Appian is a low-code development and business process management platform. It features drag-and-drop design for app building, automated work processes, unified data management, and cloud-based deployment. customize Appian to support various business processes in the organization. There are multiple business units that currently use it.,It's easy to configure/customize. It provides a consistent workflow across multiple pages/functions. It's designer interface allows for quick troubleshooting.,There are places that come out-of-the-box that we can't customize, especially the user profile which sometimes, depending on the country/region privacy requirements, we need to be able to modify. There are places where brute force or hard coding is necessary,7,Positive: It helped our business partners centralize transactions and therefore allow for a single source of reporting data,5,6,,Pega Platform, MS SharePoint, Team Foundation Server,500,,Matter submission Workflow management Reporting,We were able to integrate Appian with various legacy applications It's easy to troubleshoot or override a process,Reporting and integration with PowerBI / more powerful reporting tools Process automation like integration with MS Flow,5,Not Sure,Price Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,I won't; but others might have an opinion about the price.,Workflow management and the ability to change the workflow easily Troubleshooting and restarting a process,User management Troubleshooting tiny quirks e.g. we have not gotten a resolution for freezing multi-select drop down fields as well as on an issue related to a user getting logged out.,YesRepeatable Business Automation Using AppianWe are using Appian across the whole organization. We have applications that reach many of our departments and some applications that are available to all of our users. Since we have started using Appian we have been able to address many of our process issues. It has allowed us to automate business processes to make them repeatable and easier for our users.,Repeatable process. Once implemented in Appian, you have an automated process that will always work in the same way. No more dependencies on people remembering what needs to be done or how to do it. Great integration with other applications. Appian allows you to integrate with many other applications to provide a seamless process flow. Reporting capability. Appian has the ability to report on information from any connected system to provide real-time data. Very nice graphical and textual reports can be created. Sites. The ability to create a place for a user to be able to perform their required job without having to see all of the other applications, reports and records. This allows a very focused approach for a user to interact with the system. With every release Appian adds more functionality,Appian is continually improving the product but having to learn new features every 3 months (upgrade schedule) can be a challenge. Graphical user interface could use some additional improvements but it has come a long way already. Sites could use some additional modifications. Currently, the News Feed is not available on a site.,9,Appian has given us a great return on our investment. It has given our senior management more insight into where we are spending our money and how much our projects are actually costing. Automation of many of our daily tasks.,8,9,Service Now and BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite,JIRA Software, OwnBackup for Service Now, Zoom,2200,8,Reporting on our projects (cost and effort) Time tracking to support the reporting capability Many workflow activities,User education of our business,?,9Transform to a Digital platformAppian is the platform [we use] to onboard new clients.,Responsive UI Records Backend integration,Customer relationship management Have industry specific frameworks which reduce implementation timeline,9,Reduced cost of ownership Significant automation reduced manual labor Speedy time to market,8,9,Pega 7 Platform,Pega Platform,300,50,Customer Onborading Servicing Loan Origination,Case management User interface FE,8Appian solves our BPM requirementsAppian is being used as our primary BPM product.,Rapid application development Low code development Quick applications to manage workflow Fast screen mockups,Change control and version control is lagging Integration testing is difficult Plugins are more difficult to develop than they should be,8,Positive impact is fast delivery Another positive is web based development so now development environment setup required Easy to learn,10,9,Microsoft 365 Business,Microsoft 365 Business, JIRA Software, ServiceNow,45000,,Building case management applications Replacing paper forms with electronic forms Creating portals of information by reading from other datasource like web services and ESB sources,Works really well as a replication mechanism between databases Allows us to connect to multiple datasource depending on the application need Auto generates scripts to generate tables changes for the backend,We would like to look into the BluePrism to improve legacy system integration The CI/CD potential in the new version looks very promising The quick apps are something we would like to allow end users to use in the future,8,Not Sure,Price Product Features Vendor Reputation,I think the evaluation resulted in the correct product choice so I believe we would not change our evaluation process.