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Make your busy life easier

10 out of 10
May 18, 2022
We are a comprehensive crime victim provider agency. We need to be able to store our data in a safe, confidential manner that is easy to …
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Great program for nonprofits

8 out of 10
May 18, 2022
We use Apricot for managing our client database. When we work with families, we input the information into Apricot in order to manage who …
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What is Apricot by Social Solutions?

Apricot by Social Solutions is a cloud-based solution for nonprofits of all sizes. It's designed to bring data to the forefront in order to bolster a nonprofit organization’s impact. The vendor says organizations that use Apricot save time and resources because the tool makes managing data more efficient, so that users increase the time spent delivering the mission.

Apricot offers configurable forms and fields so organizations can customize their Apricot experience to their clients and mission. It allows nonprofit organizations to track what matters and follow clients throughout their entire lifecycle in a single, unduplicated record.

With Apricot, nonprofits can ensure data integrity through functionality that tracks whether the data in the system is complete, entered correctly, and unduplicated. With drag-and-drop functionality and outcomes management capabilities, Apricot helps nonprofit organizations transform more lives for the better.

Apricot users get real-time access to their data to facilitate collaboration and insights into program performance. Those insights can then be shared by creating reports within the system to present to organization stakeholders, board members, and funders.

Social Solutions is becoming Bonterra.

Apricot by Social Solutions Features

  • Supported: Case Management
  • Supported: Outcomes Measurement and Management
  • Supported: Best Practice Forms and Reports
  • Supported: Customizable Forms and Reports
  • Supported: Participant Intake
  • Supported: Secure Data Environment
  • Supported: Smart Form Creation
  • Supported: Mobile Compatibility
  • Supported: Client Information Portal
  • Supported: Client Communication Tools
  • Supported: Automated Rules and Alerts
  • Supported: Calendar Integrations
  • Supported: Workflow Automation

Apricot by Social Solutions Screenshots

View a participant's profile to see important information about that individual at-a-glance.The "My Workspace" area of Apricot allows users to see upcoming cases, appointments, events, and other notifications in one place.Dashboards provide at-a-glance insights, while Census data integrations allow you to view demographics of the communities you serve.Streamline the intake process, so you can serve more individuals and ensure they are aligned with the correct services to help them succeed.Keep information secure by assigning users specific roles and permissions to specify access levels.Communicate with participants and keep them engaged using Apricot Connect.

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  • Client Track
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Apricot by Social Solutions Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesUnited States of America, Australia, United Kingdom
Supported LanguagesEnglish


