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September 18, 2020
Chantal Matthews, MSEd, CHES®, CHWC | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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AppFolio is being used across the company and houses our resident files. It has helped us make our move-in process almost completely electronic. It also allows easy access to resident ledgers and accounts. In addition, Appfolio’s set-up helps us stay organized, from scheduling tours to preparing for move-ins, everything we need is at our fingertips. Reports are also housed in this system.
  • Ease of use
  • Customer Support & FAQ Articles
  • Organization of the Website
  • Ability to Customize
  • Application Screening
  • Constant Updates to Site
  • Customer service hours could be extended
  • Quicker application results
  • Ability to better keep track of follow-up for prospects
We are able to manage the move-in process from scheduling a tour to the day of move-in through AppFolio. On the management side, budgetary things are managed in this system as well. When it comes to a true tool that’s easy to use and effective in helping to manage a property--this is it! Leasing consultant performance can even be tracked easily in this system.
They do provide excellent customer service. Sometimes the wait times are long, but I’ve never called them and not gotten a resolution before ending that call or shortly after. I don’t think they have a chat option for support, which would be nice for quick questions. They also have a great support page that has been helpful especially when we switched from our old program.
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June 16, 2020
Edward Lowery | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Used across the whole organization for property management and accounting.
  • Tenant portal.
  • Collect tenant payments via ACH.
  • Ease of data entry.
  • Customer service is awful.
  • Only one bank account allowed per specific GL account number.
  • Should have a dedicated support line with techs who know the program.
It is easy to use, and the tenant portal and communication with tenants works well.
Their tech support and customer service can be nonexistent at times.
Tech support fails.
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March 02, 2020
Arcoma L. Briceño | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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AppFolio Property Manager is a very robust Property Management SYSTEM. It is not just an app, not only an interface. It has deep and complex functions that integrate to allow a PM to control and utilize the SYSTEM to complete all the daily tasks necessary to manage, report, and act on PM accounts.
  • Scheduling Showings with Integrated Calendar
  • Creating Leases
  • Accounting Functions are STELLAR
  • Accounting is not as user-friendly for the general Property Manager type, the folks who are actual accountants, like a dedicated accounting person will be fine.
  • Rental Comps are limited and can be quite OFF on the numbers since it only takes into account Appfolio rents...not any other integration. I use this for a bird's eye view only.
  • Scheduling Tasks with a team has come a LONG way in recent years. It still needs some integration to split tasks among users.
AppFolio Property Manager has focused on larger PM clients for the past couple of years. In the past, circa 2014, any company willing to pay their fees would be able to get the program. They experienced more problems with smaller PMs who were growing (probably because the businesses were growing and the staff was not as seasoned), so they blocked smaller PMs in 2018 or so. This made them more profitable because the 80/20 rule was used to focus on their best, most efficient use of resources, but it limited the clients who could get the program. I think this was a mistake long term. It was short-sighted, and instead of fixing and supporting the small PM problems and helping them grow into larger PMs that could utilize the program, they just blocked anyone who was not yet their most profitable client.
The customer support is slow but reliable. Getting someone to get back to you on a forum is quick and easy. That hey use client's as their workforce to answer questions of other clients is crowd-sourcing at its finest.
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October 15, 2019
hayley schreihart | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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AppFolio Property Manager system is incredible for my position. As a company, we switched from another property management software to this one about 2 years ago and it has been a seamless transition. With the ability for tenants to pay rent online, set up automatic transactions and even request maintenance, it makes my job a lot easier! There are also TONS of analytics and data insight that is valuable in my position. You can see your market rent and what you are getting per month, adjust budgeted amounts, and so much more. The few times that I have reached out to them, they were quick to respond and answered my question as best as possible. I would recommend 100% for any landlord management company.
  • Wonderful user experience. I can log on to the interface, see exactly what is going on for the day: move-outs, move-ins, who owes rent, late fees, etc. You can also modify your screen exactly how you want it!
  • I love the quicklinks. You can see who is delinquent with their rent and automatically add late fees or even send a quick email/text.
  • LOVE the option to text the entire property. Ex: the pool shut down for emergency cleaning, and I was able to send out a quick text so that all tenants were notified, even if they were out of state.
  • There are so many reports that I still need to view and see their value, sometimes it's hard to see with so many options available as a user.
  • Would love to be able to message a prospective tenant their showing time without entering in so much information. Sometimes a quick email, phone number, and name would be ideal to contact them as opposed to so much information as a guest card.
  • One more con would be the timeout of the website. I understand it's for security, but sometimes it will time out after a few minutes of inactivity. It would be nice to have a longer time out period.
If any colleague or resident asked about the system we used, I would highly recommend it. It is a huge step up from the other platform software we were using, so there are so many more features for both managers and our tenants. As a tenant, it seems they really enjoy the cleanliness of logging in, paying rent, asking for maintenance or contacting the manager. Easy and clean!
