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What is BizConnect?

BizConnect is a cloud-based business card systematization solutions for professionals and business organizations. The mobile application manages business cards and contacts at the click of a button. The vendor provides its features as:

Primary Features
● Accurate card scanning and...
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What is BizConnect?

BizConnect is a cloud-based business card systematization solutions for professionals and business organizations. The mobile application manages business cards and contacts at the click of a button. The vendor provides its features as: Primary Features ●…

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What is CamCard?

CamCard is an online tool used to scan, manage, sync and exchange business cards. CamCard for Salesforce is also available for a mobile app.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a web-based CRM application that enables users to forecast revenues and track leads. It is a leading sales, service, and marketing app.'s Sales (CRM), Service, Platform and Marketing applications are designed to help companies connect with customers, partners, and…

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BizConnect : Business Card Scanner & QR Code Reader
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Product Details

What is BizConnect?

BizConnect is a cloud-based business card systematization solutions for professionals and business organizations. The mobile application manages business cards and contacts at the click of a button. The vendor provides its features as:

Primary Features
● Accurate card scanning and storage- BizConnect facilitates 100% accurate visiting card scanning. This application will never get the visiting card details wrong, due to stringent leveraging of OCR and human intelligence.
● Efficient Batch Scanning- This app allows scanning multiple cards in batches (up to 10 cards at a time) with complete accuracy without missing on a single card. This saves time and effort.
● Generate and Observe leads- This is a shareable application that can be used by the workforce to assign and keep a tab on prospective leads.
● Grouping- Scan business cards and group them categorically.
● Tasks- Managers can use this app to assign collaborative tasks to the staff and increase efficiency through teamwork. This digital diary will keep a daily checklist of targets to be achieved.
● Export - Reduce duplicate work by sharing contacts and company details by exporting to Google, Outlook, and Excel.
● Import – This application imports contacts from Outlook and Google.
● Generate Lead Reports- This stirring feature will calculate the performance report of a month or a week by simply adding the successful leads closed. This is a motivating feature but at the same time rings an alarm if the performance isn't satisfactory.

BizConnect Features

  • Supported: Business Card Scanning with 100% Accuracy
  • Supported: Contact Management
  • Supported: Export to Excel, Outlook and Google
  • Supported: Import to Excel, Outlook and Google
  • Supported: Scan QR codes
  • Supported: Team Management
  • Supported: Task Management
  • Supported: Lead Management

BizConnect Screenshots

Screenshot of BizConnect holder screenScreenshot of Export Digitized DataScreenshot of Scan Business Cards

BizConnect Video

BizConnect Product video

BizConnect Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Italian, Arabic

BizConnect Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)5%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)0%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)0%
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
BizConnect is an unusual tool and has the capability to professionally manage our business cards. We have to keep track of our clients' contacts and this software helps in keeping [of] all the contacts in one place. The most important part is that we can get our required contact with just a single click and can also share.
  • Its scanning of the card is authentic and 100% accurate.
  • It organizes cards properly.
  • It helps in sharing contacts from anywhere to anyone.
  • It provides multiple options to arrange contacts and one can arrange contacts according to their ease.
  • Its interface is a bit tricky.
  • Its charges [feel] outrageous and unfair to some extent.
  • Although its scanning is accurate, it takes time and I think this is the point where it needs improvement as scanning should be fast.
This tool is amazing for the management of a massive number of contacts as I have found it works well with our large number of contact cards and it's not buggy. It also provides an option to arrange cards accordingly. All I don’t like is its scanning speed which needs to be swift.
  • The way it organizes contacts is amazing.
  • The contact sharing feature is very helpful for us.
  • Accurate scanning.
  • Our business contacts are in one single place.
  • We can get our required contact with a mere single click.
  • We are in contact with our loyal clients and are not afraid of losing any of them.
There are multiple reasons why we switched from Pobuca to BizConnect. One of them was the integration feature which was not as efficient as that of BizConnect. Moreover, Pobuca didn’t offer the variety of ways to manage contacts that Bizconnect gives. Above all, the customer service of Pobuca was highly unprofessional and were highly unapologetic.
Jenson Albie | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
BizConnect is an essential tool and is helped me in managing all of my business contacts. Of course in this fast-paced world, it is very hard to manage contacts and luckily this tool is amazing in doing so. Its scanning speed is amazing and I can share the contacts with anyone I want to.
  • Using this tool I can share contact with anyone from anywhere.
  • It manages the contacts in various ways. One can select the option to alphabetically arrange cards.
  • It scans business cards rapidly.
  • The interface of such tools should be made easy.
  • Its subscription rate is quite high.
[BizConnect] is a great tool for all those people who are messy in managing their contacts and want things to get managed. It is a comprehensive tool even for a large number of business cards. One can share contact to anyone using this tool without facing any difficulty. It manages contacts so well and I can get access to any of the contact very easily. It has some flaws like the customer support team and Subscription rate.
  • Business card scanning.
  • Export/Import
  • Reports
  • Its team should be made vigilant of their duties.
  • Its storage capacity is more than enough.
  • The way they respond to our queries is pathetic.
It took them a long time to solve our simple problem but the problem was that they were not ready to understand their client and had little knowledge of their own product which was quite a disappointing thing. I was simply not satisfied with the scanning of the CamCard and the way it manages contacts.

