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AspenONE Engineering

AspenONE Engineering


What is AspenONE Engineering?

Aspen Technology headquartered in Bedford offers AspenONE Engineering to refineries as a software design aid, emphasizing process optimization and cost control.

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Users have reported that the software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is primarily used for process engineering simulations in …
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What is AspenONE Engineering?

AspenONE Engineering Technical Details

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Community Insights

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Users have reported that the software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is primarily used for process engineering simulations in the petrochemical industry, allowing users to model and optimize various processes. One key feature of the software is its accurate capital cost estimation, which proves helpful for budgeting investment projects. Additionally, users have found it valuable for optimizing chemical engineering plants, including biorefineries and biomass gasification simulations. The software also serves as a tool for developing chemical engineering models for separation processes and simulating plant-wide process equipment. It has proven useful for solving chemical engineering computations and performing process dynamics simulations. In addition, users appreciate the ability to run case studies, visualize projects, and assess the feasibility of changing variables. This versatile software finds applications in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and chemicals. It has been particularly valuable for conducting economic analysis, comparing project scopes, and making cost estimations based on inputted chemicals and data. Process engineers and estimators rely on this software for processing simulation, equipment sizing and design, as well as detailed cost estimation.

Integrated and User-Friendly Output: Users appreciate that HYSYS software integrates various aspects of engineering to provide an integrated and user-friendly output that can be communicated throughout the organization. This feature has been mentioned by several reviewers who find it helpful in their work.

Highly Effective Economic Evaluation: The Economic Evaluation software is highly effective and reliable for estimating capital investment projects. Many users have praised this aspect of the software, highlighting its accuracy and usefulness in their evaluations.

Comprehensive Process Simulation Package: AspenONE Engineering, specifically HYSYS, is considered one of the best chemical engineering process simulation software. It offers a comprehensive package with various useful components like Hysys, AspenPlus, Flarenet, etc. Several users have expressed satisfaction with the wide range of simulation capabilities offered by the software.

Confusing Navigation: Several users have expressed difficulties in navigating through the AspenOne suite of software due to its encompassing many programs. The complex structure of the software makes it challenging for users to find their desired features and functionalities, resulting in a steep learning curve.

Laggy and Time-Consuming Simulations: Many reviewers have reported experiencing lags and delays when running simulations with the software. These performance issues not only slow down the overall process but also consume valuable time, hindering productivity.

High Memory Requirement and Slow Loading: Users have consistently mentioned that the software demands a significant amount of memory, which can be burdensome for some systems. Additionally, loading simulations takes a considerable amount of time, further adding to the waiting period before users can commence their work effectively.

Users have made several recommendations for the aspenONE package. Firstly, they suggest that custom math equation models could be improved to enhance the software's performance. Secondly, users recommend carefully following the process simulation sections when using the software to ensure accurate results. Lastly, users propose that AspenTech creates a software specifically designed for batch processes, which includes biological unit equipment. Such an addition would attract users from different industrial backgrounds and expand the software's usability. Additionally, users find the software very useful for chemical process design and encourage others to attend workshops to fully leverage its potential. Users also appreciate the helpfulness of customer support and the online database for providing guidance on using the software effectively.

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our Manufacturing and Production and Estimators deploy AspenONE Engineering in our organization. Complex manufacturing utilize it for manufacturing modelling, and they evaluate and processes more efficiently using the data from AspenONE Engineering . To make a comprehensive cost of the machinery specified by the Process team, calculators utilize the Aspen Capital Cost Estimator. I just began aiding my Effort estimation team, utilizing AspenONE Engineering to create the templates.
  • Patterns for each type of equipment may be created and reused.
  • Each cost segment, such as steel, electrical, civil, and instrumentation, has very extensive information available for examination.
  • I haven't come across many instructions, especially videos.
  • The User Guide is far too large to browse and learn from.
  • Documentation is detailed while also being complicated.
  • Any modifications that need to be made will take a long time.
In enterprises where another project is tailored to the needs of the client rather than using basic tools. And where the estimate requires comprehensive cost buckets for production operations. When there is a large amount of purchasing history to enter into AspenONE Engineering in order for it to provide reliable projections. Standard equipment manufacturing enterprises are not well suited. Also, because this instrument requires time, when there are time limitation and resource or human limitations.
  • Estimation and calculation.
  • Customizable features.
  • Aside from the cost of the instrument, time is an investment because obtaining the desired outcomes takes a long time.
  • We're getting AspenONE Engineering training from a professional consultant, but we haven't seen any results yet.
  • Product Engineering will appreciate detailed estimations.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
I might not.
The support team is always available for help. They are agile and cheerful.
Yes, the features were worth a try.
We began assessing several tools when we began estimating for a full process plant or various styles of equipment. We also investigated implementing an ERP system used by the sales and item engineering departments.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
AspenONE Engineering is used in our Organization by our Process Engineers and Estimators. Process Engineers use it for processing simulation, and with the data received from AspenONE, they size and design the equipment. Estimators use the Aspen Capital Cost Estimator, to do the detailed estimate of the equipment designed by the Process team. I started assisting my Estimating team recently, using ACCE for making the templates.
  • Once an estimate is made, it can be simply copied and modified for another similar equipment estimate
  • ACCE can be customized per the company's requirements
  • Templates for each equipment style can be made and can be used repeatedly
  • Very detailed reporting, of each cost segment like steel, electrical, civil, instruments is available for analysis
  • I haven't seen many tutorials available, especially videos
  • User Guide is too vast to explore and learn
  • Reporting is detailed but is also complex at the same time.
  • If any changes are to be made, then it involves a lot of time.
Answering where ACCE can be used - In Organizations, where each and every project is customized per customer requirements, and not just standard equipment. And where product engineering needs detailed cost buckets in the estimate. Also when there is a lot of purchase history to feed into ACCE to give accurate estimates. Not well suited for standard equipment manufacturing companies. Also when there are time crunches and resource or manpower shortages - as this tool needs time.
  • Investment apart from the cost of tool, is time - It is very time taking to obtain the results required
  • We are being trained by a professional consultant on ACCE, and yet to see the ROI
  • Detailed estimates as needed by Product Engineering is a plus
  • Excel, Lotus and ERP
Again answering from the ACCE perspective (Estimating tool) - Previously when we did estimates for simple equipment we had used excel estimates and lotus reporting. However, as we started estimating for an entire process plant or various style of equipment, we had started evaluating various tools. We had also considered using an ERP system that is utilized by Purchasing and Product Engineering teams, however, ACCE seemed a better fit for the amount of detailed estimating needed. And the robustness and various options available made us select this tool.
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