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What is Asigra?

Asigra is an enterprise-level, agentless, cloud-based recovery software to provide data backup and recovery of servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, database, and SaaS/IaaS-based applications. Asigra charges customers by the amount of data they recover rather than the amount they…

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Comprehensive and Versatile Platform: Many users have found Asigra's Agentless Backup and Recovery solution to be a comprehensive and …
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What is Asigra?

Asigra is an enterprise-level, agentless, cloud-based recovery software to provide data backup and recovery of servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, database, and SaaS/IaaS-based applications. Asigra charges customers by the amount of data they recover rather than the amount they back up.

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What is Veeam Data Platform?

Veeam’s® premier product, Veeam Backup & Replication™, delivers availability for all cloud, virtual, Kubernetes and physical workloads. Through a management console, the software provides backup, archival, recovery and replication capabilities.

What is Veeam Backup for AWS?

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Product Details

What is Asigra?

Trusted since 1986, Asigra provides organizations around the world the ability to recover their data now from anywhere through a global network of partners who deliver cloud backup and recovery services as public, private and/or hybrid deployments. As the industry’s first enterprise-class agentless cloud-based recovery software to provide data backup and recovery of servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, databases and applications, SaaS and IaaS based applications, Asigra lowers the total cost of ownership, reduces recovery time objectives, eliminates silos of backup data by providing a single consolidated repository, and provides 100% recovery assurance. Asigra’s revolutionary patent-pending Recovery License Model provides organizations with a cost effective data recovery business model unlike any other offered in the storage market.

Asigra Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Asigra is an enterprise-level, agentless, cloud-based recovery software to provide data backup and recovery of servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, database, and SaaS/IaaS-based applications. Asigra charges customers by the amount of data they recover rather than the amount they back up.

Reviewers rate Availability highest, with a score of 8.8.

The most common users of Asigra are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Comprehensive and Versatile Platform: Many users have found Asigra's Agentless Backup and Recovery solution to be a comprehensive and versatile platform that can protect various platforms and services. This eliminates the need for multiple point solutions and simplifies management.

Secure and Reliable Solution: Several reviewers have praised Asigra's solution for its security, reliability, scalability, and ease of administration. The use of features like Autonomic Healing and Validation Restore ensures consistent and accurate data recovery.

Agentless Architecture: Users appreciate the agentless architecture of Asigra, which reduces complications associated with installation, configuration, and management of individual servers. This saves time and effort for IT staff while making it easier to manage compared to agent-based alternatives.

Outdated GUI: The graphical user interface GUI of Asigra has been described as confusing and outdated by users, who eagerly anticipate the promised new GUI in the next release.

Difficult Support Ticket Process: Some users have criticized the process to open a support ticket, describing it as clumsy and cumbersome. This has caused frustration among reviewers who expect a smoother and more efficient way to seek assistance when encountering issues with the software.

Expensive for Small Data Sets: The cost of Asigra is considered high by some users, particularly for small data sets. Reviewers feel that the pricing structure does not align well with their needs, making it less affordable for smaller companies or organizations.

Users commonly recommend the following from their experience with Asigra:

Reading the documentation: Users suggest starting by thoroughly reading the detailed documentation provided by Asigra before deploying the software. This helps users gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform and its capabilities.

Seeking assistance from the Asigra team: Many users recommend reaching out to the Asigra team for on-boarding assistance. This ensures a smooth implementation process and allows users to take full advantage of the software's features.

Evaluating and comparing with competitors: Users advise evaluating Asigra thoroughly and comparing its benefits with other backup solutions in the market. This helps users make an informed decision based on their specific needs and requirements.

Overall, users recommend investing time in understanding the documentation, seeking assistance from the Asigra team, and conducting a thorough evaluation before making any decisions about using Asigra for backup and restore operations.

