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Articulate 360

10 out of 10
May 25, 2022
We use Rise for rapid development of courses with a large curriculum and we use Storyline for eLearning development for short courses or …
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Staff development made simple

10 out of 10
April 30, 2021
We purchased Articulate 360 to use in our Learning & Development department as well as within individual contracts, for more tailored …
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Product Details

What is Articulate 360?

Articulate 360 is an annual subscription designed to give course creators everything they need for course development. The vendor describes its content as including:

  • Authoring apps—Storyline 360 and Rise 360—for creating courses that look gorgeous on every device.

  • An ever-growing library of more than 9 million course assets, including stock photos, templates, characters, icons, and videos that make it easy to create beautiful courses faster.

  • A web-based project review app for easily collecting consolidated feedback from stakeholders.

  • And live and on-demand training webinars to help them get up to speed on Articulate 360 and grow their skills as course developers.

Articulate 360 Features

  • Supported: Storyline 360: a powerful authoring app that lets e-learning developers create a variety of customer interactions that will engage learners.
  • Supported: Rise 360: a web-based authoring app that makes it easy for anyone to build gorgeous, fully responsive courses in minutes.
  • Supported: Content Library 360: an ever-expanding library of course assets for creating beautiful courses quickly.
  • Supported: Review 360: a simple web app that lets you easily gather and share feedback on all Articulate 360 content.
  • Supported: Articulate 360 Training: the training you need, on the topics you want—all from industry-leading e-learning gurus.

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Articulate 360 Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, SaaS
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, French, German, Spanish


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Articulate 360?

Articulate 360 is an e-learning course development subscription offering. It includes every Articulate authoring tool, including the latest version of Storyline and Rise, a web-based app for creating inherently responsive courses. The vendor offers a 30-day free trial.

What is Articulate 360's best feature?

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 8.5.

Who uses Articulate 360?

The most common users of Articulate 360 are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the E-Learning industry.

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May 25, 2022

Articulate 360

Sonya Jackson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Rise for rapid development of courses with a large curriculum and we use Storyline for eLearning development for short courses or general eLearnings.
  • Rapid development
  • Large content library for videos and graphics
  • More editable features like colors or fonts
  • In tool help or guidance with things like variables
I had to create a curriculum for new hire contact center agents. Using Rise is able to blend Storyline courses that were existing and add them to the new course material in Rise. And we then created a blended learning virtual environment for the agents.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have an LMS and use Articulate to create our own content. Mine is a company that has its own products (Electronic Health Records and Medical Practice Management Applications) and we do a lot of "how to" videos. Articulate makes it easy to create good looking, professional content for all of our products. I have done and re-done at least one of our libraries of content and do not know how it could have been done in the time I did it without Articulate.
  • Easy, even for a novice to produce a video quickly.
  • If you know PowerPoint, then you can use Articulate. You can use it even if you don't know PowerPoint.
  • They have amazing training sessions via regular webinars. I've learned so many things from these amazing pros!
  • Well, we have had a few issues with screen recordings.
  • The biggest issues we have had have been addressed fairly quickly. But, because we use the application in a way that most of their users do not, we feel a little like orphans. We are not treated that way, but can't help but feel that way sometimes.
  • They are very much open to suggestions for enhancements. Of course, these things take time and have to be feasible and wanted by a majority. Because of what we do, we understand that very well.
If you need to create your own content - compliance or whatever - this is a great tool. We love it! I use it every day and haven't grown bored yet! There is just so much to know and learn and that never stops because they keep making it better. We do mostly screen recordings, but also create content from scratch and it's easy to do drag 'n drop, interactivity and more.
Matthew Gardner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Articulate is being used within our customer success team to create training modules and quizzes for our customers after their deployment. This helps their staff review and learn our product.

This helps us to provide added value during the on-boarding process and also to track who is completing training very easily within our partner companies. They can host in their LMS or we also self-host if needed.
  • Export to LMS.
  • Ease of use/creation.
  • Quiz creation.
  • Robust importing.
  • Self-hosting option is not built in so you HAVE TO have an LMS, which is overkill for one-offs.
  • Cloud based but a desktop app, kind of annoying.
  • Price is high if you're not making many courses.
Very well suited for internal training if you have an LMS. Not great if you do not also want to pay for LMS software. We are currently hosting via HTML but a lot of functionality is lost. I think at the price point a lightweight web-based LMS should be included to show value.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Articulate 360 is our primary method of creating online learning content. It is used by learning and system specialists with the Human Resources department.

