Blackboard Collaborate is an online, collaborative learning platform well-suited for the education industry and corporate learning needs. It includes features such as screen and application sharing, web conferencing, and integration with Blackboard Learn.Blackboard Collaborate for Virtual ClassroomsAcross the whole college, we use Blackboard Collaborate for virtual classrooms.,The ability to break students out into smaller groups and then bring them back to the main room Having all tools (chat, participant management) all on one page,Quality of video in large meetings Price is high compared to competitors,4,Positive in that its easy to use and integrates with our LMS well Negative in that it is more expensive than competitors,Zoom,Zoom, McGraw-Hill Connect, Google DriveBlackboard Collaborate- a big step up from SkypeThis program is used in academic support services for online tutoring and academic coaching, which are increasingly needed as more and more degree programs are offering online-only options and the number of students outside a commuting radius increases. While Skype and Google Hangouts are useful for video chat, they aren't designed for academic purposes and lack many of the tools available in Bb Collaborate.,Training,The Whiteboard feature is perfect for tutoring. We use it to write out formulas, draw diagrams, etc while in video chat to enhance explanations. The file attachment feature is also very handy. This means we don't have to do a follow-up with a student using their email to send files of handouts, etc. It's great that we only have to share a classroom access link for a student to enter a session. With other products, they had to set up a username and log-in with an account. Link access means 1 less hassle. We are currently beginning to use the "record session" feature video sessions to use as training for new employees.,I recently tried to use the Share Screen feature, which would be extremely valuable for online tutoring, but despite installing the additional Blackboard Screensharing app, it won't work. I have not yet contacted support to get help with it, but it seems this should work when one follows the instructions. It's not incredibly intuitive in its setup. For example, to get the "share video" icon to appear (the only way you can activate the camera to start video feed), you have to do a sound and video test first.,7,Our implementation has been gradual over the last 2 semesters. Students who have used it to access live academic support despite being unable to drive in for face to face sessions have been extremely happy. It is gradually boosting student morale for offsite students, who have long felt they were unable to access services that were paid through fees with their tuition. Multiple support services who have wanted to provide online support but were unsure how they could are more empowered to do so now. The current mood is "what else can we offer online through this, workshops, advising, live broadcast of student org meetings"?,Google Hangouts and Skype,BlackboardCollaborate in Education with Blackboard Collaborate (Ultra)We've been using Blackboard Collaborate since back when it was Elluminate (then Blackboard Collaborate, and now Blackboard Collaborate Ultra). The Ultra version is browser-based and very simple to use. It is typically used for office hours for our online instructors, handling virtual training sessions our team administers to our faculty, and other times people on our campus may want to meet virtually. Collaborate is also an easy way to have a guest speaker join a classroom remotely. Collaborate Ultra is integrated with our LMS (Blackboard, though they support other integrations), so essentially there is no setup involved for the faculty member. Students just click a link, type in their name, and they are able to join the session, simple as that. Smartphones and tablets are also supported. The Collaborate team has been aggressively working on making the tool more and more accessible.,Internal communications Lead generation Training,Very simple to use. While not overbearingly rich with features, there are a lot of features available to get workflows done. Allows for several options to make a session accessible, while the developers are working on even more ways. Mobile friendly.,Takes advantage of features available in Firefox and Google Chrome browsers for application sharing; these features are not yet available in Safari or Microsoft Edge.,10,Collaborate Ultra has been the most effective for us for training faculty virtually. Faculty have been excited that they can have a remote guest speaker in their classroom, and all they need to do for set up is to e-mail that guest speaker a link to join the session. Collaborate Ultra is beyond useful for faculty to meet with online students who are either across the country, or even in other countries, with tools that really help to focus on course work.,Google Hangouts and Skype,Ubuntu Linux, Oracle VM VirtualBox, IntelliJ IDEA, Blackboard, Docker, Microsoft Office 2016, LibreOfficeGreat for small groups of online studentsBlackboard Collaborate is generally used across our e-school. Teachers use the software to present live and recorded lessons to our students across the state of Florida. It allows us to deliver instruction in a more interactive method, reaching all types of learners and incorporating audio, video, and interaction.,Internal communications Training,Enables teachers to upload PowerPoint presentations and display them for the class Allows multiple people to be present at one time Has adequate tools for teachers to be able to engage class in interaction (polling, raising hand, allowing microphone and video camera sharing),Blackboard Collaborate frequently causes us to see "Exception errors" Students and teachers regularly get "kicked out" of the online classroom/lose connectivity PowerPoints are static. Does not support animations unless using another program to upload.,7,We've been better able to engage students in their learning opportunities We can host reviews, allowing students to prepare better for exams, and thus boosting test scores We can get to know our online students in a