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December 07, 2022

Asigra's BackUp features

Neel Shah | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We didn't have any backup or recovery tool for our organisation in starting ,so I asked some people and they suggested to give Asigra a try.The main feature which I loved is ,it can be scalable in the backup also ,as it is fully on cloud the security is not a point of concern.
  • Pricing of the product is best
  • IT's simple to implement the workflow to our product
  • IT has Attack Loop Up services which helps us to tackle against the ransomware
  • Some more features like Restore Validation is also very useful
  • It's not compatible currently with S3
  • They show up new versions every year so wanted to see a feature having migration of different clouds.
  • To handle databases of DS client might be difficult sometimes.
The majority of the problems that have come up in my use of the software have been resolved by Asigra's support personnel, who are very knowledgeable, and their help site's extensive knowledge base.I adore the agentless backup technology from Asigra. In our customer's setup, I can install the DS-Client on a single machine, and it will backup every system connected to that network. I don't need to set up the programme on numerous computers.
October 17, 2019

Asigra Backup Solution

Mauro Carrillo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are currently using Asigra as our main solution to provide system backups and restores. This server side application is extremely important to our environment due to handling all of our virtual machines and physical server backups. It's a reliable and efficient tool for this purpose.
  • Cloud backup - fast and reliable data backups
  • Data recovery platform - easy to operate when data needs to be restored.
  • Operability - the system is easy to use and effective even over slow or higher latency connections.
  • The interface is outdated and could be more intuitive. Work is needed to make it easier to set up when loading and setting up operations.
  • Event logs need some work. The errors in the log sometimes are not very descriptive. This can cause delays when trying to determine what the actual failure is.
  • Earlier versions did not have the ability to take snapshots but this was resolved on newer versions.
Asigra does a great job at automating efficient backup jobs. We can schedule and automate the backup process, thus reducing the need for manual intervention and freeing up IT resources that allows them to work on other IT projects and activities. The Asigra process is extremely efficient. Its appropriate for any size business.
October 08, 2019

Asigra Backup Solution

Rajwinder Singh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I did work with a Asigra Partner. Asigra Solution was implemented in our organisation and our customers as well
  • Agentless Architecture: Minimal End-Point resource utilization
  • De-Duplication and Compression
  • Encryption
  • Backup on cloud
  • Reporting should be more interactive
Asigra is best suited for VMware VADP Backup.
Asigra is good for end user backup within the organisation using agent-less backup
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used across the entire organization and it is what we offer to customers when it comes to online backup.
  • It allows for great diversity when it comes to what you wish to back up, proven when you configure a backup-job.
  • The DS-Operator allows for easy management of multiple clients which really suits our business needs.
  • Once properly configured you hardly run into issues with linking because of the software itself.
  • The user interface could use a facelift.
Asigra is well suited when we are talking about multiple clients due to the fact that you can easily manage all of them through the DS-operator. You can easily check quotas, how much data they actually use, where you have the clients installed and you can browse customer backup files as if you were using Windows Explorer (capitalizing on the whole ease of access concept).
February 03, 2016

Asigra Backup Solution

Stephen Sifers | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Management of the company is poor at best. They do not care about the clients unless they are huge. We have been bounced between accounts managers at least 4 times in the last 2 years. Ability to resolve account issue is poor, most times you do not get an acceptable response.

Asigra is solely used as a Backup product. We use Asigra to backup servers (physical and virtual), applications and desktops/laptops. Asigra is used when its placement and product limitations fit a clients requirements. We have been able to address the ability to automate process and backup set creation using the Asigra platform.
  • Templating of backup sets and client settings
  • Mass deployment
  • Redundency
  • Management
  • All around features and ability to quick add new features
  • User interfaces
If you need a quick (less than 15 minutes) RTO then Asigra may not be the product for you. Asigra does file level backups very well but is lacking when it comes to VMware backups and restores.
September 30, 2015

Asigra, whats the score?

Jeremy Wyatt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
I've been implementing Asigra for over 6 years as Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds. Its key features for me are: Agentless Architecture, WAN Optimisation, Incremental Forever, Encrypted at Source, FIPS-140-2 Certification. These features give service providers and customers the confidence that their data is protected and secure.