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,No major issues. User access management was not great but we were able to get a solution working within a couple of days.,9,Yes,We have had production issues with memory consumption which had started effecting system performance. The Appian team has been proactive and informed us of the issues prior to us experiencing downtime and performance degradation. This was exceptional service.,Building interfaces Building web services Processing XML and JSON is very easy,It takes a while to learn all the functions to be productive Saving data to the database was not initially intuitive but is easy once understood External access management is cumbersome if trying to integrate into existing access management systems like AD etc.,YesAppian - perfect tool for our ongoing business transformationIt is used as a BPM application for new customer signup and follow up on process task management, including SLA reporting. The next major development utilizing the Appian platform to receive real-time information from our national fleet about collection/service outcome with back office teams task creation and performing off system tasks based on information provided.,quick mockup simple forms to show end user how the data will flow. task setup based on time or other triggers works very well with the the SLA reporting streamlining teams performances. real time information now available and we can pro actively resolve issues now and inform our customers that issues are resolved before they actually knew the issue existed.,whole Appian Version updates require our full change team to do UAT. There should be an automated tool provided by Appian to highlight what processes will be affected by the version update. we have issues with time/date conversion to Australian standard time as some of the time stamps are based on Washington DC time. This makes GAP analysis when issues reported by end-users challenging some times. certain default form layouts cannot be amended to our needs and require a total new sprint to get exactly what we need - which again is time and money we need to invest and something a change request on a form should do the trick,10,we are using Appian platform on tablets for our whole recycling trucks/fleet and have for first time a real time visibility on how we are tracking (daily over 1500 collections nationwide) customer billing dispute has decreased dramatically due to real time driver comments with photo and GPS data available straight away. SLA reporting helps us to identify bottlenecks in our internal processes across teams and we have improved our whole operations. before Appian platform BPM it took us 2-3 weeks to deliver a recycling bin after a customer signed up with us, but NOW 48hr max after the customer signed electronically the recycling bin is at customer location and the service can commence.,10,10,JIRA Software, Oracle API Manager and Agile CRM,SAP Business ByDesign, JIRA Software, Google App Engine,200,4,User stories Bugs Enhancements,improved reporting surfacing process issues we could improve our over processes,more approval tasks digitalisation of still ongoing paper-based processes,10Good BPM PlatformOur company bought Appian 6 years ago as the new BPM system to replace an old one from IBM. After that migrating existing and implementing new workflows have been going all the time. And it is now used by most of the business departments and has become one of the core platforms in IT.,Workflow runs in memory and faster than others based on rational database New features and versions released in a fast way Support and community runs well,Be able to refactor object names Upgrades could be easier Easy for HA on premises,8,Easy to implement Less learning curve Performance and best practices needs attention,8,8,IBM,MS SharePoint, AppDynamics, Google Drive,200,10,Take customer call and submit requests Back office task list management Process orchestration,How to access Appian applications easily How to use Appian to manage documents and assets How to use Appian to support different crm channels,Core business functions Business rules management Cloud,8,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,There might be many considerations and requirements needed to evaluate new software, but the approach we took was still effective,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Upgrade process Upgrade frequency Clean up,8,No,We used to have production issues related to performance, and it’s hard to trace and reproduce. One of Appian support has been following up all the time and helped diagnose the issues, and resolved issue at the end.,Process orchestration System integration User interface,Version control Upgrade System Maintenance,Yes, but I don't use itAppian Business Process Management Application ReviewAppian was selected initially to solve a very specific business problem; how to integrate our work intake. Once we introduced Appian and its tools to the organization we have since discovered a myriad of other processes that should be enhanced by their movement onto the Appian platform. Appian is currently being used across our Digital operations. There has been interest however from our Enterprise IT division to access Appian in how it may be able to resolve specific business issues on the Enterprise side. Currently we are focusing the use of Appian in three primary areas: Work Intake, Time Tracking and Resource Management and Reporting. However, we have a broad strategic backlog of work that we have planned over the next 3 years. We look at Appian as being the backbone that connects disparate systems together to facilitate process improvement and overall visibility into the organization. Since this initial entry we have moved Appian to Enterprise and as such we have expanded our audience significantly.,Process Modeling - The Appian designer interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It allows a designer, once familiar with the basic setup to quickly create process models Flexibility - We often tell our end users that Appian is a blank slate from which they can request and design practically whatever process and or business solution they can envision. Where as users are often relegated to and limited by what an off the shelf application provides Appian provides tremendous flexibility. Mobile - Appian