  • Permissions can be tricky for approvers. It's not always easy to see what your team is doing.
  • Google Calendar integration is flawed -- it keeps adding events for time you've approved but does not signify who the travel is for.
AmTrav has enabled users to handle travel themselves very easily and directly. Prior to AmTrav, we had our HR department also focused on travel booking and travel management. Now, through a set of policies and approval permissions, managers and employees can directly book flights without the need to engage another team.
  • We have freed up 60% of our HR department's time that used to be focused on booking.
  • We have reduced spending on flights overall through policy enforcement.
  • Travel changes and adjustments are now possible through AmTrav. They will arrange new travel plans on the fly.
AmTrav excels in customer service. They have won us over by proving that, when in times of need, they can get the job done. If an employee has an issue, it can be a very stressful time for both the employee and the travel booking managers. AmTrav takes the responsibility in a way that we haven't seen demonstrated before and organises a fix.
Support is the absolute best part of the platform. Users who have any issues at all are free to contact AmTrav and work through a solution. Missed flights or emergency car rentals are a breeze -- all that needs to be done is to call the AmTrav support number and a solution is worked out with minimal involvement.
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