Asigra Backs up the data, and restores it when you need it. What more do you need?
  • Asigra's agentless architecture means it's much less labour intensive than agent-based alternatives.
  • Encrypted at Source gives the customer and service provider the confidence that their data is secure.
  • Continuous Development of the Asigra product suite by Asigra's dedicated engineers in Toronto means Asigra continues to protect data in the latest IT environments. Be that in the Office, Mobile Device, Cloud or Data Centre.
  • File Level restore from Windows Hyper-V VHDX backups. This functionality is possible in VMware VMDK backups.
  • DS-System GUI is outdated and needs bringing up to the same level as the new DS-User GUI.
  • The reporting could be slicker of the DS-System to DS-System Asigra Replication which provides a second Geographically separate copy of the data.
If implemented as a Cloud Service provider (Public Cloud), In House Solution (Private Cloud) or a mixture of both (Hybrid Cloud):

  • The Agentless Architecture means there are less support burdens.
  • Encryption at Source gives the customer confidence their data is secure.
  • WAN Optimisation (Compression & Block Level Incremential Forever and De-deupe of Data), enables a large amount of Data to be protected offsite.
  • One step Backup to both Local and Offsite storage enables LAN speed restores with offsite peace of mind.
  • Asigra Replication from DS-System to DS-System enables another geographically separate copy of the data.
Martyn Randell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Originally as a Commercial Property Solutions company Fasset Ltd took the decision following 9 months of research and due diligence to implement Asigra across our UK sites to simplify our Backup process and anticipating the level of data growth, lower the risk to us as a business. This quickly moved to setting up a completely new division within our company called Fasset Technologies to resell Asigra to the Tenants at our sites. Within 12 months this is now in operation across our portfolio and to many of the business within.

What problems does it address for us?
1) Consolidation of Backup Platforms into one solution
2) Lowers our business risk
3) Supports the Backup of Microsoft 365 data following our recent migration
4) Enables us to support our remote sites with a Resilient Data Continuity Solution
5) From a BCP point of view it has enabled us to meet our planned objectives for RTO / RPO
  • One solution / window to control all of your backup & recovery requirements.
  • Fantastic de-dupe / compression to ensure best value. Our average has been circa 30% of its original size.
  • A pricing model that makes common sense. You pay for the amount you backup and you pay a recovery sum based on historical usage.
  • The security encryption levels mean that we can support businesses of all types and in still confidence in them.
  • Before Version 13 the GUI was seen as a barrier to its success. Since Feb 15 this has been improved.
  • Endpoint Devices - This is there but has not all the functionality seen in many bespoke products for mobile / tablets etc. From my understanding Asigra have 3 more version updates in the coming 12 months that will improve on this. For me it was a small price to pay for a product that does everything else so well.
Due to the security, compliance and regulatory aspects covered by Asigra, it lends itself very well to companies in Finance, Healthcare and Defence. That said, most complex businesses today will benefit from reducing the systems they currently operate. Given that many businesses still operate a tape-based backup Asigra provides the perfect tool to migrate onto which is truly future proofing them.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Asigra Software enables matrix technology AG to offer "Cloud-Backup made in Germany" - an easy to use, reliable and scalable backup and recovery solution for mid range businesses.

All customer data is backed up on our multitenant infrastructure vault in Datacenters all in the Munich area.
All data is encrypted and kept as long as needed for 7 x 24 restore availability.

In case of a desaster customers would be up and running within a very short RTO on our shared multitenant infrastructure platform to continue their business.
  • Agentless design simplifies Backup for a wide range of traditional and cloud platforms including Windows, Novell, Linux, Unix, MacOS, iOS, Android, Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce and more
  • Backup distributed business data based on a highly secure and effective method to Cloud Datacenter Vaults and store it safe and encrypted as long as needed based on flexible scheduling and retention policies
  • Provide reliable successful restores 7 x 24 with short RTOs
  • Easy repeatable DR drills ensure desaster recovery when really needed
  • The Service based architecture of Asigra Cloud Backup Software enables a broad range of Private, Hybrid an Public solution and service offerings for flexible customer best fit Service Provider Agreements
  • Easy Client based secure VMWare replication simplifies DR Scenarios for VM based mid range customer environements dramatically and significantly shortens RTO
  • Backup and Recovery is still a complex Topic. So the challenge remains to simplify User Interfaces for easiest possible access to the most common (daily) tasks in Backup and Recovery
  • VMWare cloud director integration and even deeper integration with storage vendor APIs would increase the technical opportunities for more complex datacenter scenarios.
Asigra Cloud Backup Software is a very reliable backup solution which ensures an encredible high recovery availability and success rate with short RTOs. It is best suited to backup remote distributed data for a wide range of Servers and end point devices from and to traditional and cloud platforms . It is also great to backup mid range business IT to datacenter remote premises for desaster recovery purposes.
Matthew Harris | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
We are looking how to address the SMB space and helping customers who's growth necessitates a move from just backup to a comprehensive Business Continuity solution. Asigra allows us to help Resellers manage the technology roadmap on behalf of their customers who need their critical business data protected and available.

