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February 12, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
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We are using Bim360 with several general contractors on several projects that vary in size. All project managers currently use Bim360 along with several of our foreman and superintendents. It helps address the issue(s) of having the latest set of plans for the project for the field team. Typically, the office/PM receives the plans before the field does. It makes it easy to load and for the field team to access.
  • Plan management.
  • Ease of access.
  • User friendly.
  • Ease of use.
Bim360 is okay to use in the field. I feel there are far more superior products or software out there to use. Bim360 isn't the easiest to use and takes time to learn. Additionally, flipping through plans is like flipping through a book, it's a slow process unless you know specifically where/what is on each page needed.
I have not had the opportunity to use the support for Bim360 - this is the reason for only giving it a "1 rating." The general contractor has always answered my related questions and/or concerns when using this program/software. I cannot give an honest opinion on the support function unless I use it. I would hope it would be very supportive such as Fieldwire, Procore, etc.
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January 07, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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I use Bim360 as a user on projects. The general contractors/architects provide the drawings for us to use on the PC in the office and tablets in the field. It allows us to detect clashes with our designs as an MEP subcontractor. This type of coordination then makes its way to the field for their use to further coordinate the installation.
  • Allows office personnel to efficiently coordinate with other trades.
  • It allows field personnel to make decision on the fly if changes need to be made to the originally coordinated designs.
  • A little more user-friendly interface for taking measurements on the tablet would be helpful.
  • A better way for the field to upload pictures to specific points on a drawing.
Field use is extremely helpful. it saves a lot of phone calls with questions back to the office. When 2 trades need to coordinate who has to move, it is a great tool for the conversation and speed of coming up with a solution that benefits everyone. It keeps the decision easy for who needs to relocate.
I haven't had to ask for much support. So the software is doing is job!
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October 12, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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At our company BIM 360 Document Management is being used for three primary functions:

  • Contract Documents - This is the location where subcontractors go to get the posted set of RFIs that have been vetted by our team and are to be proceeded on. This is how we manage the information that subcontractors should see vs. not see.
  • Reference Documents - Any additional as-builts, misc. documents or things we want to share with the subs, no more Engyte/Dropbox needed.
  • BIM information - Turns out BIM 360 Docs is great for the work-sharing of Revit files. AutoCAD does not seem to be stable especially with Xrefs. Cant wait to see this get consolidated with the GLUE file platform.
  • Provide access to updated contract drawings on the iPad and desktop applications.
  • BIM collaboration with Revit files.
  • Drawings load very fast.
  • CAD file collaboration is unstable.
  • Can not search the text of drawings or specs to find words. This is a huge deal breaker.
  • Cannot zoom in all the way on the drawing to see details blown up.
Bim360 is well suited for hosting drawings and sharing normal sized files with people. Most subcontractors are now using PlanGrid and other software which do not contain the "posted set" so they do not have all the RFIs they are supposed to proceed on unless they open docs and match the posted that the GC has done on docs. This results in them always chasing/updating the posting set, falling behind, and building old work.
AutoDesk support is slow and if you are not an enterprise customer they will likely tell you to go to forums and post for help pushing the support on the high-level end-users (some of which are AutoDesk employees). I haven't actually had issues requiring support with docs altough there are some features I wish it had.
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July 03, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
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Bim360 is being used primarily as the cloud storage location and method of collaboration for all of our Autodesk Revit models. It is also being used for project coordination and CA on select projects.
  • BIM 360 allows Revit models to be stored and collaborated on in the cloud.
  • Bim360 is extremely unintuitive and frequently confusing to end users.
  • There are multiple avenues of sharing and collaboration for models and information. The advantages/disadvantages of each and how to perform even the most basic of tasks requires extensive training and mentoring for even the most advanced of users.
  • There are many enormous limitations and constraints to BIM 360 that are not immediately obvious and even contrary to published marketing materials and even product naming.
  • Development cycles of the product are seemingly monthly, but incredibly minor. This makes the desperately-needed and glaringly obvious massive usability, capability, and performance improvements into deal-breakers and hair pulling events. Change cannot come fast enough.
  • There are no integrations into Microsoft's Azure AD SSO or other 3rd party SSOs available for SMBs. This makes the provided MFA a huge headache for all SMBs.
  • There are no integrations into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem for SharePoint/OneDrive or Outlook. This is desperately needed for most organizations using Bim360.
Bim360 is well suited for collaboration of Revit models with other organizations. It is not appropriate for much else in its current state, but the potential for greatness is there for many aspects of project management and CA.
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February 27, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Our company uses Bim360 to create 3D digital models of project to coordinate work and ensure that everything functions as a holistic system. The software allows us to quickly find problems and resolve the issues. It is also an excellent way to share information in an easy to understand visual representation with clients.
  • Clash control to ensure that all systems are coordinated appropriately.
  • Easy way to collect records through tracking and stamping.
  • Excellent for creating markups and comment sharing.
  • The software interface could be more well developed.
  • It does not integrate with all other software well.
  • There is no mature document management.
It is great to track punch list items and closeout issues. It is good for infield use and is an easy to use app. We rely on the software not only for clash detection, but also for visually communicating information to clients in an easy to understand manner. I have not personally used the software for commissioning, but I am interested in trying it so we
can link to our 360 Glue Revit models.
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November 07, 2018
Hung Lam Vu Ngo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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COFICO has been using Bim360 for most of their live projects. At the moment, we are running Bim360 Docs and Bim360 Field for 2 building projects, which is getting more and more benefits from one of the most useful CDE platforms. Bim360 is used by project team members. This helps us to share our BIM models and drawings to shareholders, review, and get the thing in right without any clashes prior to carry out on-site. Besides, with Bim360360 Field, we can improve our quality control system by changing to a digital solution with quick accessibility and huge data storage, which is great to reduce paperwork on a checklist, issue items, etc.