personal way,Elluminate,Snagit, Mozy Pro, Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe PhotoshopBlackboard Collaborate for Optimal Company Communications!Blackboard Collaborate is utilized by my company for teachers to hold office hours for students within the online courses provided by the company. It is also used to hold virtual department meetings. This addresses our need for communication between teachers and students, teachers and other teachers, and teacher and management staff.,The ability to host a number of people in a meeting and manage their participation via text and audio. The screen sharing features allows presenters to demonstrate procedures exactly as instructed on the screen. This also allows the presenter to permit others to share their screens if they need clarification of something or to share further ideas. The software gives you the freedom to use a whiteboard to draw/demonstrate concepts to students and other employees.,Some of the newest computer high resolution screens are not as compatible with the interface. The font and windows are much smaller and the user is not able to increase the size of the windows to make it easier to read/navigate. The audio can sometimes be inconsistent and tune in and out when someone is speaking. This is not every time though and many times the audio is clear. The login process takes a bit longer to get into the program. You have to go through a few step process and loading time to get into the application.,8,The program has allowed enhanced communications between teachers and students so that students can get real time tutoring and not rely on back and forth emails. The program gives teachers a platform to come together and participate in professional development activities together and ask questions/make suggestions in real time. Has created an "office" like atmosphere online to help simulate a brick and mortar classroom teacher office where students can feel comfortable communicating with teachers about their concerns.,,Skype, Google Drive, Adobe Acrobat DCBlackboard Collborate: Best for Online classesBlackboard Collaborate (Classic and Ultra) is being used by our university for professors to conduct online classes and to hold office hours for the distant students. It provides lots of interactive features like Whiteboard, create groups, share documents, share desktop and many more. Blackboard Collaborate is bit difficult to understand for non-technical faculties. So we have to provide training on how to use Blackboard Collaborate.,Whiteboard: Professors use this feature to explain topics by drawing some diagrams on the Whiteboard. Share Documents: This feature is widely used by the professors to share their notes with the class. Breakout Groups: Professor use this feature to create groups in the class for some tasks.,Complexity: Some non-technical professors find it difficult to use different features of Blackboard Collaborate. Video Quality: Some times Blackboard Collaborate provides very poor quality videos even if there is a good internet connection. Audio-Video Synchronization: In the recordings, the video does not keep up with the audio and you will sometimes see that they are out of sync.,9,The positive impact of Blackboard Collaborate is that distant students can also attend classes. Opens communication to outside world. For example, a professor conducts a guest lecture but somehow a guest can't be physically present in the class so he/she gives the lecture through Collaborate.,ZoomStop! COLLABORATE and Listen!Currently at Polk State College, Blackboard Collaborate is used as a synchronous learning environment in online and hybrid courses. Students are able to interact with professors while they (the students and/or the professors) are off campus and at odd hours. Students participate in guided online course orientations, study sessions, and workshops via Blackboard Collaborate.,The synchronous environment is great for online and hybrid courses. Students are able to ask questions and receive feedback in real time. The video option is great, especially for 100% online courses. It gives a face to the professors name--humanizes us a little bit for the students. The record option is wonderful for students who cannot be in class, students with special needs, enrichment/supplement, and content reviews.,Logging in can be challenging for students who are not exactly computer literate. The program's reliance on an updated Java can be a real source of frustration for students and parents. Accessing sessions once they've been recorded is a bit cumbersome. It is especially difficult for professors who are not as computer literate. Accessing a virtual classroom could be improved. I would like to see a customizable "button" or "widget" option that can be placed on a professor's webpage.,7,N/A,Nearpod,Google Drive, Dropbox, Desire2Learn,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,I was not involved in the decision-making process of either organization I worked for who use that product,Managing participant controls is very easy. Using the whiteboard is a cinch.,Logging on (if Java isn't up to date) Accessing recorded sessions. Accessing the meeting link to share with participants.,Yes,8Blackboard Collaborate -- Great for teaching or being taught!I have used it both as a continuing education student, and as a site-manager for classes that my colleagues teach. Blackboard Collaborate makes it easy to connect students with professors and teaching assistants. As a student, the features make it easy for our professor to screen share, draw, and do presentations for us. On top of that, it is easy to work and coordinate with other students who are also using Collaborate.,Collaborate makes it easy to share screens, presentations, and images in a digital classroom, which is essential when teaching difficult concepts to people who are not in the same room as the presenter. Collaborate even allows for small-group work WITHIN a larger group. Our teacher was able to break us out into smaller "rooms" for small discussions and presentation prep. The basic controls and modules are easy to learn and teach with presenters.,Some of the more advanced