The few times that we have had training with AppFolio, they were SO helpful and quick to answer any questions we may have. Because of their promptness, it shows what a great product they have. If they were not able to figure something out, they would follow up with us within a few days or so, which is so important in a software program!
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September 13, 2019
Heather Urban | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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This is our MAIN program in the office; therefore, I use it every single day. It's always open on one of my Internet tabs on Mozilla. The actual layout of the homepage, including the color scheme of the program, is easy to follow, read, understand, and pleasing to the eye (soft blue hues). You can easily keep track of vendors, owners, tenants, and billing/invoicing. I think it's a quick program to learn even though there are so many features I don't personally use - I know several other people in our office use them. If we ever have an issue we can contact them and the turn around time is super fast. They call us the same day and are always helpful and knowledgeable and even follow up with emails after the calls. AppFolio welcomes suggestions from clients and actually follows through with implementing the updates! They are always evolving and making things easier and more efficient.

Maintenance orders are a breeze with our system. Vendors are integrated with billing and we have all the information in one place. We also find it very easy to advertise with this program and it goes out to several locations and websites. Our website is also powered through AppFolio so it saves us an additional step when making updates and getting the most accurate information out there. I'd definitely recommend this program 10/10!
  • It helps us to keep the Maintenance side of the business very organized. Anyone from our organization can go in and know exactly where a work order is in process (new, waiting, assigned, completed). We know if a work order has been printed and if the tenants are still having an issue we know to contact the Maintenance team. We can build on existing work orders by adding a "-2" or "-3" work order and keep track of the history when managing ongoing issues.
  • AppFolio makes it easy to see exactly what tenants owe and categorizes charges/credits efficiently on their ledgers. We can tell if there are water/sewer charges, pet fees, electricity allocations, late fees, security deposits, etc... It's all easy to follow and understand and it set up in chronological order.
  • I also utilize the Reports and Letters section of this software program quite often. It's great to have a uniform format which helps us maintain the professional element by remaining consistent and accurate. It's easy to run a report with tenant information at a certain property for maintenance and send select tenants letters at a large property without everyone being included. It's very intuitive and the formatting has definitely improved over the past two years I've been using the program.
  • Only a few very technical items that wouldn't necessarily make sense to non-users and I haven't even cared enough to submit requests on the issues. It'd be nice if parking was easier to keep track of on the system. Right now, if you run a report it doesn't show all the information our company requires for the vehicles and therefore we have to keep track of it elsewhere.
  • Another obstacle we've encountered is that the program charges "by door" so if you have multiple units and properties you can really rack up pricing. That's especially true for large multi-unit buildings with parking.
AppFolio Property Manager is great for small to medium-sized businesses (managing 300 - 1,000 units). I don't know if it would be as useful for extremely large organizations or extremely small organizations. There are so many features that we don't use (we don't currently have a need for) but I can't imagine a smaller business owner needing half of the features this software offers. As I haven't worked for a large organization that utilizes this program, I'm not sure if it would be beneficial or if it would meet all the needs of an extremely large organization (10,000+ units); therefore, I'm unable to speak on that portion.
Typically, AppFolio answers all questions the same day. However, I've had issues with pulling our information on available listings and consistently advertising incorrectly. I've contacted AppFolio more than 3 times about this in the last month and they said they would look into it and work on getting it figured out with them. However, I've had two more incidents since then and I just feel like I'm not being heard. However, I do give them a higher rating because I feel like they DO try their best and they are VERY responsive when we have major issues (this is more of an inconvenience issue). They do have room for improvement but overall, they're on the right track.
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December 05, 2017
Robin Quick, CPM®, HCCP | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use AppFolio for all our leasing and management operations. The software is linked to our website (AppFolio is the creator and administrator) so vacancies post immediately. Everything property management is done through AppFolio such as reports, paying vendors and owners, paying management fees, collections of rents and other charges, tenant general liability insurance, sending text and emails to tenants/residents.
  • Support is phenomenal. Response time is great and results are immediate.
  • By far the easiest property management software I have ever used. If mistakes are made, making corrections is extremely easy and does not clutter up reports, ledgers or other areas of the account.
  • Posting directly to the website and other internet sites is so simple and quick. No more do I spend time inputting data in my software then again to the website and yet again to internet advertisements. Data is entered once and moved to all of these locations at the click of a button.
  • The calendar needs a lot of improvement. Currently it will sync with Google calendar but I would like to see it sync directly with my Outlook calendar.
  • It would be extremely beneficial if lease expiration dates would post to the calendar OR if AppFolio would notify me in advance that a lease expiration is upcoming.
  • I would like some sort of notification when an on-line payment is made.
