TrustRadius Good, The Bad and The UglyWe use Bullhorn CRM across our whole organization. It helps streamline our candidate intake, interview and job placement process. It also helps us organize our clients. As an admin, it helps me keep track of who is interviewing and when. It links with Outlook so all emails can be sent via Bullhorn (BH) and automatically documented in the appropriate place i.e., candidate file or client file.,It tracks our candidate and client interaction with great detail. I like the Bullhorn for email function - instead of sending an email via Outlook and then having to copy and paste it into BH, BH will open Outlook email for me and then automatically place a copy of the email in the recipients BH profile. BH will parse resumes received via email - lessening the amount of information manually added.,Creating reports - I have ones that were created by BH but I cannot change the specifications to meet my end of the year needs. Cannot create an Excel sheet directly from a tear sheet - I have to save the tear sheet then go into the search bar and search for the name of the tear sheet in order to download it as a CSV file. Cannot print task lists - I had to create a ticket and they showed me a workaround.,7,I haven't been in this role long enough to answer,Taleo,Agile-1 AccelerationVMS, Fieldglass VMS,9,,Tracking candidates Tracking clients Tracking Jobs,8Bullhorn CRM - A great recruiting toolWe are currently using Bullhorn CRM across our whole agency. It has definitely increased efficiency and teamwork across the board. There are many features that help the recruiters access information and files at a faster pace. They are able to make a submission to a placement in record time. The notes features really helps keep us all on the same level of information and knowledge of how our current and active candidates are doing as well as our prospective candidates.,Notes features is a real hit with our recruiters. Merging records whether it be duplicate jobs or candidates helps minimize duplicate information. Everything is well connected, for instance a client will show all of the open jobs.,There are a lot of small features I would like to see as an admin such as bulk update en mass on occupation for users. The limit to the amount of "Customtext" options under field mapping could be higher. I would like more options to generate different types of report in different formats.,9,With Bullhorn we are able to work closer as a team which helps bring in more candidates because it increase workflow productivity. We have never come across down time with Bullhorn therefore we can login at any time and resume work. Layouts can be easily adjusted to make the environment for friendly towards customization and help position certain information in better areas deemed by our needs.,API healthcare,Fieldglass VMS, CudaSign, CareerSiteBuilder,40,40,Communication Updating records, and sending emails Mass texting Reviewing activites of recruiters.,Scheduling that flows back to Back office,9Great CRM. Works well with Staffing & Recruiting industry.We use Bullhorn to manage a majority of our business needs. We use the CRM features in business development as well as client retention. Bullhorn is what we use to track candidates and the entire recruiting process for our clients. Bullhorn also offers back of the house features that we use from time to time.,Track and manage leads and sales pipeline Easy to convert leads to real sales opportunities and eventually convert the opportunities into jobs. All of this is done seamlessly with little to no duplication of content. Reporting can be exported to Excel.,Searching databases can be clunky at times (certain contact searches don't always return data from lead database).,10,Leads don't slip through the cracks. Helpful with follow ups.,SugarCRM, Maximizer CRM and HubSpot CRM,Microsoft Office 365,5,1,Sales Lead Management Candidate Tracking CRM for existing and new clients Sales pipeline and activity reports,Dashboards to highlight realtime performance,Back Office at some point,10,Not Sure,Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,Bullhorn again,10,No,Needed to be able to change the order of how fields were being viewed. I called support and they quickly had me fixing my layouts.,Searching for records Drilling down into contact records Entering new contact data,None - mostly can figure things out easily,9Reliable SystemI work at the largest IT staffing agency in Canada. I use Bullhorn(BH), every day. This product addresses the problem of competing priorities, by making me more efficient, and able to multitask. Plus the fact that it's web based means I can log on anywhere!,Candidate Tracking Consistent API notifications Easily integrated with outlook. Easily works with proprietary client crms I love the user experience. It has few bugs,The password has to be really long. Difficult to reset password,10,I can quickly see placements. Upload is almost instantaneous. It allows me to directly post jobs on external websites, meaning I spend more time recruiting, and less time posting jobs.,150,Recruitment lifecycle management Employee onboarding Candidate management,10,I use bullhorn as an Applicant Tracking System, it is great for job order management and candidate tracking,The tearsheet management is a little outdated compared to the rest of the application,8Should be called Bull**** instead.We selected Bullhorn as an upgrade from our prior ATS, Birddog. Having used it before, I was excited for the upgrade, or so I thought. Bullhorn is not great