The solution it has solved for us is to be able to create online learning content compatible with Learning Management Systems, both rapidly with Rise 360 and more sophisticated with Storyline 360.
  • As the leader in the eLearning market, there is plenty of community support and training readily available.
  • Is cloud-based so can be accessed anywhere.
  • Very user friendly so even non-traditional L&D users can navigate and create content.
  • The only negative I can think of is that it was behind in moving to the Cloud, so we didn't use it a few years ago because Cloud based apps are a must for us. Since we've started using it again we've had to develop many courses in 360 again. However since transition period it has been smooth sailing.
Articulate 360 should be first on any eLearning Specialist's list when they're evaluating which eLearning tool might fit their business. Its competitive pricing makes it accessible for small businesses as well.

The introduction of Rise 360 is particularly useful for non-specialists who want to create online learning content because it's a user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool with templates and preset animations that do all the heavy for you.
Nicholas Messiah | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Articulate 360 studio plays a critical role in our organization. We utilize the tool in many ways. Mainly in packaging webinars into an on-demand format so our customers and potential customers can gain knowledge on our various products and services through our LMS. We also generate custom eLearning tools as well. The Articulate studio comes with other handy tools which allow us to implement certain components onto our website.

These webinars and eLearning tools are compliant with popular eLearning formats such as SCORM and AICC. We can track the user's progress and provide reporting based on quizzes and answer fields. Users can gain continual education credits and print certificates.
  • Has many templates, a full content library, and plenty of references and tutorials.
  • It is user-friendly and functions within powerpoint so your organization can pick up the software fairly easy.
  • Adding seats and more users is easy.
  • Sharing review links and getting others to review and collaborate is a feature that Articulate added.
  • There are some functions in scoring and reporting that can be improved. I have had to use advanced scripting to accomplish some tasks that could be added to the product.
  • Their Rise product is great for using template content blocks and creating a modern look to training courses - however, it is limited in the amount of customization compared to Storyline 360.
  • The audio editor can be a little jumpy when trying to micro-edit sound.
If you want to generate eLearning tools or do screen captured based tutorials - this is a great solution.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We purchased Articulate 360 to use in our Learning & Development department as well as within individual contracts, for more tailored training development. This platform has helped us convert standard "paper" policies and procedures into interactive LMS training sessions. The LMS export is easily uploaded to our employee database platform for en masse enrollments and tracking of completions.
  • Creates interactive training sessions that are also multi-layers.
  • Add-ins include video, images, and other media platforms for greater interaction.
  • User-friendly for even first-time course developers.
  • While there is an "undo" button, it would be helpful to see prior versions for ongoing editing and development of courses.
10 - absolutely! Annual price is reasonable considering the cost for hiring individual training development staff. Online trainings are offered in the Articulate 360 library and on an ongoing basis. Great templates for course development further lend to ease of use, including image libraries, feedback groups, and course review features. Can be applied to smaller contracts as well as large organizations.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Using across the L&D team to create e learning modules that are engaging. We also utilise in the H&S team to create mandatory e learning modules.
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to pick up for new users
  • Similar format to powerpoint
  • No Instruction guide
  • Some of the transitions were difficult
Articulate 360 is really good for creating your own e learning modules, it’s simple to pick up after a demo. I couldn’t find any user instructions but as similar to PowerPoint was able to pick it up quite quickly. Can make the e learning engaging and personalised.
April 21, 2021