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
With a plenthora of clients and the hassle of keeping personal information safe Apricot provides said safe easy and reliable source to keep said detailed information
  • Customer Support is especially supportive when troubleshooting or trying to think-tank certain aspects of your database like form ideas or Query Filters
  • User Interface is immeasurably customizable with varied multiple options allowing for a unique look for every company or organtization
  • Database Administrative tools are easy to access and provide varied methods of filtering the amount of viewable resources users can access
  • I feel that the pricing of Users is a tad bit ridiculous with the prices scaling unusually high for more than the default amount of users at what it felt like an unreasonable ask in price
  • Some Professional administrative tools like copying a form can only be done by Social Solution staff members and such a tool for each company/organizations administrator would definitely help go a long way
  • Opening up more offices across the country/globe might provide better hours to reach key staff members instead of being held to one specific time zone
When an Organization or Company is in need of a customizable and accessible online database Apricot provides excellent services especially when dealing with large sums of files/paperwork/documents. For smaller businesses or groups I don't believe Apricot would be worth the inital cost and upkeep but for larger groups it most definitely provides a nearly immeasurable service for data upkeep.
Apricot has provided us with the ability to view and see long term affects that our services provide for our clients over varying time periods. Thus allowing us to view which services and programs have the most benefit and which could use some more work, which is the most cost effective and which provides the best short and long term goals we're aiming for.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Apricot to maintain records of client training and outcomes. Apricot allows our staff to enter client training records when they are out in the field. They can immediately record any progress the client has made in their training to keep records current. Apricot is flexible, allowing us to customize the data entry forms and design reports specific to our needs.
  • Customer support is outstanding. The team at Apricot is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. If they don't know an answer, they will research it until they can resolve the issue.
  • The team at Apricot has also shown great interest and willingness to address issues and update their product to meet the needs of their users.
  • The product's flexibility makes it a great choice for organizations of various sizes and in different fields.
  • It would be great if the different features were offered individually rather than as a group so that organizations with smaller budgets can get some of the additional functionality with a huge increase in cost.
  • Staff at our organization use Assistive Technology to access computers (JAWS and NVDA). At times, the HTML coding in Apricot is not up to the current standards for use with assistive technology.
Apricot is well-suited as a CRM tool for a team working with clients in the field. It provides immediate access to client data and allows staff to add notes while in the field. It is also well suited for customized reporting. Apricot is user-friendly, not requiring staff who are computer geeks to administer it. I have no experience with database design, yet I am able to easily administer this database.
We have not achieved this benefit.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We utilize Apricot in three different programs. 1) Tracking daily client performance data in a mental health program to document client progress and success 2) Managing client intake and activities for home visiting programs serving 0-3-year-old children and 3) Managing client data comprehensively for early childhood programs including state reporting
  • Summary reports by client, period and location
  • Customization of forms for different programs and needs
  • Managing access based on user need
  • Online user assistance
  • Archiving of records - this is cumbersome and there should be an option to delete a record if it was truly added in error
  • Complicated formulas - sometimes those will only work with a redesign of the system but training is limited on how to include those in system design upfront
  • Drag and drop dashboards - it would be good to have functionality for standard reports and dashboard associated with them (ie client demographics, new client counts, caseloads)
Apricot is a great solution for multi-site agencies or networks with the same processes - it allows for one design and system rollout via user profile Apricot works well with clients that have individuals and households as part of service delivery and measurement I have not used Apricot for programs with electronic intake forms outside the system - ie importing data into predesigned fields on an ongoing basis
We have leveraged our initial experience using the software in two programs to suggest it for a third program. This third program is part of a state network and the network has adopted Apricot. The network and the State agency funding part of the services is now benefiting from reports generated by Apricot.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a comprehensive crime victim provider agency. We need to be able to store our data in a safe, confidential manner that is easy to input and easy to retrieve. This database meets both of those goals with the added benefit of being able to customize monthly and quarterly reports. We keep our notes on the system, accessing them in the office or from remote locations. We have found this to be the best option for us and would recommend it to other victim service providers.
  • easy to customize reports
  • easy to customize data fields
  • storage of confidential client files
  • some mandatory fields are redundant
  • more storage space for files would be welcome!
  • it took months to get the billing correct as we need a "wet" signature on our claim form
We are a mid-size stand-alone victim assistance provider and this works well for us. We have reduced the maintenance of paper files by using Apricot and can better guarantee confidentiality as staff works a hybrid office/remote schedule. Larger organizations with multiple departments may have difficulty with having this fit all their varied needs.