Asigra - What can I say. After dealing with enterprise software products for 20 yrs, working with Asigra is a breath of fresh air. To have an offering that has full scale enterprise functionality that can also be used and afforded by SMB customers is a real pleasure. Most enterprise applications get lost in complex modules, pricing structures, hidden costs etc., as the years move on. This has not happened with Asigra, it's kept to it's agile fighting weight and focused on doing what it does best and doing it well. OK - There are some areas like the GUI that could be more intuitive than menu based or not having a mobile app dashboard so you are always aware. However these are cosmetic points and I'm sure will be addressed in future version releases.

  • Pricing Model - Pay for what you recover. Need I say more...
  • Agentless - Non invasive, secure and efficient way to gather this data
  • Cloud / SaaS - Allows customers to protect their data from application in the cloud, ie Google apps, Office 365, Salesforce, AWS or Azure.
  • 30 years of constant development and innovation while still having the agility of a statup.
  • Has some of the strongest dedupe and compression alogrithms in the industry
  • Powerful tool set
  • Intuitive GUI - Cosmetic
  • Phone App based dashboard / management console - Nice to have
  • Lite version for SOHO / small smb customers
Key considerations:

  • Having a single backup solution vs multiple solutions and managing backup/recovery policies in line with RTO and RPO plans.
  • Awareness of future backup needs, e.g. VMs, P/V Server backup, Smartphones, tablets, laptops.
  • How to reduce backup/recovery costs as storage needs increase. i.e. only pay for what you recover.
  • What's your risk management and mitigation process.
John Whitford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
We chose Asigra to provide cloud backup service to our Managed Services clients. Structured also uses it as our primary backup solution. It is agent-less, fully licensed, and can meet the DR needs of any company size.
  • Offsite backups with compression and deduplication for maximum size savings
  • Onsite backups for lower value data
  • Offsite archive of old backup data to lower tiered storage and cost
  • Centralized management web interface for simple operation oversight
  • Offsite, On-premise, or hybrid deployment
  • Replication feature for back end site redundancy
  • Very secure product, loses minor flexibility
Works best where 1 or more systems can perform backups per site. Because of security, data is encrypted when backed up. Data must be restored to be accessible. Other, less secure products, may allow to browse backup data contents and mount without restoring.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Asigra is being used to provide cloud backup to customers in all sectors, including the health sector.
  • Stable software
  • Great following up
  • Keeping up with the technology
  • Better GUI
  • More functionality on the DS-System
  • Replace local license server with a cloud license server from Asigra
Asigra may be a little overkill for small companies.
Richard Gaudin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
I implemented Asigra in a previous organisation and I am currently a reseller and service provider for Asigra. It has been used both across the organisations I have worked for and to address specific backup and recovery issues which other solutions were not able to resolve such as backing up SaaS solutions such as Salesforce.

As a user of the solution it offers a revolutionary pricing model which rewards good IT practices by lowering the cost of an organisations' backup and recovery when you have maintained a low requirement for recovery in previous years. It also removes the cost and management overhead of multiple agents across the IT estate.

As a service provider it offers the perfect business model of a cloud delivered, annuity revenue solution, around which you can build a service that will add long term value to your business.

