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What is Appointlet?

Appointlet is a scheduling app that aims to streamline the booking process for teams and businesses. It caters to companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. According to the vendor, Appointlet is utilized by professionals across various industries, including sales and marketing,...

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Appointlet has received positive feedback from users who have found it to be a valuable tool for managing appointments and scheduling. …
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Product Details

What is Appointlet?

Appointlet is a scheduling app that aims to streamline the booking process for teams and businesses. It caters to companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. According to the vendor, Appointlet is utilized by professionals across various industries, including sales and marketing, HR and interviewing, education, retail services, and health and wellness.

Key Features

Equitable Meeting Distribution: Appointlet enables teams to distribute meetings evenly among team members, ensuring a balanced workload and optimal resource allocation, as claimed by the vendor.

Centralized Booking Management: Users can invite colleagues to join their Appointlet account, creating a centralized workspace for the team. Administrators have the ability to manage user permissions and monitor integrations, fostering collaboration and coordination, according to the vendor.

Staff Assignment: Appointlet offers three host assignment strategies, allowing users to assign staff members to specific meetings based on availability, expertise, or other criteria, as stated by the vendor.

Organized Meeting Types: Users can create scheduling pages to categorize similar meeting types, facilitating easy access and selection of the appropriate meeting, according to the vendor.

Efficient Booking Review and Management: Administrators can filter through scheduled events by team members, meeting types, and more. Users can export filtered booking data into CSV spreadsheets for analysis and management, according to the vendor.

Multiple Options for Sharing Scheduling Links: Appointlet provides various methods for sharing scheduling links, including sharing links to specific meeting types or offering a list of options for attendees to choose from. Users can also embed their scheduling page on any website or utilize browser extensions for quick access, as claimed by the vendor.

Seamless Integration with Other Apps: Appointlet offers integrations with a wide range of apps and tools, allowing users to effortlessly connect with their existing software ecosystem and streamline their workflow, according to the vendor.

Unlimited Meetings, Meeting Types, and Members: Appointlet provides unlimited capacity for creating meetings, meeting types, and adding team members to the platform, offering flexibility and scalability, as stated by the vendor.

Appointlet Integrations

Appointlet Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Appointlet has received positive feedback from users who have found it to be a valuable tool for managing appointments and scheduling. Customers appreciate how Appointlet takes care of scheduling, creating Zoom links, and sending reminders for coaching calls, eliminating the need for manual coordination. The software has also been praised by administrators in educational institutions for its ability to easily manage appointments for teachers, providing a great user experience for families. With the scheduling feature of Appointlet, users can work without distractions from constantly ringing phones and checking voicemail. The automatic reminder feature saves time and helps users stay aware of conflicts and rescheduling needs. Businesses have reported that implementing Appointlet has made bookings with customers, appointments, and renewal meetings hands-off and easy. Users appreciate how the tool allows them to easily schedule and conduct one-on-one Zoom sessions with struggling college students based on their availability. In fact, Appointlet is preferred over Calendly by a national company for scheduling purposes. Not only does it allow businesses to schedule volunteers efficiently, saving time and resources, but it also serves as a useful tool for scheduling consultations with a large number of students, providing ease of use and integration with video conferencing apps. Furthermore, Appointlet is an excellent solution for organizations that require control and granularity in their booking processes. Users have found the customer service team at Appointlet to be knowledgeable and responsive, offering relevant workarounds when needed. Overall, Appointlet has proven to be a useful tool in various industries, making scheduling easier, more efficient, and organized for both users and their customers.

Users of Appointlet have provided several recommendations based on their experiences with the software. The most common recommendations are as follows:

  • Perform a trial and verify that appointments will actually book before going live. Many users suggest conducting a trial period with Appointlet to ensure that the scheduling process functions smoothly. They advise testing the booking functionality to confirm that appointments are successfully booked before fully implementing the software.

  • Sync with calendars for accurate scheduling. Users highly recommend syncing Appointlet with their calendars to maintain accurate and up-to-date schedules. This feature enables seamless integration between the software and existing calendar systems, preventing any scheduling conflicts or overlapping appointments.

  • Suitable for sales professionals with multiple sales presentations. Appointlet is regarded as an excellent option for sales professionals dealing with numerous sales presentations. Users find its ease of use and cost-effective nature particularly beneficial in managing and organizing their sales activities effectively.

Some users express satisfaction with Appointlet as a great option, while others mention that there may be better alternatives available. Nonetheless, they appreciate the overall capabilities and advantages offered by Appointlet for their appointment scheduling needs.


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Appointlet is great! It is a very similar tool to Calendly, but they have a much better free plan. They have all the same features as Calendly, and they eliminate the issue of having to go back and forth to figure out a meeting time. They also have a feature where you can accept payments directly on your booking, which is a great addition that Calendly doesn't offer.
  • Allows you to create multiple different meeting types
  • Has a scheduling page for all meeting lengths or for specific meetings
  • Easily allows you to connect multiple calendars to check schedules
  • They don't seem to have a default schedule available ,meaning you have to customize your availability for each meeting
  • I'm unsure if they offer time zone support when you are the one travelling (ie. can you easily change your time zone if you are going away)
  • Reminder emails are only sent out if you purchase their premium plan
Appointlet is a fantastic tool. It allows you to easily send a link to people to book meetings with you. I put it in my email signature so my clients know they can book a meeting with me anytime they need to. It eliminates the "when can you meet" back and forth emails, and is an incredible tool.
  • Being able to sync multiple calendars
  • Having a booking page that allows the attendee to select the meeting length time
  • It has saved me hours of time going back and forth to try and get a meeting scheduled
  • I don't charge through Appointlet but tack meetings onto client invoices. The ease for them being able to book has upped the number of client meetings I have.
Appointlet's closest competitor is Calendly. Calendly is certainly more well known but Appointlet is just as good. Ultimately, Appointlet's free plan allows you to have multiple different kinds of meetings. This is different than Calendly's free plan and is ultimately why I chose to go with Appointlet.
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