To be honest, I am not entirely sure what you are asking for. I think perhaps my agency does not use Apricot to scale program delivery. We primarily use it to track the services we provide to crime victims and general demographic information about the various types of crimes involved.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Apricot for managing our client database. When we work with families, we input the information into Apricot in order to manage who we work with. We also use Apricot for our grant/other reporting, as we are able to pull the information easily. This product helps us stay organized when we are taking information and scheduling appointments with families.
  • Easy to build forms
  • Great customer support and resources to learn the program better
  • super buildable to our organizations needs
  • sometimes the program does not load properly or reports are slow to load
Apricot is great for creating custom forms to collect information on clients. We can easily build forms with various questions/topics and can fill them out quickly. They are then saved cleanly and easy to search for later. I also like that reports can be created to create printouts with various client info that we can then give to clients. Because we have to print copies of different forms for families to sign, it would be nice if there was a digital signature option so we could keep everything in the database.
Polly-Beth Odom | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our agency was promised a software solution to meet our case management needs that would be user-friendly with a great support section. Nothing could be further from the truth. In my experience, Seven (7) months in and we have found a major issue with one of the forms created by the Apricot team, and we cannot get a resolution. Let me reframe that, we can IF I pay an additional $3,000.00 for eight (8) hours of support for the year. That's $375.00 per hour. Communication with the help desk is only through chat, and there is no phone number to call to request assistance when an issue is found.
  • The site when working properly is easy to use.
  • Customer service contact (I don't want to use a chat feature to try to explain a complex issue).
  • Referring users back to training videos in the midst of an emergent issue is not at all helpful.
I was excited about Apricot by Social Solutions when we were provided the sales pitch. The $10,000.00 per year price tag seemed high, but I was sure that there would be technical support included in that cost per year. Unfortunately, that is not the case. This is an expensive system with limited support. I believe that this is not the system to use for case management if you have intensive documentation requirements to meet. It is a good system if you are a non-profit that does not have the required documentation needs.
We have not been able to run reports that give us the specific data we need. By the time the "trainers" get to the reporting section, there is little time to actually learn about the product. If I want to pay more money, I can learn how to develop the reports.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We utilize Apricot Social Solutions to manage and track participant information. We also use it to report our demographics and usage data to our funders appropriately. In the past, we have used a series of Excel spreadsheets to get the job done, but that proved to be incredibly hard to manage and very meticulous to pull data from.
  • Clean interface.
  • Responsive customer service.
  • I would like to see the pre-built reports updated. Some of them change with the funders and Apricot has stated they will not be updating them.
  • The system is not very intuitive and can be difficult to learn. Having custom reports built is expensive.
I think that Apricot Social Solutions can work well for any organization that has the time and finances to invest a lot of resources into it. If you need reports updated frequently, this may not be the system for you unless you're super tech-savvy! I am fairly comfortable with technology and databases, and Apricot has taken me several years to learn and understand comfortably. I do still have to do a fair amount of manipulation during reporting periods because it doesn't seem like the pre-built reports (which we purchased the service for because we were assured they were accurate and would save us so much time) pull the correct information.
We've spent more time learning how to use this product to best suit our needs than pulling data from it and working programs around it. For a while, we were unsure if the data that we were pulling is accurate because the OJP reports installed in the system are 5 years old.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our organization is a non-profit providing social service. We needed a program that could share information and referrals across services when needed while also providing confidentiality and minimizing duplication.
  • Support.
  • Training.
  • User-friendly.
  • Useful functions may be locked out without purchasing them.
  • Q&A section could be better organized.
  • Connection with other users is limited.
Having one intake process has been invaluable in assuring clients are connecting with internal resources.
Building reports is simple and has definitely eased the burden of gathering data for multiple funder requirements. It has been a time-saver and an asset to be able to pull data quickly, easily, and accurately.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used across all departments for Non-Profit Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims. The departments include: Shelter, Crisis, Legal, Counseling, and Grant reporting.
  • Build a customized solution to fit specific workflow
  • Build customized reports to pull data from the system
  • Customer support is very responsive.
  • Workflow management (no way to remove in-process workflows)
  • Signature component (make witness optional)
  • Graphing could be enhanced to allow multiple yearly comparisons.
  • CAPER reporting is very cumbersome
Its flexibility to build out allows Apricot to be well suited for many different non-profits, however, the cost is not always something a non-profit can afford.
The data we use helps us identify the areas in the community that we need to focus on. A few recent examples are the need to focus on Human Trafficking education and identification, teen sexual assault, the effect COVID-19 has had on those in abusive relationships. We have recently started a new community service department that is using the Apricot data to determine where to create satellite facilities.
Support in general is very good, the one area that I continue to have issues with is the CAPER reports. There is not as much knowledge around how these reports work and it at times can take awhile to resolve the issues. I have yet to run those reports without having to log cases.
I have used and developed many systems and this one was very easy to learn and maintain and train new users on.
November 30, 2021