Safety on-site is managed better with Bim360 Field, particularly in collaborating all sub-contractors in site condition issues, safety requirement, safety root causes... From that recorded data every day, the company/project safety system will be definitely improved. Eventually, Bim360 could save us time and money, because it helps to improve the coordination and communication on the field, and it lets us see the issues and problems before they get more expensive for us to pay.
  • Well-integrated with BIM softwares from Autodesk, keeps the BIM workflow run well from design to construction on site
  • A lot of great features and functions as per each Bim360 software
  • Ability to customize for our own format on checklist, drawings, etc.
  • Need more link-able options between all softwares in Bim360
  • Need to improve performance with huge data models on mobile devices
  • Need the ability to share licenses between all softwares in Bim360
Good for
  • Viewing drawings and BIM models on the field across all shareholders
  • Systematic QA/QC and safety checklists
  • Auto-generating reports for better improvement
  • Reducing paperwork
It is not suitable for tender, though.
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September 12, 2017
christian Maxwell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use BIM360 extensively for our coordination work between our subcontractors. We have our modeling departments resolve conflicts between trades and then by building off the models that we access in the field using BIM360. This helps us to get everything in right and without any conflicts the first time and it saves us bundles of time in our schedule. We also use BIM360 for our quality control particularly during the constructions progress to cut down on the amount of punch list items that would need to be addressed at the end of the project.This saves us time and money as we are often able to catch issues early on before the small problems grow into the big expensive ones.
  • Model integration and field viewing
  • Quality Control Checklists
  • Issue creation and distribution
  • Drawing viewing and storage
  • Issue notifications and reminders
  • Daily Reports
I think BIM360 is an excellent tool for quality control and in field model viewing for construction purposes. The checklists, issue generation and punchlist tools are amazing and you would be hard pressed to find a better quicker and simpler software for these tools. The daily reports and drawing storage and viewing are not BIM360's strongest fields.
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January 17, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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We are currently using it for active design projects within one of our offices. The main issue BIM360 is addressing for us is the ability to have live updates between files. The communicator feature gives us the ability to monitor who is in a file and what activity they are accomplishing. Some of the other features allow for non-Revit users to review and comment on documents during the design process as well.
  • Live updates between design teams. This keeps the team up to date for quicker design and frees up personnel from having to do file transfers.
  • The cloud-based platform gives your company a little bit of a break on computer requirements.
  • Allows multiple offices and/or cloud-based consultants to collaborate on a design as if they are one office or one company.
  • The ability to rebuild a model cannot be done. You have to rename the original file and then reload a new model.
  • When you roll back your file using history, it deletes all the history back to the rollback. It would be nice if all it did was bring the history file up to the current.
  • It would be nice for your files to automatically update to BIM360.
The best scenario BIM360 is suited for is when you have multiple consultants working on a project. Another good time is when you use a sub-consultant on a project and the sub-consultant needs live access to the files. A scenario where it is less appropriate is when the design team is in the company or when live updates are not necessary.
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November 07, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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COFICO is using Bim360 across whole organization. Vietnamese construction culture is unfamiliar with digital; we like an online/cloud data server because it is very helpful, but digital submittals are not allowed because Vietnam construction laws require paper submittals. Bim360 is an online solution for Construction Management. It includes Bim360 Doc, which is the cloud server that stores construction data and documents, giving project team members the ability to review design drawings, coordinate multi trades in 3D environment, and collaborate in real time.

