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Bacula Enterprise

Bacula Enterprise


What is Bacula Enterprise?

Bacula Enterprise is a data center backup, restore, and recovery solution from Swiss, Dracula-themed software company Bacula Systems.

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Bacula Enterprise is a versatile backup tool widely used by businesses to ensure the safety and accessibility of their data. Users praise …
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TSM Convert

10 out of 10
July 06, 2023
I've recently started using Bacula Enterprise after switching from IBM's TSM. I wanted to do a proof on concept before …
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  • Incremental backup identification (51)
  • Multiple backup destinations (50)
  • Platform support (51)
  • Retention options (52)

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What is Bacula Enterprise?

Bacula Enterprise is a data center backup, restore, and recovery solution from Swiss, Dracula-themed software company Bacula Systems.

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Data Center Backup

Data center backup tools send data to a secure storage location after encryption and de-duplication

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Product Details

What is Bacula Enterprise?

Bacula Enterprise is a modern backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution for medium and large enterprises that does not penalize you for data volume.

Bacula delivers a complete feature set to meet the needs of the most demanding data centers, MSPs and cloud providers. With a combination of reliability and functionality, it spans virtual, physical and cloud environments, all from one platform. The vendor says their product is designed with flexibility, scalability and high security in mind, and uses an industry standard SQL database, supports relational database catalogs, and has heterogeneous client support including Linux, OS X and Windows, as well as backup to disk, tape, virtual tape, robotic libraries, public and private Cloud.

According to the vendor, Bacula Systems works to deliver extremely high standards of support. Customers receive direct access to senior support engineers.

Bacula Enterprise Features

Data Center Backup Features

  • Supported: Instant recovery
  • Supported: Recovery verification
  • Supported: Multiple backup destinations
  • Supported: Incremental backup identification
  • Supported: Backup to the cloud
  • Supported: Deduplication and file compression
  • Supported: Snapshots
  • Supported: Flexible deployment
  • Supported: Management dashboard
  • Supported: Platform support
  • Supported: Retention options
  • Supported: Encryption

Bacula Enterprise Video

Bacula Enterprise Edition ( is the modern data backup, restore and disaster recovery solution that does not penalize you for data volume. Bacula Enterprise Edition is a subscription-based enterprise data backup solution which ...
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Bacula Enterprise Integrations

Bacula Enterprise Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, FreeBSD, AIX, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, Suse, OpenSuse
Mobile ApplicationAndroid

Frequently Asked Questions

Bacula Enterprise is a data center backup, restore, and recovery solution from Swiss, Dracula-themed software company Bacula Systems.

Veeam Data Platform, Veritas Backup Exec, and Tivoli Business Service Manager (legacy) are common alternatives for Bacula Enterprise.

Reviewers rate Instant recovery and Recovery verification and Multiple backup destinations highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Bacula Enterprise are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Community Insights

