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AVEVA Historian

AVEVA Historian
Formerly Wonderware


What is AVEVA Historian?

AVEVA Historian, formerly from Wonderware, is a time-series optimized data store, allowing the user to capture and store high-fidelity industrial big data, to unlock trapped potential for operational improvements.

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What is AVEVA Historian?

AVEVA Historian Technical Details

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AVEVA Historian, formerly Wonderware, is primarily being used as a process historian for our on-site plants, used by staff on site. Use has been and is still being expanded to other departments with time-series data requirements (enviro, OHS, infrastructure, mining, etc.). Previously, there was no central data storage and each system stored its own time-series data (control system) or data was stored in relational databases (SQL, Access, even Excel). Data is stored efficiently now and is safe and accessible to all.
  • Data storage--multiple data sources stream data in real time; it is stored without issue
  • Data retrieval--small to moderate queries and trends are generally fast and efficient
  • Cost effectiveness--it is one of the cheaper (non-enterprise) historian offers and therefore is good value for money (with a reduced feature set)
  • Query performance--for very long-term/large queries; the latest version which we are yet to commission has some improvements in this area
  • User interface--the trend, query, and Excel add-ins are basic and could do with a refresh; web-based clients are a paid add-on and less full featured, so not a true replacement
  • Connectivity--Wonderware System Platform driver packs are required for additional data source types, where native connectors are not provided by other products
Paired with Citect SCADA or System Platform, this is an excellent process historian. It also works well collecting OPC data. For basic data storage, retrieval, and analysis, this is well suited.

This is not well suited for very large deployments. Multiple instances would need to be used to scale up, and the data fed into a second-tier/enterprise historian for corporate user consumption.
  • Fast and efficient data storage with a relatively small footprint/resource requirement
  • Single source of information; multiple systems feed the same historian
  • Ease of use; minimal training is required to onboard new clients
  • Increased efficiency, reduction in labour for preparing reports--data is available to be queried and reported with less effort
  • Increased production efficiency--near real-time data availability and comparisons to historical data has been used to make faster and better operational decisions
  • Increased reliability--data has been used for maintenance optimization and planning purposes
AVEVA Historian, formerly Wonderware, was the best of the process tier historians in terms of reliability and functionality. It is still under development and not a "dead" product. It is also more cost effective than the more full-featured enterprise historians, such as PI, which our organization is not yet ready for. The feature set is at the right cost level, coupled with current support, were the key factors in the decision.
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