Great Intuitive LMS

Jonathan Delgado | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am currently the only user at my organization who is trying [Articulate 360]. My goal is to try it and explore the various interactive tools in order to increase student engagement and participation; especially asynchronous participants. I have brought the good and bad points to my superiors and they are keen to continue using this in my department.
  • It is very intuitive and user friendly. There is no need for previous authoring tool experience as it has many options to customize any learning program.
  • The interactive option from the block library has nice collection of engaging options to chose from.
  • You can use one of the many options already made as templates.
  • It has a very clean and simple UI to keep track of your courses.
  • It doesn't have the ability to create sub-lessons which would make navigation easier.
  • The multiple response in the knowledge check only has the option for one question at a time, it would be great if you could make a mini quiz with several options instead of having to create new "multiple responses" in order to have more than one question.
  • The scenario option could be improved to make it easier to use, sometimes it is confusing as to where the answers and the prompts should go.
  • The match option sometimes doesn't mix the options and they are left right next to each other.
Articulate 360 is a great authoring tool for beginners. It has a very clean user interface and makes creating courses a breeze. You don't need to have much experience as an instructional designer to create a great and professional-looking course. I would recommend it for instructors who want to create intuitive courses available on many different platforms.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Articulate 360 in our Education (system-level) and Nursing Education departments to create robust, interactive e-learning and online training for our employees. We use Articulate 360 in conjunction with our Learning Management System.
  • Interactive training - Articulate 360 offers many rich interactive features to keep learners engaged
  • Content Library - Articulate 360 has a huge library of content including images and videos, characters, and templates.
  • Product training - The Articulate 360 website (for product training) and e-Learning Heroes (for best practices) websites are the best in the business. Articulate offers video guides, webinars and user forums. If you have a question about Articulate, it's super easy to find an answer.
  • Accessibility - Articulate 360 is great at keeping up-to-date with accessibility features but it would be nice if they offered more education on these requirements.
Articulate 360 is great for any company looking to create feature-rich e-learning. Articulate 360 might be less appropriate for companies that are just looking to push out static content.
David Tait | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Articulate 360 pretty much every day at 4pt. It enables us to deliver well-designed eLearning solutions to our customers.
For complex interactions we use Storyline, where we can really flex our creativity and build engaging learning interactions.
When the content is more simple, or where budget is more of a consideration, we use Rise. Rise allows us to turn around projects more quickly.
  • Industry standard software with fantastic community support.
  • Suitable for creating both complex and simple interactions.
  • Widely used, so provides peace of mind to our customers, giving them the security that they can easily find another vendor should they wish.
  • I'd like to see improved global styling options in Rise. For example, changing font size and colour across an entire module would be a massive time-saver.
  • Reverse page transitions would be a nice to have addition to Storyline. For example, if a user clicks to view the previous slide, the transition would animate to look as though the page was moving back, instead of forward.
  • The addition of a fully customisable colour palette that carries through globally to Rise would be welcomed.
I'd highly recommend Articulate 360 products to anyone looking to develop eLearning content.

It is suitable for relative beginners but is powerful enough for professional users to create very engaging interactions.

Articulate 360 can be used to create learning materials with a wide reach. Something that is very useful at the moment when face-to-face training can't take place due to the pandemic.
I have always found the support of staff and the wider Articulate community to be excellent.

Staff are active on forums and on the occasions I have submitted a ticket the technical support team have endeavored to help me out in a timely manner.

The community support is unparalleled, with a very active user cohort who are always willing to share their advice.
Paul Alders | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Articulate 360 is mainly being used for E-learning development for third parties (clients). Most of the companies that I do business with are using these E-learnings to train their staffs worldwide.
  • Articulate 360 offers a complete tool set for mobile and desktop training solutions
  • Articulate 360 offers the possibility to quickly translate an e-learning course into every language
  • The learning curve of the toolset within Articulate 360 is easy to understand
  • More flexibility to customize the look and feel of Articulate Rise templates (think of position of corporate logo and colors in quizzes)
  • A functionality that I would love to see is A morph transition
  • The JavaScript trigger can’t be used in preview mode. This really slows down the workflow when working with JavaScript
In case of situations like formal training Articulate 360 is well suited. In case of trainings on the job I think a learning style of blended learning is more suited. In this last scenario Articulate 360 can take care of the theoretical part of the training.
I rate the overall support for Articulate 360 ​​with a 9. On the one hand because of the smooth and accurate support from Articulate's support team (usually within 24 hours) and on the other because of the commitment / use of a community (e-learning Heroes) where I have all kinds of insights from other helpful users.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a development company and use Articulate 360 to develop learning content for a wide variety of clients. We use both Rise and Storyline to meet our client's needs, and during Covid we have been able to produce content very quickly to meet their ever-changing needs.
  • Responsive content
  • Rapid authoring
  • Scorm video output (easter egg)
  • Accessibility
  • 360 videos
  • Better animations
  • Branching in Rise
Articulate Storyline is perfect for developing complex client content where it is important to be completely on Brand.

Rise is a fast authoring environment that does not skimp on the overall look and feel. There are micro interactions and it looks simply gorgeous.

