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October 21, 2020
Andy Seguin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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BrightEdge was added to our team's toolkit and paid immediate dividends. The different innovations that BrightEdge has developed allow us to implement a more robust content strategy, address technical SEO issues, find content opportunities, and compete on a hyper-local level.
  • Onboard process = thorough and customized.
  • Day to day support has allowed us to research and address new ideas in real-time.
  • Content IQ provided us weekly actionable items to address and monitored our improvement.
  • Setting up our hyper-local keywords was a long and manual process, but it was done by the BrightEdge team and they did a great job.
BrightEdge is well suited for a team that is looking to create more impactful content, written or video. If your team is only focused on social, I don't think there would be much value. We did not use the 'socially-focus' tools as much as others. Our team also managed multiple sites for different audience, and having one tool that could be helpful on all is great.
The support team at BrightEdge routinely exceeded my expectations. Each project was completed on schedule and with an attention to details that not every SAAS team provides.
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November 30, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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BrightEdge is being used by a single department currently. We use it to help with our SEO strategy, planning, research, and technical issues. We also use it for reviewing our competitive set.
  • Keyword research tool
  • Competitive research
  • Reporting
  • Audit feature could be improved
Perfect for quick research and for SEO strategy planning. Being able to look deeply at competitors for specific targeted keywords can help you determine best keywords to optimize for.
Our team is very supportive and responsive. They are always willing to help and jump in where needed--super knowledgeable and able to help us solve problems quickly.
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April 07, 2020
Nathan Richardson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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BrightEdge is used in our SEO and marketing department. It has resolved a myriad of issues that we were having with our ability to aggregate and analyze data in a retroactive manner. BrightEdge isn't the cheapest SEO tool out there, but it sure has every single one of the bells and whistles.
  • Data Segmentation
  • Site Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Price
  • Integrations
  • Data Accuracy
BrightEdge is especially well-suited for enterprise-level companies that have a bit more money to spend. The tool is most definitely worth it if you have a well-established SEO team that is looking to move beyond the basics and really dive into the data-driven decision-making world. BrightEdge is extremely powerful.
BrightEdge is unique, in that you get a dedicated rep 100% of the time.
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February 14, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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BrightEdge is being used within the marketing department by two employees for the past 2 years. We use it for keyword optimization, to ensure our website is functioning correctly, to increase landing page visits and keyword search/strategy.
  • Keyword Search
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Website Crawl Has Errors
- When you want your website landing pages to start ranking on page 1
- When you have a keyword blog strategy
- When you want to start tracking specific keywords
- Beat your competitors for SEO
Their support team is fantastic, and we were lucky to get a great account manager who we have calls with every other week.
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August 29, 2019
Rex Camposagrado | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use BrightEdge's Data Cube almost 80% of the time for keyword research, checking organic ranking positions, competitive analysis, and keyword gap analysis. We also use Recommendations and Intent Signal Dashboards to find out what content to defend, or top opportunities to go after. It helps us with our content creation and also lets us know what we have to do to our evergreen content to get it to rank higher.
  • Keyword research is very good and Data Cube is very easy to use as compared to other SEO Enterprise tools.
  • Keyword gap analysis is very helpful to find out what keywords our competitors are using that we are not.
  • Monitoring organic rank positions is very easy with Data Cube.
  • The Content IQ doesn't catch all technical SEO issues as compared to other site audit or crawler tools.
  • The Content IQ score is very high, but when comparing to other SEO site audit tools they show lower scores because they are picking up more errors.
  • There are some bugs or suggestions that are not good in Recommendations.
If you are looking for an SEO tool for keyword research, monitoring organic ranking positions, competitive analysis, content topic recommendations, and keyword reporting, then BrightEdge is a very good tool. The Content IQ site audit could use some work. When letting a BrightEdge Customer Success Manager know about the differences that I was seeing, he said that there is no harm in using other tools to do site audits for comparison.
BrightEdge Customer Success Managers have always been good. However, they usually set me up with brand new employees with the company. Although they are still learning, they get the questions answered if they don't know off-hand. The only drawback that I saw was that a couple of years ago I went through 3 CSMs at another company. This was because they would assign me a new CSM and then a few weeks later BrightEdge would say that our CSM was no longer with the company, so they kept assigning me new ones.
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January 15, 2019
Shane Adair | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We decided to bring our SEO management in-house after realizing we were paying agencies to basically do nothing. We spent a lot of money on SEO with no recommendations and changes happening. Now that we have brought it in-house it has been a huge undertaking for our small team, but it has given us a lot of insights in what could have been and should have been done previously. We have control over what is happening and are in it almost daily making changes and corrections to our site based on the recommendations we get from BrightEdge.