has successfully accomplished the build once deploy to all platforms for BPM. Their mobile versions of the application are excellent. Cloud Services - Appian offers a cloud service that is simple to set up and insures that you are always up to date with the latest of versions. Integration - Appian's API capabililties to push/pull data allows it to become what we call the "spine" of our organization. Connecting to and interacting with other enterprise platforms to provide its users with a one stop complete picture.,Process Modeling - Appian is currently moving away from their desktop portal model and into web-based access. This requires some significant reworking of their underlying structures. That being said, their new technology and modeling options are extremely exciting and should provide significant enhancements and flexibility over the plain portal environment option. Form Design - I would like to see greater flexibility in form design and form preview. Training - Appian offers a plethora of training but the ability to tailor training to meet specific needs of an audience would be a welcomed addition. Reports - There needs to be greater flexibility in configuring and printing of reports.,8,Increased Visibility - Visibility into the amount and type of work across the organization has allowed senior management to make better and more informed decisions Improved Efficiency - Reduced the number of different work intake processes by 85% which makes the intake, review and disposition of requests much faster ROI - Better decisions, more efficient processing of work requests improves resource management and allocation ultimately reducing costs Workload Reduction - Many of the organization's processes were still be managed via spreadsheets and email. This required talented personnel to spend more time shuffling papers than focusing on more meaningful and rewarding work.,10,8,Pega Customer Engagement Suite, Atlassian Confluence and CA Agile Central (formerly Rally),JIRA Software, Zoom, Snagit,4000,20,10,No,Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,We would not change our process. Using Gartner research we identified and narrowed our list to a top 3 vendors. We had prototype processes developed in each system and then evaluated each vendor application based on a list of criteria. We scored each vendor and then determined our final selection.,8Appian - A Flexible and Friendly BPM ToolAppian is being used across our entire organisation for a range of purposes from customer management to breach reporting. We have found Appian to be very flexible and well suited to whatever requirement we have thrown at it.,Easy and simple to use Very flexible Regular product enhancements by Appian,Appian training is quite basic and linear On premise support could be better So many product releases in a year can also make it difficult to stay on the latest version,10,Appian has reduced average call handling times in every company we have implemented it in Appian has allowed us to create a consistent experience for our customers and simplified our internal processes saving time and money Appian enables heavy re-use through out allowing us to cut development costs,7,9,TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM,Visual Studio IDE, IntelliJ IDEA,5001000,15,Customer Management Staff Management Complaint Management Post Management,Work Allocation System Alerting,Claim Management Application on boarding,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,Speak to a wider variety of vendors and maybe look to get some trial environments set up so we could use the product for ourselves for a period of time.Contracts Mangement using Appian Tempo (Social Media)Appian was used to build a interdepartmental contracts management process that provided both structured and ad hoc reviews and approvals for multiple topics and subtopics using Tempo. Contract metadata and business rules drive contract template and ancillary document selection, reviewer and approver selection, along with risk management and security decisions. Archiving the discussions associated with the contract replaced an emailed document exchange that represented a risk.,Tempo was the key to providing flexibility and visibility to a varied and complex review and approval process while at the same time enforcing fundamental rules. The configurability of Appian allowed us to rapidly prototype application processes and re-adjust and re-assemble as required in sprints. I estimate there was less than 8 hours of actual coding involved in building it out. Business rules formulas, and constants can be very powerful in producing all the requirements of a process. If you can competently write an Excel macro you can learn Appian configuration.,Training. While configuration is accessible, being really effective requires either a lot of hands on trial and error and/or the supervision and guidance of an experienced user. Appian training is a forced march overview and not at all effective in getting a user up to speed. Documentation. The online documentation, in the end, seems to be get lucky in finding what you are looking for or asking for help and waiting for an answer that may or may not be responsive. What may work well for their professional service people becomes problematic if you don't have a good understanding of the product in the first place. Sales. it's an impressive product and that makes it easy for anxious salespeople to oversell capabilities to executives who may not be in a position to be critical about promises and implications. This can lead to unfulfilled expectations that limit additional applications.,9,Process visibility and accountability leading to risk reduction Increased efficiency in managing contracts by automating template selection and monitoring timelines ability to repurpose data for downstream operations,,9Goodbye Excel, Hello AppianWe use Appian in our construction