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Christine Pompa profile photo
June 28, 2019

I love Arena!

Score 8 out of 10
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We are using Arena throughout our entire organization. It helps ensure all of our documentation is in one place and we know what the latest version is of the item that we are viewing.
  • Arena allows for easy customization and this is beneficial because the company can set up the PLM to meet their specific needs and tailor it to their business.
  • The interface is very user friendly and this helps to eliminate the apprehension of using a system for an employee who is not a computer expert.
  • Policies and user groups allow administrators to control what certain employees can and cannot see. This control keeps data accuracy intact and helps to create a structured approach to data acquisition.
  • It is difficult to move from the demo environment to the live environment when setting up the system. The data can be transferred but the specific configurations cannot.
  • There seems to be so many options to customize configurations with the exception of notifications. It would be nice to be able to modify the automated notifications that users receive in certain cases (add additional employees to notifications, etc.).
  • The Quality world, in my opinion, is a bit limited in how you can customize it.
  • Notifications should be able to be sent to supervisors and other interested parties in the Training world when employees are late in completing their training assignments.
  • Feedbacks that result in potential future enhancements have no follow up with the submitter so you never know whether your suggestions will be implemented or not.
I think Arena is very well suited for manufacturing document control, change management, etc. I think it is lacking in the projects for true project tracking - it seems to be clunky.
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Cindy Lalowski profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Arena is used in our organization as a bundled solution for tracking change management, our QMS solutions, and training and compliance.
It is used for:
  • All item (component level up to the SKU level) documentation (phase, revision and change control)
  • QMS from our documented procedures and processes to utilization of the Arena Quality Module for several quality templates. The out of the box templates are easy to edit and others are easy to create.
  • Supplier management allows for rating, supplier-specific audit traceability, and quality tracking.
  • Training is a one-stop shop that records and provides a historical record for each employee. I like that this tool allows quizzes to be added which holds the employee accountable for actually reading and understanding the material content.
  • Change Control allows for online CCB (no more scheduled meeting times) which is interactive and allows for a faster approval and release process.
  • Quality management allows for identification of trends using analytics to extract the data for review.
  • The Arena total solution moves auditors through the process in a "one-stop shop" that satisfies many areas of standard requirements such as ISO 9001 and others.
  • Currently, in the automotive industry components, sub-assemblies and the system level assembly must meet rigorous standards. An example would be a component that must meed RoHS 3 requirements, AEC-Q testing requirements and others. These requirements must be identified and tracked and we were hoping to use the compliance tracking to do so. Unfortunately, we are only allowed to identify one type of compliance which is identified by a green check mark.
I would highly recommend Arena for any small startup up to a well-established company. Arena is very price competitive, easy to configure, and user-friendly. Arena integrates nicely to any existing ERP software or can be linked later in the process as needed.
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Jean Villers profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Arena is being used by Marketing, Sales, Support, S/W, Engineering, Manufacturing. We integrated all releases and documentation, across all departments. We can access the information remotely also with our EMS (Outsourcing Manufacturing).
  • Bill of Material, with all specs attached
  • Release process (CCB, ECO process)
  • Project mapping and Gating process
  • Tracking by crossing any information in the database
  • Ease of implementation, training and using the product
  • More ERP capabilities, so we could use 100%, for prototyping Manufacturing without using external ERP system
I believe it’s suitable for all scenarios
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Julie Toscano profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Arena is used across our organization to store our configuration data and to communicate to our internal and external customers.
  • Allows for customization of configuration data to aid in locating items and to encourage component reuse.
  • Supports a consistent change management system to ensure changes are effectively and consistently communicated to all stakeholders.
  • Tracks data history and BOM configurations for reproduction of build configurations. Provides visual redline changes to clearly define updates to BOMs.
  • Configurable licenses to allow for appropriate access for a variety of users.
  • Supports communication with contract manufacturers with the ability to share data.
  • We would like to see more options for the admin to do updates or exports of the configurations of our workspace to view categories/attributes in a spreadsheet all at once. Also to view licenses and policies of our users.
  • I'd like to see the supplier custom attributes expanded to be able to support multi-select dropdown, similar to what you recently created for Items attributes.
  • We are anxiously awaiting the ability to customize the "supplier rating" field to something other than "approved/disapproved/unrated."
We have struggled with cost and have tried to push Arena the best we could for as long as we could using the "quotes" tab in Arena. We have finally reached a point where we had painted ourselves into a corner and now have to back out of that, as Arena is not intended to be used to manage cost. It would be nice, however, since Arena supports "Split," if Arena could also do a blended cost calculation at the item level as well. Arena has been able to support our evolving processes. I have not found a scenario that Arena cannot support our process. It is customizable and tailorable and scalable.
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Vlad Kalika profile photo
September 20, 2019

