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What is Barilliance?

Barilliance is a personalization suite designed for e-commerce businesses. According to the vendor, it aims to create exceptional experiences and increase conversions through AI-powered, real-time personalization. Targeting small to large-sized e-commerce businesses, this suite is utilized by digital...

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Barilliance has proven to be a versatile tool, offering multiple use cases for businesses of various types. Users have found success in …
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What is Barilliance?

Barilliance is an eCommerce personalization suite built around capabilities such as personalized retargeting emails, personalized product recommendations, and website personalization.

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Product Details

What is Barilliance?

Barilliance is a personalization suite designed for e-commerce businesses. According to the vendor, it aims to create exceptional experiences and increase conversions through AI-powered, real-time personalization. Targeting small to large-sized e-commerce businesses, this suite is utilized by digital marketing managers, IT managers, email channel managers, e-commerce directors, marketing directors, and retailers in industries such as fashion and apparel, electronics, and home and garden.

Key Features

AI-Powered Personalization: According to the vendor, Barilliance offers AI-powered, real-time personalization for e-commerce businesses. By utilizing machine learning algorithms, it predicts customers' next purchases and triggers personalized offers across various channels. The vendor claims that the seamless integration with existing tech stack ensures a hassle-free implementation process.

Triggered Emails: The vendor states that with Barilliance, e-commerce businesses can send personalized and triggered emails to effectively close lost sales and increase conversions. It provides pre-built triggers such as cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and visit summary, while offering customizable email templates optimized for any screen size.

AI Product Recommendations: Barilliance generates dynamic product recommendations based on user behavior and affinities. The vendor claims that it offers over 20 recommendation types, including cross-sale and upsell strategies. The product recommendation widgets can be easily customized to match the site's design, enhancing the overall user experience.

Website Personalization: According to the vendor, this feature enables e-commerce businesses to create personalized experiences for each individual shopper. Barilliance delivers AI-driven, dynamic content based on real-time actions and business rules. The vendor asserts that it optimizes inventory management and improves merchandising efficiency, resulting in higher customer engagement and conversions.

Social Proof: Barilliance integrates real-time social proof messaging via notifications, aiming to build trust and urgency among shoppers. The vendor states that it displays messages such as "X-people are shopping now" or "X-people bought this product," customizable based on specific conditions. The feature is claimed to help boost conversions by leveraging social proof.

Retention Marketing: According to the vendor, Barilliance drives growth for e-commerce businesses through repeat purchases, reduced churn, and increased customer lifetime value (LTV). It provides a 360-degree view of customers by integrating data from email, web, physical, and CRM sources. This enables personalized campaigns and experiences based on customer segments.

Email Personalization: The vendor claims that Barilliance enhances email marketing by enabling e-commerce businesses to deliver personalized content and dynamic product recommendations. It supports the integration of custom design templates with existing email providers, providing full control over recommended products and offering end-to-end analytics.

White Label Solution: Barilliance offers a white-label solution for agencies and resellers to provide personalized experiences to their clients. The vendor states that it allows customization of the product with agency branding and provides support and training for agencies to implement and manage the solution effectively.

Zero Integration Process: According to the vendor, Barilliance ensures a quick and easy setup with its zero integration process. Users only need to add a single static code snippet to their website, requiring minimal technical effort. The vendor claims that the integration process typically takes a few minutes to complete, enabling users to start leveraging Barilliance's personalization suite immediately.

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Barilliance has proven to be a versatile tool, offering multiple use cases for businesses of various types. Users have found success in implementing this software for cart abandonment campaigns, product recommendations, live messages, and onsite personalization. The impact of Barilliance on website performance has been significant, with users reporting an increase in conversion rate and user engagement after its implementation. In some cases, Barilliance has contributed to nearly 20% of online revenue, highlighting its effectiveness in driving sales.

One notable feature of Barilliance is its user-friendly interface and fast problem resolution by the customer service team. Users appreciate the ease of deployment and value for money provided by the tool. While there are numerous features available, some users mention that they only utilize around 20% of them due to the specific nature of their websites. Nevertheless, Barilliance has proven particularly useful for large websites with extensive product catalogs, as it excels in cross-selling, up-selling, and providing relevant product recommendations. This recommendation engine has been successfully implemented both on-site and via email, capturing customers' attention and contributing to increased retention rates.

For some users, Barilliance has filled a gap in email coverage by providing abandonment email support for eCommerce domains. This additional functionality has been met with satisfaction from users who were previously lacking this capability. Overall, Barilliance offers a valuable solution for businesses looking to optimize their website performance and increase sales through personalized experiences and targeted messaging.

Flexible Customization: Several users have praised Barilliance for its flexible customization options. They appreciate the endless possibilities and creativity that the platform allows, with best practices provided by the Barilliance team to improve conversion rates.

Responsive Support Team: Many reviewers, including those with limited experience in HTML/CSS, have found Barilliance's support team extremely helpful. Whether it's assisting with bespoke requests or providing guidance, the support team is always prompt and knowledgeable.

User-Friendly Platform: Users consistently mention that Barilliance is easy to use. Features like the ability to copy rules across multiple sites and review changes before going live are appreciated. Additionally, the friendly customer support team adds value by promptly addressing any queries or concerns.

Expensive and Complex: Some users have found the software to be expensive, making it less accessible for smaller businesses. Additionally, they felt that it took time to understand all the functions and their usage, requiring a learning curve.

User Interface Needs Improvement: Several reviewers mentioned that the user interface from both the administrator and widgets could be improved. They suggested that a more intuitive and user-friendly interface would enhance the overall experience with the software.

Limited Features: A number of users expressed their disappointment in finding that the software was lacking some key features. Specifically, they mentioned the absence of website search functionality and smart categories, which they believed would greatly enhance their ability to personalize customer experiences on their websites.


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Zach Shelley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Commercial Water Distributing used Barilliance to provide Abandonment eMail Support to our three eCommerce Domains. Our marketing team, specifically our eMail and Retention teams, were the primary users. Barilliance filled a gap in our eMail coverage that was not provided by our ESP at the time. We ran a multi-step campaign for site, cart and checkout abandoners.
  • Barilliance displayed some of the best customer support I've had the pleasure of receiving. Their responses were timely and informative.
  • Barilliance provided us with a month to month contract which allowed us to make the right business decisions at the right time. Their price point was also extremely competitive.
  • While not the most robust solution, Barilliance hit all of the necessary functionality and activity to help us address our need for abandonment campaigns.
  • Barilliance has limited optimization potential. They do the basics of abandonment very well but do not have program growth tools in place.
  • Barilliance has a limited amount of data integrations available. For data-driven companies, some in-house solutions may need to be developed for full customer behavioral data.
  • The Barilliance Portal, while not being poorly designed, takes some getting used to, in addition to providing very little static support. This is addressed by their excellent customer service but can slow the self-help opportunities.
For any company that needs an immediate tool to address Abandonment email campaign needs that are not addressed in their current ESP, Barilliance is the tool for them. Any company seeking a robust, fully data-driven solution that provides personalization or dynamic experiences should look elsewhere. Many ESP's provide their own solutions, but if yours does not, Barilliance is a perfect fit.
  • Barilliance was able to produce an effective ROI for our company. Their month to month plan allowed us to be agile as we grew.
Barilliance filled a campaign gap that IBM Watson could not deliver effectively or cost-effectively. We recently moved ESP's and are now provided with a holistic email solution through Bronto. We are ecstatic to be working with Bronto, but I have very few negative things to say about our time with Barilliance.
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