  • It is agentless which makes the cost and administration overhead low.
  • It offers a recovery licensing model which rewards efficient IT practices in subsequent years.
  • It provides robust backup for cloud services such as Salesforce and office 365.
  • It can be delivered on a private infrastructure, in a multi tenant cloud environment or as a hybrid solution
  • It has FIPS 140 accreditation which demonstrates the security of the solution
  • Support for Blackberry devices
Where there is a distributed organisation with multiple systems but a desire for centralised backup, this is a particularly good fit, hence it works well in spaces such as the offshore financial sector. Also, where there are a high number of mobile devices and laptops in the organisation, these can all be backed up with no per device cost as the client software has no cost. Unlike many backup solutions which are owned by storage vendors, Asigra is primarily focussed on reducing your storage requirements rather than selling you more disk.
Oliver Kelly | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
FCS is a reseller of Asigra and use it to supply cloud based backup and disaster recovery as service solutions to our customers. I personally have been using Asigra for the past nine years now and still believe it to be the best cloud based enterprise backup and disaster recovery solution. Over the years Asigra has continued to improve always wanting to be ahead of the curve utilising new technology and approaches to ensure the best solution possible. As many other reviewers have stated there is never a question of whether the data can be recovered once Asigra has protected it giving ultimate peace of mind to service providers and most importantly the end customer.
  • Fully Agentless Architecture - One DS Client has the ability to protect all of your environment without the need to install agents on each machine saving time and money.
  • Incremental Forever - No need to run weekly or monthly masters generations.
  • Military Grade Security
  • Deduplication
  • Mass Deployment functionality
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • VM Replication
  • All data fully compressed and encrypted for WAN optimisation
  • The Asigra GUI's have been described as quite antiquated. The most used interface (DS User) has been recently updated, it will be nice when the rest of the interfaces get a fresh look.
  • DS Noc is a nice single pane of glass view for the backup status of the estate but there still could be some improvements in the reporting.
  • DS Billing is not a product that I have ever really used due to not needing the complexity for billing customers and using more traditional accounting software.
Asigra can be utilised in all enterprise and small to medium business environments with easy deployment and management. One of Asigra's key features is that it is adaptable and scalable with the ability to deploy and successfully protect data centre environments such as private cloud and companies with multiple remote offices. The military grade security of the product means that customers data is always safe from malicious intent and can be securely stored offsite with quick recovery times as there is no need to wait for tapes to be retrieved. The incremental forever functionality is an excellent feature never requiring master backups to ever be taken after the initial backup, resulting in an extremely fast efficient solution.
Matthew P. Grosso | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Asigra is used across our whole organization. We have Asigra installed in 5 Data Centers, some DC's are used as Replication to Primary Vaults in others. Asigra solves the business needs of data protection and data retention, with the added benefit of simple server/system recovery (DR). Since Asigra is Agentless, there is an easy process for updates, upgrades and, we don't worry about security "holes" in our systems.
  • Asigra's Agentless Backup and Recovery solution protects many various platforms and services... servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, DB's/Apps, data, etc... no more multiple point solutions to manage. Agentless means less complication, less installation, configuration and management of individual servers. Asigra provides us with a Secure, Reliable, Scalable and easy to administer and manage solution.
  • We get Recovery and Restoration assurance with Asigra. features such as Autonomic Healing and Validation Restore ensures our data recovered is consistent and accurate, and we can recover our data successfully, every time.
  • Secure and Compliant solution. As a public company, we appreciate the Security and Encryption methods from Asigra. The solution encrypts information at the source using a FIPS 140-2 certified algorithm, ensuring our data is secure both, in-flight and at rest... great for SOX and HIPAA requirements.
  • Automation and efficiency... We can schedule and automate the backup process, thus reducing the need for manual intervention and freeing up time of our IT staff for other projects and activities. The Asigra process is very efficient
  • We can manage the solution and all its components from a single pane of glass and, with the hardward/software agnostic behavior of the solution, we can mix and match the way we protect, regardless of operating systems, virtual platforms, applications, storage arrays or cloud deployment models
  • We would like to see Asigra come out with a Replication Model for quick Recovery of systems upon Disaster. We can have quicker recovery, DR, with Virtual Machines but we would like to have Physical Machine recovery in less than 2 hours. Replication can accomplish this...
  • We would like to see Geolocation and remote wipe for endpoint devices
  • We would like to see the solution provide easy "roll back" after a disaster.