  • It helps us find items that we missed in our site build such as image alt text, H2 fixes, missing descriptions, etc. It is so easy to gloss over some of these items as there are just so many of them, BE brings these to the forefront and you can see them all the time and decide what items need to be corrected.
  • The BE team is outstanding! Our CSM is solid and is a HUGE help for us. We have consistent calls with them and they help us, non-SEO professionals, become more knowledgeable in what we are doing and has us thinking about future projects that we would never have thought of on our own. They are a integral piece of our team now.
  • The on-boarding process was amazing! The on-boarding specialist had our best interests at heart and was a huge help, they then handed us off to an equally knowledgeable and qualified Client Success Manager. Customer service at BE is top-notch.
  • I really can't comment here, because being a novice going into this I don't know what I don't know. So far everything has been great.
For us, this has been a huge improvement over agency help. We may have just had bad experiences with agencies, but we did have two of them that billed us for non-action, so my view is a little skewed. BE has allowed us to learn and make changes on the fly and we have seen our ranking increase in ways and areas we would never have thought of before. They are a great team to work with and have made SEO easier to understand and influence for me as I had no hands-on experience beforehand.
I have had ZERO negative interactions with BE. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and timely. OUR CSM is very attentive to our success as was our on-boarding specialist. Whenever I have questions or concerns they are quick to respond and always have a solution for our issues or have answers to my questions. They have been p[patient and understanding of my non-workable knowledge coming into this and have helped me grow my skill set and understanding of SEO strategies.
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January 04, 2019
Tyler Rodriquez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We currently use BrightEdge in our Marketing department to fulfill our SEO needs.
  • Very detailed.
  • Many different tools
  • Helps with the delegation process.
  • Many recommendations seem the same.
  • Reporting seems buggy at times.
Brightedge is perfect for those wanting to optimize their onsite SEO and development offsite strategies.
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October 19, 2017
Billy Barker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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BrightEdge is used by our marketing team - primarily by our content creators and web admin. BrightEdge allows us to see a variety of metrics based on search engine keywords, that we rank for, could rank for, and what our competitors rank for. We also use BrightEdge to identify keywords or topics to create new content around on our website - mostly for Blogs.
  • Account management. We have regularly scheduled calls for our account management team to go over our account, strategy, and anything else we need help with.
  • BrightEdge gives you recommendations for each preferred page in order to ensure you are doing everything you can to rank well for the targeted keyword/s on a given page.
  • You can easily track all keywords you focus on and see how you rank on Google, any rank change, trends, etc.
  • Integration/automation with your website. It would be great if BrightEdge could automatically pull in new URLs from our website instead of us having to manually add them for each new piece of content we create.
  • I wish our account stats updated more frequently than once a week. Sometimes it's fine, but sometimes you create a new keyword group and have to wait a week to see the details. A nice option would be a week by default, but with the option to force live data when needed.
  • Sometimes certain options seem hidden in the UI. For example, after a year of using the product I just realized there was a section that was actually a drop-down. To BrightEdges credit, it does have a drop-down icon, but I think the placement is in an area that I overlook. Maybe stylizing all options on a page would help, instead of having different looking options in different areas of the page.
I think BrightEdge is perfect for larger businesses that have a dedicated team focused on content creation and SEO. There are a lot of tools and I feel that someone just looking for basic SEO data would be overwhelmed and likely to not use the product. Furthermore, most SEO data can be found for free - what makes BrightEdge successful for us is having a team dedicated that helps us to be successful with their product. If we were left to use the product on our own, we more than likely would stop using it.
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March 11, 2016
Lara Ortiz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use BrightEdge to audit our clients' search performance, identify opportunities and develop strategies to improve that performance, and to execute tactical changes as part of supporting those strategies.
  • Keyword opportunity analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Recommendations & task management
  • Quick Google Search Console and Analytics integration.
  • Filter states not always remembered when making changes to keyword lists. Pages reload and you often have to re-filter.
  • Pricing is relatively opaque. No published price point/features list, but at the enterprise level I understand how custom things can be.
  • Adobe Analytics integration can take some time to put in place, so plan ahead.