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Bacula Enterprise is a versatile backup tool widely used by businesses to ensure the safety and accessibility of their data. Users praise the software's flexibility, power, and adaptability to accommodate ongoing changes and evolving needs. For example, the BGW Group relies on Bacula Enterprise to perform daily backups of their company servers, which consist of a mix of physical and virtual machines running different operating systems. The software's comprehensive backup solution supports plugins for MySQL, Postgres, LDAP, Docker, and S3, making it an ideal choice for universities like the Rectory, where it performs daily backups of critical systems. Similarly, CloudHQ values Bacula Enterprise for its reliability in backup and restore operations across their mixed Windows/Linux environment. The Brazilian Naval Supply System Command depends on Bacula Enterprise for efficient backup and restore of their database, taking advantage of its advanced features and ability to handle high volumes of data. Additionally, individuals and organizations use Bacula Enterprise as a cost-effective and flexible solution for data backup and restore needs. Government facilities employ the software to protect meteorological and hydrographic data while ensuring fast restoration capabilities, serving as their last line of defense against encryption attacks. With its value-for-money proposition and simple management interface, Bacula Enterprise is trusted by many companies to centralize backup solutions for heterogeneous systems. It provides compatibility with different environments and expertly handles monitoring, encryption, secure cloud support, and multi-platform compatibility. Municipalities such as Campinas rely on Bacula Enterprise as their primary backup tool for structured and unstructured data across various applications and operating systems. In the case of McLean Imaging Center, Bacula Enterprise backs up servers, databases, virtualized environments, applications, and shared files – delivering an effective backup framework for disaster recovery purposes. Furthermore, users leverage Bacula Enterprise's extreme security measures and fast data recovery capabilities for tasks such as restoring lost files or performing bare metal recoveries. The software's efficiency, compression, and storage reduction capabilities have garnered high regard from the data recovery industry. Bacula Enterprise is used in different scenarios, including by technical teams managing big projects, organizations performing file-based backups, and government facilities aiming to make backups accessible. Its centralized management features, user-friendly graphical interface, and support for various operating systems are highly appreciated by users across industries. With a focus on agility and security, Bacula Enterprise is the go-to backup solution for organizations with virtualized environments, physical servers, files, and databases. It caters to a wide range of backup needs, such as daily backup maintenance, data recovery from servers and databases, and compliance with legal agreements. Bacula Enterprise offers centralized management through a graphical interface, allowing multi-user access and providing solutions to various backup problems. The software's simple and efficient interface automates backup tasks and supports different operating systems. It is frequently used for backup and restore of virtual machines, file servers, email accounts, ACLS, active directory, and databases like Oracle and PostgreSQL. Users appreciate the optimization of backup workflows, resulting in faster routines and enhanced data security. Whether it's a department within an organization or the entire corporate technological environment, Bacula Enterprise is chosen as the backup solution for extensive information systems. From backing up physical servers, virtual machines, files, and databases to managing backups across multiple data centers, Bacula Enterprise proves its value with cost-effectiveness, efficient compression, and storage reduction capabilities. Users have reported positive experiences with the software's quick response times and helpful support from the support team. With its ease of administration and good cost-benefit ratio compared to traditional solutions, Bacula Enterprise is considered an effective choice for businesses seeking reliable data protection across a diverse range of systems.

Efficient Backup Process: Many users have found the backup process of Bacula to be efficient, allowing them to specify file size for backups and easily locate and restore their data. This pro has been mentioned by several reviewers, highlighting its effectiveness in streamlining the backup process.

Complex and Flexible Scheduling System: The complex and efficient scheduling system of Bacula has received praise from a number of users. They appreciate the customization options and flexibility it offers, allowing them to tailor their backup schedules according to their specific needs.

Data Deduplication Feature: Users have commended the data deduplication feature of Bacula, which helps optimize storage by eliminating duplicate data. This valuable feature has been mentioned by multiple reviewers as it contributes to more efficient use of storage resources.

Outdated Backup Storage Format: Some users have found the backup storage format in Bacula Enterprise to be outdated, lacking deduplication support. They feel that this hampers the efficiency and effectiveness of their backups.

Inconsistent Support for Filesystem Snapshots on Non-Windows Platforms: Several reviewers have complained about the inconsistent support for filesystem snapshots on non-Windows platforms in Bacula Enterprise. This limitation poses challenges for users who rely on these platforms for their backup processes.

Interface Needs Improvement: Users have expressed frustration with the interface of Bacula Enterprise, both graphical and CLI, stating that it still needs improvement. They find it unintuitive and not user-friendly, which can slow down their workflow and make it difficult to navigate the software effectively.

Users recommend Bacula for its data security, low cost, and guaranteed updates and support. They suggest that Bacula may not be the easiest backup software to work with, but it offers the capability to perform complex tasks. To maximize its potential, users advise taking the time to familiarize oneself with Bacula. They also recommend testing and evaluating Bacula among other backup solutions before making a purchase. Users emphasize the steep learning curve of Bacula and recommend taking Bacula Enterprise training. Bacula is praised for being a cost-effective and robust backup solution. Users mention the availability of a repository with all necessary packages and helpful documentation for specific use cases. The helpfulness of Bacula's support team is also highlighted by users. Finally, users consider Bacula as the option for backup, especially for disaster recovery purposes.