Support is Articulate's golden egg, no other company comes close to the support offered by Articulate and their commuity.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Articulate 360 is used by our e-learning department. It allows us to make attractive, interactive health and safety e-learning programs.
  • Great customer support; they know what they are talking about
  • Includes all the features that I need
  • Easy to use
  • They listen to their clients wants and include them in new product versions
  • Great product community
  • Built-in client review portal makes edits easy to decipher
  • Storylines accessibility features are good, but I expect that as legislated requirements increase, so will their available accessibility features
  • I wish that Rise was more accessible
I use Articulate 360's Storyline every day; it makes my work easier because everything is there at my fingertips. If I can imagine something--a game or scenarios--Storyline can build it.
I think Articulate 360's support is where they excel. Their staff know that helping us to look good reflects positively on them. Answers to any questions are just a message or an email away.
Jeff Kortenbosch | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Articulate 360 is Articulate’s new subscription-based e-learning suite that contains all Articulate products in one simple, elegant package. Using 360 will speed up your workflow significantly as you’ll be able to pick any of the award winning Articulate tools we already know: Studio, Replay and Storyline, as well as the new kids of the block Rise, the brand new fully responsive authoring tool, Peek the super quick desktop screen recording app and Preso, the native iPad app that allows you to create informal training videos on the fly. Combine that with the brand new Articulate Review and 360 platform where you can upload and share your courses with your clients and collect comments in the easiest way possible. Last but not least Studio 360 and Storyline 360 connect to the amazing Content library that is full of amazing templates and characters. One of the key elements that stands out is the amazing HTML5 output that has been rebuilt from the ground up. This means that you’ll have the best possible HTML5 output possible. With so many awesome e-learning development tools you’ll truly be a one-stop-shop for e-learning development!
  • Multi-device authoring.
  • Super easy review cycle.
  • All tools you need to create awesome e-learning.
  • Super HTML5 output.
  • The subscription model is annual, would be great to see a monthly payment plan.
  • The subscription model is all or nothing. It would be great to be able to select the tools you want to use.
Articulate 360 will provide the right tool for any type of online learning materials, from rapid responsive multi-device e-learning to highly interactive bespoke e-learning. Articulate Review and Content library will speed up your workflow immensely! I've republished various existing Articulate Studio and Storyline projects to make sure they work properly across various devices as well as created various Articulate Rise modules for our Comms and IT department training our employees during our new intranet launch.
Simply the best in the world. None like it.
Veronica Budnikas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I run a small e-learning firm and I am a long term user of Articulate products, especially Articulate Storyline. With Articulate 360 we can not only develop e-learning, but we have access to tonnes of new assets, a solid reviewing system and many more tools.
We create e-learning for our clients using the Articulate 360 suite of products. Our clients include small and large companies, not-for-profits and universities. We also provide Articulate software training for corporate clients.
  • The addition of tools like Rise, a web-based, fully responsive e-learning course creator, Review and Content Library make it a fantastic suite of products. I no longer need to purchase any other tools to do my job--it's all included in Articulate 360!
  • Storyline's HTML5 output and flexible publishing options are awesome.
  • I love that responsiveness and multi-device support was paramount in developing Articulate 360, while keeping the robustness of amazing tools like Storyline.
  • Articulate Review is such a big win! No longer are big and messy spreadsheets necessary to get your projects reviewed, Review does it all in one place, super organised and works great!
  • The folks at Articulate bring out updates and upgrades to the software regularly, and it's so great! So many new features every year, and incredibly fast response to bugs and issues.
  • While I quite like the subscription model, monthly payments would be great, with a discount for those who choose to pay yearly, like 12 months for the price of 11.
For my work context, Articulate 360 is great. Everything I need in one place. Large companies with many developers will benefit from the team plans available. Suitable for all levels of experience, beginner through to expert developers!
I have never before dealt with any company in any field that had such an amazing support team. From the way they foster their community of users, to the guys who look at the support cases, they are all incredible: friendly and prompt. Any time I have submitted a support request, they have responded within 24 hours (usually within a couple of hours) and always solved my problem and made sure to follow up. Incredible!
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Articulate 360 has been used intermittently and at the experimental level; Articulate 360 and/or Storyline the software is used primarily in the e-campus and instructional design section for slide building in course construction, assessment creation, and for the design process for online courses. Because my business already has a dedicated license for a learning management system (LMS), the Articulate Suite is not used to its full potential. The software addresses several issues for our e-campus: provides a more up-to-date repository of graphics and, most importantly, its assessment builders offer a better variety of question types than what we have in-house.