Joseph Daniel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Being businessmen we have a lot of contacts and Bizconnect facilitated us in managing all those important contacts and all of our business cards. We won't have to fear the loss of our important contacts and we don't even need to look for the contact of our need for a long time as it is excellent in organizing our contacts.
  • It gets the contact of our need within no time.
  • it organizes contacts alphabetically.
  • Its scanning is quite swift and authentic.
  • We can share a contact from anywhere.
  • [I feel] its user interface is a bit mystifying.
  • [I feel] its customer service is lazy.
It is so good tool in the management of all the business contacts. We can not only just save our contacts into it but also it facilitates us in a way that we can send any contact to anyone from anywhere. It is an active tool with a good scanning speed.
  • The ease with which we can share contacts.
  • Its scanning is amazing and trustworthy.
  • The way it organizes contacts.
  • It helped in saving our time.
  • We can now categorize our contacts and can separate our important contacts.
  • Its pricing has a negative impact on our business.
CamCard was a bit slow and pathetic tool for the management of business contacts. I really didn't admire the scanning feature of the CamCard which is the most exceptional feature of BizConnect. Moreover, CamCard didn't organize cards in a way BizConnect organizes. and the CamCard didn't work well according to my needs and demands.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Bizconnect to keep and organize all of our contacts in a well way. It has enabled us to get and share any contact with any of our colleagues from anywhere. It works offline too and it has multiple features for contact management which make it stand above all of such software.
  • We can share contacts from anywhere with anyone.
  • Its scanning is accurate and fast.
  • We can easily search for any of our required contacts without difficulty.
  • We can transfer the card information into Excel.
  • Customer support is wretched [in my experience].
  • [I believe] the interface of this software is a bit confusing.
  • [I feel] the price is disappointing.
BizConnect is an ideal solution to manage business cards. I prefer it as I have a lot of contacts and it is profoundly tough for me to manage all of them so it has organized all business cards for me in an excellent manner that I can get any of them within seconds. Since it's a bit pricy so I found it a little unaffordable for me .
  • We can export data of the card to our excel sheet
  • Its scanning speed is marvelous.
  • It enabled us to share contact with others.
  • It has as such no negative impact on our business.
  • We can make better relationships with our business contacts.
  • It made it swift for us to find the contact of our need.
The most amazing fact about Bizconnect is its scanning speed in this fast-paced world we need software to match that pace but Pobuca was not one of them and Pobuca was not as smart in organizing contacts as Bizconnect. Furthermore, we found the system of Pobuca a bit clunky on the other hand Bizconnect is just perfect.
Samule Finiley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using BizConnect to manage our massive contacts. We are utilizing this software in our HR department and it has been of great help for us. It is a multi-feature and easy-to-use software. Card scanning is quite fast and authentic. Good customer service is essential for the success of any software and I think BizConnect should pay attention to its support team that is highly non-responsive and does not pay proper attention to their client’s concern and is non-serious in their work.
  • Its card scanning feature is highly efficient.
  • We can assign various tasks to our team using this software and it promotes teamwork.
  • Using this we can import our contacts from other resources like Outlook.
  • Sometimes its processing process gets slow.
  • It is pricy as compared to other software of this kind.
It is the best software to manage contacts and to introduce in big firms to manage contacts and tasks. Our experience with Bizconnect is so good and we can even import and export our contacts to other platforms like Google and Outlook. I would highly recommend this tool for efficiently managing contacts.
  • Business card scanning.
  • Easy reporting.
  • Task management.
  • We can easily manage our contacts using BizConnect.
  • In the beginning, we found it difficult to operate and we tried to contact its customer service and they were lazy and non-responsive.
The speed and working with Cloze was slow compared to BizConnect and the system of Cloze was buggy and this was the major reason behind our switch to Bizconnect. Although the price of Cloze was less than BizConnect the features, speed, and ease Bizconnect provides is amazing.
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