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What is Archer?

RSA Archer, from the security, governance, and risk division of RSA Security is an integrated risk management / GRC platform.

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RSA Archer Integrated Risk Management Platform has proven to be a valuable tool for organizations across various departments and …
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  • Risk management (11)
  • Incident management (13)
  • GRC policy management (13)
  • Common repository of GRC items (12)
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What is Archer?

RSA Archer, from the security, governance, and risk division of RSA Security is an integrated risk management / GRC platform.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

The goal of IT governance is ultimately to ensure that the processes governing evaluation, selection, prioritization, and funding of competing IT investments are driven by the overall business

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Frequently Asked Questions

RSA Archer, from the security, governance, and risk division of RSA Security is an integrated risk management / GRC platform.

Reviewers rate Risk management and Incident management highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Archer are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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December 20, 2021

Archer - Risk Manager

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSA - Archer Integrated Risk Management Platform used for security PIN to login into the secure firm network, to avoid any data breaches or unauthorized access to the systems.
  • Verify User Authenticity
  • Quanitfies the business risks presented on a clear dashboards
  • Eliminates the use of multiple third party software's to address risk parameters.
  • Online Help system & monthly updates available for users
  • Option to link all the firm standards software's to be launched through SSO
  • Risk Patches to be embedded in firms custom built applications.
It's a well-developed application to address risk issues encountered by firms, especially in the advanced cyber security vulnerable situation.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The risk management process at our organization is driven from the top. The board and executive team are aligned with risks we as a company are exposed to and what are the steps we are taking to mitigate or minimize them. The goals and targets are set for various key functions and stakeholders involved to manage risks. The scope of RSA Archer is not just limited to one or two departments, it is being used by the entire organization. We are a highly compliance driven organization who deals with sensitive data of our clients across variety of industries globally. We are also exposed to multiple checks and reviews based on various standards, regulations and contracts throughout the year. Hence governance, risk and compliance is a mission-critical to our business strategy. RSA Archer helps us manage it effectively across the organization.
  • Visibility into key risks areas help manage budgets in addition to better decision making capability.
  • Policy management reduces workload of HR and Compliance and providing them better visibility in the system.
  • Automation of various processes including policy management, internal audit and contractual compliance is helping internal functions to reduce human factor and also to increase efficiency.
  • Dashboard view for management now helps review risks in real time.
  • User interface has improved over last few versions but it still has a room to improve.
It is well suited for functions/business where processes are defined and stress testing has been done on them for effectiveness. It is not easy to use it for cases where processes are either fractured or doesn't align with business.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The whole organization uses RSA Archer across multiple subsidiaries to document relationships, risks, assets and controls. It effectively links issues to vendor relationships and assets while automating assessments within workflows. The dashboard capability allows for a wide range of customization for multiple types of users, offering a rich KPI experience.
  • RSA Archer provides robust ad-hoc reporting.
  • RSA Archer provides very detailed control over workflows and their customization.
  • RSA Archer provides multiple systems for the different needs of corporate governance.
  • RSA Archer scripts run particularly slow.
  • RSA Archer doesn't leverage calculated fields efficiently.
  • RSA Archer doesn't have pop-up windows or peek windows into hyperlinks.
RSA Archer is fantastic at cataloguing, personalizing assessments, raw reporting, and capacity to add custom fields. It is a little clunky around adding contextual information to notifications, peeking into data before attempting to load pages, quick navigation or determining linked (or sub-linked) relationships. These are all concerns that can either be worked around with an appropriate data scheme or with careful administration of the sub-routines.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This software allows us to track our audit finding remediation and complete questionnaires during our financial reporting process. It is administered and was selected by our internal audit group for their primary needs of finding remediation. They offered its use to Finance (no additional cost), for us to complete our financial reporting questionnaires and certifications with our controllers and functional leaders. It solves the business problem of approval workflow for our international footprint. I can’t speak much to the ROI, but can say that the accuracy and audit trail has improved.
  • Approval workflow.
  • Response rating for exceptions.
  • Statistics reporting.
  • Color scheme difficult to read.
  • Eliminate the instance number login.
  • Better navigation.
Well suited for audit finding remediation and questionnaires for business users. Less appropriate when you expect exceptions to be raised because it isn’t interactive enough to send comments in a dialog. We tell users to have the dialog over email to communicate issues. Once everything is communicated and resolved, this tool allows them to sign off and provide an audit trail and reporting.
rahul garg | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSA Archer is being used by four major departments in the organization which require compliance and governance. It manages routine tasks, client profile creation, policy management, etc. It is a tool to adhere to compliance and e-governance in the organization. The tool is not built for small scale companies and, in my opinion, mammoth firms can achieve great benefits from this.
  • The auditing feature is amazing and, also, it is the basis to opt for RSA Archer.
  • One can configure and create processes as the department needs.
  • In disaster recovery exercises, it is one of the best tools available in the market.
  • They release time to time updates, which causes issues in the GUI. However, one has to be careful while installing the update.
  • There is no open and free academy to learn more about the tool.