Arena experience at EDI

Score 10 out of 10
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Arena is used across entire organization at EDI. It is used for PN generation, storing design files, sourcing specification, building product BOM, ECO change management. It is our PLM system.
  • BOM building
  • Easy item creation
  • Revision visibility and access to previous releases
  • Easy supplier item creation
  • No flexibility in customizing ECO routing, information cannot be updated once initiated
  • BOM allows duplicate items instead of combining qty
  • No flags for duplicate PN's linking same vendor item
  • Changes module is not customizable to add SN or date fields in implementation
  • Needs better EPR system tie-in or offer procurement module
  • No low-cost read-only access, becomes expensive if used across entire organization
Good, stable platform, cloud-based PLM system. Not so good if looking for complete business solution with PDM and ERP tie-ins. Needs procurement module to be more useful for companies looking for more rounded system.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Arena across the quality, regulatory and operations departments to control product design and manage the Quality System.
  • Bill of material.
  • Quality module - CAPA Workflow.
  • Quality module - Risk Management File/Design History File/Device Master Record.
  • The reporting interface is fairly weak. We export to Excel to organize and sort the data.
  • Linkage could be improved. I'd like to ability to link to closed workflows within the Quality Module.
The Arena Quality Module is very customizable for quality system functions and links to the bill of materials.
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No photo available
November 12, 2019

Arena for Startups

Score 8 out of 10
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Arena is being used by approximately 50% of my organization plus one of our major account holders and both of our contract manufacturers. Arena is mainly used for new product engineering, but will be implemented in manufacturing in the future. The goal is to have full company adoption by the end of the next fiscal year.
  • Integration with SolidWorks
  • User-friendly interface
  • Saved Searches
  • BOM structuring that isn't arbitrarily alphabetic
  • Bulk functions through the regular interface, not through imports of .csv
  • Access configuration for external supplier users
  • Allowing admins to view as other user levels
It is a low cost, easily implemented solution for small business. It is often cumbersome without single sign-on for users and with some very manual processes.
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No photo available
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Arena for our mechanical, electrical departments to fill up BOMs and issue releases of our finished and released BOMs. Once the BOMs are released we use it as our primary source to order the BOMs as well.
  • Associating files to certain parts
  • Creating BOMs
  • Assigning costs and quoting information, also the breakdown of costs for each part
  • I like the tab views under BOMs, indented, flat, sourcing, purchasing which I often use to verify BOMs quickly.
  • Under Costing, Edit Costs, once I click on quoted or rolled up I have to wait for the whole page to reload and then save changes. I am not sure why the whole page refresh is needed when I select these options.
  • On the BOM tab, it would be nice to add or remove columns that I need to view which are relevant to my purposes.
  • Auto-caps for naming would be a nice feature to enable. We use all caps for naming of our parts.

It is pretty well automated. It is very useful for adding parts and creating large assembly mechanical BOMs. Most of our BOMs include both mechanical and electrical assemblies.

Page refreshes could be avoided in certain areas. The only things that I don't like about Arena are the page reloads, which are too frequent or not needed in some areas. Some page reloads are faster and some reloads are not. BUG: I noticed that sometimes that when a reload a BOM page, it does not load up all the parts and displays a page with no parts in the BOM. A refresh of the page solves it but some people ignore the page refresh and claim that there are no parts in the BOM which is annoying.

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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
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Arena is used across the whole organization, we start it off with Engineering and Quality, but departments like Product Mgmt, Project Services, Sales and Supply Chain, all use Arena.
  • Tracks our review and approvals
  • Tracks our change requests and orders, and history of change
  • Holistic view of the item record, and links it dynamically to other pieces of data
  • I would love the Quality world to have a Quality World only, admin.
  • I find Analytics hard to use and not well supported, had some help trying to build out a Dashboard, but eventually gave up and moved to another tool. Would love it to be enhanced for the user in future releases to make it friendlier of a tool.
  • I have some ideas on enhancing Supplier content, would love to discuss, but includes for example the ability to have Suppliers get notification and participate in change order without seeing each other.
I think for companies who are looking to scale and expand their efficiency especially with a large number of suppliers truly can benefit from Arena. I would say small start ups could still use but not gain the same degree of usefulness, especially if they are single source suppliers.
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No photo available
November 13, 2019

