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Attivo BOTsink

Attivo BOTsink


What is Attivo BOTsink?

Attivo BOTsink is a deception-based threat detection and response platform designed to identify and respond to cyber threats in real-time. According to the vendor, this solution creates a decoy environment that redirects attackers away from critical assets, allowing for early detection and analysis...

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What is Attivo BOTsink?

As a network-based threat detection solution, Attivo BOTsink stands guard inside the business network, using high-interaction deception and decoy technology to lure attackers into engaging and revealing themselves. Through misdirection of the attack, the vendor states organizations gain the…

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Product Details

What is Attivo BOTsink?

Attivo BOTsink is a deception-based threat detection and response platform designed to identify and respond to cyber threats in real-time. According to the vendor, this solution creates a decoy environment that redirects attackers away from critical assets, allowing for early detection and analysis of their activities. Attivo BOTsink is suitable for organizations of all sizes, including small businesses and large enterprises. It is commonly used by IT security professionals, Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts, network administrators, as well as industries such as financial services and healthcare.

Key Features

Deception Technology: Attivo BOTsink utilizes various deception techniques, including decoy servers, endpoints, and data that imitate real systems, in order to entice attackers into engaging with them, as claimed by the vendor.

Attack Detection: According to the vendor, Attivo BOTsink is capable of detecting and alerting on different attacker activities, such as reconnaissance, lateral movement, privilege escalation, and data exfiltration. Advanced detection algorithms analyze patterns of attacker behavior to identify suspicious activities and trigger alerts.

Threat Intelligence: Attivo BOTsink provides real-time threat intelligence by capturing information on attacker techniques, tools, and tactics, as claimed by the vendor. This includes gathering details on attacker IP addresses, malware samples, and attack patterns, enabling proactive defense measures.

Automated Incident Response: The vendor states that Attivo BOTsink integrates with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platforms to automate incident response actions. Automated response actions include blocking attacker activity, isolating compromised endpoints, and initiating threat hunting.

Forensic Analysis: Attivo BOTsink captures detailed forensic information on attacker activities, including session recordings and attack replay, according to the vendor. This forensic analysis provides security teams with valuable insights into attacker techniques, enabling effective incident response and remediation.

Real-time Alerting: According to the vendor, Attivo BOTsink provides real-time alerts on detected threats, allowing security teams to promptly respond and mitigate potential damage.

Machine Learning Algorithms: The vendor claims that Attivo BOTsink utilizes machine learning algorithms that continuously adapt to new attack techniques and tactics, enhancing detection accuracy and keeping up with evolving threats.

Threat Hunting Capabilities: Attivo BOTsink enables proactive threat hunting by providing security teams with the necessary tools and intelligence to actively search for hidden threats within the network, as stated by the vendor.

Integration with Existing Security Infrastructure: According to the vendor, Attivo BOTsink seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure, allowing for coordinated response and containment of threats across the organization.

Detailed Attack Logs and Reports: Attivo BOTsink generates detailed attack logs and reports, assisting in post-incident analysis and facilitating the identification of vulnerabilities and security gaps, according to the vendor.

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Attivo BOTsink Technical Details

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Reviews and Ratings



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Rahul Deshmukh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Normally any threat in the network persists due to lateral movement and Attivo BoTsink detects exactly that and helps in machine learning based behaviour and blocking of threats. It projects decoys in such a way that it's difficult to distinguish with real assets of enterprise. This deception technique covers wide variety of attack surfaces and configurations for identical appearance
  • Detection of lateral movement
  • Deceptive projection of assets identical to production systems
  • Blocks threats over large attack surfaces
  • It helped reduce efforts of Cyber Security team by 20%
  • More fine tuning of threat detection capabilities needed
  • Users should be able to modify AIML configuration
  • Improving the display dashboard
It is best suited when deployed at perimeter and integrated with SIEM and SOAR solution. It will be able to replicate assets and display realistic configurations making difficult for hackers. We were able to avoid or block 40% of attacks targetted to our critical servers and could easily identify threat actors.
  • Automated deployment
  • Detailed root cause analysis
  • Accelerated incident response
  • Helped reduce 20% of Security teams time in threat detection
  • Reduction of 40% of attacks
  • Automated deployment helped in improving efficiency of the team by 30%
Attivo BoTsink was selected based on cost price and wide coverage of detection capabilities. Our decision was primarily based on reducing efforts to identify and mitigation of attacks. The ease of deployment was additional factor in decision making. As compared to Zscaler Deception and SentinelOne Singularity I found Attivo BoTsink detects more threats
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Attivo BOTsink to detect network security events and to identify unusual behavior. Some behaviors which Attivo BOTsink has detected are MITM attacks, directory enumeration, TCP scans, and other network scanning procedures.
  • Identifies devices
  • Provides threat details in real time
  • Provides network topology with potential threat paths
  • Dashboard is difficult to navigate
  • Configuring alerts is time consuming
  • Many false positives
Attivo BOTsink is a great network security tool for organizations that may not have a dedicated security team, but need to have threats reported in real time. It seems well suited for medium to large sized organizations that may have several subnets, VLANs, and remote locations.
  • Live decoys machines to detect threats
  • ThreatPath
  • ThreatStrike - decoy user accounts
  • Advanced reporting has saved from hiring additional personnel to monitor security threats
  • Real time identification of threats saves response time from actual breach
  • Third-party needed to be leveraged to help configure Attivo BOTsink
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