This is an enterprise tool. While the easy, straightforward practical recommendations are one of my favorite features in BrightEdge, to get the most out of this platform you really do need a solid understanding of how content and search ranking interrelate. Search engines change on a regular basis so the goalposts are always moving, and at this price point, you need to be focused on regular analysis, content investment and continuous tweaks and optimization to make it a worthwhile investment.
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January 11, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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As the only SEO professional on a small team, I use BrightEdge to track our search visibility and core keywords, do keyword research, and scope out competitors. It provides a depth and breadth of search analytics, particularly around rankings, that I haven't been able to replicate with other tools. It helps us address the business problem of search visibility and site traffic, which in turn drives conversions and leads.
  • Their DataCube site and ranking analysis is the best in the business. I'd use BrightEdge for this feature alone. With this research tool, I can understand our keyword rankings profile across all keywords (beyond those tracked in our account), as well as those of competitors and partners.
  • Site Audit is also very strong, allowing us to get a deep understanding of technical errors on our site we need to correct. This was indispensable during a recent major site update.
  • The Customer Success Managers are helpful and knowledgeable.
  • The main weakness of the platform concerns off-page SEO. We use Majestic to supplement the kind of backlink tracking and reporting we want to do, functionality that is somewhat addressed within BrightEdge but not to the point where I could stop using Majestic.
  • The most recent updates to the platform seem to be concerned only with look and feel (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) but I'd like to see more in the way of new features added.
  • The recommendations engine is valuable, but I feel the suggestions are often too narrowly focused on exact match keywords, even though search engines continue to get smarter about which variations of keywords relate to which topics (e.g. latent semantic indexing). I'd like to see the recommendations engine get up to date with these changes.
I've used BrightEdge in my work as an "SEO team of one" at various SMBs, and the functionality suits that work, but I know that it is robust enough to handle enterprise level work and agency work. I feel it's well suited to teams where one or more people are meaningfully dedicating time to SEO or more broadly, digital marketing.

I have generally not recommended it to teams where there is no capacity whatsoever to do the real legwork of SEO: it's not enough to buy the tool and use it, you need to also be focused on creating valuable site content, building links, getting your technical house in order, etc. Implementing BrightEdge is not magically going to improve your rankings, there is real work to be done (partly using the tools BrightEdge offers) and teams need to be prepared for that.
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December 14, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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BrightEdge has been used to improve all the search engine optimization and general content optimization across the marketing website. It also has been used to have a better internal link strategy. It was mostly chose and used by the marketing team.
  • SEO
  • Internal link
  • Customers Engagement
  • Competitor research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Pricing
  • General UX
I would recommend BrightEdge if there is a need for a deep SEO optimization, both technical and content, and if there is a need to review content constantly and with more than two people on your team.

I wouldn't recommended it if the marketing budget is lower than $30k/year or if you already have an SEO copywriter in house and web developers with extensive SEO experience.
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November 15, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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BirghtEdge is used by our SEM department as well as our client account managers for hotels and resorts.
  • Reporting - seamless pull reports out of the system
  • Keyword Research
  • Recommendations for SEO / Content strategy
  • Expensive
  • Time Consuming
  • Lot of Products within the Suite
Great as an agency to use the tools and easily onboard new team members to get up to date on accounts. BrightEdge certifications are also helpful for team members to become more knowledgeable - takes a lot of time though.
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May 23, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
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BrightEdge is used by our Marketing Team for SEO. We have been using BrightEdge for almost a year. Our main goal is for BrightEdge is to help us optimize our webpages for Google search in order to increase our rankings, be found more often by potential customers and drive more visitors to our website.
  • BrightEdge does a good job with reporting.
  • It is fairly easy to create Dashboards that can be customized for what you want to see.
  • One of the newer features of BrightEdge, called Insights, can be helpful if you just have a few minutes to spend in the platform and want to find a couple of quick revisions that you can make on your website.
  • The set up / implementation was rushed and, in our case, not completed correctly, which caused many issues down the road.
  • Once you make changes to website based on the Recommendations in BrightEdge and wait for the weekly crawl, the Recommendations, many times, don't fall off of your queue, so you waste a lot of time researching things that were already completed.
  • If you want to change a large number of preferred landing pages around after the initial set up, it's a very manual process.
If you are just looking for a neat reporting platform, BrightEdge is great. We didn't find it incredibly helpful for page optimization, as a lot of the Recommendations that the platform supplied don't make sense on our pages. In addition, once you read through the Recommendations for a couple keywords, they are the same every time, so you don't really need the platform to tell you to put the keyword certain places.