  • Assessment variety
  • Easy LTI integration with existing LMS
  • Ease of use as a skin in MS PowerPoint
  • Articulate, though it integrates well with MS PowerPoint, tends to slow things down.
  • Articulate is trying the 'teams' concept for collaborative team building, and the software has not yet quite gotten seamless.
  • Articulate needs to delineate that Storyline is now a part of Articulate 360 and not confuse the long-time user when updating to the 360 suite.
Articulate missed the boat with the coronavirus pandemic. The company did not respond to the (new) increased demands and needs that schools/businesses and other organizations had after all work had to move online. In fact, the company was intransigent when asked if they had any discounts during the pandemic. They missed a huge opportunity, and, quite frankly, turned me off to their software and I abandoned pitching the large license to the head of the Instructional Design department.
It took forever to get someone to respond--either by email or by phone--directly to a pricing and licensing question. It is unfortunate that a company that has such potential as a streamlined course building/authoring tool not only missed the boat with service but also proves itself to be all fluff and no substance.
Jeff DeSurra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I used Articulate 360 in my previous position extensively to build training programs. We need to have modular, portable learning modules so that they could be used across different systems and could be customized to match our web design. We used Articulate Rise primarily and it was used primarily to provide training to external clients using our training platform.
  • Robust set of tools that covers the primary needs of instructional designers.
  • Rise in particular is easy to use and makes creating training material quick.
  • Storyline has a pretty steep learning curve.
  • Some of the team functionality is limited, especially when it comes to role permissions and sharing. This has been improved a bit but it still not ideal.
For building eLearning and training, Articulate remains the easiest and quickest way to build resources that look good and function well. It's an industry standard product, so there is a lot of support from the community that uses the product. Rise and Storyline in particular are useful depending on the use case. For quick, easy designs that don't require a lot of logic or branching, Rise works really well. For more robust, customizable learning, Storyline provides a lot of flexibility. I can't think of many use cases where Articulate wouldn't work for eLearnings or training.
The customer support teams are very responsive. There are also a number of resources on the site that provide training for using Articulate tools. The best support is the community. There is a large user base and there is a dedicated community site where people provide advice and support on a number of different use cases for Articulate, including more obscure applications. I found that in most cases, I could find support on the community site (which has Articulate employees also helping) for almost any issue I ran into.
Keith Lillico, M.Ed, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My company is currently using Articulate 360 as our primary tool for all of your eLearning development. We use Storyline 360 for or large courses, Rise for quick builds and Review to allow our clients to review all of our courses. There is not a better tool on the market for this.
  • Full suite of software
  • Industry standard
  • Expensive subscription program
  • Some basic features are still being develops while complex ones have been already.
Articulate 360 is hard to beat. It is the industry standard for a reason. Articulate 360 is ideal for any time that you need to develop eLearning courses for internal or external clients. The only time I would not recommend this is when you do not need the ability to send courses out for review, or you do not need Rise. In that case, I would purchase just Storyline 3
Articulate 360 the industry standard for a reason. It provides you with everything you need to create fully interactive online learning. The only thing that might make your courses better is being highly skilled in HTML5
Daniel Terán | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This software is used by the technological factory department, for the creation of online courses, also interactive learning objects, it is a main tool for elearning products. It is a powerful suite that allows virtual producers to adapt to educational trends demanded by customers and the business environment. The commercial strategy is based on designing products tailored to the training needs of each company.
  • Articulate has a specific software to create responsive courses, called RISE, which allows you to easily design courses that visually adapt to all mobile devices.
  • It has a function to create accessible and inclusive courses, complying with the WCAG 2.1 regulation, so that users with certain disabilities can access the courses without inconvenience.
  • Some features of 360 could be enabled for an offline version, in order to continue using the software in specific cases where there is no internet connection.
  • When we import projects from previous versions in 360, in some cases errors will be generated with the use of patterns, and we must change the name of the variables manually in order to integrate the files.
One of the best cases to apply suite 360 is when the client wishes to innovate in their training processes, since Articulate 360 has the ability to design courses tailored to the client. There are other rapid learning tools that improve production speed but do not have the ability to customize the creation of courses. Another of the strong features of Articulate is that we can create playful or gamified courses, since we can use the variables to create game mechanics and points within each activity.