An AREnA with no conflict

Score 10 out of 10
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It is being used across the whole organization as a document management system. It addresses the use of using outdated standard operating procedures and labels.
  • T process of creating items and change orders, it is easy to use and very clear.
  • Training Videos are very helpful, the help tab is very useful.
  • The interface is very clean and easy on the eyes.
  • Advanced search is very helpful.
  • Drag-and-drop files directly into items.
  • When I try to upload a file into an item and press cancel, then try again to add a different file in that same box and press done, the upload is not successful...I would need to delete that box in order for a the upload to work.
It is well suited for any situation involving tracking inventory, any procedures, any quality records, training, suppliers, and cost.
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No photo available
Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
Used by Engineering and Manufacturing teams to create and maintain BOMs. Additionally purchasing can access the saved BOMs for ordering.
  • See where used for each item and purchasing and sourcing info all laid out clearly when BOM is created correctly
  • Pictures can be added to each item
  • Cost options, prototype and production
  • Search! While searching for items with "Any" it cannot search our records extensive enough to provide a result. If I have a supplier number and search using any field, it gives NO Results, however if i search under supplier item number a result shows up. Shouldn't ANY field give a result?
Prototype environment not suitable, as changes and navigating Arena requires too many clicks for every action. Very useful for data management and entry for static non-changing manufacturing environments.
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No photo available
Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
BOM management and issuing ECOs. Helps to easily manage complex BOMs.
  • Import files makes it easier to create/update several BOM changes across many part numbers.
  • Easy to search to find ECOs and documents stored in the system.
  • Unable to edit/update BOM on previous revisions of part number.
  • The sourcing and supplier access is confusing. Difficult for companies that are approved suppliers to see part number.
Good for BOM management of complex BOMs. Negative is unable to update previous part number revisions of BOMs.
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Ginger Butz profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Arena for all of our BOM management. It is used across the entire organization. All part numbers, bill of material revision control and engineering change orders are managed using Arena. Using Arena allows us to give all our employees visibility to changes and ensures all employees are using the latest revision of the files associated with any part number.
  • Implementation of the product was fantastic. We worked closely with our solutions architect and he trained the team to understand the product fully. During the first part of the project, it was overwhelming learning all aspects of the product. We wondered why he could not just move all the information from our old system to Arena. As we moved through the process and the team had a better understanding of the product, it was apparent why Arena equips the user with the knowledge and wants them to be the experts in Arena. At the end of the process we were experts in the product and could fix issues ourselves and understand how we could better use Arena to manage our parts.
  • Arena has not had any major bugs or issues with their software. The product works as documented and designed.
  • The help videos and documents are very helpful and easy to access by anyone in our organization. They can help themselves, rather than relying on IT support.
  • There were a few fields that we could not modify. They were standard fields that Arena would only allow specific data. It would have been nice to be able to modify the field and customize as we wished.
  • We wish there was a shared user license. There are some users that might only use the product once per month. It would be nice if they did not need to hold their own user license to access information.
  • When approving changes or requests, or completing a task in a project, it would be nice if the system automatically notified all down stream users with open items that the task was completed.
I work for a contract manufacture and we use Arena for all changes to BOM. This is helpful for customer owned designs and our in house designs. Any company that needs to keep tight revision control of a product should use Arena. It also gives approved employees access to files and documents important to the product.
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Alex Charney Cohen profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We store all of our PLM data in Arena. We control our BOMs and Drawings with ECOs and use the approval process to get approval from stakeholders in 3 different countries. We have quality data and use it for storing all technical reports.
  • Searching. The advanced search is very flexible yet guided to narrow down a search to a short list when you are trying to find something
  • Our migration from Agile and Parts and vendors was complex, but well supported. The transition team met with us weekly and responded quickly to our concerns and issues. Our experience may have been extreme, but Arena stood by us and helped us navigate many tough situations.
  • Administering and reconfiguring the database is very straightforward and quick. I love the fact that an Engineer can come to me and say, "I need this new parameter for a capacitor" and I can resolve his request in 2 minutes.