for non-agency recruiting. The big sell was all the customization....they neglect to tell you about training and that you do it all and have no idea how. They said their customer support is amazing, which it is in theory but I unfortunately used it multiple times a day and the answers would often counter prior answers.,Willing to help - Many offered help. Sending mass emails - great for email blasts to contacts. Organizing candidates - multiple distribution lists and filters available.,Corporate recruiting - nothing supports a simple non-agency option for open jobs. Currency - have currency options available by country vs as a customization. Run through prior to launch - Customize with clients, don't just provide support once it is done incorrectly.,3,Negative - while opening a new branch we counted on our conversion running smoothly. Not only were the jobs not posted on the day we told everybody to apply, none of the requests from our prior ATS were included to prevent prior negative candidates.,BirdDogHR, Salesforce App Cloud and JobDiva,Google Forms, Microsoft Azure, BlueJeans,6,1,Collaboration and integration with current email platform Synchronization of calendars and emails Email templates,Shared distribution lists amongst team,Customize for corporate structure,1The WORST SERVICE I have experienced in my life, mediocre-to-average software when it works properlyWe were told when we were pricing Bullhorn "Prior to any contract signature, we’d evaluate your database and let you know if any of the fields you currently have would not be brought over via the free migration tool. If we find any fields, we will have a separate conversation on how to get that data into Bullhorn." Yea, that didn't happen and 8 months later we discovered 80K+ records "orphaned" in our database because Bullhorn didn't data map our records from SendOuts, the provider we previously used and that Bullhorn owns. When we called about why this wasn't done, we got the total runaround for almost three hours of the phone being told "I'll have to check your statement of work", "You have to pay extra for that", and finally "I'll call you back", which they didn't and have never done. I told our account manager what happened and there was NO WAY we were renewing, because Bullhorn failed to hold up their promises from Day 1 and his response was "Please let me know who from our team informed you of the missing records." So, our data conversion is still not complete, we are currently charged every month for 10 extra licenses that we don't use and that Bullhorn does not provide but will not stop charging us for, our company credit card has been charged twice without our authorization AND our Sales Admin is on the phone 2-3 times a week with Bullhorn Support trying to find missing data or correct a report for at least an hour every call (yesterday was three hours, we're lucky she doesn't quit us with the hassle Bullhorn puts her through). Bullhorn has been the worst vendor experience of my professional life. I have been audited by the IRS and it was easier than dealing with Bullhorn. I expect it will cost us $5-10K to restore the records if we leave IF we get all of our data back from Bullhorn. And the reporting, the biggest reason we left SendOuts for Bullhorn was advance reporting functionality. Bullhorn's dashboards don't work (does that cost extra too?), you'll have to run 3-5 different reports to get your team's activities and check Bullhorn against their own records as client interviews and candidate prescreens will just disappear. So we have to pay for an additional software, InsightSquared, to sit on top of Bullhorn and provide those dashboards and activity metrics for another $50 a person per month, just to get what we were promised with Bullhorn. Total waste of time and money and a huge regret.,It's pretty Boolean searchable Drag & drop module formatting,Very slow, freezes up multiple time a day. Horrible, horrible service. You will not get called back, you'll be on the phone with them for hours getting transferred or asked repeatedly what you are talking about, even while they are remotely linked in and SEEING WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ON THE SCREEN. Overpromised & underdelivered. You will need to personally check to make sure they do everything they say they will and get everything in writing. Overpriced and you cannot flex users down. Once you add a user, you pay for them for the rest of the contract term, whether you use that license or not. Ineffectual training. You'll get a basic overview, but there are no advanced user videos, user guide or tutorials. If you want Best Practices training, you have to pay for it and I won't since the quality of the service we've received so far has been so low, why would I trust Bullhorn with more? Dashboards do not work. There is no training to set up your dashboards, so best of luck to you! Reporting is clunky, you'll need to run 3-5 reports to track activity (we track 6 things and have to run 3 different reports) and interviews and candidate prescreens disappear randomly. You cannot trust the database when stuff just doesn't show up. You will hear from your sales rep ONLY about selling to you. There is no single point of contact to take care of your problems, you get who you get when you call into support, so you will be having to reexplain the situation over and over and over again. Support team does not care if they fix your problem. They just want you off the phone.,1,Negative: Bullhorn has cost us 3-10 hours a week of time our sales admin spends