Attribute Ratings


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Davilson Aguiar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Here at Prodap, we have been struggling for a long time to access a Backup software that was good and cheap, we found Bacula as the best value for money. Right from the start, it solved our compression problem because the others we used weren't very efficient about it. It made us take up less storage.
  • Data compression
  • Deduplication
  • Support most storage devices
  • Nice Visual Management
  • Give to manage via command line
  • Ease of learning
  • Making the transport of large volumes of data more transparent
  • Use XFS disks as they are faster for database
The use of Bacula is much more appropriate in our experience here in Prodap in full backup very fast to its compression. We like it for Baculaflexible and be used in various storage formats and not be tied to a single database, not to mention that we can use compression algorithms such as gzip open code.
Luis Silva | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bacula is an intelligent backup solution. We use it for corporate backup with industry data copy routines and administrative environment. We use Bacula with a focus on filesystem backups (Linux, Windows) and Database (SQL and Oracle). In the future we will use the VMWare backup function.
  • Confidence
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Improve the graphical interface so that reports absorb data such as performance and capacity
  • On the mainboard, a specific management environment for backing up VMWare or HyperV virtual machines could be available
  • Generation of detailed logs in real time to identify a possible problem faster
Without a doubt, I recommend Bacula as a corporate backup solution to meet any and all needs within a company. The main uses are related to system file backup, virtual machine backup (VMWare and Hyper-V), Database. We have a catalog with a record of +700TB of data and the catalog DB only has 700GB of information from this data, which represents a very large space saving in relation to the total size of backups.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The reason we use Bacula Enterprise is to provide an effective backup and disaster recovery framework. As the solution is agnostic, that is, it can be deployed in practically any system or application, we understand that Bacula Enterprise is currently the most appropriate solution for our environment. We use it to backup servers (Linux, MS-Windows Server, FreeBSD), database (Oracle, MySQL and MS-SQL), virtualized environments (Vmware), applications, in addition to shared file backups
  • Backup Duplication and Deduplication
  • Database backup like MySQL and Oracle
  • Backup and fast restore of mailboxes
  • Our team always points out the same problems, I believe that, today, is our biggest complaint: The interface (both graphical and the CLI) still needs improvement.
  • There is no mobile app to manage backups and restores from smartphones
  • Manual installation is time consuming.
As stated before, the system is agnostic, and its implementation can be carried out in any environment, as long as there is a team to implement and maintain it or a support contract suitable for the needs of your organization. Due to its wide compatibility, it can be used in mixed environments, such as prepared with disks and tape libraries, as well as in cloud environments.
Marco Lima | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bacula is an excellent business tool to centralize the various backup solutions that exist in the company. Due to the number of tools on the market and used in a decentralized way, Bacula is the right choice to centralize backups with reliable monitoring, encryption, secure cloud support for offsite backups, and support for different environments and operating systems. With professionals with a high technical level, to meet all the needs of the company.
  • Global Endpoint Deduplication
  • Enterprise Virtual Machine Backup Solutions
  • Cloud Backup Solutions for Enterprise
  • Even more efficient in moving and recovering on-premises environments Cloud
  • Even more efficient in moving and recovering Oracle EXCC Database in Cloud
  • Ainda mais enficiência nos processos de DR, monitoração e automação
Bacula Enterprise is excellent, stable and reliable for centralizing backup monitoring, task automation and cloud backup
Leandro Souza | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bacula Enterprise is a very complete and easy-to-use solution, with plugins for different environments, advanced deduplication and encryption and security features It is also very versatile and can work with different storage strategies, including tape Furthermore, it is also very customizable to suit backup policies. It is very easy to monitor, and has very good performance
  • Backup & Restore
  • Backup Protection, Anti Virus, Anti Ransomware, Immutability
  • Support
  • tape management
  • updates alerts
Bacula Enterprise can be used by any company, it is very versatile and affordable, it can be run on a Linux server sized for the size of the company and required retention, it is very simple to use, it does not require a specialized professional, the Bacula Enterprise support is also always available to help when needed
André Fernando Pereira | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Bacula Enterprise was a significant evolution for our environment, given that we were already using the Community version. However, we lacked some essential functionalities needed for our use case, such as deduplication and backup of XCP-NG virtual machines, as well as the web interface we were using was not as efficient as the current one provided. The BWEB interface greatly facilitates the configuration of clients, testing, and settings that were previously mostly done on the command line.
