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Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics

Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics
Formerly RedPrairie, JDA WMS


What is Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics?

Luminate Logistics, from Blue Yonder headquartered in Scottsdale (formerly JDA Software Group) provides an end-to-end execution platform to help drive flexible, fully autonomous distribution networks. Built on top of their AI/ML-based supply chain platform, Luminate Logistics helps organizations recognize problems…

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High Customization: Many users have praised RedPrairie for its highly customizable nature, allowing them to meet the diverse customer …
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RedPrairie Review

3 out of 10
August 20, 2014
RedPrairie is being used at all of our US manufacturing plants warehouses. It helps promote standard work, controls age management and …
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RedPrairie WMS Review

5 out of 10
July 30, 2014
The RedPrairie Warehouse Management System (WMS) was used by my company's principle US consumer electronics parts warehouse facility in …
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What is Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics?

Luminate Logistics, from Blue Yonder headquartered in Scottsdale (formerly JDA Software Group) provides an end-to-end execution platform to help drive flexible, fully autonomous distribution networks. Built on top of their AI/ML-based supply chain platform, Luminate Logistics helps organizations…

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What is DEAR Systems, by Cin7?

DEAR Systems is now part of Cin7 since the early 2021 acquisition. They offer a multi-channel order and inventory management oriented around the needs of retailers, that scales to support warehouse operations, point of sale solutions, as well as accounting and ecommerce integrations.

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Product Details

What is Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics?

Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics Videos

Both Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics and Oracle SCM Cloud bring different flavors to the logistics and warehouse management space - enabling businesses to more efficiently track and manage their inventory. In this video, TrustRadius compares the two products for their reporting...
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Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics is a logistics management software that can help streamline warehouse deliveries, shipments, receipts, and more. The fulfillment space is cluttered with options to improve performance, efficiency, and turnaround - but Blue Yonder comes highly rec...
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Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

High Customization: Many users have praised RedPrairie for its highly customizable nature, allowing them to meet the diverse customer requirements of their 3PL business. This level of customization has been appreciated by multiple reviewers who have found it useful in tailoring solutions and fulfilling specific customer demands.

Efficient Warehouse Labor Management: The accurate and efficient use of warehouse labor in RedPrairie has been highlighted by several users. Transactions are tracked, and inventory rules are in place to maintain accuracy. Additionally, the sophisticated work queue engine assigns the best tasks to warehouse workers, optimizing their efficiency.

Robust Integration Capabilities: RedPrairie's robust integration layer has been commended by multiple reviewers for its ability to handle data input and output to various hosts and destinations. This feature ensures seamless communication between different systems, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

Complicated Customer Requirements: RedPrairie has been described as complicated by several users due to the need to accommodate various customer requirements. Some reviewers have expressed a desire for a simplified version specifically designed for smaller customers.

Cluttered User Interface: The user interface of RedPrairie has received criticism for being cluttered and overwhelming. Many reviewers have mentioned that there is an excessive amount of information displayed at once, making it difficult to navigate and find what they need. Suggestions have been made for customizable interfaces to address this issue and allow users to tailor the display according to their preferences.

Slow Update Process: Users have reported a slow update process in RedPrairie, where changes made in the system take a significant amount of time to reflect in live sessions. This delay in updating can cause inefficiencies and frustration among users who rely on real-time data.

