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Score 9 out of 10
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It is being used by the whole organization where I work as a source to access office emails. It has a clean interface, and it is effortless to browse. It's a very handy tool to check your emails on the go. It feels great to have such a lovely tool to read emails and reply to them on time.
  • Clean interface
  • Any lame person can access it as the options are self explanatory.
  • No huddles while setting up your emails.
  • Syncing error while loading your new emails takes forever sometimes.
  • Sometimes meetings don't get synced well with the app and misses reminders.
  • Can add more features in the future, which might help users.
I mainly use it to access my office emails. It gets easy when you can get to see the updates via email on the go no matter where you are. It can not only keep us update with the latest information but also it is good to have this tool handy to access information that is needed on the go. I would definitely recommend this tool to my friends as it's one of the good tools to have on your phone.
Score 7 out of 10
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BlackBerry UEM (formerly Good) is used to secure user's access to exchange server mail from mobile devices (iOS and Android) and create a connection to the LAN where users can access network resources such as file shares and intranet. The on-premise solution was utilized to have full control over the entire setup to secure the network environment.
  • Separates your mobile device into a personal and work environments
  • It does not allow corporate data to be accessed by social media or other 3rd party apps like Facebook and WhatsApp unless specified.
  • It allows a company to securely expand the services offered within its network to mobile devices.
  • Better to be used on Windows 10 machines
  • The software is relatively difficult to implement/upgrade with a very long administration guide. Either a useful quick-start guide or dedicated support personnel for implementations after purchase licenses to setup would be helpful to get customers up and running quickly with minimum headache.
  • You do find some minor quirks with some of the other apps that integrate into the ecosystem, where support is needed to get involved. For example, 3rd party note-taking apps. But generally, once working, it works well.
If you want to connect securely, connect the mobile android or iOS devices to your network for communication purposes, where you have control over all the devices, who can access the network and remove the corporate data from those same devices if the need arises.
If you have a serious issue with your on-premise installation, access to support can take a bit to get someone on the phone, and it can take some time to rectify, given the complexity of the software. In my experience, the support team does get you back up and running in critical scenarios, but you more than likely will be on some marathon calls, unless it is a very simple and known issue.
Score 8 out of 10
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We used BlackBerry UEM to manage all of our mobile devices at our company. It helped us with the initial setup of rolling out phones to our employees, as well as monitoring their usage and tracking the location of the phones if they were lost. The overall functionality was helpful in keeping a security standard across the entire organization for mobile usage.
  • Security and Web Filtering are easy to set up and maintain
  • Initial set up and install of company profile onto Android/iOS devices
  • Licensing costs could be streamlined and easier to manage
  • Functionality could be improved with iOS devices
BlackBerry UEM is well-suited if you are looking for an all-in-one mobile security management platform. From the initial rollout and install of the software onto a device, to the deactivation and removal off the network, it works well and is easy to maintain. The one area where it could still use improvement is working with iOS devices, due to the non-native app functionality.
Support was sufficient when contacted via their online ticketing system, as well as when calling their support line. They were quick to respond and assist with any issues we were having, in addition to remotely accessing our server to provide help. The online documentation and updates were frequently updated to provide assistance as well.
Tapan Jain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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Good is used as a mobile email client for employees to send and receive office emails on the go. Everybody in our organization uses Good to access office emails on their mobile device. My organization is able to provide employees with access to emails, contacts and calendars without worrying about the encryption and security of sensitive data. Also, as it can be configured over almost every smartphone, my organization is saving money by not having to provide dedicated devices to employees.
  • It allows fast access to sensitive and classified business info without worrying about the confidentiality theft.
  • Further, I don't need to carry a separate office mobile to be in sync with business emails and syncing with calendars.
  • Good acts as a security layer between my personal data and business data. Also, the feature to provide offline notifications for upcoming or any missed meetings/appointments is very useful.
  • One thing which is annoying to me is that after every 5-10 minutes, I need to log in again with my credentials to access emails. It could be from a security perspective but in that case the auto log out time should be user configurable.
  • It's not possible to save or forward attachments from my inbox on my device
  • Good does allow for synchronizing of contacts in your personal corporate email address book to your personal device address book.
It's definitely a decent app to access emails and calendars on the go except for the fact that you have to log in again five minutes after your last login. It somehow doesn't store your password. Good keeps all your company data separate and completely encrypted from your personal data. Your IT department in a flash can zap everything inside Good. IT has the ability, by design, to remove all of the company's data from your device. This is vital in a world where devices are lost and stolen all the time. With the 'bring your own device' concept gaining momentum in a lot of organizations, Good provides an alternative to organizations without having to worrying about data security and theft.
Angela Snyder, CF APMP, ITIL | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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Good is a mobile security software used across the organization to provide employees with secure access to e-mail from their mobile devices. Good is compatible with Android and iPhones and is comprised of a mobile app users download to gain secure access their email, calendar, and contacts from their mobile device.
  • Ability to access secure email from anywhere
  • Does not integrate with mobile device 'email' features
  • Does not automatically check for new emails - users must ensure the app is left open in the background and periodically log in to the app to keep updated on incoming email traffic
  • Meeting reminders come late through this app
  • No accessibility to common Outlook functions including attaching read receipts, out of office assistant, etc.
I would recommend Good for access to secure email and calendar only because there is no alternative available through my company. The app is cumbersome and requires password log in each time. There is no ability to set a signature for email replies - they automatically have a 'sent with Good' signature line that cannot be edited.

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What is Blackberry UEM?

BlackBerry UEM (formerly from Good Technology) offers a complete enterprise mobility management solution, including capabilities for mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile content management, identity access management and mobile security and containerization.

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What is Blackberry UEM?

BlackBerry UEM (formerly from Good Technology) offers a complete enterprise mobility management solution, including capabilities for mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile content management, identity access management and mobile security and containerization.

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Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 6.1.

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The most common users of Blackberry UEM are from Mid-size Companies and the Computer Software industry.