on the phone with support trying to fix & find data. Negative: We have seen decreased employee efficiency due to the confusion of disappearing data and the lack of faith that the activity numbers Bullhorn shows are real. Negative: Dashboards don't work and reporting is bulky. Negative: Daily activity tracking requires 15-30 mins a day to pull up 3-5 different reports when the system should provide this function. Negative: we pay another software, InsightSquared, an additional $50 per user per month to do the reporting and tracking Bullhorn was expected to provide.,,InsightSquared, Slack,10,1,Track candidate and job through the sales stages Monitor employee activity daily, weekly & monthly Boolean searchable database,It is used only as a basic CRM/ATS.,We would get rid of it if we were not still in contract.,1,No,1Bullhorn - THE ATS of choice!With my previous companies we used Bullhorn as our company wide ATS and even as an VMS as well. It was used by all recruiters and managers to track candidates, track and post jobs, as well as a VMS to track other agencies we worked with. It addressed the problem of tracking candidates through the recruitment process, that our previous system did not do.,Tracking candidates though the recruitment process Managing candidate profiles, eliminated multiple profiles for candidates and keep a good record of that candidates history It was great at keeping track of all correspondence between the candidate and anyone within the company Very configurable, it was great at adapting to our company needs,It was great for staffing companies, however it did not have a good back of the house system in regards to HR The servers are managed out of Boston and sometimes there would be delays,9,It helped with reporting, knowing what hires where made, by who and all details attached to that candidate Sourcing candidate within the companies database was greatly enhanced The ability to see all information input by all users and candidates,Taleo,hiredesk,1,9A Matador Stands No Chance Against Bullhorn ATSYes, the Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is being used by my entire organization. The problems it addresses are unorganized ATS and confidentiality--both things that Bullhorn ATS excels at.,Confidentiality: As a Recruiting company, we need both our clients and candidates to feel safe sending us information. Connectivity: Everything in the Bullhorn ATS connects. Nothing goes untracked and it's so easy to go back and find someone or something that you haven't interacted with in months. Efficiency: Both speed and accuracy are important in my profession, and Bullhorn is made to be efficient. You can access multiple functions from the same page, and gather all the information you need in a short time.,Every so often, Bullhorn cannot handle large amounts of data, and freezes. It takes time to reboot the system. I would like to see how Bullhorn ATS works without the email function, if the overall candidate searching and parsing is faster--Email in Bullhorn ATS often prolongs your wait. Although it is a cloud-based software, it can run slow sometimes. I think it is becoming more popular so I hope the next version accommodates that.,8,Increased employee efficiency for all of us. Much better quality assurance and customer service because of the information at my fingertips. Employee confidence: I am much more confident in my conversations because of the way Bullhorn tracks and records.,Adobe Photoshop,WordPress,Amazon Web Services,Bullhorn Reach,Evernote,500,5,Recruiting Resourcing Screening Candidates Searching resumes.,Our entire network is on Bullhorn ATS. We are able to track messages sent between candidates and recruiters. We use it to develop relationships with our candidates, setting us apart from other recruiting companies.,Building more relationships with candidates. Growing our database of resumes and candidate information. Less for email and more for searching.,8Grab the Bull-by the-Horn with Bullhorn S ReleaseHow to sum up our use of Bullhorn in a nutshell? It is the transparent foundation for our Agency's book of business. Think organization, data visualization, accessibility and the added capability to search our candidate database right at our fingertips. Explorers of yore depended on the North Star when no other landmarks were in sight; when the recruiting world has me turned upside down and inside out, I look to Bullhorn as my guiding light. Bullhorn’s streamlined workflow and added functionality from The Bullhorn Marketplace has us covered from front-office to back. Over the past 3 years we've transitioned with ease from a relatively paper based process to a software based solution; we've been able to simplify our time and expense process through the web, broadcast opportunity via Bullhorn Reach and quickly view our open opportunity at the click of a button. Bullhorn truly is our Heads-Up Display as we manage the agency side of full-life cycle recruiting.,Bullhorn provides seamless integration with MS Exchange that allows for tracking of in/outbound communication with clients and candidates. Emails are clearly tracked replacing the need to document activity or cross-reference multiple systems in preparation for your next call. Through customization; You can configure Bullhorn to fit your organizations workflow, naming conventions or custom fields et al. As an Administrator for our organization; I've found that most functionality can be achieved with no additional cost or custom development. Resume Parsing and Document Management; Adding new