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Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response

Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response


What is Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response?

Arctic Wolf Networks in Sunnyvale provides scalable managed cybersecurity protection for IT-constrained companies, to keep their critical data, networks, web-based applications, and devices safe. Working as an extension of an internal team, Arctic Wolf security experts deliver 24x7 cloud-based monitoring,…

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Arctic Wolf | End Cyber Risk


How the Arctic Wolf® Platform Stops Active Ransomware


Arctic Wolf Industry Insights - Ceres Global Ag Corp.


Authenticated | Arctic Wolf


Understanding the Spring4Shell Vulnerability


Arctic Wolf Industry Insights - Customer Testimonial

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What is Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response?

Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response Video

Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response
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Community Insights

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Users have made several recommendations for Arctic Wolf based on their experiences:

  • Users suggest that Arctic Wolf is a great security partner and would recommend their services.
  • They recommend deploying Arctic Wolf's iSensors with the Managed Risk Service to enhance security measures.
  • Users advise including the User Services group in conversations with Arctic Wolf for better collaboration.
  • They also suggest contacting Arctic Wolf during the decision-making process for SOC outsourcing service.
  • Users recommend comparing Arctic Wolf with other industry leaders before making a decision.
  • It is recommended to have a game plan in place to address vulnerabilities after receiving the outcome of Arctic Wolf's scans.
  • Choosing a provider that can meet compliance requirements is important, according to users.
  • Users find Arctic Wolf's insight into their network invaluable and recommend them for network monitoring.
  • It is suggested to ask for proofs of concept to validate a provider's claims before committing to their services.
  • Users also recommend actively engaging in the installation and deployment process of Arctic Wolf's solutions.
  • The team at Arctic Wolf is described as super friendly and enjoyable to work with by users.
  • Users believe that Arctic Wolf brings a lot to the table for small to mid-size organizations.
  • It is advised not to wait when considering contacting Arctic Wolf, as they are deemed trustworthy, affordable, and knowledgeable.
  • Users recommend listening to Arctic Wolf's advice and utilizing their endpoint agent for enhanced security measures.
  • Finally, users regularly recommend Arctic Wolf to partners and clients as a great tool for personalized monitoring and alerts.


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Agents installed on all end points and servers. Monitoring location, logins and potential malicious file and scripts running. Email alerts sent to specified contacts and phone call if issue severity is high. Location based alerts for 365 accounts will trigger when a user account is accessed outside of whitelisted countries.
  • Monitoring 365 logins
  • Monitoring Windows processes
  • Active Directory monitoring
  • Some erroneous 365 alerts about failed logins
  • Need an easier method to suppress alerts (outside of email)
  • Too many places to look for info in console
Arctic Wolf is a great tool to run in parallel with end point protection. It gives you some good weekly reports on locations, IP addresses, traffic, Active Directory and can be run on demand to categories specified. The quarterly meetings cover quite a bit of information and their support team is always there to assist.
  • Stopped unauthorized 365 access on user account
  • Pointed out malicious file activity on end point
  • Alert sent when a domain admin account was enabled
Different product and covers the gaps our other products do not address. CheckPoint does not offer the same security monitoring on emails and AD accounts. Ninja One is used mainly as an RMM. Arctic Wolf is just another layer of security with detailed reports and options our other products do not have.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Using Arctic Wolf [SOC-as-a-Service] to monitor all inbound and outbound network traffic as well as scanning internal and external ports and devices to report on vulnerabilities. It solves the problem of not knowing what is going on inside my network at all times.
  • Dashboard
  • Notification
  • Dedicated team of engineers at my disposal
  • Too many independent dashboards to look at (they are working on consolidating)
[Artic Wolf SOC-as-a-Service is] great if you don't have a large team nor the time to look at all the systems in your network. They monitor 24x7x365 taking that burden away from a reduced IT team.
  • Reporting tools
  • I have been informed about Zero days prior to vendors releasing information to the public which has allowed me to patch in advanced of the general release of the information
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