Asigra is very well suited for a mixed environment... physical, virtual servers; endpoint devices; mixed platforms/OS, Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX, MacX server, iphones/ipads, etc...
Questions to ask- focus on security, on the encryption key and who has access, how data is protected from unauthorized access.
Question: Are you sure you can always restore your data from your current backup repository? How does your backup software protect against data corruption?
Question: how man people do you need to manage your current backup and recovery infrastructure and, do you need people with advanced IT skills to run this solution for your company?
Cassie Holmes | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
We've been Asigra partners for around 10 years. We provide and support Asigra backup software to our clients because we believe it's the most reliable and effective solution available. Proving it as a fully managed backup service allows in-house IT teams to stop worrying about the time-consuming task of managing backups, and focus on core areas of their job.
  • Asigra's agentless architecture saves you time - matching agent revisions with operating system levels, researching compatibility issues, and other labour intensive tasks are non-existent when using the Asigra solution
  • Agentless architecture is easier to support - it's inherently easier to support and the risk of problems is reduced as compared to other solutions because of its agentless design
  • It's much less resource-intensive - Asigra makes no power demands of the servers it is backing up
  • The user-interface is fairly dated and could probably do with a refresh to reflect the quality of the software
It's well suited to anyone from single site businesses to multi-national organisations. Traditionally cloud backup services required the installation of a software agent on every client side host server. Even in small environments, that quickly got expensive and complicated to manage, leading to “agent pollution". Asigra does not require any agents to be installed but instead reaches out over the network to back up operating systems, file systems, and applications, using industry standard programming interfaces - it's a much more effective solution.
Lee Taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Asigra was used to provide secure backup and recovery of file and MSSQL based data.
  • Agent-less backup works well. It's great not having to install agents on every machine.
  • Great compression options.
  • Great local storage options allowing you to keep backup generation locally for quick recovery.
  • Great documentation. You will get pertinent precise documentation.
  • Retention is totally up to you and can vary by backup set.
  • Only block level changes are saved from previous backup.
  • Backup ups can be validated.
  • Backup up to NAS. Many Linux based NAS's are not supported.
  • The GUI is cumbersome, especially the "Consumer" GUI. Features that you are looking for are hidden and hard to find.
  • Pricing can vary widely.
  • For substantial numbers of client backups a dedicated machine with lots of storage is recommended.
  • In general if you are not a sizable company they are not interested in you. Asigra licenses to the product to its distributors for a substantial fee, smaller customers are not going to allow them to recuperate that fee unless they have a really large customer base.
Asigra is well suited for enterprise server products Linux and Windows. It is also well suited for VM Ware VM backup and recovery. It requires SQL Server (windows) or PostGre (Linux) databases for metadata storage. Databases can get quite large.
Brent Reichow | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
We use Asigra to backup our internal systems but we are also a reseller of Asigra. As a reseller we run a public backup and recovery service cloud and also implement private clouds for organizations that can't use public cloud services because of internal and or outside rules/regulations. We use Asigra to typically replace tape backup infrastructure at client and partner sites.
  • Asigra does a number of things well. First, it's a cross-platform data backup and recovery solution. This means you can use the same software to backup Microsoft, Linux, OS X and VMs. The same software can be used for servers, desktops and mobile devices which helps to smooth the delivery process as their are less moving parts.
  • Key strengths include it's Agentless backup and recovery platform. As most people know when using traditional backup software an agent needs to be installed on each device you want to backup up - not so with Asigra. Software agents that consumes local CPU cycles to do data de-duplication, compression and encryption are not required to backup devices using Asigra. This saves a lot of time and effort and also makes POCs (proof-of-concepts) during the sales cycle much easier.
  • Recent support for cloud services like Office365, Google, Salesforce and others provides a lot of service flexibility.
  • One of the areas that we feel Asigra needs to address is software localization. Asigra's backup and recovery software is very granular and takes time to understand but with only three languages supported (English, Chinese and German) it makes it more difficult to implement and support.
  • Error reporting (logs) can be difficult to understand. Obviously if a backup set doesn't complete or an error occurs during a process its best to be able to trouble-shoot quickly and efficiently. This is an area that we'd like to see Asigra improve upon.
Asigra develops it's data backup and recovery platform for service providers. It's not shrink wrap software like other backup solutions that you can purchase and implement. Typically, I would not recommend the Asigra to a small office/home office (SOHO) as it's much more of a enterprise solution.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review