Attribute Ratings


(1-10 of 10)
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Shivom Varadarajan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The software helps in developing company-specific solutions to typical day-to-day problems in warehousing & logistics as well as helps in making sure that the daily operations are running at optimum levels & no hiccups are faced by the ops team in arranging, sorting & processing the pickups & deliveries. The ability to develop solutions for very specific use cases is a major plus for this service.
  • Designing use case specific solutions to warehousing problems.
  • Ability to mold the current software as per specific client requirements.
  • Excellent back end and after sale services & support.
  • User Interface has too much info at a given time which can be broken down further to reduce clutter.
  • End-user needs to have more customizable options to design the page as per their comfort.
  • Changes made can be updated quicker, as of now it takes too much time to reflect the same in live sessions.
Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics is very well suited in case you are facing a problem with your warehousing & processing. The service not only helps you in understanding the problem in-depth but also provides multiple solutions & suggests the best possible amongst the same which suits your organization's specific requirements.
Scott Strader | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RedPrarie is being used across the organization. It is the back of house reporting used with our POS system. It is great because we have several restaurant locations and we are able to aggregate data for one location, the whole company, or a select group of locations. It also helped with metrics by pulling data from various sources for reporting. It also had features that would allow us to update information on the POS as well as add users information for POS access. It also is a time keeping system built in. I guess essentially RedPrarie is more of the backbone to the POS and they could have been swapped out with another vendor, but they seemed to be pretty reliable compared to other companies in this industry.
  • Allows access from anywhere
  • 24/7 Support
  • Reliability
  • Compability with newer browsers
  • Less setup on new machines
This is a great system if you are working with a small to global sized company. They are able to handle the bandwidth and seem to be able to suit your needs. They are able to scale quickly. It is nice that you are able to work from almost any location with an internet connection and get fairly updated reporting within the past couple of hours.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's used across the whole organization and it's supposed to work as a warehouse management system.
  • Directed work.
  • Highly customizable
  • Quite user un-friendly database design; DB table names and column names don't give any clue about their purpose.
  • Data separation is non-effective. This is NOT a software for a 3PL (3rd party logistics company). Multiple clients sharing the same warehouse share tables - such as the Item Master table - without a clear indication of the client's name.
  • Several different tables for ItemMaster, way too complicated.
  • System would reject new Items if the Item Color sent via EDI hasn't been codified before the Item Master upload. That is a problem for fashion clients that create many new color codes every season.
  • Software requires SERVER reboot for every new change in order for the change to be effective. Unacceptable when many clients are on the same server and on a distributed organization.
This software doesn't seem the right choice for a 3rd party logistics company with several clients sharing the same warehouses. It is not the right choice for fashion companies that create thousands of new Items and color codes every season. I don't know scenarios where this software can be well suited.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have used RedPrairie in my last company of 18 years, which was a big box distribution company 1.8 million square feet with 9 other distribution companies and over 1500 stores. RedPrairie was the most positive tool we worked with and it was compatible with all existing tools we were using such as voice pick, RF and pick to light. The simplicity of the program gave us great data to provide our employees with feedback and was easily accepted by my management team. I wish the present company I work for had the chance to see the value of the RedPrairie system compared to the system we are currently using. I have many supervisors and managers that have used RedPrairie in their past experience and agree that it is a very valuable tool for many companies in distribution or any company that needs reliable data to improve process and give employees valuable feedback.
  • Provides great and reliable data to give feedback to your employees.
  • Gives you data to see the true picture on effectiveness in youf production areas.
  • The tools and reports are endless and can be used by the front line supervisor and the management team to see trend lines on performance and gaps that need to be closed.
  • There are not many areas I have seen that need to be improved afher you know the system.
  • RedPrairie has a big jump over many companies because it is 3D and takes all factors in consideration.
  • I do not have any thing bad to say about RedPrairie.
I have been in big box retail companies for over 30 years and find RedPrairie is one of the biggest tools you can give to your management team to reinforce their staff's hard work and drill down to find any obstacles that get in the employee's way of succeeding in their daily tasks.
April 08, 2015