Go Get Them Cowboy!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use the Apricot database for service, support and reports.
  • Support tracking
  • Various Services tracking
  • Reports
  • When Social Solutions update the site, it some time messed up my reports.
  • I should be able to adjust some of the data layouts myself instead of having Apricot by Social Solutions do it.
It works for services, support and report tracking.
Yes it has.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Apricot is being used by our Program division, which includes shelter, housing, hotline, counseling, children's court services, and violence prevention education. It has enabled us to go almost paperless. It has enabled us to accurately record services and run reports. It is helping reduce silos so that when a client comes to us they are served by the entire organization, not individual programs.
  • Creating edits and forms does not require IT expertise.
  • There is a client portal for electronic forms.
  • It is internet based.
  • HUD reporting is pre-built in the system.
  • Reporting feature now includes graphs with color.
  • Chat support is very responsive.
  • VOCA report is pre-built but can't be used to accurately report all services provided.
  • Some features are limited if you use Apple/ipad products.
The product is suitable for organizations who provide case management as the foundation of their services. Great for agencies in need of HUD, VOCA, or HHSC reporting made easier. Well suited for organizations wanting client data entry to be mobile, not limited to a server. The functionality does get challenging if you have multiple government funders.
We are new to using Apricot. We just implemented 3 months ago, creating new forms. We completed our report creation last month. We are still working to streamline data entry with staff. I did add a not grant funded feature to our system which allows staff to record when they provide a service that is not funded. This will help us determine additional funding needs.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Apricot [by Social Solutions to] record data in multiple areas of our organization. The main problem Apricot solves is it provides flexibility. We were able to move from pen/paper tracking and mountains of spreadsheets to safe electronic storage of our many different types of records. The wide range of options for form creation and linking allows our organization to track data from all areas including: clients, volunteers, donors, mailing lists, etc. We can all access our data from any area of our building, and while we are offsite.
  • Wide range of customizations available for building forms and reports.
  • Freedom to build your own forms and reports from scratch. Able to build many different reports to isolate different kinds of data, from main records.
  • Customer service responds quickly with via their chat window.
  • Tutorial videos and quizzes great tool for training staff to use the database.
  • Cost greatly increases each year that you are a customer. After 5 years, we are not renewing our contract this year and going with a different product.
  • Some of the customer support agents I have communicated with were not the most professional.
  • As an administrator, much of my learning of Apricot is self-taught as the customer service often directs you to read articles in their Knowledge Base to get your questions answered. This could be frustrating to someone hoping that Apricot agents will help you build items or understand the how-to's.
It will be important that someone on the staff has thorough knowledge of computers, database, and/or time and willingness to learn how to build forms and reports. It could be [easy] to create a mess with your data, if you do not fully understand how to create forms, implement rules for forms, understanding linking properties, etc.
Our organization has been able to scale program delivery using Apricot [by Social Solutions]. We have developed new layers of our organization each year, including the major development of an adult education program open to our communities. This new program requires separate tracking for students including: demographics, multiple class participation tracking of attendance, homework, completion, etc. We have been able to easily build new layers to our database, create dozens of new reports without running into any limiting factors or issues.
Tiffany Nicolette | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Apricot is being used across our organization. I am one of three administrators overseeing one of three programs. We are a social services organization. We work with confidential client information. Apricot provides us with the customizable privacy settings we need. Now we are able to share information across programs without compromising the privacy of clients.
  • Building forms is as easy as drag and drop!
  • Reports are fully customizable.
  • Privacy settings are easy to customize.
  • It's sometimes difficult to locate help topics in the knowledge section. I find I don't always know exactly what I'm looking for, so searching can be a pain.
  • I feel like Apricot has more strange glitches than other database systems.
  • While customization is a strong point, it takes pre-planning to build a database from the ground up.
  • Those who are not naturally tech-savvy find it very difficult to use and do not like that they cannot call a support line for assistance.
If you're working with a group of tech-savvy people, this is a great option. Some of the people on my team do not pick up technology easily. When they have an issue or do not understand how to use a function of the program, they want to be able to call someone at Social Solutions to walk them through the problem.
As relatively new users of Apricot by Social Solutions, I do not believe we have had the chance to realize its full benefit. I do believe the customization of the reporting will ultimately allow us to tailor our programming as needed.
  • Online training
