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What is BrightHire?

BrightHire is performance optimization technology for recruiting teams from the company of the same name in New York.

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What is BrightHire?

BrightHire is performance optimization technology for recruiting teams from the company of the same name in New York.

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Product Details

What is BrightHire?

BrightHire is a smart interview platform built right on Zoom to help teams run structured, high quality interviews that can be replayed, shared and analyzed. The vendor states it results in faster hiring based on real substance, and an exceptional candidate experience.

The platform features collaboration features, interview and candidate merit highlights to help recall and review important details, and other organizational features like Interview Search, Analytics, and Alerts to make data-driven improvements to produce better hires.

Its Interview Assistant is presented as a solution to make interviews more structured and consistent by putting the right questions front and center in real-time. This aims to help interviewers with a roadmap for an effective conversation, and highlights are present to ensure interview assessments are based on real events, not bias.

BrightHire Technical Details

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Community Insights

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Users have made several recommendations based on their experiences with Bright Hire:

  1. Running practice group sessions: Users suggest conducting practice group sessions to ensure optimal use of Bright Hire. This recommendation can help teams familiarize themselves with the platform and its features, allowing them to make the most of its capabilities during the recruiting and training process.

  2. Starting with a pilot group: Users advise starting with a pilot group before rolling out Bright Hire globally. By implementing the platform within a smaller subset of users initially, organizations can identify any potential issues or areas of improvement before scaling up to a larger user base. This approach allows for adjustments and refinements to be made based on feedback from the pilot group.

  3. Giving Bright Hire a try: Many users highly recommend giving Bright Hire a try, as they believe it is a great system. This recommendation highlights the positive impact that Bright Hire can have on recruiting and training teams, saving them valuable time and providing transformative benefits.

Overall, these recommendations emphasize the importance of implementing practices such as running practice group sessions, starting with a pilot group, and giving Bright Hire a chance for organizations seeking efficient and impactful solutions in their recruitment and training processes.


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We are testing BrightHire to capturing interview transcripts (in several languaages) to help interviewers focus on candidates and candidate experience during the interview process. Saving time is important for us and BrightHire can help fill scorecards faster, and it generates key points form the interview thanks to AI capabilities.
  • Identifying the percentage of time the candidate/interviewer speaks during the interview
  • Captures accurate transcript (in english) of the interview
  • Allows to fill out scorecards very fast
  • Capturing transcripts acurrately in languages other than english
  • Accuracy of the AI notes generated by BrightHire as key points is not the best (the tool skews the findings a bit)
Overall BrightHire has a really nice UI and is very simple to use. It is also quite fast. It appears as "Notetaker" for your company during the interview.
However I am unsure of its capabilities (at this time) to very accurately capture transcripts in languages that are not English (it could be but I cannot attest to it right now). Its ability to capture technical jargon is not perfect.
I would recommend using BrightHire when you you are conducting non technical interviews at this time.
  • Complete transcripts of the interviews
  • Integration with GreenHouse
  • Ease of use/simple UI
  • Saving time in filling out scorecards
  • Accuracy of the interview transcripts, which reduces any potential bias
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