We are Service Providers reselling Asigra for Private Cloud deployments and running our own Public Cloud vault that runs backups for various organizations ranging from small environments comprising of desktop/laptops to enterprises with MS Exchange, databases and file servers.

For our customers, it works as an ideal data protection solution for its capabilities of supporting multiple environments, features and public cloud allows remote data protection also.

  • Provides capability of local backups while maintaining remote copies on cloud to ensure faster recoveries of recent data and remote protection of all data.
  • Helps reduce cost of long term retention by leveraging the BLM functionality.
  • It does not need specialized hardware for it to work. Customers and Service Providers can choose their own infrastructure and do not need to rely on any OS or storage based replication even for deploying replication of backups.
  • Supports wide range of environments including virtual environments with remarkable features like remote VDR with incremental restores.
  • Image level VM backups need to quickly help doing file level restores.
  • Need support for larger environments like Sybase etc. as these databases are catching the market along with SAP.
  • Better deduplication on Oracle databases.

I have been working with backup solutions for around 14 years now. Asigra is one solution that has a wide range of features and functionalities while retaining the simplicity of usage and making it a very simple product to learn and start using.

What is also important is the post sales support wherein the product code is done so well that you rarely need to engage Asigra's support team for escalations and support calls. On top of it, Asigra technical support works very well to ensure you are taken care of well & quickly. This is one of the most important things that you look for while evaluating any product as you need to have the right people around you when you are in trouble.

Pesach Goldman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
I'm the owner of a company named 010 Cloud Computing. We are an MSP that uses Asigra as our main platform for data protection. Asigra helps us ensure our customers that we will be able to recover their data at any time from any disaster. We have more than 150 customers using the software and all of our customers are satisfied with it.
  • Asigra backs up all different servers and applications
  • Asigra helps us back up data from cloud applications such as SalesForce, Google Apps and Microsoft 365
  • Asigra helps us assure our customers that we can recover their data because it has very good reporting system
  • Asigra needs to improve their UX. I know that there is a lot of work on this.
A customer who wants to backup data from one of the following is suited for Asigra:

- Virtualization
- Servers
- Mobile devices
- Cloud Applications such as SFDC, Office 365, Google Apps
- AS400

A customer who wants to run DR drills and know he will be able to succeed must use Asigra as a backup software.
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Daymark Solutions is both an Asigra provider and an Asigra consumer. We offer public, hybrid, and private cloud implementations of the product. Daymark utilizes Asigra for all backups, from laptops to servers. Asigra provides automated, offsite, and secure backups for Daymark by protecting Microsoft Windows servers, including Exchange and SQL, as well as virtual file shares on a NetApp filer.
  • Asigra provides well integrated use of the Microsoft APIs to backup Microsoft applications they way Microsoft wants them backed up.
  • Asigra provides lightweight laptop clients with user friendly GUI's, mass deployment options, and small resource consumption.
  • Asigra integrates naturally with NetApp storage arrays, taking advantage of the NetApp APIs to provide snapshot-base backups form the NetApp storage.
  • Asigra operates within the realm of the APIs provided by the application vendors. If there are limitations in the Microsoft or VMWare API, there will be a limitation to how Asigra protects that data.
  • Asigra is currently working on an overhaul on the GUI experience. This overhaul is much needed. They are promising this new GUI hopefully in the next release.
Asigra actually has several flexible deployment options that mean it can protect small and large environments well. It can handle Windows, Linux, VMWare, and whole slew of other types of data.

One of the key things about Asigra is that they do not sell directly to customers. You have to go through an Asigra Partner. That is where the questions should be asked.

