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What is Billtrust?

Billtrust is a payment cycle management solution, offering invoice delivery, multi-channel payment enablement, and payment posting.

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What is is a an online service for SMBs which provides a central dashboard for managing Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and cash flow management. It syncs with all major accounting systems like QuickBooks, Sage, Intaact, and NetSuite.

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Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick) is built and delivered on the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce1 Mobile App which enables users to create accurate sales quotes quickly and submit error-free orders on the fly from any device.

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What is Billtrust?

Billtrust is designed to make it easier for B2B companies to get paid. The company has offered A/R automation for nearly two decades, with customers spanning 40+ industries and boasting double digit market share in many of the industries they serve.

Billtrust provides automated order-to-cash solutions that meet diverse buyer requirements and speed cash application through tailored invoice delivery, secure multi-channel payment enablement and intelligent matching and payment posting. The vendor states that Billtrust pushes automation into new areas like their supplier-driven payments network, automated invoice delivery into A/P portals, and an automated credit application process. Billtrust aims to drive results by helping customers increase electronic adoption of invoices and payments and widening technology bottlenecks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Billtrust?

Billtrust is a payment cycle management solution, offering invoice delivery, multi-channel payment enablement, and payment posting.

What is Billtrust's best feature?

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.

Who uses Billtrust?

The most common users of Billtrust are from Mid-size Companies and the Wholesale industry.