  • Backup and Restore VMs XCP-NG
  • Inteface Web
  • Deduplication
  • Compatibility with different systems.
  • Detailing the configuration of the deduplication system
  • Mobile application
  • Ease of updating for clients running older operating systems
We had been using Bacula Community for 7 years and needed to improve and simplify the backup/restore operations within our institution because we lacked block-level deduplication and efficient backup of virtual machines in the XCP-NG environment. With the acquisition of Bacula Enterprise, we were able to optimize backups in our XCP-NG environment, which consists of 4 physical hosts and around 30 to 40 virtual machines running various versions and distributions of Windows and Linux. The migration was not traumatic for the environment, but it required adjustments and improvements to the previously used configurations, and the Bacula Enterprise team contributed satisfactorily to achieving the goal, which was backing up VMs and optimizing the use of existing resources
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I've been using Bacula Enterprise for the last three years and have to say that is an amazing backup product, attending all necessities from my company and giving us peace of mind that our data is safe. The product is easy to use, a robust solution where they are always working on improvements and the support team as always available and happy to help in case of any problem. With them, we now that we'll have help if needed and that Bacula Enterprise is the best solution to keep our backup up to date.
  • Works well with the scheduled jobs without need for interference
  • Works with various types of storage seamlessly
  • Always has new updates and improvements
  • easy to use hyper-v plugin
  • better schedule configuration on bweb
Best suited to work with backup of files, works really well with linux based systems, as linux doesn't have some limitations like windows has with VSS for a big number of files (it's not a Bacula Enterprise limition, but it's a windows limitation. Recently I started working with WM backup and it's working well, but a limitation on version 14 is that it needs a temporary space on storage for exporting the virtual machine.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a partner in a law firm (Alem & Rocha - Advocacia e Consultoria), sensitive data management is a topic of great relevance. Data Security ensures that all sensitive legal documents, client information, and case files are securely backed up, protecting against data loss due to hardware failure, cyber attacks, or human error, helps with regulatory compliance, ensures that the firm can quickly recover critical data and resume operations with minimal downtime and lawyers can focus on their work without worrying about manually managing backups, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Intuitive, fast and full configuration of the backup system
  • Remote access for the activities execution
  • Highly trained team;
  • Interface customization for new users
  • Interface restore
My firm needs all the suport to guarantee data security, compliance, efficiency, client trust and cost savings, and Bacula backup system give me this option.
Guilherme Henrique Ribeiro Silva | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
We used Bacula to backup a Hyper-V environment with more than 2000 VMs and almost 1PB of data.
  • Speed
  • Dedup
  • Ease
  • Web Interface
  • Installation
  • Integrations
Bacula works very well for Vmware, Bare Metal and Proxmox environments. In relation to Hyper-V, until version 16 of Bacula we had some problems, and after the update to 18, many were fixed and the experience improved a lot.
Roni Peterson Alvarenga | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bacula Enterprise is the main backup tool of the Municipality of Campinas/BR. We use it for several applications and operating systems. Our goal is to guarantee backup of structured and unstructured data, something that Bacula does with mastery.
  • Compatibility with different systems.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Proactive support team.
  • Rapid deployment.
  • Cheap deployment.
  • Simple configuration handling.
  • Web interface.
  • Mobile application.
  • Authentication layer.
Bacula Enterprise can be used in environments of different sizes, that is, from a small business to a large industry. Everything will depend on how it will be provisioned. There is no size limitation for your company. However, it is necessary that you have full knowledge of backup policies in order to make the best use of the tool.
Gilles Wackenheim | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Bacula Enterprise backup solution is, for our company, the ultimate solution that guarantees the preservation and recovery of data from both our Windows and Linux environments. All in a simple, transparent and efficient way while guaranteeing cost control whatever the evolution of the company's workforce or that of the IT infrastructure.
  • Ease of use: you don't need to be an expert to accomplish daily tasks
  • Economical solution and cost control compared to competing solutions previously used
  • Responsiveness and efficiency of support in case of question or unusual operation
  • Better separation in terms of organization of interface menus between daily tasks, maintenance and system configuration.
Our backup robot one day had a mechanical problem that led to several days of downtime. After changing this robot, Bacula Enterprise took over all the backups in plug and play mode without the need to carry out any specific operation.
July 06, 2023

