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Appgate SDP


What is Appgate SDP?

AppGate SDP (software-defined perimeter) from Cyxtera Technologies headquartered in Addison is a zero trust network security product.
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What is Appgate SDP?

AppGate SDP (software-defined perimeter) from Cyxtera Technologies headquartered in Addison is a zero trust network security product.

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Product Details

What is Appgate SDP?

According to Appgate, the Software-Defined Perimeter architecture delivers superior benefits over legacy access control and cloud-routed ZTNA solutions. The vendor states the user will:

Strengthen Security: Reduce attack surface by making all workloads invisible and by enforcing fine-grain segmentation policies that halt lateral movement. Prior to authorization, extensively verify identity, device posture and contextual factors as conditions for trusted access.

Reduce Complexity: Simplify access management with a centralized policy engine for all users, devices and workloads. Versatile features and deployment options cover the entire IT landscape. And APIs integrate into security ecosystem unleashing automation capabilities.

Improve Experience: Give users access to authorized distributed resources simultaneously without solution switching and with (according to the vendor) 93% throughput efficiency. Enforce a single access model regardless of where a user is. Whether In-office or remote the experience is the same, but policies and conditions dynamically adjust.

Streamline Automation: Orchestrate workflows when integrating with existing operations, business or security systems. The software-defined design allows for dynamic policy resolution and the ability to deliver security-as-code.

Appgate SDP Features

  • Supported: Choose the architectural design for your organizations requirements
  • Supported: Make resources invisible with Single-Packet Authorization
  • Supported: Build a comprehensive security ecosystem for automated access control
  • Supported: Provide a seamless user experience with concurrent access
  • Supported: Restrict access for risky devices with posture checking and fine-grain controls
  • Supported: Keep policies in-sync dynamically using meta-data

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Appgate SDP Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Appgate as a VPN and access control for our remote workers. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and we had to transition to a 100% WFH policy, we suddenly realized that our existing VPN solution wasn't working. It was manually managed, had very little in the way of access control or access restrictions, and the client on Windows based computers was unstable at best. The head point of the existing VPN system was also located at the office rather than the datacenter and this resulted in extended outages for employees if there was a power outage at the office or the internet circuit at the office was out.
  • Super granular access control that can be set up easily.
  • Fault tolerance. The system lets you set up several redundant controllers as well as multiple redundant and load balanced gateways.
  • Excellent audit trails and logging.
  • Live logging in the client. Currently you have to "download" the logs into a zip file and then open that zipfile to look at the logs. There's no logfile to tail or watch.
  • Load balancing between controllers could be better. Currently relies on round robin DNS and sometimes a browser will pick a different IP than previous and you'll get a big "LOST CONNECTION TO CONTROLLER" message.
It is best suited for larger companies with lots of remote workers that need complex access management. We've barely scratched the surface on what Appgate can do via its API.
  • Ease of administration. The control GUI is simple and intuitive.
  • Support has been excellent. Every issue I've had has been handled quickly.
  • Ease of installation. I had a basic system up and running in an hour, including the time needed to download the appliance ISO and push it to our VM hosts.
  • It freed up IT personnel time. No longer did they have to manually create the account on the VPN endpoint and manually install the client or create VPN profiles on the employees computer.
The existing system was FortiGate. The management of the system was a hassle. Because IT personnel had to manually create VPN accounts, user passwords were known to who created them and the end user did not have a way to change them. This created a security issue in the event an IT engineer left the company.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been piloting AppGate SDP as part of our ZeroTrust strategy, which incorporates the concept of Software Defined Perimeter. We want to ensure that if you are not entitled to a resource, you are not able to see it on the network, and if you are entitled, you can use it at will. We found the tool does this well for network and layer seven use cases.
  • Software-Defined perimeter
  • Hide resources to non-authorized/authenticated users.
  • Scalability - If there are too many resources per user, the solution cannot be utilized (upwards of 5K per user).
  • It could be more dynamic, like how it stores user ACLs.
I would recommend AppGate SDP to anyone that has fairly clear cut use cases for systems with user access with less than 5K resources per user. We found it works well in those cases and fully as advertised. The application can easily hide applications and resources from unauthorized access and is a reliable tool in your ZeroTrust arsenal.
  • We are achieving our goals with this tool by hiding resources behind it.
  • It is a new model that requires a different thought process for many in network operations.
AppGate SDP was selected before I arrived at the project; I do not have details of the product selection process firsthand.
The company has been supportive overall of our needs and desired features. I have not personally called the support services, but I've heard no direct complaints either.
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