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Marketing Genius

8 out of 10
June 30, 2019
We used it for email marketing. We also sent out our eNewsletters to the Scientists Benchmark software to help us to send out bulk emails …
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Product Details

What is Benchmark Email?

Benchmark Email is an email marketing and marketing automation platform. Users can build emails with a drag & drop email builder, and make sure every send is optimized for delivery with its email marketing checklist. Landing pages, forms and surveys are present to help users grow their subscriber lists. Its drag & drop email campaign builder helps users convert subscribers into customers with marketing automation.

Benchmark Email Features

Email & Online Marketing Features

  • Supported: WYSIWYG email editor
  • Supported: Landing pages
  • Supported: A/B testing
  • Supported: Mobile optimization
  • Supported: Email deliverability reporting
  • Supported: List management
  • Supported: Triggered drip sequences

Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Dashboards
  • Supported: Standard reports

Pre-Send Testing Features

  • Supported: Link Tracking
  • Supported: Image Validation
  • Supported: Inbox Display
  • Supported: Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Supported: Spam Testing
  • Supported: Email Previews

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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Frequently Asked Questions

Benchmark is an email marketing platform on a global mission to help businesses everywhere ignite relationships with their customers, from the company of the same name in St.Louis, Missouri.

Benchmark Email starts at $0.

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor are common alternatives for Benchmark Email.

Reviewers rate Dynamic content and Landing pages and A/B testing highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Benchmark Email are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Marketing & Advertising industry.


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Christopher Kasanda | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Benchmark email personally in my affiliate marketing endeavors. I use it to email prospects and to interact with members of my downline (my customers) drawn from the affiliate networks I work with. Benchmark Email has served me well in my formative period in affiliate marketing, thanks to their time-limitless 2,000 contacts free trial. Now that I am growing, I am ripe enough to consider upgrading to the 10,000 contacts level.
  • 2,000 contact list space available with no time limit to those who can't upgrade.
  • The AB Testing feature helps to improve the performance of your emails by experimenting with different content and send times to determine what works best. Thus great emailing objectives are easier to achieve.
  • There is a feature where website and email engagement trigger an automatic email series. For example, the automatic flow of a subscriber from a leads list to a customer list upon making a purchase is awesome.
  • The prices for upgrades are far too high compared to similar software doing the same things.
  • Because of the expensive upgrades, Benchmark Email remains more relevant only to a small size user and an already well-developed and grown user. A growing (mid-level) user like me would easily be inclined to look elsewhere as more and more such software becomes available: I will think twice before I pay for an upgrade which I can quickly get three times cheaper elsewhere. The only reason I may upgrade on Benchmark Email is simply that their generous and timeless free trial has helped me grow; simply as a matter of appreciation.
  • Of late I have been using Zoho CRM for my Sales Management processes. I hate to realize that I cannot integrate Zoho CRM with Benchmark email while much other software is integratable. If my Zoho CRM contacts, for example, can easily be exported into Benchmark email with a click of an icon, Benchmark email would score very high with me because that way, my leads and customer management would be ten times more handy.
Their free option has no time limit and accepts an email list of 2,000 contacts. That's generous considering that some similar software have free trials limited to a month or less and will allow only about 1,000 contact lists, if not less. With that 2,000 contact space available for free on Benchmark email, I can gather 2,000 leads or buyers into my email program without paying. Thus, Benchmark Email is suited for profitability, especially for a start-up business.
Blake Baron | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use the Benchmark Email Pro SaaS platform as our primary newsletter service about 2x per week for advertising deals, new products, and news. We send it out to our database of thousands of customers to drive engagement, orders, and solicit feedback. It's the main newsletter platform, and is used organization-wide for product launches.
  • Great native split testing for a/b groups.
  • Automation of list cleaning is a breeze -- very easy!
  • Native analytics are decent, but not amazing.
  • List maintenance -- navigating multiple lists is a cumbersome activity.
  • Analytics about user engagement could be better. It's not super robust, especially if you're used to Google Analytics.
  • Customer support is kind of slow to get back to us.
Great for small or mid-size organizations who have a dedicated digital marketing role. Multiple users within the same system can be unwieldy, as there aren't any ways to intelligently share work among various people. For large organizations, you might upgrade to a system with more email automation like Constant Contact.
June 30, 2019