RedPraire for 3PLs

Dan Black | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use RedPrairie in our 3PL warehouses in our Distribution Logistics division. We have transportation terminals and other pallet plants that do not use RedPrairie, as they do not require a WMS. RedPrairie is our WMS.
  • RedPrairie is very customizable by internal staff. Being a 3PL, we have many different customer requirements. RedPrairie has easily met them all. We try not to customize, as the product works well out of the box. But we do create custom reports and data extracts that customers require. And we can do those modifications ourselves with no RedPrairie support or additional cost.
  • RedPrairie allows for accurate and efficient use of warehouse labor. Transactions are tracked and rules are in place to keep inventory accurate. RedPrairie has a sophisticated work queue engine that hands out the best piece of work to warehouse workers and allows them to work as efficiently as possible.
  • RedPrairie has a robust integration layer that allows for data input and output to nearly any host or destination.
  • RedPrairie is complicated due to all of the customer requirements. There isn't really a "RedPrairie light" for simple, small customers.
  • RedPrairie is a client/server application. They are working towards a web interface.
The size and scope of the operation is the main question. In a smaller environment, or one that does not require a complex Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), RedPrairie may not be a good fit.
August 20, 2014

RedPrairie Review

Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RedPrairie is being used at all of our US manufacturing plants warehouses. It helps promote standard work, controls age management and inventory accuracy. With the use of ASNs (Advance Shipment Notifications), receiving and unloading time has decreased. The cycle count feature has increased inventory accuracy.
  • Cycle counting--great feature for inventory accuracy.
  • System directed put-away--system directs driver where to store and put materials away, keeps a warehouse in tip-top shape.
  • CNZ-Count near Zero, actually set at count at zero, when a bayrow emtys out, prompts fork driver to verify that the bayrow is actually empty by doing a cycle count....great for inventory accuracy!
  • Doing wall-to-wall counts and sending to another system, for example SAP. There is no count over-lay to send to SAP, must do manual adjustments in SAP to balance to RedPrairie after an inventory count.
  • There are NO reports! Everything must be exported to Excel and then reports can be manually created.
  • Enhancement request process - working with requests from "like Companies" and gathering information to work to THE BEST solution for all
  • LESS red tape....has gotten ugly since JDA took over!
  • Inventory Adjustment efficiency to do more than one at a time and via LXE
  • Line Supply via Directed Work
  • Easier/cleaner substitution process for outbound orders
  • Bayrow & pallet consolidation
  • Yard Trailer Management Report
  • Shared Yard Management
It is more suited for a NON manufacturing site. It may not be the best with integrating with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Do you have any kind of Wellness Reporting via dashboarding? Do you offer line supply via Directed work? What is your support model?
August 13, 2014

RedPrarie Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a warehouse management system (WMS) system at the warehouse with the advantage of a flexible WMS system.
  • Customization - There is a network of consultants outside of RedPraire that can customize it without having to go through the giant
  • Implementation - There is a network of consultants within and outside of Redprairie that can implement the software
  • Real Time Orders Processing with EDI, XML integration, Ideal for 24/7 operations
  • Needs experienced IT support
  • Primary focus is on consumer good and retail
Ask about IT cost first and IT support second. Also ask about international support if applicable.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RedPrairie WMS is one of the WMS solutions used in our global distribution centers. We completed a thorough evaluation of their solutions along with Manhattan Associates, SAP, and Oracle. We were looking for a solution that met the evolving needs for our global business units as well as give us flexibility in changing or consolidation of facilities or 3rd party logistics providers.
  • The core WMS has very strong capabilities for the high tech industry and use by 3rd party logistics providers.
  • The product is highly configurable and scalable for large complex operations.
  • There is a lot in the core product that can be used with consistent user experience. Other providers have multiple modules that have different user experiences.
  • A lot of third party logistics providers already use and are comfortable with Red Prairie WMS.
  • Their implementation team was unable to provide examples where they successfully executed large scale multi site global deployments. May require strong client team or 3rd party implementation firm to ensure successful deployment and results.
  • As of 3 years ago, their parcel shipping module was very new and unproven in marketplace.
  • As of 3 years ago, Red Prairie had limited offering in modules that complement the WMS such as trading partner management and distributed order management. If you truly just need warehouse management capabilities this might not matter. For us, this meant we would need to involve more solution providers or internal development to address supply chain initiatives.
Red Prairie WMS and labor management has the functionality needed to optimize a warehouse and could have lower initial and long term cost of ownership. During the selection process, you need to find examples where they've recently implemented companies like yours successfully. Also carefully evaluate and select your project team if you are depending on them for the implementation. If you need broader supply chain capabilities beyond the warehouse, carefully assess vendors capabilities and experience. There was a strong willingness to partner and build out solutions but that comes with a lot of risk to timeline, cost, and long term upgrade path.
July 31, 2014