TSM Convert

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I've recently started using Bacula Enterprise after switching from IBM's TSM. I wanted to do a proof on concept before pruchasing the product and Bacula helped with not only one proof of concept but also another one several months after the first trial. During this time I had Bacula helping set the system up and I also logged a few support calls to see what the ticket system was like. All tickets were picked up quickly and the support team were helpful. We purchased Bacula including a weeks training course. The course was great and explained Bacula clearly. So much so I was able to download the community edition at home on my NAS! Now we are using Bacula I've been able to see how support is after purchase and so far so good!<br>
  • Fast support
  • Great communication for pre sales and after sales
  • Admin 1 course explaned Bacula beautifully
  • Would love to have a upto date ARM version that can be run as a VM on ARM machines
For me, Bacula is well suited for backing up our on prem NAS system to AWS and tape. Bacula gives us a huge amount of control of how we do our backups and how long we retain data.
Bacula isn't suited for archiving. There is no archive function in Bacula so you'd need to find another product to handle archiving but I think Bacula has a function to set a backup to never delete.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Main requirement is for extreme security and fast recovery of data and my applications.
Sometimes I need to do single file recovery but also be prepared for bare metal recovery.
Nowadays we all need to keep the cost at minimum and Bacula helped me with that.
Now I'm experimenting with Bacula replicating my K8s deployment. Seems to work well and will help me grow my business.
My business challenge is that I do not have much time to spend on data backup. It just must me simple and easy thing to manage.
Bacula support team is always fast and super friendly with any inquiries I had
  • Fast recovery of data
  • Very stable and reliable
  • Broad security features
  • Simple pricing
  • Some features are a bit too deep for me
  • User interface takes some time to learn
  • Still waiting for Salesforce integration
Well suited:
- I use it for on premise and cloud backup and recovery and it is excellent for this job.
- I also experiment with different hypervisors and till now Bacula seems to work with all of them
- Security is really important for me as I had many bad experiences in the past and Bacula solution makes me totally confident.

Less appropriate
- You need to be experienced Linux user, I had to learn few more things in system to make the best use of it.
- It's definitely designed for scalability and bigger companies than mine
Welisson Figueiredo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bacula Enterprise helped a lot in the backup solution, I had already used other solutions but not one as complete. -It has the differential of backup using dedup that helps the network not to copy twice. -there's the virtual full that we use for weekends. -connectivity with various services and systems (windows, linux and database) Among many other things, incredible technical support!
  • Backup Virtual Full
  • dedup
  • nutanix, vcenter, xen PLUGIN
  • compreension
  • Bweb
  • interface restore
  • plugin nutanix
In the disaster recovery parts, we already had virtual machines that were totally destroyed by hackers but it didn't affect the backups made by Bacula, since it can encrypt and even if we lose we can recover by installing it again.In addition to the explanation to use tape backup against ransomware, today many customers of the organization feel more secure in making processes in homologation knowing that they will be able to restore at any time.In terms of storage, it saves a lot of space because we can keep for years that space is always compressed, reaching a 3:1 ratio.
August 22, 2022