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February 26, 2015
Mariam Naghshineh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Every SEO customer is provisioned with its own BrightEdge account. The SEO team then uses the platform for:
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Competitor Recommendations
  • Backlink Strategies
  • Tracking Changes & Effects
Currently only the SEO team has access to the platform. We are investigating potential use cases for RFPs and prospecting.
  • Share of Voice Analysis: We really love this feature. It gives us an opportunity to provide customers with insight to their TRUE Organic competition. More often than not, the Organic competitors are quite different from what the customer originally thought. This supports our effort to show Subject Matter Expertise on a regular basis.
  • BackLink Opportunities: This feature really tailors our link building strategy. It allows us to quickly download the gap between our customer & its competition, which provides a 'road map' for link building team. Once the gap has been closed, we re-run the opportunities and move forward with the new plan.
  • Trended Charts: In general, the trended charts are a huge advantage that BrightEdge has over other SEO platforms. I've never come across another tool or company that can provide the same level of data, over time, consistently. As SEO changes and fluctuates, these trended charts become vital to our reporting and investigations, especially when new algorithms are pushed out by Google.
  • Local Search Engines: These are created based on demand, and therefore are not always available for cities or even states that our customers are located in. When these situations arise, we've been told to submit a request. However, we rarely see follow through. This makes it very difficult to provide all customers the same level of insight and reporting.
  • Dashboards vs. Accounts selection/dropdown: These two drop-downs or selections are entirely separate. If a user selects dashboard A, and wants to then click through to the Opportunities tab, they must select Account A. It would be much more user-friendly to have them connected in some way.
  • Oftentimes we want to analyze a chart and create Custom Content that provides more insight for the customer. For instance, when viewing the Share of Voice Analysis, we want to recommend a change in competitors. There is no way to view the SOV tab, while also typing into the dashboard chart. This means that we must open a word or text file to enter the content, then copy/paste it into the dashboard.
My company is not the normal BrightEdge customer. We have 150+ SMBs that each get their own account/dashboard, and each has a small budget (as low as $600). There was a period of learning/tweaking that was needed in order to determine the best way to use BrightEdge for each of these SMBs. I think that the BrightEdge platform is more friendly & useful for a single large company with a large budget, and even more so for one that has clear conversion factors (i.e. e-commerce).
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February 01, 2014
Jamie Judson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BrightEdge is currently being used by our organization to monitor the SEO performance of our clients. It is used by the Search Engine Optimization department, however the reports it generates are used by the sales departments within the organization as they are reviewed on a monthly basis directly with the client. The platform allows us to monitor clients progress, organize vital account information, benchmark clients against the competition, as well as keep track of events that happen across the board in SEO or with each individual client.
  • BrightEdge allows us to monitor the competition specified, allowing us to find their strengths (keywords, backlinks, etc.) and use that to further our clients' success.
  • The platform also allows us insight into opportunities we may have but do not know about, with the Share of Voice tool and Keyword Discovery and SEO Performance tools.
  • The dashboards are easy to manipulate and easy to understand allowing you (and the client) to see data in multiple ways, plus there is no limit to the dashboards created.
  • Wide variety of Search Engines to choose from - Global vs. Local, Desktop vs. Tablet or Mobile, Google vs. Bing, etc.
  • The local search engines available are based on demand, therefore they are not available for every location and sometimes not even available in certain states.
  • While the Events tab allows you to add Events to any account, going back and finding events is not easy to do as there is no "Search" functionality.
  • The "Save As" functionality in dashboards does not always copy the dashboard exactly, and will default some charts.
I would suggest the product for larger companies with multiple clients or multiple SEO campaigns. The vendor is beyond helpful in making sure you understand how to use the platform, and working with you to find the best ways to tailor the platform to what you are looking to do. I can't say enough good things about the vendor's communication and follow-through.
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January 30, 2014
Ryan Sauer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BrightEdge served as the main SEO platform in conjunction with multiple other tools by the SEO department. The SEO Technical Specialists were the primary users of BrightEdge as it assisted them with ongoing competitive analysis, keyword rank tracking, management of SEO recommendations, and was utilized for 50% of the monthly SEO report. The platform was only used within the SEO department but with the month after month SEO success it was backed by the marketing executives. BrightEdge also assisted the SEO department with getting approval from marketing executives for SEO initiatives.
  • The Competitive Analysis features increased productivity by eliminating the manual process of performing a competitive analysis.
  • The competitor monitoring reports are not just data dumps and instead dashboard can be configured to display competitor data and visualizations.