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Score 7 out of 10
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Billtrust has been great. We use it in Credit, and Accounting and our dealers have access to use it for viewing/printing invoices & statements, as well as posting payments on the site.
  • User-friendly.
  • Quick on-boarding for dealers to use.
  • Search feature of PO or invoice #, etc. when logged in as the dealer.
  • When logged in to Client Connect, would like to choose page number easily, instead of clicking Next Page as many times as needed.
  • Have to scroll to right to display all columns when it looks like there is plenty of room to display them without a scroll bar.
What I appreciate most is having such a simple and user-friendly portal for our customers to use for finding their invoices and making payments. There are so many portals out there today that there is a lot to keep track of for an AP person. This site is not daunting and even if they only log in once a month or less, they can easily navigate without having to call for help or be frustrated at being confused.
Easy to submit a case if there is an issue, and they will see it resolved to completion. They have never let an issue fall off unaddressed.
John Heinzel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We use Billtrust for delivery of over 90% of our invoices, with the remainder being delivered directly via EDI. Utilizing Billtrust's marketing capacity we've been able to move a large number of customers from paper to email delivery. Billtrust allows our customers access to a website (eInvoice Connect) with our logo and contact information, where the customer can maintain their own invoice delivery settings, download invoices as PDF or any of several popular accounting packages, and even pay invoices if they choose to link their banking information. Billtrust also offers automation of AP invoices, creating payables in our business system, but we have not yet implemented this service. Without Billtrust we would still be able to email invoices from our business system, but the bulk mailing and faxing they do would be unmanageable.
  • Billtrust's customer service always replies within 24 hours, leaving the case open until it is verified to be resolved.
  • The customer portal our credit managers access is exceptionally well designed, allowing us to see when an invoice was delivered, and even when the end-user opened it. There are built-in reports to answer almost any question.
  • The on-invoice marketing of eInvoice Connect provides enough information for anyone that obtains an invoice to create an account and change the method of receiving invoices. This hasn't caused a problem that we know of, but the possibility exists.
  • They should have a set of alarms - email notifications to a set address when something goes wrong, like if one of our customers signs up for eInvoice Connect, sets their delivery option to online only, but then never logs in.
Billtrust would work best for an organization that has grown beyond the capacity for a few people in A/R to manage customer invoices, or A/P to manage vendor invoices. If your business system can create the files needed for automation with Billtrust, or can create payables from properly formatted data from Billtrust, then it's worth looking into what Billtrust can do for you. They are especially skilled in helping to convert paper-only customers to e-mail or online invoicing with dedicated "campaign" managers and reporting on e-invoice adoption rates to help you meet your goals.
After 15 years I have only had a handful of support cases each year. When I have created support cases for issues the response time is under 24 hours. And the initial response is typically enough for me to close the case. I do not remember a case that needed to be escalated. For cases I opened to request changes (subject line, logo, etc.) the case is typically resolved within 7 days, and always includes examples for me to verify before the change is put into production. There are not typically any issues with Billtrust itself - my support cases typically involve issues that we caused with bad data, or requests for information we do not have access to through any of the existing reports.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Billtrust was implemented as a holistic solution to provide online bill receipt and payment solutions to customers nationwide across all our stores. Each branch store had employees that utilized Billtrust as a source of truth for customer balance and invoice payment status. At HQ, employees used Billtrust for reporting and accounting reconciliation purposes. Before that, reconciling customer payments was very manual at each store, and there was no online way for a customer to pay their invoices. Billtrust solved that.
  • Implementation - Billtrust was relatively easy to implement, and there were guiding resources that assisted me during the process. Getting every branch spun up was relatively simple.
  • Payment Status - Billtrust provided actual payment status for each customer, and having a payment route to the correct bank account by the store was automated. There was no reconciliation needed with that.
  • UI - Billtrust could've had a better design and overall user interface. Everything worked, but at times it could be challenging to navigate to the feature you needed to use.
  • Internal Dashboard - The internal dashboard was outdated and hard to navigate at times. The data produced by the dashboard was congested and didn't provide the most efficient view for gathering certain customer information.
For a simple invoice-based organization, especially with multiple stores, Billtrust is an appropriate fit. While lacking in design and intuitive functionality, Billtrust got the job done as far as receiving payments from customers. However, if you are in a subscription-based business or one that invoices on a frequent repetitive manner, Billtrust may not be the best solution.
They got back promptly on every ticket we needed. They were friendly and usually helped us solve the problem. However, there were times when it was clear they just sent a support article back instead of seeking to understand the root of more complex issues that our users had.
Jill Liegghio | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Billtrust is an invoice and payment management system that has been put in place by two of our larger suppliers. They use this software to provide invoices, provide statements, track open balances, and collect electronic payments from their customers. Our Shared Services team has been involved with this software for just under a year.
  • It allows customers to pull past / missed invoices for review and payment.
  • It can work well to track open amounts on the account.
  • It allows us to pay our invoice online through a p-card, which helps increase our potential rebate with our bank.
  • It has a feature that allows you to make notes about the invoice so you can track what actions have taken place.
  • Anyone in our organization can create an account for a vendor with Billtrust. The upside.easy to set up. The downside.invoices stop going through the usual channels and only go to this person. Also, if they leave the company, it's tough to gain access to the account to allow central management.
  • Invoices showed as open in the software may not be accessible. It doesn't seem like the AR departments scrub the data, so our group has had to manipulate the data manually.
  • Invoices do not always automatically move to paid when a payment is made online. We discovered this by making a duplicate payment on a group of invoices.
I feel Billtrust is useful to all payments and data between vendors and customers. It gives easy access to invoices and statements to customers which can allow easier management of the account. Billtrust can take payments through ACH withdrawl and through credit card which was ideal for our company. It provides statement copies for the customer. If it worked well, it should save postage and time for our Vendor's AR team and could make things easier for our team.
We deal with our customer's AR personnel to help resolve issues with our open invoices. They can help us but seem to be lacking in the overall understanding of the Billtrust software and why things may work the way they do. We have some accounts that are active that we have been unable to add to our corporate account, and as a result, these bills must be paid via check, and we are not currently receiving statements. It would be great if they had more robust customer service or maybe different criteria for creating accounts.
Candace Hoover | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MAWSA utilizes Billtrust for billing and payments, and have been since 2013. Billtrust’s automation and self-service portal gave me the tools to train my customers to pay within established payment windows. This has brought a predictability to our cash flow and allows us to better manage the business. We have recognized and have been able to maintain a 10-day drop in our DSO, and have reduced payment processing time by 30%. Our case study can be found here:

When it comes to payment cycle management, I always recommend Billtrust.

  • The payment portal is of the highest security, giving our participating customers piece of mind.
  • By offering electronic methods of billing statement, and other documents, electronically (email, ebill, ebank presentations) we are able to save on printing an postage costs.
  • Always on the cusp of emerging technologies, and willing to share their experience, Billtrust offers webinars, Twitterviews, classes, and conferences to keep you in the know and ahead in your industry.
  • Billtrust has a crack customer service team that always responds promptly, and with through follow up. Even better yet, when you respond to a survey on their customer service, they will donate to charity - that shows a willingness to hear what their customers have to say.
  • If you ever think of an idea, Billtrust is accepting of considering its implementation and how it can be incorporated into their services and systems, making the growth of services organically functional.
  • Some of the best packages offered are pricier than are affordable by a small municipal entity; however, there are affordable options available to help proliferate success.
  • There are multiple packages, with multiple tiers of service. It allows for products to be offered for one package over another. I believe a simplification to one product with purchase in/out tiers would be more streamlined and flexible.
Billtrust is extremely suited to increase your sales to cash application process, offering a multitude of successful automation process. The flexibility and functionality fit MAWSA very well.