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What is Brightflag?

Brightflag, with offices in New York, Ireland, and Australia, offers their flagship legal billing application, emphasizing spend management and advanced analytics.

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Brightflag has proven to be a valuable tool for streamlining invoice processing and reducing the need for excessive email communication. …
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What is Brightflag?

Brightflag, with offices in New York, Ireland, and Australia, offers their flagship legal billing application, emphasizing spend management and advanced analytics.

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Product Details

What is Brightflag?

Brightflag is enterprise legal management software geared towards corporate legal teams. This solution provides matter management, e-billing, invoice review, reporting and analytics. The vendor aims to help legal teams have a transparent view of their legal spend and enable them to strategically plan.

Brightflag Features

  • Supported: Matter Management
  • Supported: E-Billing
  • Supported: A.I. Powered Invoice Review
  • Supported: Reporting and Analytics

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Brightflag Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesNorth America, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Brightflag has proven to be a valuable tool for streamlining invoice processing and reducing the need for excessive email communication. Users have found great value in its ability to track spend by matter, facilitate invoice approvals, and provide an organized system for searching and managing invoices. This software not only minimizes legal costs but also increases understanding of the legal aspects of the business. Furthermore, Brightflag's paperless invoice processing capabilities have been commended for saving time and reducing paper waste. Users appreciate the time-saving features, such as invoice flags and breakdowns of timekeeper information, which enable more efficient management of invoices. Brightflag also provides a secure system for interfacing with vendors and reporting to other corporate systems. The software has versatile use cases including outside counsel management, panel program administration, matter management, budgeting, and accruals. Additionally, users find value in using Brightflag for payment processing of law firms.

With Brightflag, organizations can improve their processes, reduce time spent, and achieve better cost control through invoice review and portfolio insights. The software streamlines budget processes while improving document management and enhancing workspace organization. Submitting requests to solicitors is made easy with Brightflag's user-friendly platform. It solves previous manual efforts in invoice processing, matter management, accrual submissions, reporting KPIs, building relationships with outside counsel, and implementing fee arrangements. By significantly reducing the time spent on invoice review and introducing auto-approvals and auto-rejections as potential time-savers, Brightflag allows users to focus on higher-value work. The software enhances decision-making by improving data quality and providing comprehensive views of legal spend through data-driven reporting capabilities. Users appreciate the ability to track legal spend in real-time and make informed decisions on legal support partnerships. Overall, Brightflag has shown significant potential for cost-savings in legal spend management while providing visibility and control over legal spend throughout the organization.

Intuitive User Interface: Users consistently find Brightflag's user interface intuitive and easy to use, appreciating the simplicity and ease of navigation. Many reviewers have praised the platform for its user-friendly design. Reliable AI Capabilities: The advanced AI capabilities of Brightflag are highly praised by users, with many considering the AI reliable and easy to understand. Specifically, users appreciate how well the AI performs in invoice review and applying billing guidelines. Efficient Invoice Review: The automated invoice review feature of Brightflag is highly regarded by users, who find it efficient and scalable. This feature has made the review process much easier and more manageable for many reviewers.

Client experience for specific fields: Some users have found the client experience in certain areas of legal practices to be comparable to a beta product, requiring resources for education, testing, and development while in production.

Limited integration with existing systems: Users have mentioned that Brightflag currently has limited integration with their existing account payable system, resulting in approvers needing to approve the same invoice in two different systems. They also faced roadblocks when trying to achieve full API integration with their company. Some users desire more seamless integration with other business systems such as finance software.

Need for additional functionality: Users have expressed the need for additional functionality related to capturing accruals and understanding how they impact upfront estimates/quotes. They also highlighted the importance of having a vendor database to search and identify suitable vendors for specific matters, as well as a multilingual AI feature.

Users have made several recommendations for Brightflag based on their experiences with the product. First, they recommend considering Brightflag for better understanding and management of legal spend. They appreciate the solution's ability to track and control external legal spend, providing a flexible and user-friendly portal.

Second, users suggest looking beyond the sales team and considering the implementation and support offerings of Brightflag. They believe that the reliable support team and integration with accounting software make it worth considering for managing legal spend efficiently and effectively.

Lastly, many users recommend seriously considering Brightflag as a great tool for managing a high volume of invoices. They highlight the potential savings that can be achieved by using Brightflag, stating that they outweigh any concerns about the implementation process.

Overall, users find Brightflag to be an excellent product with a user-friendly portal, reliable support team, and potential for cost savings in managing legal spend.

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We onboarded Brightflag to help our team process, review, and audit the hundreds of outside counsel and legal vendor invoices we receive monthly, plus be able to run reports and ensure we had a record of negotiations and project caps in one system. Brightflag allows us to have all of this information funnel through one system, and the platform itself is so easy to use with a simple interface for managing a lot of information at once. We have been able to reduce the time spent reviewing invoices from over 40 hours a month to less than 5. We have also seen a measurable drop in legal spend (the deepest drop was about 30% in the first quarter after onboarding) mostly due to the "sentinel" effect, combined with being able to easily see exactly what we're being charged for on every invoice and being able to raise questions immediately. We have also noticed more recently that the incoming invoices are much more closely aligned with our budgeting forecasts, despite some of the tasks being unexpected because we're able to catch rapidly increasing spends in real-time to control.
  • Easy interface
  • Amazing customer service
  • Measurable impact on bottom line
  • More bespoke flags
  • More benchmarking data
I already recommend Brightflag to anyone and everyone who processes invoices. There is a lot of information and data that comes on these invoices, and having a system that streamlines the information in one place has been extremely useful for a department that is a cost center and needs a quick way to justify every spend.
  • ROI has been superb: saw a 30% drop in legal spend (based on invoice amount) due to catching items that shouldn't have been charged or charges that exceeded agreed-upon caps.
  • Being able to add prior years' invoices to the system has been incredible since it allows for internal benchmarking and YoY comparison reporting.
Customer support is spectacular. Probably the single best quality of this product. They are quick to respond, quick to troubleshoot, and quick to offer suggestions on workarounds for things that might still be in the works (or unique to us). That level of agility and can-do attitude is what I needed in a partner like this.
Super easy to set up and use. The interface is intuitive, but it's worth spending some time getting used to seeing where the different "file cabinets" are located. I recommend having one person dedicated to the day-to-day management of the platform (separate from the reviewers and approvers), someone who just manages to upload the invoices, setting up new vendors, liaising with BF Support, but cross-training everyone who uses it on the broad functions.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)
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