  • The ability to send group text messages and emails would be an added luxury.
  • I would like to have the ability to add or take away from the Dashboard.
I can only speak for the types of properties I am currently managing, which are single-family, multi-family and small retail. AppFolio is well suited for property management of each of these. As my business grows I will be better able to determine if AppFolio will be suited for other types of property management. I feel very confident that if I have a situation arise that doesn't appear to work well with AppFolio that their development team will work to correct the problem(s).
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December 05, 2017
Vivian McClintock | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
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We use Appfolio as our Property Management program to do all our leasing, accounting, and maintenance daily work. Appfolio is very user friendly and has helped us streamline our leasing and several of our accounting processes. It has increased our online availability which has helped us reach our customers all over the world. We have a lot of international students that comes to our local university and the online leasing process and tenant portal has greatly minimized the time it takes to get a lease signed and receive payment from the customer.
  • Their search features are awesome and it helps us find Tenants, Owners and Vendors by first name, last name, or phone number. It's great!
  • Reporting and accounting are very simple and have streamlined several of our processes that used to take hours to do usually can be done in one hour or less. Emailing reports to Owners has now been reduced from 2 days to 1 to 2 hours-that has been a great time saver.
  • Being mobile friendly has allow our employees and our tenants access to what they need 24/7 and almost everyone uses some kind of mobile device which has helped increase visibility for our units and helps keep our vacancy rate low.
  • Their support team is always there to help and has been a great asset to have to rely on their help.
  • There is some reporting that we would like to see for our Owners and Tenants. Their vacancy report is one we wish we could pull in the tenants phone number to be able to have it on our report when we print.
  • Maintenance also has reporting that we would like to be able to produce from the keys checked out and keys returned so we can stay on top of checking out our units better. We would also like to do reports from the inspections. Being able to print the units coming vacant at the end of any given month and printing it so we know which unit needs to have painting, cleaning and carpet cleaning done would be very helpful. Right now we export the units and copy and paste into a spreadsheet template to have what we need for our maintenance board.
  • The process to remove misapplied rent or how to refund money to a tenant is a several step process we would like to see simplified.
I would recommend the program to anyone that does property management. The search features and user-friendliness of the program alone has helped functionality of our company greatly. Their support is great and replies in a timely manner. Appfolio overall has helped our company be more productive and reach more customers locally and internationally with streamlined processes that have been great time savers.
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March 14, 2017
Christy Bertani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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At present, AppFolio manages about 87 rental properties (single & multi-unit) throughout the US for a client. It tracks vacancies, rent, expenses, work orders, tenants (might as well throw in the kitchen sink) through to financial statements. Honestly, I do not believe these many properties could be properly tracked w/o AppFolio. My client simply loves the product. I do find that the traditional accounting section is quite a bit dated.
  • Tracking work orders per property.
  • Tracking vacancies
  • Tracking rent due/paid
  • Although, AppFolio has made some recent improvements to the financial statements (yeah), more flexibility and options are still needed.
  • I know a number of peers shy away from AppFolio because the accounting section operates like accounting software in the late 80's, early 90's.
  • Sometimes, it takes a great amount of sleuthing to find an original transaction, or retrieve more detail.
If you have only 1-5 properties to manage, AppFolio might be overkill. But once you get over 10, it becomes more valuable. If you, also, have mult-unit properties, this only increases AppFolio's value. The property management side is so detailed and complete that it is well worth dealing with an antiquated accounting system.
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November 29, 2017
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We use AppFolio to communicate with the property managers of specific clients. Most of the communication is used in reviewing and accepting budget changes and expenses that is recorded and filed through AppFolio and then transferred to the Asset Managers. It's used only by a couple people in a specific department and addresses the business problem of having multiple "telephone effect" moments between managers.
  • AppFolio excels at generating reports that are easy to read and understand
  • AppFolio is also easy to use, and provides userfriendly instructions
  • Customer support is helpful and analysts are often willing to spend much of their time to help clients learn the product
  • AppFolio does not have much room for customizability outside of the standard report format
  • Licensing is sometimes a problem, though the company is friendly about using trial accounts
  • Program often hangs on mobile devices
AppFolio Property Manager is best suited when there are multiple people who must receive a specific report related to the on-site property management of a specific asset. This is where it excels the most. However, it can be tricky to export the data sometimes for use in modeling. A lot of the tinkering with numbers must be done within the program rather than externally.
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AppFolio Property Manager is a cloud-based property management software that allows multifamily and single-family, commercial, student housing, homeowners and condo association, and mixed portfolio property managers to more effectively market, manage and grow their business. AppFolio includes complete accounting and property management functionality, including the ability to: provide instant access to reports & statements, post & market vacancies, apply & lease online, screen residents, streamline rent collection, mobile inspections, and more.

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