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What is Baremetrics?

Baremetrics headquartered in San Francisco provides metrics, forecasting, analytics, insights and engagement tools for teams using Stripe, Braintree, Chargify, Recurly, that provides business metrics like MRR, LTV, and subscription Churn.

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Baremetrics is a software that has been highly valued by users for its ability to provide a comprehensive view of key business metrics at …
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What is Baremetrics?

Baremetrics headquartered in San Francisco provides metrics, forecasting, analytics, insights and engagement tools for teams using Stripe, Braintree, Chargify, Recurly, that provides business metrics like MRR, LTV, and subscription Churn.

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How to Create Plan in Baremetrics from Google Sheets - Google Sheets, Baremetrics

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What is Baremetrics?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Baremetrics is a software that has been highly valued by users for its ability to provide a comprehensive view of key business metrics at any time. This has greatly improved strategic knowledge and decision-making within organizations. Users appreciate the transparency that Baremetrics promotes across departments by allowing them to monitor MRR growth and churn on a customer level. By providing Monthly and Weekly KPIs, the software helps businesses improve their performance. Another aspect that users find beneficial is that Baremetrics eliminates the need for manual imports, making it easier and faster to access key data points. This allows users to stay on top of their business metrics and enables them to take action when subscription payments fail. The notes section in Baremetrics is also highly valued as it facilitates communication between business associates regarding customer interaction. One of the major advantages of using Baremetrics is its ability to provide insights into financials, user churn, and marketing success by tracking the number of users. Users rely on this software to keep track of key metrics and generate customized reports from the dashboard. It eliminates the need for manual calculations and provides a single view of metrics such as ARR and retention tables. Integrating Baremetrics with other platforms like Stripe and Intercom is another feature that users appreciate, as it frees up mental space by centralizing data. By offering better insights into customers, Baremetrics allows users to take meaningful action based on the data provided. The software also helps retain customers with dunning management and provides accurate revenue reporting. Baremetrics has gained a reputation for providing a more accurate read of MRR compared to other platforms like Stripe and Recurly. This reliability has made it a go-to tool for users who rely on tracking MRR, ARR, LTV, and other key numbers for goal setting and reporting purposes. With Baremetrics, users save time by getting access to metrics without waiting for data imports, helping them understand actionable steps for business growth. The software has also greatly improved tracking of sales, retention, and customer spending trends. Users find it convenient to add personal notes for tasks and appreciate the integration with platforms like Intercom. Additionally, Baremetrics facilitates immediate tracking of MRR, sharing information with investors and advisors, and understanding industry benchmarks for churn. By providing a clear understanding of customer lifetime value and key insights, Baremetrics helps users spread awareness of their company's progress. It allows them to fill holes and run reports easily, thus saving time and effort. Users rely on Baremetrics for sales automation and handling numbers efficiently. The software has been instrumental in building meaningful revenue forecasts and automating emails for failed payments. One of the key benefits of Baremetrics is its ability to create visibility and accountability. Users rely on the software to track the state of their business, as well as monitor customer acquisition and retention. By keeping up with KPIs and regularly reviewing reports, users are able to assess the health of their business and gain a better understanding of their customers. Overall, Baremetics offers a range of use cases that have proven beneficial for users. It provides a centralized platform for monitoring key business metrics, improving strategic knowledge, and promoting transparency across departments. The software saves time by eliminating the need for manual imports and calculations, while also offering integrations with other platforms to streamline data management. With insights into financials, user churn, and marketing success, users are able to make informed decisions and take meaningful action based on the data provided by Baremetrics.

Helpful Metrics and Insights: Users find Baremetrics extremely helpful in providing a wide range of graphs, charts, and metrics that are essential for SaaS businesses. Some users have stated that the clear and concise metrics provided by Baremetrics cover everything they need to know about their business.

User-Friendly Interface and Convenient Sharing: The user-friendly interface and ease of sharing access among team members make it convenient and efficient to use. Several reviewers have mentioned how the intuitive user interface and easy navigation make it simple for them to find the information they are looking for.