The best

Eloi Cunha | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently, the Brazilian Naval Supply System Command uses Bacula Enterprise to backup and restore the database. As a result, we have advanced features and the ability to handle the high volume of data we need for daily life, performing snapshots, advanced deduplication, single-file restores efficiently and reliably. I can detail as pros & cons the following personal use cases. Pros: Data reliability and great cost-benefit. Cons: interface difficult to handle, demanding high study time.
  • Snapshots
  • data backup
  • data verification
  • Storage Daemon
  • Script BSys
  • Plugin Bacula MSSQL VDI
Bacula Enterprise is absolutely suitable for large database backup and advanced restore for companies that want to have a great backup system at an affordable price. The bacula enterprise becomes less accessible and difficult for companies that have employees with low professional qualifications because they need a qualified professional to operate the bacula.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a daily user of the Bacula Enterprise tool, it was necessary to improve knowledge about data backup and recovery technology. My team is responsible for maintaining the backup in various files on virtual servers and times to ensure that all Backup services work correctly on a daily basis. We are also responsible for handling data recovery tickets from servers and databases. We use Postgres and Oracle.
  • Ease of managing backup services on servers and databases
  • Integration with virtualization tools and Databases
  • Adaptable interface for team needs
  • data recovery from storage devices
  • Interface customization is not so intuitive
Bacula Enterprise is an excellent tool for a company that needs to perform automated data backup, whether the volume is large or small. If it is necessary to reduce data deduplication and also transfer to tapes, so that this data is stored longer. Bacula Enterprise is a complete and simple tool, if your company doesn't have the need to automate backups and manage these routines, there wouldn't be much collaboration in the use of this tool.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been working with the Bacula Enterprise solution for the past three years, mainly to manage Backup Jobs, and also as a tool for data recovery. We need a reliable tool for data recovery both on tapes and on any other digital media, as we comply with legal level agreements whose non-compliance would generate great losses. The use of this tool facilitated the assistance of the team responsible for backups and also reduced data deduplication
  • Ease of handling errors through full logs.
  • Complete support in cases where there was a need for fast and accurate service.
  • Ease of configuring the interface for managing backups.
  • Simple data restoration on LTO tapes.
  • Difficulties with version upgrades, however, quickly resolved by support
  • Difficulty customizing some reports
The fundamental situation for using the Bacula Enterprise tool for us was the reliability for restoring data and managing backup routines. Even if your team is not an expert, the support team quickly responds to needs. The tool is very simple to use, so with daily use, the adaptation is very quick. It is advised that the company has well-structured backup governance.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Bacula Enterprise as a data backup and restore solution. Currently, I also use the solution to verify that all Backup services are active and running correctly. The use of the tool made it possible to manage backup services in an easier and simpler way, as this is an activity that I perform routinely. In addition to data recovery, we also use Bacula to ensure that our databases, files and other types of data are safe and accessible by transferring to LTO tapes.
  • Easy Integration with Virtual Environment
  • Simple data transfer to tape
  • Reliability in data restoration
  • Scalability as the computing environment grows
  • Configuring the graphical environment can be a little difficult, but the support offered solved it
Bacula Enterprise is indicated for scenarios where there is a need to store large volumes of data and reliability in the recovery of this data. Bacula is also highly configurable, which makes it easier for the responsible team to manage Backup Jobs. A negative point is the use of some plugins that could be free, but there was no need to acquire any other functionality in the implementation of the system.
Ednardo Barreto Lopes | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a government facility and we generate and store meteorological and hydrographic data. All this big amount of data needs protection and availability even in case of failure. In this scenario, we have been using Bacula to cover our needs for a couple of years now and in our own experience performing a restore or a point-in-time backup has been really easy and fast. We use the tool mainly to manage our daily backup routines.
  • Good level of stability
  • Excellent technical support
  • Integration with plugins
  • Low cost
  • Initial setup could be easier
Bacula is well suited for companies that need to configure and manage several jobs and schedules for backups. And it is still good even if your system is growing in both data and servers. The tool has provided us with a fast and reliable way to restore and recover our data. The downside was that at first, our team had a hard time with the initial setup since they had only basic knowledge of the command line, but this was overcome after a while.
Patrícia Chaves | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Bacula to back up multiple virtual machines. We have 103 important jobs that perform data copying every day for the organization. Backup is very important as this data is constantly updated and is essential for navigation and safety at sea. It is centralized management through a graphical interface and is released for multi-users. This solves our problem.
  • Ease and speed of data recovery in the event of a disaster
  • Ease of backup management by staff