RP LMS Review

Todd Craig | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Rollout in process to all distribution units. The modules were customized for each unit. We implemented the LMS modules for engineered labor standards and payroll determination.
  • It is a relatively cheap and basic LMS.
  • If customization is not required it can be dropped into an operation quickly.
  • Attractive starter program for organizations with limited engineered labor standards experience.
  • Engineered labor standards are very generic and times/elements could be tightened up.
  • Customization of the programs throws them a curve. logically they are resistant to rewrite what is already written, but meeting the needs of a more sophisticated customer requires greater flexibility and investment.
  • On site support needs to be more robust. It is dictated up front in the project plan, but needs to be flexible to meet customer needs, based on their demands.
  • Supervisor level time required to maintain the system (punches, etc) is significant and not a value-add use of their time.
In a conventional distribution operation where basic labor standards can be beneficial, RedPrarie's logistics management systems(LMS) may hold value. RP LMS is best if you can live with the package "as-is". Otherwise cost, time of customization, and ongoing cost of maintaining elements of the system, will reduce the value provided. Volume of the operation, a large number of elements input to RP, requirements to share data between different systems, automation, all present challenges that may not make RP LMS a good choice. My recommendation is if using RP, do not mix systems. AKA - if you like RP, buy your LMS, YMS, WMS, etc., from RP.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The RedPrairie Warehouse Management System (WMS) was used by my company's principle US consumer electronics parts warehouse facility in Kent, WA. All incoming parts from foreign countries would arrive at this facility to be inventoried by the RedPrairie WMS and then the parts were picked, packed, & shipped to repair depots, 3rd party servicers, or end users.
  • In general, the customer support was adequate. Fortunately, we were large enough to be able to exert pressure on RedPrairie senior management when problem resolution was slow. Due to the uptime criticality of our warehousing operation, we couldn't afford any major delays more than 4 hours because of the order backlog.
  • The RedPrairie technical staff was knowledgeable. However, our particular WMS system had been highly customized over the years and it did not seem that their support techs had complete understanding of our system configuration. We were forced eventually to seek support from a 3rd party RedPrairie servicer who had originally installed our system.
  • By and large, the RedPrairie WMS system worked very well and we were able to integrate it with our ERP system.
  • RedPrairie had project managers but they didn't seem to have much control or influence in the RedPrairie professional services group.
  • RedPrairie would not accept customer statement of work (SOW) and were very reluctant to negotiation on terms and conditions. Many hours were spent by our procurement staff in trying to negotiate key issues or deadlines. After awhile, one of our procurement staff refused to deal with RedPrairie SOW or contracts out of sheer frustration.
  • RedPrairie billing, especially for professional services, was atrocious. No details. No copies of consultant travel receipts. Delayed and incomplete bills.
The Warehouse Management System (WMS) system was very good. I just would be very careful in negotiating T&C's on SOWs and contracts, especially focus on getting performance/deadline penalties. I would insist on prompt and accurate billing, especially for any travel expenses. Also, insist that any consultant travel be approved by you in advance, For example, during a pre-installation planning meeting on a Friday, 6-7 unexpected out-of-town RedPrairie associates showed up, stayed the weekend at one the best hotels in the area, went to a gourmet dinner together at a top restaurant; and then presented a bill running thousands of dollars for the air travel, hotel, & meals.
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