The premium support packages are costly. The basic support can sometimes take too long.
The front facing side of Apricot is easy enough to use, but the back end of the software (building reports, etc.) is more challenging and not nearly as intuitive.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Apricot Core across our whole organization. We are a non-profit working with immigrants and refugees. For our ESL classes, we track attendance, scores, childcare needs, and many other important metrics. Across all of our programs, we are able to easily keep track of client data and any issues or concerns we have with clients.
  • Data protection
  • Flexibility of software
  • Support offered
  • Continual development of software
  • Unexpected price increases - Every year the price increases a different amount and we don't find out until a month before we are expected to pay.
  • Staff reorganization - We have had around 5 account managers since we joined Apricot 3 years ago.
  • Cost of extra support is unrealistic for small non-profits
Apricot is useful for non-profits with many programs and clients. It's flexible to many types of non-profits and allows you to build it the way you want. It is fairly user friendly too.
One way Apricot has helped our organization is by tracking the history of a client with our organization. Doing this, we are able to better serve our clients by knowing what they have done in the past with us and their progress over time with us.
Max Mayorga Chávez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Apricot has been selected to manage our institutional database that allows us to register cases and follow up on the different processes and actions that help us achieve our main objective with the participants: placing them in jobs where they can develop a career mainly in the construction industry and related. The system was developed to be used across the organization and with external actors like other organizations who refers applicants to our offices.
  • Create cases forms, it has many template examples.
  • Construct a strong workflow with our process.
  • Create reports easily to follow our actions and goals.
  • It allows us to focus on our processes rather than software management. The hosting and support is pretty good.
  • A better "what you see what you get" feature in the report generation.
  • Must allow protecting fields from editing by the RLA feature.
  • It should allow edit linked auto-populated fields between forms (if we do a modification in a secondary Tier form but from another Tier, by example)
Well suited for: Non-profit organizations, personal care, case management, shelters, social clubs.
We have easily passed the concept, design and implementation processes of the databases. After a couple of months since or launching, we began to experience a better way to obtain significant data and information from our database.
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently use Apricot for our grant management system. It is only being utilized by one department within our organization. This allows us to have a paperless grant process and it is portable.
  • The system is fairly simple.
  • The tech support does a great job. They usually have a 24 hour response and are very accurate and easy to work with.
  • It does a good job with security for how grant applicants view information and what information is available to our reviewers.
  • The one thing that I could like to see is in the drop down user badge for administrator use. We provide both applicants and volunteer access. They all appear in one list and there is not a way to have them organized. I would like to be able to have these organized so I don't have to scroll through all of the users to find the one that I am looking for.
  • The form linking feature is difficult to use. When the system updates it seems that another portion isn't working correctly.
  • It would also be helpful to only be able to pull out certain information out of the reports instead of it pulling all of the data that has been entered.
The software was not developed for grant use. The system lacks in features that some other grant software has. I would like to be able to make assignments, have a dashboard, and run detailed reports. The system is very manual and has to be rebuilt every year. The forms are easy to build with a drag and drop features and the options are nice. Our volunteers and agencies find it is difficult to use.
This software makes it easy to pull data from reports and export them into Excel. It doesn't have the ability to pull a range of data you have to manually pull it out. It is also lacking in the easy to pull impact data from our grants.
  • Online training
The team is usually prompt to respond and can resolve my issue quickly.
The software wasn't built for what we are currently using it for.
This software doesn't work well for our organization
Jamie Caroland | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Apricot is being used by the executive, HR, director, managerial, and social work staff levels (including two administrator user slots). It was chosen to migrate data management from a non-integrated manual recordkeeping (paper file) system to an electronic database.
  • Human service organizations are often required to provide efforts-to-outcomes reports for their stakeholders. There are different databases that can provide standard templates and query wizards that can be tailored for customized reporting, depending on size and needs of the organization. We chose Apricot because it fits the needs of smaller organizations. Our package came with both a small number of templates that are easily adaptable to required reporting forms, and the ability to create forms from scratch.
  • As an administrator, I can easily save and publish forms and reports, and then view them either as administrator or as one of the user accounts without having to log off as administrator, which saves a lot of time and keystrokes.