  • Usability. One of the main strengths of BrightEdge is its usability. The platform is intuitive for any level of SEO expertise and its clean UI provides a great user experience.
  • The SEO recommendations aren't advanced or innovative but are derived from webmaster guidelines and SEO best practices. Don't get me wrong, SEO fundamentals are essential for long term success but you would expect more out of an "enterprise" SEO platform.
  • While BrightEdge does integrate with 3rd party APIs, it is limited. For example, SiteCatalyst was integrated but very few metrics were accessible and none of the reports were interactive.
  • BrightEdge only keeps historical data for active keywords and competitors. It would be very useful to be able to archive and import historical data.
Is it worth the investment? Since BrightEdge is a relatively large financial investment, I would ensure that the primary users of the platform have the time and ability to use all if not the majority of its features. While BrightEdge has a lot of features (that you pay for), it's important that the users of this platform have adequate time to use and experiment with all of the features.
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May 14, 2014
Blake Mitchell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use BrightEdge in our marketing department to track and monitor our SEO progress as well as our competitors efforts. BrightEdge allows you to track the rankings of specific keywords for your own website as well as other websites (competitors). It provides page audits and provides basic recommendations for structural code changes.
  • Tracking your rankings weekly
  • Comparing your rankings with your competitors
  • Providing detailed reporting on your SEO progress, rankings and Share of Voice
  • Outlining potential SEO problems and recommending solutions
  • The recommendations that are delivered are very basic and fundamental
  • The product focuses mainly on your ranks and structural SEO components and does not provide the most in-depth look at back-links or other potential issues such as duplicate content
The best uses of BrightEdge are:
  • Reporting: it provides great visual reporting and a weekly snapshot of your overall SEO health and to track the progress of you SEO campaigning efforts such as: earned media, content marketing, website changes etc.
  • Competition Insight: It gives you a weekly update on your competition and lets you know how you stack up compared to your competitors
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May 02, 2014
Kristy Penzone | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BrightEdge is being used by the eCommerce team to analyze SEO performance across our properties and to give greater insight into our strategy to help make critical business decisions.
  • BrightEdge is a very robust tool which allows for analysis across many websites at once.
  • I particularly like that this tool provides recommendations on how to increase your SEO presence at a very detailed level
  • It's very easy and intuitive to create and download reports
  • We've had to undergo several internal training courses to get everyone up-to-speed on how to use all of BrightEdge's features. It is not the most user-friendly system if you've had no prior exposure to it.
I think BrightEdge is very useful for a large corporation that needs detailed information on many assets and places a high level of importance on SEO strategy and reporting. I would not recommend for a small company.
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February 01, 2014
David Vallejo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We're using BrightEdge to address and tackle our SEO needs. It has been by far the best tool in my 15+ years of doing SEO.
  • Identifies competitive data, tactics, results.
  • Easily displays recommendations which can be prioritized based on expected impact.
  • Managers can assign tasks to team members.
  • It would be great to find data on GoogleMaps for Local SEO.
It applies both for local and general SEO. You can track your performance on specific search engines as well as mobile, tablets and desktop.
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January 31, 2014
Lynn Lomibao | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At Walker Advertising, the Online department (a division of the Media department) were the primary users of BrightEdge. However, reports from BrightEdge were used to share with managers, as well as the CEO and COO.
  • The Recommendations were particularly useful for me, since I was the Content Producer at Walker. The insights were critical to the development of new content.
  • The Analysis / Share of Voice module was great for understanding how our efforts stack up against our strongest competitors. This helped us better prioritize our work and tighten our focus.
  • The Reports and customizable desktops were very useful in explaining the work the Online department does, and most importantly, the link between our SEO efforts and online lead generation. It helps validate our work!
  • Streamline functionality for completing tasks. Sorry, that's my only complaint.
If you're producing a lot of content, and you probably should be, having a tool like BrightEdge is critical for understanding what those efforts are accomplishing -- e.g., what areas need improving and what the competition is doing. Having this sort of analysis is not only good for prioritizing but also for demonstrating to key stakeholders the value of SEO.

I really liked having bi-weekly phone meetings with our BrightEdge rep, but because of our different levels of usage, it probably would have been more helpful to tailor those meetings to specific users.
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January 31, 2014
Peter Clarke | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BrightEdge is used regularly by several members of our marketing department. We use the SEO tools to help us develop and curate our online content. The BrightEdge platform allows us to efficiently create, assign, and complete tasks related on webpage optimization and link building. BrightEdge is also helpful in allowing us to compare the success of our key terms to our competitors.