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive graphical interface
  • Compatibility with legacy systems
  • So far no problems with the backup tool
It is suitable for backing up files that are updated daily. We use Bacula to backup various files in virtual machines. It is centralized management through a graphical interface and is released for multi-users. This solves our problem as it is easy and fast to recover data in case of a disaster.
Erike Passos | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Backup service for servers, databases, and virtual machines, and transfer of virtual to physical data using tapes. It is possible to manage these services using a simple and friendly interface. Through the interface, it is possible to save time and costs for my company. The tool is used for all database services and machines currently used by the data center.
  • Server Backup
  • Database Backup
  • Manage Backup
  • Recovery Backup
  • Interface
The integration of Bacula with the Database and also with the tool used for managing virtual machines was perfectly implemented. Being easily manageable through the Bacula interface. The interface, although simple, requires knowledge for backup, but with time and use by the team, this difficulty ceases to exist. In a short time, my entire team was able to learn how to use the tool.
Felipe Siqueira | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company relies heavily on Bacula Enterprise these days. For three years we have been using Bacula Enterprise as disaster recovery and backup solution. We currently use it as a tool for managing backups of servers, files, and databases, with more than 2Tb of data. Our data are linked to historical and current data in hydrographic areas. The adoption of Bacula Enterprise as a tool provided us with reliability and less deduplication of our data.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Good scalability.
  • Easy installation and integration into company policies.
  • Ease of maintenance of backup routines.
  • Reliability in data recovery.
  • Ease of adapting the interface for less experienced users.
  • Small learning curve, but worth it after some time of use.
The Bacula Enterprise tool is recommended for use by any companies that need a data backup and recovery solution that is adaptable and scalable, regardless of the size of the data and the company. The installation of the tool will not impact the company's policies and there are great possibilities for integration with the IT environment and tools. A less appropriate scenario is if your company does not have a team with minimal backup experience, but this is remedied by the excellent support offered.
Score 10 out of 10
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During these two years, we have been using Bacula Enterprise as a backup and disaster recovery solution for our entire data environment. This tool solved the problems we had in monitoring backups and in the agility to recover information. We are currently using this solution for more than 2Tb of data in a primarily virtualized environment. Bacula Enterprise's technical support has perfectly met all the needs we've had in recent years. The installation of the tool was easy and the entire team adapted well to the daily use of this solution.
  • Manage Backup Routines
  • Ease of data recovery
  • Reliable data encryption
  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Easy adaptation of the team to the solution
  • Despite the wide variety of free plugins, some basic plugins need to be paid for
Regardless of the size of data and your company, Bacula Enterprise can be used as a solution to manage backup jobs and also as a solution for disaster recovery. In addition, the cost of the tool is also a major attraction, as it was one of the great motivators for the adoption of Bacula Enterprise. A scenario where it is not advisable is if your company does not have a team with some experience in Backup solutions.
William Javier | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Throughout my 20 years in the data recovery industry, working in complex and large scenarios, I’ve never had to intervene in an environment that uses Bacula Enterprise. I’m the proof that Bacula Enterprise is a very efficient backup and disaster recovery solution. The system also has a wide variety of plugins, and the team provides great customer service. That's why I have Bacula Enterprise as a solution for protecting my company's data and I recommend it whenever I can.
  • Global deduplication
  • User-friendly administration
  • Business applications backup
  • I believe some basic plugins such as Delta and BWeb, should be free
Bacula Enterprise is great for medium and large data centers due to its scalability and robustness. However, I know of small businesses that use it successfully. The amount of Storage Daemons installed is unlimited, so it is possible to have different NAS-type storage equipment and tape libraries on different machines, with load balancing and/or failover.
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We use Bacula to backup our virtual machines, we have more than 100 VMs and a daily backup volume of 2TB. And everything is possible thanks to bacula, a complex system that is easy to understand for those who "know". What i like most about working with bacula is the fact that it is easy to create a job for every need i have, and the infinity of things i can do is very wide, I partition the backup on my tapes, or on storage.
  • It perfectly partitions my backups to the file size I indicate.
  • His restore is where I indicate, it is easier to locate my restores.
  • Its way of scheduling backups is very complex and efficient.
  • Lay users cannot use this backup solution, only people who already know what they are doing.
I would recommend Bacula Enterprise in any scenario where the user needs a Backup solution, even though it is a difficult software to handle, the possibility of things it can do, and the cost benefit, is enough to consider Bacula Enterprise the only efficient solution. Just study a little deeper.
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