  • Apricot's online Help Center (tab available on user dashboard) is very comprehensive, offering, in addition to instructional articles, short, simple how-to videos for users and administrators. I have used them for myself and for training staff.
  • Apricot is built on a "file folder" structure, using categories called profiles. Our main profile is for our clients. Each client has a profile with static demographic info (the "file folder"), and within that profile structure, forms are completed and filed for that client, easily searchable and accessible. If a complete, to-date historical record is needed for the client in a presentation format, everything for that client can be produced in with a simple menu command for that purpose.
  • Reports can be created to include data across multiple profiles. Data is reported in real time as entered or updated. Data fields in the report can be filtered easily. No queries or wizards needed. Reports are accessed without need for third-party platforms. Graphic enhancements are very attractive and available during report-building.
  • Administrators get a very thorough hands-on training through basic "boot camps" and additional follow-ups, depending on level of services purchased.
  • I found it very easy to train staff down-line because of the navigational ease in Apricot's user dashboard. No way to get lost!
  • Drag-and-drop features in right pallette of report-builder could be improved. Space is small for too many drop-down and scrolling options.
  • Systems Field section on all forms could include more comprehensive historical data entry record. It currently includes the form creator and the latest user to update or edit data in the form (plus dates for same); would be useful to include latest two or three user edit/update records.
  • Incorporate a true auto-populating feature, rather than a linking system beween records or profile data. Correcting, deleting, or revising data links when creating or revising forms has, at times, been confusing or complicated.
Apricot presents a manageable amount of record and reporting options for small service organizations that don't have large reporting or record-keeping needs of government or large government-partnering stakeholders. I have used both Apricot and Social Solutions ETO SaaS systems, so can speak from experience on the back end of report and record management. Apricot would probably be less appropriate for large institutions, where large aggregate data information may be queried under other parameters.
In the short amount of time Apricot has gone live for our organization, we have been able to convert 3 years of enrollment, education, and employment data for our clients into an aggregate report requested by one of our private funders in consideration for future grantmaking. We have also been able to import donation and event registration data from recent fundraising efforts for annual recordkeeping. Reported fundraising data can be beneficial for attracting potential funders.
Angela C. Brust-Balogun | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our non-profit organization uses Apricot by Social Solutions to manage data for the entire organization. What I really love about it, is that I am able to customize it to meet the needs of multiple programs within our organization and that it is flexible enough to grow as we do. In addition, I can design reports that inform the work of our frontline staff and increase their buy-in and support of the required data collection. Our end of year reporting as an organization, as well as data collection for various grant funders has been much improved. Training, resources, and technical support are all excellent, would highly recommend this software to any human service agency/non-profit.
  • Site administrator is able to custom design forms and reports to organizational needs.
  • Excellent training, resources, and technical support.
  • Case management framework for human service-oriented organizations.
  • Some features, such as aggregate reporting and are add-ons with an additional cost.
Human service organizations with a case management framework are best served by use of this software. It can serve any size organization with 1 or multiple programs. The organization should have an individual or 2 to dedicate time as administrators of the software. They will need to understand data, software design, and the needs of the organization in order to best customize and manage the software.
We have not yet had Apricot long enough to achieve this benefit.
Without any formal IT education, I was able to utilize their articles and videos to teach myself how to configure and customize the software to our organization (although I do recommend their Apricot Admin training to polish your skills). The majority of users are able to adapt immediately with minimal training.Staff that have challenges with technology in general do adapt to using the system once you can create buy in and engagement (although it does take time and training).
Michelle Staab | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Apricot is used by several departments in my organization. We use Apricot to track statistics for trainings (# of people trained, location, content shared), client data (demographics, services provided, case notes), outcomes of services given (goals met by clients) and different programs the client engages in at our organization.
  • Create and run reports to gather statistics and compare trends.
  • Client information stored in an efficient and organized manner.
  • Live chat and easy-to-search help center.
  • Adding a Copy-Form feature, like the copy-report.
  • Allowing merge of duplicate profiles to be assigned to regular staff users, not just administrators.
Apricot specifically works well for our domestic violence service provider. Assigning different roles to users and allowing different functions to be seen or hidden cuts down on confusion.
Our organization has been able to develop reports that are used for grant funding and reporting. It helps us set in-agency goals to see the trends and successes.
May 11, 2021