Candidate records is as simple as drag and drop, the parsing engine updates standard fields and documents (references, work samples, background checks, offer letters, etc.) can be managed and saved within a contact's record.,Integration with Bullhorn Marketplace: the solutions offered in Bullhorn's Marketplace are extremely relevant; however the integration and go-live process lacks the support and guidance that we've come to expect through our experience with the core ATS product. New API unveiled with Bullhorn S release offered cross-browser accessibility; however some solid features were left behind and modular layout took a step back which added a few more clicks per page. System up-time: Extremely reliable, but back-end performance and data indexing has, and continues, to be an issue from time to time.,9,After the initial learning curve that your employees can expect, we've definitely seen an increase in efficiency. Our touch-points and constant contact with our network has increased; the system provides task and followup reminders and the ability to send mass mailings catered to a target audience. Our back-office has experienced quite a bit of downtime and frustration when on-boarding or integrating products from the Bullhorn Marketplace.,AkkenCloud,RecruitMax,MaxHire,Taleo,PCRecruiter,Compas,9User Friendly Recruiting ToolBullhorn Applicant Tracking System is used by our Human Resources department to recruit and hire candidates. It is integrated with our website so candidates flow into the system.,The search feature allows you to enter multiple criteria to find candidate matches. It is integrated with our website, so candidates apply online and are filtered into Bullhorn. The system allows email activity to be kept in the system and notes so a detailed picture is there for all who access the candidate,The search feature could be enhanced to provide better, more relevant results. It would be great if web responses were visible only to the req owner. An auto-filter of candidates matches to the req would be a good feature.,5,Immediate visibilty once someone applies Fast response time to technical issues Reduced candidate activity,Peoplefluent,5Talent AcquisitionBullhorn is the ATS system our agency uses for all of our candidate and client information. Its used in all of our staffing departments (i.e. HR, Admin, IT, Accounting/Finance). I've been working on Bullhorn for approx. a year. This is the first experience I've had working on an ATS system and I find Bullhorn to be very user friendly. It's extremely user friendly.,Easy to navigate User friendly Offers learning opportunities,Bullhorn seems to have a lot of technical issues- Freezing, closing, etc. At times some of the function buttons will disappear and you need to log out & back in to get them to reappear,5,Increased customer services Obtaining client/candidate information quickly,none,5
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September 04, 2014

Review: "Grab the Bull-by the-Horn with Bullhorn S Release"

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We have about 2 years left on our current contract; It would take a major change in the ATS marketplace for us to strongly consider opting out of renewal given the time and effort we have dedicated to building our our Bullhorn system. I will take the time to revisit with some of the competition down the road, but Bullhorn acquired our runner up, MaxHire, about a year back and continues to offer a solid product suite for our current and future needs.
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Candidate Search (25)
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About Bullhorn

Bullhorn Recruitment CRM is a SaaS based solution that offers a full suite of features typical of applicant tracking systems: a user-friendly interface and mobile app, batch or mass communication with potential candidates via multiple channels such as email and commonly used applications (e.g. Outlook, Gmail), instantaneous posting to multiple job boards, resume parsing, data and document uploading.
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Recruiting / ATS Features
Has featureJob Requisition Management
Has featureCompany Website Posting
Has featurePublish to Social Media
Has featureJob Search Site Posting
Has featureCustomized Application Form
Has featureResume Management
Has featureDuplicate Candidate Prevention
Has featureCandidate Search
Has featureApplicant Tracking
Has featureCollaboration
Has featureTask Creation and Delegation
Has featureEmail Templates
Has featureUser Permissions
Has featureNotifications and Alerts
Has featureReporting

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InsightSquared Sales Analytics, Broadbean, LinkedIn Talent, Dice Open Web, DaXtra Parser, Constant Contact, CloudCall, Spark Hire, Scout, TalentWise Hire, InterviewStream Hire, Pardot, HubSpot, Mailchimp, SpringAhead, Vertical Response,, SimplyHired, WANTED Analytics, Vonage Business Cloud, Zapier, Textkernel, Cube19, Ebsta, Promoter, Astute Payroll, Haley Marketing, JXT, Snaphop, MyResourcer, Actonomy xMP, Findly SkillCheck, CEB SHL Talent Measurement, LogicMelon, OnRecruit, First Advantage, Icetrak, etz Technologies, Empower VMS, Voice Advantage, Workopolis, Menemsha Group, Advance Payroll

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Deployment Types:SaaS
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Supported Countries:Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North/Central/South America
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