  • One cannot stay to a particular product version, they have to move to the next version to keep up with the changes.
RSA is an eGRC tool which represents governance, risk, and compliance. Moreover, these are the founding pillars of any organization. Disaster recovery department, business continuity, learning department, and security are the major customers for RSA Archer application. It makes their work much simpler and easier to follow. It makes users follow the company policy, and they have to follow it, or else the system will capture irregularities.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSA Archer was implemented to consolidate over a dozen in-house built systems. It allowed us to consolidate reporting and move teams to a common platform.
  • Configurable User Interface
  • Hosted in Cloud
  • Economical Solution
  • Common Implementation/Training
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Fully understand requirements before implementing, especially if looking for a common user experience
  • Can be supported with FTE's, but make sure you have a few trained to support the app, otherwise consulting support will be required.
  • Understand integration/connectors as these may add cost to your projects.
It is a good tool and does the job well to consolidate home grown apps to a common platform.
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Archer to manage vendor relationships, vendor contacts, vendor contracts, risk/policy exceptions, and various other vendor risk uses. It is used enterprise-wide and is a key part of doing any work with a third party. We have used different versions of RSA Archer over the years and the team is trying to get the application to the most current platform/release.
  • It provides a central point to store all vendor information, which for us includes the vendor name, contact info and related agreements/contracts.
  • It provides a central point to store all IT Risk Policies and any active exceptions to those policies. This allows the user to manage their exceptions and submit new items as needed.
  • It allows us to manage 3rd party risk via a questionnaire that is required for all new agreements with vendors.
  • The technology is poor and seems very out of date. Drop down selections are horrible, the menu system is antiquated and you have to click next multiple times to see all possible choices.
  • The interface is very hard to navigate and the functions and flow of the application does not make a lot of sense. When I interact with the application I feel like I am using old technology. The menu system and forms feel old and out of date. It is very hard to submit a form because it is impossible to identify the required fields until you try and submit the form.
  • Workflows and email notifications are not intuitive or easy to understand. Once you submit a form and the workflow begins, the other participants can only approve or reject, there is no option to edit. So they end up rejecting and making you as the submitter edit and re-submit which starts the process again. The workflow piece of the app is very clunky and hard to work with, I would not recommend it to others.
I just don't feel the solution is up to par with modern technology. We may use an older version, but overall the application is hard to interact with and it is very slow and not easy to get from start to end of the process. I feel like I am going back in time when I use the application because it is not intuitive and very clunky to use.
Gideon Manoharan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
In my own organization RSA Archer is used to manage Security operations center, manage the organizational assets, their Risk and compliance assessments. It is being used by departments reporting to the CISO The business problems that it helps solve is to monitor and implement controls against cyber attack’s and threats. The SecOps module of Archer helps with integrating with all sources of security alerts and incidents affecting the organizational assets, remediation activities required to prevent, detect and react to incidents impacting security (confidentiality, integrity availability) and thereby having the up-to-date information on the security posture of the organization
  • Integration capabilities to multiple enterprise systems
  • Control standards and Procedures to address multiple regulatory/authoritative sources, standards and frameworks enabling test once satisfy many requiremnts
  • Rapid application development and User friendly tool with configuration capability to customize easily without user requiring programming or coding skills
  • Periodic Updates to contents on controls standards and procedures based on updates additions authoritative source and standards
  • Effectively handle changes in advanced workflow to inflight records
Suitable for any organization looking for effective risk and compliance management. It might be less appropriate for organizations which don’t have any risk or compliance obligations and not regulated by authorities
Yitsy Calero | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSA Archer is being used in the IT department to manage and provide governance over policies and business continuity. It is also being used for network monitoring through the Security Analytics solution. It addresses the governance issues across the enterprise. It allows us to manage all our our BCM documents in an executable and actionable framework.
  • Solution customization
  • Accessibility to information
  • User friendly interface
  • Workflows
  • Exporting Data
  • Reports
RSA Archer is well suited in an environment where actionable governance exists and documentation is required ad-hoc for audit requests. The ability to maintain up to date information in an application allows accuracy to exist in ad-hoc reports.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSA Archer is being used by my organization within the Internal Audit department to track various company controls, processes, policies, standards, and changes. Additionally, my organization uses RSA Archer to streamline the internal audit process. This helps Internal Audit to have visibility into all controls and their design and operating effectiveness across the entire organization.
  • Makes it easier to streamline running reports.
  • Consolidates various modules into one tool - Change Management, Access Management, Key Frameworks (FFIEC, ISO 27001/2, NIST, etc.).
  • Everyone can see the information in real-time to ensure team collaboration.
  • Very complex and can present a steep learning curve initially.
  • May be difficult for non-technical users to understand the process flow of the tool for various modules.
  • Documentation for the product is sometimes incorrect or has missing information that is needed to understand how a process works within the application.
RSA Archer is better suited for an environment that has at least some maturity in its program. To effectively use this tool, the organization must first understand its various processes and controls in place as they have to be indicated within the tool. Although RSA Archer has "out of the box" templates for these areas, it is essential for the organization to understand these details to properly customize the tool to operate in their environment.
Debi Cisneros | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