Figuring it out

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We use Apricot for case management in our New Life Program and our emergency shelter. We do want to ultimately use it for employee record keeping as well, so it would then also be used by our Administration Department and other Department heads. Right now, it is only our Program Department that uses it.
  • It allows you to build out what is necessary for your organization.
  • It is easy to use.
  • We were told at the time of purchase that it would do some things it doesn't.
  • We paid for a member of Apricot to "help" input our records and formulate things from our old system to Apricot. We didn't receive the level of service we anticipated.
Apricot is great for case management. Our case managers find it easy to use and really like the fact that it is cloud based. For our Emergency Shelter and Treatment Program, it doesn't track "bed assignments" the way we desire.
We are still in the process of learning all the functions of Apricot--what it can and cannot be used for. We hope that the more we use it the more we can see how it can be used in different areas of our organization. At this point, it is used solely for case management.
Score 10 out of 10
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Our agency uses Apricot for all of our senior services departments within the agency. This makes up about 1/3 of the company. It allows us to keep track of the services our agency is provided for our clients across the agency.
  • Apricot allows for simple access and tracking of each client across the agency so all necessary staff can understand a client's full story.
  • Allows us to track a client’s involvement with activities and attendance in programs.
  • Allows quick reference and transfer of calls from clients to the correct case manager.
  • A function that would automatically update a “Today’s Date” option for anytime the record is updated.
  • Being able to condense the various fields when laying out a form would be wonderful. There tends to be much-wasted space on a page due to the way the fields default to their size.
It works well for keeping track of interactions with clients across an agency and staff. It also works well for keeping attendance for various activities.
Apricot support is always very eager to support us but isn’t always able to be very flexible in our needs or the way we manage the data.
Score 10 out of 10
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Revitalize T-Town is a nonprofit that provides free home repairs for low-income homeowners. We use Apricot as a database to store data for all of our clients including contact information, project details, start and completion dates, before and after photos and more.
  • It is very user friendly
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Easy to Navigate
Apricot is great for use by a nonprofit organization looking to create a database to track all of their clients/projects. Forms can be created that cater specifically to what you need to track. Form creation is very easy. The reporting feature is also great and provides great data for us to use in our grants to seek more funding for future products.
Apricot has allowed us to collect data for our projects/clients that can be used to pull reports to provide to our funders. For example, we are able to track the amount of time a client remains on our waiting list prior to receiving services and compare that to data from previous years. This data is beneficial to show to funders to show the way their funding has shortened waiting list time.
Additionally, we also track addresses of our clients to show funders the numbers of clients on our waiting list in different areas of our city. This allows us to show where the need is greatest.
Score 9 out of 10
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Right now, it is being used by two departments, but we are working to get the whole organization to use it. It is being used to support our diabetes program with case management and to track food distribution for those who are food insecure and have high blood sugar levels. I use it to provide monthly metrics for reporting to our funders.
  • Case Management: Case notes are easily entered and tracked to provide supervision. We have added many folders to include multiple program needs surveys, focus group results, food tracking, and referral details.
  • Reporting: Reports are easy to design and it takes the stress off the end of the month reporting. I like the pie chart and bar graph features, but you can also create your own after downloading the excel file.
  • Customer service: Their customer service team is stellar. Every time, they respond right away to help with any questions.
  • Reporting: It has its limitations. There are not that many options for editing graphs/charts.
I think that if there is a budget for this tool in your organization, it is very well worth the investment. I think Apricot is great for those who need to keep track of multiple clients/patients. It gives you the flexibility to create and design multiple forms and it makes reporting very simple.
We have increased the number of partners we work with and we have expanded our referral network. Our diabetes program depends on referrals from different sources so it is important that we are able to track potential participants with this tool. In addition to that, we are able to follow what stage of the program each participant is going through.
Score 7 out of 10