department to improve the process of remodeling our retail stores. The news-feed is particularly helpful with communicating the progress to all of our team members.,The reports create a nice bird's eye view of the current state of several concurrent projects. The news feed is better than using email and is excellent for communicating. Tasks are useful,I would like to see the reporting tool to be more customizable. I would like to be able to use templates to customize the web style's look and feel. I would also like to see the product integrate more easily within the corporation's security model via LDAP group policy.,10,The turn-around time to complete a remodel was greatly improved. The developers at Appian were also very accommodating and worked with flexibility to include the requirements. The is relatively a small learning curve with the business users Replacing excel spreadsheet will be very welcome. The collaboration users experience is extremely valuable and will reduce miscommunication via emails.,32,2,5Appian - A software developer's friendAppian was brought into the company to help solve the basic problem of rapidly creating business processes and workflows to automate or facilitate manual processes. The intent was to take 5 initial processes and to map them out using Appian and then to create workflows and end to end processes. Two of the processes that were begun was a "CAR Corrective Action Response" workflow that would replace a semi-manual process. It was to be used internationally by all departments. The second process was to create a way to request more workflow processes to be created. It was to be the one stop shopping site for when a user had a business process they wanted to automate and it would take them through the proposal, approval, design, development and implementation process.,I took the Appian training in Reston, VA and was impressed by the flexibility of the product. I am a software developer and found their JavaScript tools to be helpful and useful to customize and manipulate the various forms. It helped me leverage the out of the box product and add what I wanted to add without having to wait for them to develop a node that I needed to use. There is a user community from which you can get help on almost any question or problem you may encounter. This helps when you have something you want to do and don't have the expertise yet to accomplish it. There are many who have come before you that probably know at least one if not 5 different ways to accomplish what you want to do. The documentation of a workflow process uses standard BPMN language. It makes this more universal to have a process be created using third party tools and have it represent the workflow correctly in Appian.,I mainly had to get used to the different paradigms that the software has. They are constantly making changes to improve the software so I didn't encounter things that were so hard to work with that I couldn't figure out a work around. At the time I was using the tool, I encountered some technical limitations when using certain browsers. Some browsers don't support the date controls so I had to do some work arounds. The revision control isn't too bad but it does create a lot of revisions that you may have to sort through in order to find what you were looking for if you wanted to revert to a previous revision. We used a Cloud implementation rather than hosting it locally. There are limitations when you do that in that it is harder to access local databases but I was able to eventually get access to local data but I had to do some custom programming outside of Appian to get that to happen.,8,We were not able to implement all of the projects we had going before our company was bought out by another competing company. The new company decided to abandon Appian even though it was a good tool. That being said, I was able to roll out three of the projects that I was working on even though they were not used by the company due to the selling of our company.,,9,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,The process got stalled because of a lack of management buy in from the start. Once we got that we were able to proceed quickly to purchasing the product. Get someone on an executive level to be a champion and that will make life easier for arriving at the solution more quickly.,Designing a workflow using BPM was easy once I learned the BPM symbols. Before knowing them however it is still easy since the basic BPMN is used for most of the process nodes. Logic in using the decision nodes seemed straight forward. Customization using JavaScript is fairly simple if you have even a basic programming background.,There are some tricks to using the customizing of the nodes using JavaScript that may seem confusing. I just kept a cheat sheet handy when it came to something I used a lot. Sometimes debugging a problem could be confusing if you don't know what the errors are. After you get experience however you can usually solve most problems. Worst case is you revert to a previous version of the model that was working and move from there. When you encounter browser incompatibilities you will find that you are on your own when Appian doesn't support certain features. I had to come up with workarounds for date controls on certain browsers.,Yes,9An Excellent BPMS ToolWe were looking at Appian to automate different IT Disaster Recovery service delivery process. The goal was to automate the workflow, facilitate the rolling out of new processes and improve the tracking and reporting. This effort was part of process improvement initiatives.The processes we were looking to automate spanned multiple departments withing the organization and were hand-off heavy between departments.,Appian has a stable platform. It is possible to code some complex processes without running the risk of application crashing Intuitive interface for the application user