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What is AudioEye?

AudioEye, headquartered in Tucson, creates technology to make digital content more consumable, and more accessible, for more people.

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AudioEye has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to make their websites accessible and compliant. With its automated process, …
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What is AudioEye?

AudioEye, headquartered in Tucson, creates technology to make digital content more consumable, and more accessible, for more people.

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What is AudioEye?

AudioEye Video

Watch the version with audio descriptions: Start a free trial today: Follow this web accessibility tutorial on how to use AudioEye to help make your website more accessible and help address certain funda...
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Community Insights

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AudioEye has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to make their websites accessible and compliant. With its automated process, it eliminates the need for manual code insertion, saving time and effort for users. Clients have found AudioEye to be a valuable resource when facing legal and regulatory accessibility challenges, as it ensures their websites are accessible to all users.

One of the key use cases of AudioEye is improving website accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Businesses, including small digital teams with limited resources, have benefited from AudioEye's solution, which allows them to maintain compliance and provide an accessible digital experience. Users appreciate how AudioEye's plugin on WordPress sites helps enhance website navigation and ensures compliance with accessibility laws.

Another important use case of AudioEye is its role in addressing compliance issues for customers in specific locations and industries. The software simplifies the process of achieving compliance by offering a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution that requires minimal coding. It also provides peace of mind to businesses concerned about meeting accessibility standards and avoiding legal trouble.

Additionally, AudioEye contributes to overall website improvement by identifying larger issues related to SEO and general user experience. Through its comprehensive tools and reporting features, users can easily identify necessary fixes such as broken links or missing alt text. The software also keeps up with rules and regulations, serving as a consultant-like tool for businesses.

Overall, AudioEye serves as a reliable solution for businesses looking to ensure website accessibility, meet compliance requirements, protect themselves from potential lawsuits, and provide equal access to all users. Its ease of use, automated improvements, and focus on real user needs have made it a preferred partner for many organizations aiming to create an inclusive web experience.

Based on user reviews, here are the three most common recommendations for this software:

  1. Users have found that the software completely handles all issues with minimal effort. It effectively identifies and resolves accessibility barriers, making it a valuable tool for improving website accessibility.

  2. Many users highly recommend this software as a great investment, particularly for websites with high traffic. Its functionality and accuracy in identifying accessibility issues make it a worthwhile investment for website owners who want to ensure their site is inclusive and compliant.

  3. Users strongly advise obtaining the information provided by this software to best protect oneself from potential lawsuits. Taking proactive measures to ensure website compliance with accessibility standards is important, and this software is seen as a valuable resource in minimizing legal risks associated with inaccessible websites.

Additionally, some users mentioned that while the software may not be as good as implementing WCAG compliant development from scratch, it serves as a very good temporary solution. Reviewers recommend using this software if an immediate solution is needed while working towards full compliance.


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At its core, the product is great. When we make websites for clients, we make them with the eye of able-bodied people. This leads to disruptions when so many users with problems have accessibility issues. That’s when the audio eye comes in. It is a great software to reconise the flaws so that online can be made a safe space that's accessible to all kinds of people.
  • It’s automated. So it finds the flaws automatically, and what's more is that it fixes them too without needing human intervention. Saves time that way.
  • Websites keep getting updated, so there have been times we miss out on smaller details. AudioEye continuously keeps check, so whenever something is wrong, it is fixed for accessibility.
  • There’s always a looming threat of legal action. We never want to disappoint users with accessibility issues but in case something slips through, we are provided with legal backing.
  • AI in general can always improve. That’s a time-based thing, and I'm sure over time the AI will get smarter and smarter at recognising issues.
  • Personalization can be more varied. Thankfully, it is offered at the moment, but it can be expanded upon.
It is near impossible to find all accessibility flaws on your own when designing a website. Having an AI keeping track brings firstly, peace of mind, but also more customers and engagement. It makes sure no customers lose interest because they can’t maneouver in the space properly. So this helps when you’ve come on the web, but want to make sure you have legal and accessibility compliance.
  • AI recognition of biases and issues
  • Non AI fixing suggestions - When something can’t be fixed by AI, it provides suggestions on how a human can go about making the change. Gamechanger.
  • Oh definitely a positive impact on growth.
  • As more people can access our digital spaces, it allows more room for expansion. The value is immeasurable.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization uses AudioEye with the aim of making an equal and inclusive Web for our clients or people with a variety of disabilities. It provides a wide range of tools such as visual focus adjustment, color contrast adjustment, font size and screen reading that expresses content using text-to-speech technologies, making it easier for our users with disabilities to navigate and interact on our website.
  • Easy to use.
  • WordPress plugin.
  • Low cost.
  • Friendly and intuitive interface.
  • It can be integrated with the main CMS solutions.
  • Customer service and support is weak.
Implementing Audioeye allows us to discover and convert pages into audible text and read it aloud for those who cannot see the screen.
  • The ability to seamlessly access a website and verify accessibility compliance.
  • Pages in audible text.
  • Accessibility and compliance checks completed.
They are accessibility tools that help achieve ADA/WCAG compliance. They offer plugin with WordPress, Go Daddy, Wix, Shopify, etc. AudioEye can be installed without any problem. They also offer a 7-day free trial.
Dácio Appolinario | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
First of all, protecting clients was one of my main goals while making their content strategy. We did offer the best CRM, best blogging platform but lacked offering them a solution for assessibility. Counting with AudioEye made our lives much easier, since they offer an automatic mistake fixing system, focused on the needs of the real users.
  • Fix Mistakes Automatically
  • Legal Aid (Law suits)
  • Manual Mistakes Fixing
  • Haven't noticed any yet. Maybe pricing, since it's in USD and I'm in Brazil, the exchange rate makes ir harder to place it in more clients of mine.
The ability of AudioEye to make the corrections by itself is a greeeat plus! Since I work with marketing, I do perform a lot of changes thinking about performance and customer attraction. Having to update an accessibility platform would make my job longer and harder... But it's automatic here, I love it.
  • Legal Aid (if needed)
  • Legal Protection
  • Automatic Fixing for Mistakes
  • Protecting the website against lawsuits and prosecution is the best return. We just don't need to think about it, and in case we need, there are professionals to guide us on the routes to follow. It's just amazing. I'm glad I never needed though.
I can't even compare. When I was browsing for a solution I've AudioEye, I didn't even think about testing others. The website was complete and my answers were perfectly addressed.
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