features are difficult to use. Troubleshooting at home can be difficult--if it doesn't open for some reason, etc. I have been kicked off repeatedly before (although this might be more my own computer functionality, rather than the program). Sometimes there is a lag, causing the presenter's voice to need to catch up/speed up.,8,Makes it easy for students with unusual schedules, or in other locations to participate. Recording classes is very helpful should the student have to miss classes or if someone has to miss a meeting but wants to catch up. Helps keep people up to date and is well known so most people have used it in some capacity before.,Skype,SkypeLooking Forward to Collaborate UltraCurrently, we enable the Blackboard Collaborate tool in courses only upon request due to the complexity of its interface. However, with the upcoming implementation of the new UI, we are going to be opening up the tool to all courses system wide. The new UI is so much easier to understand and use, and I am confident that the adoption rate is going to drastically increase. Currently, some instructors use it for virtual office hours, some use it for lecture capture and still others use it for remote lecturing back to their class when they are off campus. Some of our organizations use it for web conferencing as well. With the greater availability of the tool next semester, I figure the use cases will at least be the same but more likely new ideas for using it will come about.,The new UI is so much more simpler to use. Every month more features from the classic UI are being implemented.,In my experience, the only bad aspect that I can bring up is that the video does not keep up with the audio and you will sometimes see that they are out of sync. I have also read that some people are experiencing degraded audio in their recordings. During the session the audio is fine but in the recordings it is not good.,10,Adoption rates have been low so ROI isn't what it could be. However, in our case, this is due to a lack of training about and on the product.,WebEx Meetings and Zoom,Blackboard,The new Ultra experience makes the whole process very simplistic. The new browser based WebRTC technology in the Ultra experience makes joining a session so easy without the need for any downloads. Navigating the session controls couldn't be easier.,When chat is busy in a session, it would be nice to increase the width of the chat window for easier readability.,Yes, but I don't use it,9Blackboard Collaborate is best when collaborating with other Blackboard ProductsI helped evaluate if Blackboard Collaborate was a good tool for the academic community of a previous position. In then end, the team did recommend that our school purchase and use Blackboard Collaborate in sync with Blackboard Learn, the LMS we were using. In the end, my organization decided to hold off on implementing Blackboard Collaborate because they wanted to confirm that Blackboard was still the best LMS for the school. However, in many ways I wish the organization would have adopted Blackboard Collaborate as it allows students and faculty easy ways to connect and since LMS evaluations take a long time the lack of having a tool like Blackboard Collaborate is highly noticed. In our evaluation, we suggested that Blackboard Collaborate would be used solely for academic purposes and in addition to other stuff, it would solve the problem of remote meetings, team collaboration and online office hours.,Connecting students: Collaborate allowed students to connect with each other based on their current classes and past classes. Dynamic permissions: Allowing students to change their own permissions so student could set the level of access they wanted for other students. They could do this while still allowing instructor and TA access at the classroom level. Making the LMS more engaging: Collaborate made Blackboard seem more like Facebook which may have made some students and faculty more interested.,Video and audio was lacking when we evaluated it. Multiple language inputs were not well developed when we looked at it - and what was there was very klunky and confusing. Security wasn't clear. I didn't understand how my organizations information was separated from others. (I'm not really sure of the technical stuff here - but our security guys were not happy with Blackboard's explanations to their questions.),6,Since we did not implement Blackboard this question is not applicable.,,WebEx Meetings, Adobe Connect, GoToMeetingBlackboard Collaborate Student ReviewI used Blackboard Collaborate when I was going to community college. It was used with online classes which I usually took during intermission. It makes the online experience more like an actual classroom and it makes it a lot easier to interact with classmates and the instructor. It really helps visual learners, like myself.,The training documentation. Ability to transfer files. Whiteboard utility.,Lags a bit while playing audio and video especially while using multi-camera view.,8,I used it as a student. I would assume it boosts grades and keeps students interested.,Bitbucket, GitHub, JIRA SoftwareLove the creativity of Collaborate!I find Blackboard Collaborate to be very useful as a conduit to communication for my students and I. It is easy to use and provides the right amount of choices necessary to have a great communicative session.,The visuals are great. Choices for usage are helpful. Ease of use is exactly what new online students need.,Time lapse of verbal communication. Inability to share Microsoft Word documents directly.,8,Great student interface. Ease of communication with students. Enhanced course participation.,Angel,BlackboardCollaborate with EaseWe use Blackboard Collaborate for meetings and for tutoring students, one-on-one or in groups. Our department, the instructional department, is the only department that uses it. Many of our employees work remotely, so being able to communicate in a virtual setting is a beneficial alternative to email. Also, we tutor our students remotely, and using Skype, email, or phone is not conducive to what we need to do.,Allows for sharing of the whiteboard between participants Easy