The support service is very fast and efficient in addition to the community of Articulate heroes. It is very complete and the entire team is always available to answer questions or problems that arise with the use of the software. Both the attention by email and the online support are very friendly at all times.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At Kerauno, we currently use Articulate 360 to create eLearning modules that go above and beyond the functionality provided with our LMS's content creation tools. While it is used solely within our training department, we have actually used it to create animations and whole product walkthrough videos that other departments find useful as well.
  • Articulate 360 is very easy-to-use and user friendly, while in no way sacrificing functionality. Comparable tools like Captivate have a much steeper learning curve and don't provide as polished of a user experience.
  • Articulate 360 creates incredible interactive training courses. Using a variety of different elements, you can create animations, videos, and card-based courses that allow users to interact directly with the content.
  • Articulate 360 has some problems uploading and synching audio files, particularly audio that is recorded in stereo. When we uploaded some audio files that were recorded in stereo it created a weird echoing effect that we couldn't get rid of until we converted all of the audio files to mono.
  • While this may sound too persnickety, the control scheme of Articulate 360 matches that of a Microsoft product rather than that of a tool from the Adobe suite. While this is in general more user-friendly than most other programs, selecting multiple items in this tool can sometimes be a challenge as they need to be completely surrounded by the selection field.
Articulate 360 is a fantastic tool for creating interactive electronic training courses quickly and efficiently. The program lets you quickly jump from video element to text card to quiz seamlessly and efficiently. This tool does, however, require a basic understanding of a layered creation approach as well as some familiarity with timeline based creation tools. If you aren't familiar with either of these elements, this might not be the best tool for you.
While using Articulate 360, I once encountered an error where the backup functionality of the tool would essentially lock me out of the version of a course that I was working on and force me to create a new version of the file each time I saved. The articulate response team was so responsive. After submitting my support ticket, they contacted same-day via email to learn more about the problem. Within two business days, they had me on a call and were remotely accessing my environment to help correct the problem. The support for this product is top-notch and far beyond what I expected.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Articulate 360 is currently being used by our Learning Management System department and addresses all of our SCORM content course creation. It gives us the ability to create dynamic content for our airline. We have a number of designers that create basic content to extraordinary designs that captivate all of our audiences.
  • Ability to edit content easily and provide updates to our users.
  • The ability to share content to our SMEs for review where they can enter any changes immediately.
  • The layout if very simple and not clustered.
  • More template options.
  • Ease of creating a template.
  • Ability to have two different projects open in one window.
It’s well suited for someone that may not have much design experience because it’s very user-friendly.
We haven't had much of a need to use Articulate support, but when we have they've responded in a timely manner.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We mostly use the Storyline 360 application within Articulate 360 to build and edit eLearning modules for our organization. We use this application when we need to create complex eLearning modules for which our Learning Management System does not have a native activity already built. This allows our platform to be more flexible in terms of the types of learning content offered.
  • Robust set of features for creating complex and engaging eLearning content.
  • Flexible publishing options to accommodate users with a variety of LMS needs and requirements.
  • Options to create mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive eLearning content.
  • It has a fairly steep learning curve for new users.
  • The relatively high price point, especially for a nonprofit organization, means we can afford a very limited number of licenses.
  • The complex feature set means that details are easy to miss when creating content.
Articulate 360 is well suited for creators of complex eLearning modules, given its robust and flexible feature set. We have some simpler authoring tools, but specific business requirements for various projects require us to have a feature-rich tool that can be used for almost any eLearning situation. If you just need to create very simple eLearning modules, I would recommend looking for a less expensive tool with a shorter learning curve.
We have not had to use Articulate 360 support much at all over the years. But when we have reached out they have been helpful in getting our issues resolved. There are also a lot of great resources in their online support forums, as well as throughout the internet as a whole, due to the large user base.
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We use Articulate 360 to build training content for our global training organization. We create online training modules using Storyline and Rise and send them for review via Review 360.
  • Articulate 360 provides a complete suite of tools needed for creating and delivering online content. They include tools for the creation of online training with resources such as audio, video, and sound files to use in your presentations, and a review tool that makes it simple to gather feedback in a single location from stakeholders.