Marketing Genius

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used it for email marketing. We also sent out our eNewsletters to the Scientists Benchmark software to help us to send out bulk emails to promote our eNewsletter.
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to create email templates
  • Very detailed tracking information
  • Multiple subscription list managements
  • Click-throughs details for each URLs
  • Difficulty in uploading new subscribers list
Well suited for small business email marketing with a small number of subscribers on its email list. NOT suitable for larger list that need detailed metrics of the email campaign.
December 02, 2018

Decent for Small Business

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Benchmark Email to send email blasts to our community of customers and prospects. Ultimately I switched to Benchmark from Mad Mimi because it had more features and was still affordable for a small department. We're able to send product based specials with pricing and somewhat advanced layouts with Benchmark that we weren't able to do with Mad Mimi. It's a nice step before going full HTML design yourself.
  • They have the option to incorporate email automation.
  • HTML is available if you want to use your own templates.
  • They give you the ability to edit some HTML on their drag and drop version.
  • Scheduling emails can be a nightmare. I, for some reason, can never schedule an email at the correct time I want. They make the time zones confusing and it's in a 24 hour format which is annoying.
  • You can customize well in the editor but it can be an extremely painful experience if you make a mistake. There's no undo button after you save something.
  • Email automation is available but it's extremely basic.
Good for small business but anything beyond that I would look elsewhere. Medium-sized to large businesses have no room to grow in this product and would find the feature set very limiting compared to other platforms they are currently using. Benchmark is a nice step up from a completely free or super basic email platform.
Tim Colson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our non-profit family/faculty organization needed a way to distribute a monthly newsletter to approximately 450 families and 850 family members.

Benchmark Email has a generous free pricing tier, discount for 501(c)(3) non-profits, and a completely free option for Parent/Teacher educational associations. This was the hands-down deciding factor at the time for our organization.

Getting up to speed was quick and the product initially served us well. In time, small quirks in the editor became annoying and slowed down the time to assemble and publish the newsletter. Reception of test emails could be quick at times and painfully slow a few minutes later. The data collection custom fields were not well suited to the types of data we needed to track.

Support was always friendly and attempted to be helpful, but some issues seemed to be related to features that were not well thought out. I do not recall any updates or improvements in the platform during the period we used it.

Delivery metrics were impressive; however, for our limited-geographic group and small size, they were not highly necessary.
  • Ease of use - required minimal training to get started.
  • Value - free service for non-profits, with powerful features.
  • User Experience - flow of the process is logical and easy to follow.
  • Glitchy editor - powerful drag and drop features, but precise formatting can have issues.
  • Stagnant platform - few notable features or fixes over the past two years.
  • Delivery Success - anecdotal customer reports suggest high percent of emails are diverted by spam filters.
For low volume non-profits, Benchmark Email provides a respectable free service. Ease of use is high and customization of the email is good. The discount for 501(c)(3) organizations and fully free use for non-profits that help children is commendable. Although the GUI editor is flexible and easy to learn, it does have some issues with certain detailed formatting concerns, like properly showing the newlines between paragraphs. Image/photo processing and presentation is similarly both easy to use, but frustrating due to some capability gaps and quirks, like specifying image sizes and display on hi-resolution devices. Overall, Benchmark Email provides a good service that is easy to learn to expand your communication reach; however, the ROI and satisfaction may not be as high if paying fees comparable to other offerings.
Abigail Nwaocha | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I tested out Benchmark Email and several other email marketing services while searching for free email marketing solutions for E.D.G. Atelier as we just starting to grow our mailing list and there was no budget allocated for email marketing. We needed an email marketing solution that was free yet had features such as responsive email, automation, and reports. Since I was the only user, we didn't need features such as multiple users.