to enter rooms Ease of recordings and retrieval of recordings The tools that are available...text, write, chat, talk, app share, go directly to videos,The app sharing feature - it is great that it exists, but it is clumsy and lags behind. It is also hard sometimes for the 'sharer' to tell if they are sharing or not. There is also a lag between the sharer and the participants. The tool bar seems to get stuck sometimes. I will try to write or highlight and I cannot switch between the different options. The Blackboard Collaborate app commands are hidden. It would be nice if the chat feature to the moderator went to the main room chat by default, rather than the moderator chat.,8,Without Blackboard Collaborate, we would not be able to tutor remotely with our students. Blackboard Collaborate has a positive ROI due to its availability in different mediums and ease of use for many different users.,Skype for Business,Google Domains, Skype, Skype for Business, MS SharePoint, JIRA SoftwareBlackboard Collaborate creates virtual classroom.Blackboard Collaborate is used to deliver real-time, synchronous, educational content to our users. Specifically, online classes use Blackboard Collaborate to deliver online lectures and presentations using the audio and video components within Blackboard Collaborate as well as the fully interactive whiteboard. Instructors load presentation materials and slides on the interactive whiteboard while student participants follow everything that occurs on the screen. Many classes also use Blackboard Collaborate for group study sessions -- often times without instructor participation. Students are able to share desktop applications, use the interactive whiteboard, and communicate with each other through the built in text chat tools as well as through the audio and video modules.,The interactive whiteboard allows instructors to load PowerPoint or other presentations into the display which can then be highlighted, marked on, typed on, or used for real-time presentations with students. Blackboard Collaborate features a robust desktop sharing component that allows instructors to share their entire desktop, portions of their desktop, or just specific applications with participants. They can also pass control over those applications to session participants. This is very useful for demonstrating software programs that session participants may not have on their own computers. The user feedback buttons in Blackboard Collaborate allow session participants to express a variety of emotions during online sessions through buttons that represent a smiling face, thumbs down, and a confused face. In a face-to-face classroom, instructors who notice a confused face on some of their students know to stop and re-explain a concept. These digital faces provide the same interaction in the virtual classroom.,Currently, the audio and video features are enabled separately from each other. You could end up in a situation where 6 people in a 12-person classroom have their cameras enabled and 6 different people have their microphones enabled. It would be ideal if one "Talk" button turned on that person's audio and video simultaneously. The number of active participants able to turn on their microphone or camera is still limited compared to other products on the market. Competing products allow dozens of participants to enable their audio and video during the entire session without having to switch back and forth as Blackboard Collaborate requires with larger sessions. Blackboard Collaborate still relies on Java to function. As such, it has to bundle a Java launcher application in order to open sessions. Similar products can function using HTML5 entirely within modern browsers. Desktop sharing is not visible on mobile apps although the chat, whiteboard, and audio is fully functional.,9,Because faculty can schedule sessions on-the-fly without IT involvement, they are able to accomplish goals that they plan for weeks in advance as well as impromptu goals that come up at a moments notice. Integration with the campus Learning Management Systems provides quick and easy scheduling of sessions that can be joined easily by students in those courses. Scheduling of meetings can also be done through the web interface directly which enables administrative departments not associated with courses in the learning management system to also schedule meetings not affiliated with courses. On-campus users can schedule meetings without outside participants by sending an open "guest link" URL that allows users to participate despite not having an account within the system iteself.,Big Blue Button and WebEx Meetings,Canvas, Blackboard, Slack
Blackboard Collaborate
90 Ratings
Score 6.9 out of 101
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Blackboard Collaborate Reviews

Blackboard Collaborate
90 Ratings
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Score 6.9 out of 101

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About Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is an online, collaborative learning platform well-suited for the education industry and corporate learning needs. It includes features such as screen and application sharing, web conferencing, and integration with Blackboard Learn to provide a complete learning management system (LMS).

Blackboard Collaborate offers a browser-based web conferencing tool to facilitate interaction between instructors and students. It has a classroom chat feature that offers a messaging platform for students to share images, text, audio, and video. It also supports live captioning to meet the accessibility needs for deaf and hard of hearing students with its Blackboard Live Closed Captioning Service feature.

Its interactive Whiteboard feature is used for conducting presentations using PowerPoint slides for engaging multiple participants with a single presentation. However, Whiteboard content can be added or edited directly from Blackboard Collaborate without opening PowerPoint. And despite being browser-based, Blackboard Collaborate does offer some features through its Blackboard Collaborate ™ Mobile app.

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