Is the service provider SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliant?
Is the service provider utilizing the Asigra replication module to provide two copies of your data?
Does the partner staff Asigra trained and certified professionals?
How does the provider bill? Stored data? Compressed data? Native size?
Jonathan Hozeska | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Asigra is being used to provide onsite and cloud backups of large data sets internally and for our managed service clients. Asigra provides a complete backup solution with minimal agents required.
  • Excellent data compression ratios
  • Affordable solution for mid to large size companies
  • Easy to use point and click restores / backups
  • Technical support is excellent but the process to open a ticket is clumsy and cumbersome.
  • The product is expensive for small data sets
Asigra is well suited for both Windows and Linux installations.
November 25, 2014

My Asigra synopsis...

Greg Drumsta | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use Asigra as our primary backup solution. We are re-sellers and use it across every client that needs a backup solution, including ourselves.
  • A cloud backup system that is agent-less. You just simply need to install an interface (DS-User) to interact w/your backup jobs.
  • Block level backup. You only backup files changes as opposed to sending the whole file, saving bandwidth.
  • Ease of use. I find the interface is relatively simple to use and get used to. If you have never used backup software, I feel the program caters to all user levels.
  • The event log errors that are returned by some failure a job has. Some are cryptic.
  • When restoring file types, I'd like to see the ability to restore multiple extensions, as opposed to 1.
  • I would like to see more community involvement. There are not many online resources for support other than Asigra's helpdesk and a random unofficial forum.
I do not see why I would not recommend this product as a solution. My only problem is the company supports VMware more exclusively than Hyper-V.
James Chillman | TrustRadius Reviewer
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UK Backup utilises Asigra's Cloud Backup service to provide a true end to end public, private and hybrid cloud backup service to our clients. Asigra allows us to offer a service that would not be possible using other software companies.Instead of focussing on a specific segment of the market such as 'virtualised environments' Asigra enables us to offer backup of mobile devices through to enterprise environments and even cloud environments.
  • True end to End Offering, There are very few operating systems or applications that Asigra doesn't support.
  • Deduplication & Compression: Asigra's deduplication and compression settings allows us to reduce our clients expendature on cloud backup
  • Channel Only: Asigra is only available via the channel and each partner is allocated a 'Partner Success Manager' Who ensures your partnership is successful .
  • GUI can be sometimes not as straightforward to new users.
It's key to work out what your clients' requirements are, we often find that clients requirements are wide and often do not have a single 'system' such as vmware servers that need to be backed up. Working out exactly what environments your clients require allows you to identify the software that will meet your clients' requirements.
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The Asigra software was being used for our company's local backup and also for local and offsite backups for our customers.

It allowed us to create an offering for offsite backup that was encrypted to meet our customers ISO requirements.
  • The file level backup restore process in version 11 was flawless. I was able to restore files to customers at any time from my desk.
  • Support staff very knowledgeable. Good to have engineers available to assist.
  • Level 1 training very useful. Staff at their office were very nice. Felt like I was apart of their family while there.
  • Version 11 did not have the ability to take snapshots they said it would be available in version 12.
  • Trying to restore email from full exchange store backup was very difficult. We were not successful in find email.
  • Have to purchase support credits. I ran out of these quickly and would rather have paid for a full year of support. I did not like it when I was out of credits and had to get more before I could get assistance.
I would make sure they have full snapshot backups in latest versions. I would recommend a testing period before purchase and/or an onsite demo. I think this is a great software to use in the Managed Services industry. Companies are becoming required to have encrypted offsite backups. No agent to install on clients makes deploying a CDP type of backup very easy!!
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This software was used by a Managed Services Provider to offer cloud based backup solutions to many clients. These clients ranged in size from very small (5 Employees) to mid sized (500 employees). Clients would run a small piece of software locally and backup to cloud at a central datacenter.
  • Lightweight setup for clients.
  • Agentless for most servers.
  • Robust, can backup almost anything.
  • De-duplication across multiple servers and tenants.
  • Interface is very basic and can be convoluted. It is not pretty.
  • Errorcodes are usually complicated and often need high level resources to figure out.
  • Support system with manufacture is ticket based. Vendors are incentivized not to create tickets.
Asigra is best suited for large multi-site Enterprise, MSPs, or customers of MSPs who want cloud based backup with many options. It is best suited for shops that have strong Linux resources and keen troubleshooting skills or can lean on an MSP to do the lifting for them. Agentless backup makes deployment easy and efficient for many servers. Fast WAN recommended.
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