We just needed a software to grow our mailing list and send responsive emails.
  • Price: This one was a major Pro for us as we had zero budget for email marketing, so finding an email marketing service that was free for up to 2000 subscribers was a major win for us.
  • Ease of use: Benchmark Email was simple to use, and while it might have to do with the fact that I had tested out over 5 other email services prior to signing up, its simplicity was noteworthy. While ease of use wasn't among my top 3 qualities I needed our ESP to have, it was nice to use one anyone else could use. Creating an email was simple and the drag and drop elements were great and allowed for flexible design.
  • Responsive Emails: This one was a biggie for me. I needed an ESP that made my emails look good on a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. I created a test email and opened it on all my gadgets [laptop, desktop computer, windows smartphone, Kindle tablet and android tablet] and I was really impressed by its responsiveness.
  • Limited branding on signup forms: I think MailChimp ruined most free ESPs for me as most free email marketing services have limited design and branding options on signup forms. I wanted my signup form to have an image header with the company's logo on it. This feature was important to me so I asked the live customer support at that time if this feature was available and he said yes. Sadly unlike MailChimp that allowed an option for image headers in signup forms (which made it act as a simple landing page) Benchmark email did not. Benchmark now allows the option to add a logo to the top of the form. It wasn't until I went back to SendinBlue that I remembered a workaround to get image headers which was editing the signup forms' HTML code and including an Of course this, also meant constant tweaking to get the right image size.
  • Limited signup form design: Compared to most ESPs both free and paid, Benchmark's signup forms are not very attractive,. The form's design needs an urgent upgrade as it is rather unattractive.
  • Automation: I wouldn't call this a major con as Benchmark does have basic automation which is limited to welcome messages and similar one-off messages but, I suppose SendinBlue and MailerLite are to blame for running free ESPs for me by giving me a rather high expectation.
  • Form publishing: After designing my signup form, I was presented with three options: Place Signup Form directly on your website, Pop-up from a button on your website, Pop-up from a text link on your website. While option one was good and option two was much appreciated, I wanted the form to have a link I could share on social media.
Since I tested the free plan, I can only give suggestions based on that. I think Benchmark is great for businesses/bloggers who are just starting to build their mailing list and do not need features such as advanced email automation. It is also great for those who know a little HTML/CSS otherwise they'd get frustrated at the limited signup form customization options. It's less appropriate for businesses without a website or blog.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Benchmark Email is one of the key softwares or tools used by my organization for their operation. Benchmark email has been used by my organization for the last 2-3 years or maybe longer. It is used by the digital marketing department of our organization. It is used to send business email for our clients in a customized business email template form. It fulfills our business email needs and helps to get a full analysis of all the emails sent over Benchmark. It gives open rates, bounce rates, unopened rates, unsubscribe rates, and abuse complaint rates in a very systematic manner.
  • Benchmark Email is very accurate for giving numbers. It gives a clear number of how many mails are delivered from the sent mails. After that it gives a clear analysis in the form of a Pie Chart on how many emails are opened, clicked, bounce and unsubscribe.
  • It also gives the numerous range of email template options to send the email in the way you want to your client. You can also customize it according to your creativity and need. You can send business text email, pictorial email, design email and various types of email. It has a separate column for a logo, text, pictures and images. Also every template has various types of catchy button like: click here, subscribe here. You can get quote buttons which attract your customers for simplified way of getting information from your content. It also has the option of putting a landing page link to your content which can be directed to your website or product page.
  • In Benchmark you have a huge space for data storage. It not only stores your data but you can also sort it according to your need whenever you want. It is compatible with almost all formats for data uploads (like Excel) You can sort your data from all the data available in Benchmark for example if you want data on a specific job title then you can search for it and Benchmark will give you a number of how much data is available for that.
  • It also gives the option to schedule your email for different time zones. Suppose you want to send a email to overseas where time zone is different, in that case you can schedule your email for that particular time zone and date you want to send it. Benchmark will schedule and deliver that email on that time and will give a complete analysis.
  • Benchmark also takes care of various norms and regulations you have to follow for sending the email. Nowadays laws are very strict for emails. If any person unsubscribes from your email Benchmark will automatically delete that person's email and also take care in future that not to send any more emails to that person.
  • Benchmark is almost good and at the mark for various email sending requirements. But it is said every thing has some cons so Benchmark also has some. Benchmark sometimes has server issues so it gets very slow in sending emails.
  • Benchmark provides 24/7 service but sometimes there are delays in solving your issue.
Benchmark Email is well suited for sending business email for professional products and services. It has various good templates for business use. But if you have requirements for various funny and fascinating emails for public or any general purpose use it has limited options. But it also depends on your creativity on how you use the options and template designs provided by Benchmark.