Cloud availability makes it very easy to implement Appian without having to set up infrastructure Easily integrates with document management systems and BI solutions,Development could be a little easier. Development requires coding experience.,8,We currently do not use Appian,1AppianAppian is used by one the business units in our organization to manage specific business flows. It addresses our business needs to track our record lifecycle. It is used for reporting purposes.,Maintains good history of processeses within BPM suite for traceability purposes Good Adaptability to connect to other plugins Scalable.,Appian uses KDB to store data. Sometimes memory could be an issue.,7,Good ROI,7,20,5,Reports Perform Review Workflow Lifecycle,Reports Data manipulation interface,Cloud ComputingAppian: a great BPM for your enterprise needsAs a consultant, I use it for our client's enterprise solutions, to solve their business problems. It's used for everything from SOX accounting, enrollment of services, general reporting, escalations, government compliance and task commitment tracking to scheduling of physical assets like shuttles. We also automate common business processes that we find are candidates for automation. Its ability to consume external data is key. We use ASMX/WCF web services to query for data in the designer and then use Appian to handle the logic that needs applied to our data. The way it works with Microsoft Active Directory is also vital to our daily operations. The support we get from the vendor and the training they have available really help us maximize the capabilities of Appian for our enterprise needs.,Consume external / 3rd party data or services. Handle Active Directory and exchange. Powerful process designer.,General knowledge of the product. More access to free training and evaluation/demo versions. Over all debugging improvements.,9,Increased employee efficiency. Provides a system to track and make sure compliance things are done. It allows us to delegate with ease.,I was not part of the team that chose the product.,10Appian 7.4I implement Appian as a BPM tool in one of our client organizations. Though they have bought enterprise license, It is being used in a particular department to automate the insurance underwriting processes.,Social BPM: I don't find any other BPM tool in the market which can provide as much social BPM functionality as Appian does. Mobile Compatible: With 7.4 release, Appian has taken this tool to a completely different level. All forms are now by default tempo enabled which means accessible via mobile devices. Records: It gives the flexibility to fetch data from both process and external DB without designing any separate process model. Integration with External system: In the 7.4 release, call web service component gets improved and therefore it becomes very robust to integrate with any legacy system.,Form UI: It improved a lot in 7.4, but still there is still a lot of scope for improvement. Report data should be auto refreshed on a page. Document management should provide document search feature. Tempo has still a long way to go. Lot of improvement is possible here.,7,Better customer service Quick and Accurate invoice generation Reduced manual intervention,Pegasystems,IBM Business Process Manager,8Solid automation performer in the workflow automation categoryAppian is used across the whole organization to automate workflows and processes for end users as well as company's mission critical processes related to IT administration, management and support.,Intuitive web interface to manage the system Easy to deploy the packages and do system administration Excellent logging facility,We have an issue with the automated Appian import tool which Appian does not want to fix because they feel that it's a lot of work as the issue is related to a java limitation During package import/inspect there is no indication of the progress. It would be nice to have percent scale or something to provide a feedback to the administrator,8,Faster and safer deployment of IT processes Better customer service,10
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160 Ratings
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March 06, 2019

Good BPM Platform

Score 8 out of 10
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Appian has been adopted and widely used by business users,
There are more IT developers gaining required skills to build new applications
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Michael Campbell, PMP,CSM profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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We recently renewed our license with Appian. We are convinced that its flexibility, relative ease of use, the support they provide, there mobile advancements and their general willingness and desire to see us succeed all contributed to our reason to renew our agreement with Appian.
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Galen Chock profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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If given the chance I would use Appian again. It was a good tool and they are constantly improving it. It was fairly easy to use and any developer who knows JavaScript can customize it to their hearts desire. Once I got used to how it operated my creativity increased and I began thinking of many different types of workflows I could create both for the company and for myself.
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Appian provides a low-code software development platform that combines intelligent automation and business process management to rapidly deliver powerful business applications. Many of the world’s largest organizations use Appian applications to improve customer experience, achieve operational excellence, and simplify global risk and compliance.

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