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We use Apricot across our organization to measure treatment outcomes as well as track many other things such as attendance, resident inventory, call logs, medical records, and admit/discharge paperwork.
  • We love the ability to create our own forms and customize the software to match our business model.
  • The email triggers make our internal communication much more efficient and effortless.
  • We also value the ability of our employees to be able to access all of the information regardless of which building they are in on our campus.
  • Our biggest hope is that Apricot will continue developing the customer's ability to format forms better. Currently, it does not allow you to do things like format long lists as columns. Therefore, the list displays in a vertical line with a lot of blank unused space to the right of it.
  • Email alerts when a particular task (such as an administrative review on one of our forms) isn't finished on time would be a tremendous help as we have deadlines with our state contracts that must be met. Currently, we spend a lot of time running reports to see what hasn't been completed and then emailing the appropriate employees to make them aware.
  • Guest users are fantastic, however, it would be very beneficial if the limit of 5 forms didn't count forms attached to other forms. For instance, we have one form that has 4 additional forms attached to it that, depending on certain answers on the form, must be filled out. Attaching them helps us ensure our employees fill out everything necessary. Unfortunately, because that one form contains a total of 5 forms it is the only thing guest users are able to do. It would be much more helpful if the limit could be 5 forms not including forms within forms.
We use this software a little differently than most probably do. We are a residential facility treating youth with trauma. We do not have users outside of our organization, however, Apricot is set up more along those lines, for outside users and referrals to different organizations, etc. It has been a little bit difficult to customize certain processes that are different from the traditional foster-home-type setting.
Although we've been using the program for about a year, we are just getting to the point where we feel we can use the data to measure our successes. It has taken us quite some time to develop some of our therapy forms that would measure our treatment success. We are very excited to begin seeing the outcomes of the measurable data in the next couple of months.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Apricot by Social Solutions to do all of our tracking and numbers. Our employees use it to track their time worked, training attended, etc. We track PTO and vacation time for full-time employees with it. We also have multiple grants that we are responsible for reporting, too, and we track all of our client services through the program, which enables us to pull accurate reports and numbers for our grant requirements. We track a variety of information for clients including services rendered, payments made, resources provided, mental health resources, etc. We work with multiple food bank type programs and we track our work with them as well. Everything that needs to be tracked and reported is run through the Apricot system. My favorite part about the program is that I can design every form and report that I need. There are very few limits available when I'm trying to create an effective tracking system for a new program that we bring in.
  • Form logic that basically makes it so I can ask certain questions and, depending on the answers, have a variety of options show up on one form. It's helpful when guiding my employees through their tracking
  • Calendar integration and being able to schedule onto the calendars directly from Apricot - this has saved us a lot of time and increased our effectiveness.
  • The variety of options and items I can add to a form to make it do what I need it to do, and give me the information I want. I can make it calculate when needed, add time as necessary, notes, bullet points, dropdown menus, etc. I feel there are very few limits on what can be created.
  • I would like to see an option where I can 'hide' certain clients from individuals within the organization. Not all clients, but individuals on an as-needed basis.
  • There are times when I need forms to basically 'talk' to each other -- needing information from both forms to get a clear picture. This usually requires some ingenuity on my part to make it happen. I would love to see improvement here.
  • I sometimes have huge forms, and it seems like this can overload the system at times. This makes it difficult to pull reports at times.
Apricot is highly effective for tracking client services across the board, and for tracking them within individual programs. This is especially useful when you need numbers for outside reporting and/or to grow your organization. So any type of organization where you are in the service of others would likely find this product useful.

I wouldn't expect it to be very effective in other industries, such as retail or food services, but it's adaptable as a program so it may be beneficial.
Apricot has enabled us to pull accurate data that shows when our company has experienced growth, when it slacks off, and where we are effective when the growth takes place. Growing can be bumpy, but with this program we have been able to identify the gaps and work to close them. It's been an effective tool for the work we do.