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What is Aras PLM?

The Aras Innovator software is used for product lifecycle management (PLM), advanced product quality planning (APQP), lean product development, and new product introduction (NPI). Aras switched to an open source model in 2007, where clients obtain the software for free,…

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Aras Innovator has been widely implemented by users to address various needs and solve problems related to engineering data management, …
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What is Aras PLM?

The Aras Innovator software is used for product lifecycle management (PLM), advanced product quality planning (APQP), lean product development, and new product introduction (NPI). Aras switched to an open source model in 2007, where clients obtain the software for free, and Aras Corp provides…

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ITI TranscenData NX CAD Connector For Aras PLM Demo


Aras Innovator Demo Series Technical Documentation with the Aras PLM Platform


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Component Engineering


Aras Innovator Quick Demo


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Variants and Options with the Aras PLM Platform

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What is Aras PLM?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Aras Innovator has been widely implemented by users to address various needs and solve problems related to engineering data management, BOM management, and digital transformation projects. With its ability to implement standard practices and ensure consistent processes across the enterprise, the software helps teams streamline their operations. By providing central access to multiple users and files, Aras Innovator facilitates collaboration and simplifies the process of making changes.

One key use case of Aras Innovator is in managing documents and maintaining an organized parts inventory. The software assists teams in efficiently tracking changes, accessing quality history, and monitoring the engineering change process. It serves as a single source of truth for product document and part material management, ensuring accuracy and traceability. Additionally, Aras Innovator promotes collaboration across teams and with suppliers, enabling full traceability and supporting the implementation of the Digital Thread.

Moreover, Aras Innovator finds value in connecting engineering product data and ensuring instant updates for both internal and external data sharing. This feature is particularly important in industries that rely on accurate and up-to-date information. Users appreciate the system's ability to manage files, parts, and assemblies, allowing for full assemblies of machines. Furthermore, the software aids in process re-engineering, improving operating efficiency, and integrating market needs.

Another notable use case of Aras Innovator is its role in connecting business operations with PLM capabilities. Users have successfully moved their CAD data to PLM using this software, which has proved crucial for their day-to-day operations. Aras Innovator successfully replaces outdated standalone applications by incorporating essential features like costing, fashion management, and ECN management.

Overall, Aras Innovator has gained popularity among users due to its versatile functionality that caters to various domains such as design data management, change management, project management, BOM management, and more. With its ability to simplify workflows and lifecycle mechanisms while promoting collaboration across teams and suppliers, Aras Innovator has become a valuable tool for businesses aiming to streamline their operations and achieve digital transformation.

Customizability: Many users appreciate the configurability of Aras Innovator, as it allows them to customize the platform to their specific needs. The ability to tweak forms, list values, and other aspects of the platform enables changes to be made quickly and while they are still relevant.

Flexibility: The software is highly flexible and able to fulfill most, if not all, user needs. Users find that Aras Innovator allows them to help customers quickly and with good quality. Its open and flexible nature, as well as its licensing model, are seen as major strengths of the platform.

Ease of use: Users commend Aras Innovator for its ease of use interface and configuration. They appreciate the simplicity and power of the platform's data modeling capabilities, as well as the ease of development. In comparison to other cumbersome PLM tools, Aras Innovator's ease of use and functionality are highly appreciated by users.

Duplication in Configuring Branches and WF Routes: Some users have mentioned that there is a need for duplication when configuring duplicate branches or workflow routes for different groups, making it difficult to have conditional email notifications.

Lack of Ease of Customization: Several users have found the customization process in Aras PLM to be challenging and not user-friendly. This can lead to difficulties in tailoring the system to specific needs and may require extensive training.

Outdated User Interface: Users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the outdated look of the user interface in Aras PLM compared to other solutions. They feel that a more modern and visually appealing interface would greatly enhance the overall user experience.

Users have made several recommendations for using Aras Innovator and Infor PLM Accelerate powered by Aras.

One common recommendation is for firms looking to license a specific number of seats, as Aras Innovator offers the flexibility to accommodate different seat requirements.

Another common recommendation is for small businesses with limited data and budget constraints to consider using Infor PLM Accelerate powered by Aras. This solution is seen as particularly suitable for companies that need a more cost-effective option.

Users also advise ensuring sufficient financial resources and ongoing support when implementing Aras PLM. This recommendation emphasizes the importance of having the necessary funding and assistance to fully leverage the capabilities of the software.

Lastly, users suggest careful consideration and smart decision-making when it comes to modifying and enhancing the ARAS product. This recommendation highlights the need for thoughtful planning and analysis before making any changes to the software.

Overall, these recommendations provide valuable insights for organizations considering the use of Aras Innovator or Infor PLM Accelerate powered by Aras, covering various aspects such as licensing, budget constraints, support, and customization.

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Tony Morales, PMP, CSM | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Aras PLM as our source of record for documents. Our company is a medical device company and we need to be compliant with FDA document control standards. Our product engineering, research and development and information technology departments use Aras PLM to ensure our quality records are properly approved.
  • Aras PLM definitely controls documents and provides the approval levels needed to be compliant.
  • Aras PLM makes organizing and structuring libraries logical and intuitive.
  • The search tools in Aras PLM provides quick and efficient access to documents
  • Aras PLM uses terms and labels that can be confusing like Subsystem / Subsystem Version, Project Record Number (PRN). Companies need to understand these terms and develop business processes to set user standards.
  • I personally use Aras PLM to manage information technology project documents. In my opinion, Aras PLM is more geared to product and engineering. I would like to see a general project management Aras PLM version with terms and labels that I am familiar with.
  • The description field should be made required. Many of our engineers have created records and left that blank because it was not required. This would help with the context or background of each record.
Aras PLM works for our company, yet I don't have experience with any other software system. The system does not refresh and update quickly. Often times users need to force a refresh or logout and logon to verify changes and updates. The Lock and Unlock feature needs getting used to.
  • Aras PLM has kept our company compliant and on the right side of audits with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Aras PLM keeps our project document history readily available and works well without stage gate review and approval processes.
Our company developed numerous IBM Lotus Notes databases to perform document control. Aras PLM is the better choice to IBM Notes databases and home grown databases.
Product engineering, research and development quality and information technology project management.
Well versed technically and they possess solid interpersonal skills. Many have backgrounds in engineering and computer science.
  • Document review and approval
  • FDA document control compliance
  • Project management document repository
  • Document routing and approval
  • Maintain and publish process documentation
  • Historical document database
  • Training documentation
  • Human resources document control
  • Legal department document control
Our company is moving from repositories like IBM Notes, MS Sharepoint, and plain network file share directories to a more controlled system of recordd like Aras PLM.
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