Bim360 Field is an online platform that changes construction culture, from paperwork to digital work. It gives project team members the ability to control construction safety and quality, to manage issues and design changes, to submit/RFI digitally on a computer, tablet, etc.
  • Storing construction data/documents, 3D BIM architectural models, structure, MEPF, and temp. works.
  • Users can review visual models, combine them together, markup issues, and respond/add notes to the model's authors.
  • We use Bim360 Field to hold safety works and QAQC works by establishing work checklists, which we use on tablets. For each item, we can select Check, Open, Approve and Close.
  • Can easily manage revisions/versions of data and documents.
  • Bim360 Field should be available on other tablets, not just the iPad
  • Bim360 Doc and Field should extend sharing permissions--of issues, images, information--to outside users (not just Bim360 users) via email
It's a good digital construction management tool and cloud-based construction data management solution.
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October 27, 2017
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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This program is being used in a few different aspects of the company. Areas where we used BIM360 was first on the web platform where we would store drawings, inspections and observations for each job. This would allow us to house the most up-to-date drawings, overlay new drawings when they were issued and record QA/QC that could be directly associated with the drawings. We would also use the web for a directory of everyone on the job to help with communication purposes. Additionally, the app would come into play when we were doing safety audits, the follow up from those audits and looking at drawings in the field. Being able to access the drawings in the field helped with more than just construction. We would incorporate Punchlist, where we could mark up exact locations with attached pictures to show previous conditions vs final conditions. We would also incorporate some phasing and logistical plans that could be shown in the field, updated and modified. Overall, it helped address coordination and communication between the field, ownership and contractor.
  • Not a thing, as so much as a well developed interface. For those of whom struggle with technology the interface is pretty straight forward with very little room to get lost.
  • Offline compatibility. It allows for usage in the field where there typically isn't wifi, so you can get work down or communication shown on the drawings, inspection or anything else set up on your system and sync when you get into wifi. Practically real time changes.
  • Ability to edit. The format to set up your docs, edit the drawings and make this platform your own tool is incredible.
  • They need to ability to link drawings with in the platform, that is very frustrating.
  • Overall more linking abilities to cut down on back and forth from webpages.
  • A better editing feature for meeting minutes and exporting all reports, very cookie cutter like.
  • Setting up documents that will be used over and over again as checklists or inspections.
  • Viewing drawings in the field with the ability to switch to other relevant documents quickly.
  • Viewing models, not editing so much but the ability to view, rotate and conform it to show needs or information requested.
  • Not appropriate for bidding, controlling a budget, or handling submittals.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Plan distribution & viewing (10)
Plan markups & sharing (9)
Issue tracking & punchlists (8)
Photo documentation (8)
Jobsite reports (9)
Document sharing (9)
RFI tools (8)
Collaboration & approvals (9)
As-built drawings (7)
Mobile app (9)
Submittal design and management (6)

What is Autodesk Bim 360?

Autodesk BIM 360 is a construction software for project managers, site managers, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) managers. It is designed to connect the office and site components of construction, providing cloud-based access to plans and models, which the vendor says can contribute to faster construction project delivery, reduced risk, and saved money.
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