Seamless Integration with Stripe: The integration with Stripe, the payment processing platform, is seamless and allows for easy data export as a CSV. Many users appreciate this feature as it saves them time and effort.

Difficulties with CSV export: Several users have found it challenging to export specific metrics in a CSV file from Baremetrics. They have mentioned that the current export functionality only allows for aggregate numbers, rather than different columns for different plans or segments.

Inaccurate reporting and bugs: Users have reported experiencing bugs in Baremetrics that led to inaccurate reporting. This has made the software unreliable for important financial discussions. Some users even mentioned that these bugs have recently come to light, indicating ongoing issues.

Limited customer support: Many users expressed frustration with the level of customer support provided by Baremetrics. They stated that their questions often go unanswered and described the support as almost non-existent.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experiences with Baremetrics.

First, they suggest using Baremetrics alongside Intercom emails and support to maintain contact with users and track payments and NPS scores. This integration allows businesses to stay connected with their customers and gather valuable data on their performance.

Second, users recommend taking advantage of the trial period for Baremetrics as they believe it is an essential tool for businesses. The trial offers an opportunity to explore the features and benefits firsthand before making a commitment.

Third, users highly recommend reading Pigford's blog posts on scaling a startup. These articles have been helpful in their growth journey and provide valuable insights into business strategies and development.

Overall, users find Baremetrics to be a comprehensive solution for all their business analytics needs, offering an easy-to-use interface and fantastic support.


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Jeremy Noonan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I check my dashboard daily to get a high-level overview of my SAAS revenue. Tracking all the subscriptions from Stripe is a vital feature for my business. I also use the Recover functionality to automate emails to recover failed payments.
  • The failed payment recovery tool, Recover, works really well and has earned back its price many times over.
  • Drilling down on any metric is easy and provides configurable trendlines to see progress.
  • Benchmarking against other businesses in similar revenue tiers is really satisfying.
  • Metrics could be refreshed more frequently.
  • Forecasting doesn't allow for much configuration or changing of conditions.
  • It would be nice to consolidate plans that are essentially the same.
Baremetrics is great for solo-founders and small SAAS that can't task a whole employee to track the subscription analytics.
  • Using the Recover tool to follow up on delinquent and failed charges has paid for itself over 5 times.
ProfitWell does not offer easily viewed graphs and is more about selling some of their other pricing tools.
Cameron Langsford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been using Baremetrics to track our SaaS revenue metrics, recording our very first dollar of recurring revenue for the last four years. It is being used by the founding team (just me) on an almost daily basis to track the state of the business, including customer acquisition and retention. It creates visibility and accountability that we would never be able to create using our own tools like spreadsheets.
  • Simplifies recurring revenue tracking
  • Calculates common metrics
  • Allows us to track our changes to our products and marketing against metrics
  • Tracking of Stripe Connect transaction fees
Perfect for SaaS businesses wanting to track their subscriptions, customer growth rate, retention, and churn. It works best for those with recurring revenue rather than one-off sales.
  • What gets measured gets managed, so BM keeps us accountable
Baremetrics has a cleaner user interface and makes it simpler to track metrics
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Baremetrics to keep up with our KPIs for a portfolio of software businesses. We actually have business processes around reviewing the Baremetrics reports every week. Our entire team has access and can use it to see business health and research/get to know our customers better.
  • Clean UI
  • Accurate metrics
  • Great user experience
  • In the early days, they weren't as accurate but they are very accurate and consistent now
  • It's kind of expensive for mostly just being reports from Stripe
  • I wish we could roll our reports up under a single dashboard
  • Baremetrics is great for getting simple reports.
  • It's great for reducing churn and keeping an eye on KPIs.
  • It's not great for really deep analytics, but it's great for simple reports on the most important things
  • Helps team stay on top of KYC initiatives
  • ROI for dunning is great
  • Helps team stay motivated by giving easy access to reports
ProfitWell is free but not nearly as slick and user friendly as Baremetrics. Churn Buster is a great tool more suited to enterprise companies or ecommerce businesses.
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