  • I find it frustrating that the filtering or logic for searches and for reports is different. A database query is a database query and I should have the FULL range of options (like looking for NULL values) everywhere, or using NOT in search logic, or using OR in search logic (available sort of, with the ANY search, but not in Reports)
  • Extracting reports from the Quality world is very awkward. Because the details are stored with the field name in a long list, there should be CROSSTAB QUERY functionality built in to Arena that will allow me to extract data in a tabular format instead of a long list of different fields and data. [I currently have to take the output from Arena and put it into MS Access where I perform a CROSSTAB QUERY to reformat the data to a grid with each field in a different column.
  • I would really like to see the functionality (well controlled) to allow Attributes to be DECOUPLED from Revisions, like the recent addition of Cost. I would like to be able to have an Inventory qty attribute for each of my factories, so that the Engineers have some sense of what is on hand when obsoleting a part. It goes beyond that and My intent is to have weekly uploads (refreshes) of Inventory data from the ERP systems used in our different facilities into Arena, where more people in the organization have access.
It works great for PLM data (Darwings, BOMs)
It works OK for quality data
It does not work for Inventory mangement
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Catherine Burton profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Arena is being used primarily by our Product Development/Engineering organization for document and product design change control. We do have other read-only users throughout the organization (especially in Customer Service) that can access documents by clicking on Arena smart links that are copied into other applications, such as into our ERP system. We also have an API integration running between Arena and our ERP system NetSuite, to assist in automatically creating items and BOMs in NetSuite as they are released or revised from Arena.
  • On many screens, there are multiple options to do other things, such as attach items just created to requests or changes. Each screen has a lot of buttons or commands that can be executed from there, rather than going back to another screen to start doing something else.
  • The Bill of Material expand/collapse options are very useful, and the ability to see at a glance whether items have other pending changes is great. It helps us either consolidate several changes or process them in a specific order as may be appropriate.
  • The request and change worlds are easy to use and configure. We have reduced our engineering change cycle time using these features.
  • The Reporting module is seriously limited, and really only allows the reporting of rather basic information and from only one module at a time (for example, I have to pull data separately from the requests and then the changes module), then link resulting spreadsheets together to get overall cycle times for our engineering change control process.
  • The Help system should be improved with more details. For example, a recent new feature of using multi-select attributes should be explained in the help section and examples described on how to import data to multi-select attributes.
  • For PDX exports of changes, the FILTER option is still not available. This is very valuable to my company to allow us to filter out files/items contained in changes that are for internal consumption only, that we don't want to share with external parties.
  • The API integration capability is under considerable scrutiny at my company. We deployed it to integrate with our ERP system and it has been a disappointment, to say the least. Not reliable. It takes too long before data transfer can be verified. We are currently considering other options.
I think Arena is better suited to smaller organizations. I'm not sure I consider it truly "industrial strength". The multi-user aspect is great if one can control and monitor each individual's data input. If not, best to restrict full user access to a limited number of individuals, or your data is going to be a mess.
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Wendy Baker profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a large company with multiple Business Units, each business unit either uses Arena or will be using Arena. Each business unit has some different business problems being addressed by Arena. Some utilize the Quality module to address there quality process and data collection. Most use Item / BOM / Sourcing / and Change management to address data accuracy, and the complete Data lifecycle management. As well as, having ONE true data source that is easy to access ALL product data and change history in one location. We also integrate our Arena system to Oracle R12 EBS. Arena is a much more user friendly data source.
  • Item and BOM management
  • Configuration control / Change management
  • Quality process, action/response reporting and collection
  • Collecting and Reporting on Compliance - RoHS / REACH / Conflict Minerals / etc...
  • Admin access - needs to be 2 levels so that some users can create accounts, but cannot do system configuration or configuration changes. And / Or, that you can set what workspaces an Admin has access to
  • Administrator - Settings: I manage multiple workspaces for several business units. I would like to be able to go into Settings and make changes to multiple workspaces, by using the "Change Workspace" functionality in Settings. However, that does not work properly. I am forced to "Return"to the active workspace, then choose another Workspace, then go back to Settings (for each workspace I need to make changes in). This is very cumbersome and inefficient when needing to make changes to multiple workspaces.
  • History - It would be nice to see the actual history of "Who" has made modifications to a Unreleased and Working Revision. Currently, it only shows the last person and not a running log.
  • There are more things, but this form seems currupt