  • BrightEdge continually adds new features along with new educational tutorials. This keeps the product fresh and dynamic.
  • BrightEdge allows users to easily create and assign tasks so that team members can easily work together on a project.
  • The recommendations section provides easy-to-understand instructions for improving the performance of key terms and pages.
  • The pricing for the product is a not entirely straightforward so it is difficult to compare the price of this product to competing products.
  • The sales team is somewhat pushy.
BrightEdge is very helpful for on-page optimization. Even if someone on your team is not well-versed in SEO, they can easily follow the recommendations offered by BrightEdge. The BrightEdge platform is excellent for external link tracking. Also, the user-friendly Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily track your progress and compare your rankings against your competitors.
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January 31, 2014
Lily Tao | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BrightEdge was being used among all SEO analyst in my previous company. It provided very competent competitive review of our SEO performance against all other major rival sites. It also gave a complete overview of industry performance to help us measure our success rate on SEO.
  • accurately and timely present ranks of keywords over a spectrum of period for our global clients
  • The depth of the data and how it was able to compare different sets at the same time going back 2 years
  • all the data is shown in an easy-to-understand method and it doesn't take long to master the navigation and admin
  • Doesn't support multiple logins at the same time, it limited our ease to access
If the company has international clients, how is BrightEdge going to record keywords on different languages?
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January 31, 2014
Chas Sobolak | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
To assist enterprise level clients for SEO initiatives. Whole organization. Provides 90% of website insight in one location and reduces the amount of manual reports.
  • Ranking separation bar (1-10, 10-20) etc.
  • Weekly Ranking Reports
  • I honestly didn't see any.
Yes, for companies that do not have an enterprise budget.
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November 30, 2013
Kevin Vuong | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Brightedge, so far, is the best tool I used after the keyword encryption.
  • Very easy to use and set up dashboard or to get analytics.
  • Convenient for setting up dashboards and adding notes to send reports to clients or email to yourselves.
  • It really depends on how you set up your tracking codes.
  • Applying dates does not apply to a day or month set up. Starts on the first day of the week (a Sunday) and ends at the end of the week (Saturday).
  • 800 keyword limit, but can ask for expansion. But there are untracked keyword options to get ranking / search volume for keywords and the Webmaster tool has been recently implemented.
Make dashboards easy and tell stories. See which tracking code should be implemented onto other tracking softwares/programs.
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March 21, 2016
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BrightEdge is currently used by my company to track various websites' keyword movement, page rankings, and share of voice in the competitive space. It's a great tool that provides a clear overview of a website's overall keyword performance and how that compares to its competitors. Additionally, it's utilized greatly for reporting purposes as we can extract different pertinent metrics to show where we've done well and where we can still seek improvement compared to a previous reporting period.
  • I like the "Story Builder" function on BrightEdge because it allows one to create a variety of graphs and reports that provide specific metrics and data catered to one's need.
  • Having the "Anomaly Detection" set up allows one to receive notice right away when there's significant movement in keyword rankings.
  • Being able to create different keyword and page groups in BrightEdge is great for segmenting the large amount of data we have to focus on the pages pertinent to specific goals.
  • Currently BrightEdge provides the number of backlinks a website has but do not offer any other details pertaining to this information.
  • Oftentimes the on-page menu bar is asynchronous with the menu bar on the side, and I find it confusing to have to change both.
I think BrightEdge is definitely beneficial for a company that needs detailed SEO and digital content engagement data for a variety of websites because it can provide comprehensive data and reporting very efficiently. However, it might be superfluous for a small online business or smaller websites that don't need the degree of specificity and granularity.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Keyword analysis (35)
Backlink management (29)
SERP ranking tracking (33)
Page grader (28)
Competitive analysis (35)
Site audit / diagnostics (33)
Site recommendations (35)
Task management (32)
Local SEO (24)
Social SEO (21)
Mobile SEO (31)
Global SEO (26)
Multi-domain support (26)
Integration with web analytics tools (33)

What is BrightEdge?

BrightEdge is an enterprise-level SEO (Search Engine Optimization) platform from the company of the same name in San Mateo, California. It includes customizable dashboards, reporting, forecasting, SEO recommendations, backlink management and competitive analysis. It covers local, global, mobile, social and content centric SEO.

Presently BrightEdge's platform supports the marketing efforts of many well-brands, like Nike, Microsoft, and Netflix.

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Mobile Application:No