RSA Archer will be implemented enterprise wide. There are several key obligations to meet, that are driving the business need to manage information security risks, legal and regulatory and contractual compliance.

  • Meet external legal and regulatory and contractual information security and compliance requirements across all business units and in the more than 29 countries.
  • Meet internal company policies and audit requirements for business process and technology improvement.
  • Manage contractual third-party risks due to subcontractors and/or commercial vendors.
  • Demand for security governance, risk and compliance services that cannot be met today.
  • Archer does a very good job at reporting. Management likes to be able to view data in graphical format which Archer dashboards, iViews are easily created with data from across various applications so that management has a single view of all the data required to make informed decisions.
  • Calculations across multiple applications that roll up to give you a risk appetite for the organization.
  • Integrations to popular security tool, rss feeds, to identify possible data breaches before they become an incident.
  • Ease of development of the application. Do not need a programmer or know how to code to customize the platform to your company's business needs and processes.
  • Documentation for the product is sometimes incorrect or has missing information that is needed to understand how a process works within the application. No documentation for data feeds or how to build them on your own. Need to have professional services.
  • Training of the application or platform administration does not go into enough depth. You really have to play around and see how Archer applications cross reference each other. Solution diagrams do not come out clearly in MS Visio.
If you are looking for a central place to manage your company assets, business processes, policies then RSA Archer is very well suited for this type of time consuming activities.
James Byroads | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As an Archer consultant, I work with many different types of organizations who are deploying Archer for the first time, or are looking to build upon its capabilities. I have seen instances where it is leveraged both organization wide, or just for a particular department. Archer excels at introducing efficiency to any type of business process, from managing enterprise risk, to tracking non-IT incidents, to implementing a robust vulnerability management program.
  • Introduces efficiency in business processes to reduce cost.
  • Automation which reduces time and errors.
  • An incredible amount customization capability for the platform.
  • Archer is not great at getting data and/or reports back out. There are different options and sometimes they meet the requirements, but often times they come up short.
  • Documentation for administrators could be more in depth.
Archer is better suited for an environment that has at least some maturity in its program, whatever that program may be. If an organization does not know stakeholders involved, or the workflow for its own process, or has the technology in place to perform vulnerability scans, then Archer will probably not be much help. If an organization knows these items, but it's all paper based or in Excel spreadsheets, or they are struggling to report on them, or notify an individual when it is their time to take action in a process, then Archer can be a tremendous help.

Daniel Garcia Muriel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSA Archer is mainly used by the Technology Governance, Risk and Controls team to manage IT related risks.
  • Reliable platform
  • Good support
  • Allow organizations to customize the tool accordinng to their own needs
  • Be more user friendly (for non-IT users)
  • Improve approval workflows
I think it is well suited to manage third party service providers' risks.
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