  • Articulate 360 has an incredibly supportive community of developer and employees. You can often get an answer to your questions within a few hours by posting on their public forums. They have employees that work those queues, but a lot of times, the questions get answers by the very active user community before the employees can get to your question!
  • Articulate 360 tools are being updated regularly with new features that keep them on the cutting edge and at the front of the eLearning development tools vendors. They listen to their users and create features that solve the most common obstacles and streamline the most common tasks.
  • Translation within Articulate 360's development tool "Rise" has some limitations. You have to export the files as an 'xlf' file which more cumbersome than the option within their "Storyline" tool which allows you to export to a word document and send to translators that way.
Articulate 360 is a full-featured suite of online training and development tools. It would be a great fit for any organization with instructional designers that create online training covering anything from soft-skills, to software demonstrations. They have tools and capabilities to cover most online training needs. It wouldn't be as well suited for an organization that did mostly classroom training.
Their user communities are amazing. Employees answer questions very quickly and other users often answer them as well. For additional support, you can reach out to their IT support team. Support tickets are generally resolved within a day as well.
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Primarily, we use Articulate 360 to create training courses within our customer service department. We have also used Articulate Storyline (as part of the 360 Suite) to build training for other departments throughout the company and training modules accessible by our customers through our website. This tool makes it easy for us to create interactive training with a clean, professional appearance that is easy for our users to navigate through.
  • Ease of use/ability to learn how to use features
  • Clean and simple design output makes it easy for learners to navigate through courses
  • Freedom to create what your imagination can dream up
  • Community Support from e-learning heroes is great! Any issues are normally resolved with the community within a day and articulate staff still follows up.
  • 360 is always being upgraded and improved with character bundles, image/video content, and new feature roll-outs.
  • When there is a bug, sometimes you have to live with a workaround for a bit before it is resolved.
I can't imagine being able to do my job and do it well without Articulate 360. I am able to create simple linear training courses and complex branching courses with ease. Some of the greatest training courses involve a "choose your own adventure" feel with many branches and the outcome is based upon the points earned through the course. The better decisions, the better the outcome. Importing from PowerPoint is easy. The content library that comes with 360 is very helpful. Images are crystal clear, high-resolution, and able to be used with any use. No need for me to have subscriptions to other content services anymore. I love how easy it is now to create a video background with the content library included in 360.
Rebecca Mogollón | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We are using the Articulate 360 suite to deliver exceptional, interactive learning to our consultants so they can take that knowledge out into the world and make a difference. I am the only person in the company using this software because it's $999 a year per license and it is not necessary for anyone else to be developing training content. The business problems that it addresses is making learning more interactive and offering a wider variety of "mediums" on which to teach complex concepts. For instance, if I know a training will be hosted worldwide in 14 different languages, I use Articulate Rise because that is more universally usable across computer platforms. If I know a training needs to cover a very complex concept, I use Storyline, which is basically like making your own interactive cartoon movie that will keep learners totally engaged.
  • Articulate 360 has lots of options: Rise is for simple, HTML-based course content delivery. Storyline is an animation/interactive eLearning designer that is robust yet easy to learn.
  • It totally simplifies the review process. When I want to have my boss look at a course I made, I create the Articulate Review link and he can make comments at any point in the course for suggestions/corrections, and the program takes a picture of where he is looking so I know exactly what he is talking about. I can also comment back.
  • The content library is high quality and professional. You can search images of people, backgrounds for Storyline projects, or entire project templates that you just plug your content into. It allows you to create content really fast and good looking.
  • Storyline is a bit heavy for some computers to handle—both the design side and even the viewer side. Outputs can occasionally be glitchy.
  • In Rise I would like to see more customizability, like choosing different fonts and locations of images and things like that. It's very cookie-cutter, which is actually great for newbies because it is difficult to make it look bad.
  • It would be cool if Rise had a "page logic" option so you can jump to different pages based on button logic. Pretty pie-in-the-sky.
  • The quiz functionality in Rise leaves a lot to be desired, but the quiz function in Storyline is SCORM compliant.
Articulate 360 is a powerful tool if you plan on teaching any topic. It can be as simple or complex as you like. You can create a Rise course which has videos, interactive Storyline content, quizzes, interactive images, buttons, and more. It's not necessarily suited for compliance training because it is hard to verify completion.