I think Arena is well suited for small to smaller midsize companies. However, for larger companies, I'm on the fence about weather Arena is really the right choice. I think there are some definite modifications to usability, for both end user and Admin. that need to happen to accommodate larger mid size, and large companies.

That said, I think that Arena could, with some changes, fit all sized companies

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Rhonda Overman profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Arena as our DHF and it is used by everyone in our organization. We use this to generate all new part numbers, all BOMS, all ECOs, and used for documents from training on QS to documentation to assemble our products and used by select vendors to build assemblies for us.
  • Arena's access policies do a very good job of limiting what my users can see and do very effectively.
  • Arena does a very good job of communicating changes that are going to occur in their software and when necessary online training for each new release.
  • Arena's customer success personnel are very helpful and they get respond back to you in a very timely manner (at least our company's contact does).
  • Although Arena has vendor access it is at times very time consuming to set up access to all the parts that they can see (large new assemblies in particular).
  • When very small errors occur during a change (ones that wouldn't affect the content that was approved by the approval group) it would be nice to be able to have a super user that can correct these.
  • All items and fields on an ECO are locked down once a change is routed for approval. It would be nice to have some fields on a change available to edit for users on the approval group and have the materials disposition open to update these for the approval group's area of interest. These changes would also need to be able to have the approval group a tiered concept vs just one whole one.
Arena is well suited for technical users as documentation is available in the cloud and do not require an expensive PC to access but can use a tablet or even a mobile phone. I don't believe that small companies that have no system administrator type personnel would be able to configure the tool to get the most out of it.
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Ron Schutts profile photo
October 23, 2018

Arena Review

Score 8 out of 10
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We have all of our drawings, bill of materials with cost, supplier information and ECNs. Information is shared with production, supply chain, customer service, and quality.
  • Maintaining BOMs with costs.
  • Excellent training
  • Having all drawings, BoM's and supplier information located in a single location.
  • Make it easier to add and remove users.
All drawings, BOMs, and costs are all located in one place.
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Robert Nguyen profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Arena is currently used as hardware product lifecycle management tracking system. We use Arena to track hardware design, development, manufacturing builds, tests and monitor quality processes. Arena allow us to collaborate with suppliers and vendors to manage material. We also use it to manage products' certifications/compliance documentation.
  • Data is stored on the Cloud. Data retrieving is responsive and convenient.
  • Supplier access for collaboration
  • Does not require high level of maintenance
  • One of the major features an account admin should have is the ability to perform edit during ECO/ECR change review. It is a risk but the account admin should have the ability to determine the risk and update without rejecting the ECO in review with minor changes.
  • Core default attributes are so generic and cannot be modified (renamed) to complement new custom attributes.
  • Limit number of characters for custom attributes. I believe currently the maximum is 1000 characters.
  • In several areas, the Arena system lacks the tracking history of activities of all Arena users. Examples: changes to requests and changes (ECR/ECO/FSR), users submit comments, emails notifications from analysts to suppliers, etc.
  • Tracking users account history currently is limited to 6 months
Arena is well suited for small and mid-size companies. It is very responsive and requires low maintenance from account administration perspective. An area where Arena needs to improve is the ability to track detail history of all activities (items, requests, changes, quality, comments, communications between users, analysts, admins). This is a critical function needed for a solid PLM system.
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Troy Taylor profile photo
October 12, 2018

Arena - CM to Grow With

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Arena is used across our entire company for engineering and product documentation CM control and supplier revision control coordination.
  • Comprehensive - We have not yet come across an issue where Arena did not have a solution.
  • Flexible - We are able to build custom Attributes into our records to match our execution model.
  • UI is not intuitive - User flow is not intuitive or similar to comparative tools or standardized tools. User interaction buttons are not consistent in location and descriptions are not effective in conveying interaction effects. Having said that, once you get past the learning curve the flow/interaction does make sense and becomes less frustrating.
Very well suited for CM/Revision control - file attachment capability and Quality record flow/control is above par. Suitable for engineering control of documentation/BOMs and coordination with Suppliers on revisions and ECs. Not so great at integration with older ERP systems but capable using intermediate standardized tools such as XLS import/export.
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Michael Repetto profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We have used Arena since 2002... first in the US. It is now used in multiple sites round the globe... in the US, Mexico, China, Thailand, India, UK, Slovakia, Czech, etc. It is our primary tool to manage PLM, engineering changes, sharing of data with our suppliers, quality, and program management.

  • Integration of suppliers, from around the world, into our processes.
  • Management of engineering changes.
  • Project management - we all have the "same version of the truth" for the status of a project.
  • Improved integration of Arena to native CAD
  • Improved integration of Arena to ERP
Arena is great for small to middle size companies, especially ones that are growing. It is very easy to roll out to an organization, because it is, and has always been, a cloud-based solution. For larger companies who desire a single system, that starts with native CAD, through PLM, to ERP, there might be a desire to consider alternative systems. With that said, those "single systems" may be very pricey.
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Carl Brewer profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Arena is used mainly for corroboration between engineering and manufacturing organizations for the fabrication of items that we design.
  • Keeping a snapshot of a particular assembly of parts at a given moment in time is the main function that we rely on from Arena.
  • Arena helps us build a library of parts that can be searched and cataloged properly
  • Navigation is still a task that requires power-user level of understanding. I would love a simpler way to see a clearer picture of my products, perhaps even a top-down diagram for each product, and an easy way to find the top level of each.
Arena is well suited to configuration management, where a detailed design needs to be preserved and communicated for reproduction. It represents a fair amount of overhead compared to a simpler system such as keeping versions in Dropbox or SVN, but presents enough advantages that I would consider it worth the extra effort. I like the ability to add processes to the work flow which is the final deal-maker for using Arena over a simpler solution.
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Matthew Lovett profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used by a single team, the engineering team, to manage BOMs and AVLs. The rest of the business uses Windchill for document management and as a pseudo-PLM. QAD and SAP are used as ERP.
  • Pulling information from parts vendors such as Digikey and mouser
  • Managing 1: many part relationships
  • Change management
  • Formatting BOM exports. Today, there is no way to export a BOM that looks like the sourcing view of the BOM in Arena
  • Having different revisions of a component in different BOMs. To my knowledge, there is no way to have rev 1 of component A in one BOM and rev 2 of component A in a different BOM
It is well suited for and Electronics BOM management. It tries to be the entire PLM solution and, while that works for some, I just need a BOM manager.
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Dat Nguyen profile photo
October 01, 2018

Arena Solutions

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I set up Arena so that we have a centralized area to store and control documents for quality documents, drawings, operation documents, and supplier information. It is currently being used across the whole organization (R&D, operations, quality, and supply chain). The business problem that it addresses is keeping documents updated and aligned. There is only 1 current document and approved document. Any other document is not valid unless uploaded and approved in Arena. Also, for supply chain, the item master is very useful in controlling Bill of Materials for each product when set up correctly. Data can easily be exported and reviewed.
  • BOM control
  • Controlling approved documents to make sure everyone uses the most current approved file.
  • Quality control
  • Data Export
  • Takes a long time to set up.
  • Must enter BOM in 1 item at a time.
  • Don't have full control. Must use Arena support to control back end.
If you're working with suppliers and contractors, there can be many versions of 1 document. Arena can control that by sharing 1 approved document to everyone. That way everyone works off the most current and approved version.
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Thuan Nguyen profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My company needed a tool for managing its database of bills of material and their electronic components that enables us to perform the following functions:
1. Maintaining the approved vendor list for each component.
2. Generating BOM on demand by directly interface with our CAD system.
3. Collaborating design effort between different engineering departments for optimal design cycle.
4. Sharing information between cross-functional teams for project planning/executing with efficiency.
  • Providing means of generating accurate PCBA BOMs from our CAD system.
  • Keeping track of our electronic component approved vendor list.
  • We have yet figure out on how to make BOM item numbers non-consecutive, e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20 vs. 1, 2, 3, 4, due to the dynamics of our business requirement. The skipping of item numbers allows space to add new items without reassigning item numbers for existing components therefore minimizing document/drawing update.
It is well suited for interface with Mentor Graphics PADS software in terms of maintaining component database for BOM generation that requires minimal effort.
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Arena Solutions help companies to design, produce, and deliver innovative products quickly with the company's unified PLM and QMS platform. Areena understands modern product companies rely on distributed teams and global supply chains to develop products, ensure regulatory compliance, and respond to customer demands.

The vendor states they presently support more than 1,300 complex high-tech electronics and medical device customers around the world to bring electrical, mechanical, and software designs together into a single solution. Arena enables every participant throughout the entire product lifecycle to work together–increasing visibility and traceability. This accelerates new product development (NPD) and new product introduction (NPI) by streamlining processes, automating review cycles, and reducing errors to increase profitability.

With Arena’s cloud solutions, internal teams and external partners can leverage a comprehensive product development platform to accelerate product launches while reducing expenses, increasing profitability, and speeding the time to market.

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Arena offers flexible packages to fit your team’s needs ensuring you get the right capabilities to meet your specific business requirements so you never overpay. Our cloud-based PLM and QMS solutions include role-based subscriptions to meet your diverse team needs with the necessary security to protect your product information. Our fixed-fee QuickStart™ implementations help us deploy rapidly to provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

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