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George Gonzalez-Rivas | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 30, 2018

Bynder will get you out of your 'where is it' bind.

Score 9 out of 10
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We have a small sales/marketing, but after 8 decades of doing business, we have a lot of material. Bynder is a new tool for us -- replacing Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and digging through old files and email attachments. The searching, keyword, tagging, and mostly visible layout are really superior to our legacy methods.

I can't imagine going back.
  • Extracting content is where Bynder shines. My previous EverNote account reminded me of the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark -- warehouse full of stuff where clearly everything was lost once it was put in there. Bynder makes it easy to find and extract information especially because of the thumbnail views aided by the categorization tools. Since you can use these in combination everything is basically a complex Boolean search without needing to know how to write a complex Boolean Search.
  • Easy I/O. Getting information into and out of Bynder is really easy -- follows the "don't make me think" rule. visual cues and clear buttons, etc. In fact, since I use multiple systems, I find it easiest to actually do file transfer TO MYSELF via Bynder rather than download or email files between my PC and Mac for example. That's how easy it is.
  • Categories, tagging, last-used, most-frequent, hide/show -- there's a lot of flexibility in organizing your content. Technically, this kind of thing exists in every tool I've ever used... but it's the implementation that matters. UI design is vital to making this a valuable tool as opposed to a dreary step of "file retrieval".
  • Bynder has multiple levels of metadata to attach to files. That's good. But I would like to have a few 'macro' views, perhaps different dashboards that are pre-sets based on my use case. One could be "Browsing" and another could be "searching for a specific file". That sort of thing.
  • More customization per user. Color, arrangement, etc. Creative types can be soooo picky you know.
It's well suited to be your overall repository of content... especially diverse content. It's less useful for content-in-development as the version control is not what it could be for documents that are being collaborated on by multiple people.

But once the thing is done, and you have a final version (at least for now) then Bynder's your best choice.
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Jessica Winer | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 28, 2018

Bynder: A Worthwhile Investment!

Score 8 out of 10
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The Bynder Brand Portal is being used across the whole organization in specific departments (ie: Marketing, Sales, & International primarily). The main problem Bynder is addressing is the usage of out-of-date, unapproved photography and also minimizing requests made to the creative design team for specific imagery that everyone should be able to access.
  • Searching Imagery: The way imagery is filtered in Bynder is what drew us to the software in the first place. The filters we were able to set up makes finding approved imagery much easier. You're able to use the filters to drill down to very specific images (ie: smiling woman coconut farmer), where that process used to require us to search through several folders on our filing system to find the right photo.
  • Metadata/Tagging: This is along the same line as searching but the metadata and tagging in the portal makes it so easy to find exactly what you're looking for.
  • User Experience: The ease of use is one of my favorite features. We were able to roll this program out to over 70 people (some who didn't speak English as their first language) with minimal training and even less support needed after launching.
  • Downloading Options: We like being able to give our staff several options for downloading whether they need a PSD image for graphic design, a high-resolution print ready image, or just a low-resolution screen-ready image. This allows us to field even less requests for specific sizes or file types.
  • Link Sharing: One thing I wish Bynder had was quick link sharing for images or collections of images to share outside of Bynder. Currently you have to create a collection and send it via email to the person you want to view it. Otherwise you can make it public and share a link but then that collection technically can be viewed or downloaded by anyone. Since I'm used to the functionality of Dropbox, this is one thing that I feel is lacking.
  • Public Media Center: Along the lines of the last comment about link sharing; one thing that would be helpful is a public media center. If we were able to tag what photos we would want to include there, along with downloadable logos, guidelines, PR, etc. There are workarounds but the functionality doesn't quite exist.
  • Automatic Translations: We opted to keep all of our metadata and tagging in English, as most of our International partners do speak some English; however, it would have been nice to have an option to automatically translate any metadata/tagging for certain languages. We did have the option of automatically translating the main menu buttons but that wasn't much help. If we wanted metadata/tagging in other languages we'd have to input it manually for thousands of assets.
I think for any company that wants a better way to share approved and up-to-date assets that are searchable then Bynder is the way to go. We still use Dropbox for storing all of our working files and most of our data (including imagery, etc); but Bynder is what we're able to share with the rest of the workforce in order to actually find these assets. The searchability really makes this system a no-brainer and it has saved our design and Project Management team hours (overall) from searching for requested assets.
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Caitlin FitzSimons | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 28, 2018

Happy with our Bynder selection

Score 8 out of 10
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Bynder is managed by our Marketing + Communications team but used by all of our staff (about 150) to locate digital assets. We also use it to share assets with external designers. Bynder allows us to store our assets in a safe location and makes it easy for staff to search and filter to locate which asset thy need.
  • User-friendly interface, clean and easy to navigate - this has helped with adoption and training so that staff feel empowered to use the portal.
  • Completely customizable filters - particularly helpful for locating specific photos quickly.
  • Storage - safe and secure web based storage, frees up tons of space on our org Google drive and server.
  • Bynder Guidelines - not much customization available, looks like a blog but we use it for a different purpose and would like to customize the format.
  • Sharing assets - we wish we could share single assets with our entire org (not just those with a login) via a link that is only accessible to those with an org email.
  • Duplicate assets - I wish Bynder could detect a duplicate asset that is uploaded.
Great first digital asset manager for small to medium sized companies. Grows with you thanks to different user permissions and the ability to have a small or large number of users. Also good for organizations who want to have control over their assets - which ones are uploaded, how they are tagged, etc.
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Ann M. Frank | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 23, 2019

Bynder and WebDAM merger has made both more valuable and supportive

Score 9 out of 10
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We use the platform both for client specific applications and internally. We use it to manage assets, licensing and rights. For clients, we manage large numbers of assets and relating to templates that can be used with minimal permissions and approvals. We use it for one source of approved assets. Our goal is to have it replace our server at some point as it's cloud-based and has greater storage capacity.
  • Bynder's support materials are better than any other DAM platform I have worked with
  • Responsiveness from support is exceptional - timely, thorough, helpful
  • Merger with WebDAM has been seamless
  • Management understands the end user experience
  • The search functionality sometimes is challenging
  • Many reminders about cookies - more than normal in the US at this time (due to EU compliance) - can be frustrating and confusing for our end users as not all US platforms have this
Bynder helps both us internally and our clients manage digital assets including video, audio, 10s of 1000s of images. It also helps us manage brand standards by creating and sharing templates with both clients and third-party users.
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Maggie Farrand | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2019

Great DAM system!

Score 10 out of 10
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We use Bynder across our entire organization, mostly for communications and marketing staff worldwide, but it also extends to our program staff in the US and our in-country staff abroad. Before Bynder, we housed all our digital assets (photographs, video files, interview transcripts, logos, etc.) in folders on our server. You’d have to drill down many levels to find the photo you needed—and only because you knew it was there. We had no ability to search, to filter or to share albums with our colleagues. Whenever we wanted to share an image, we sent it over email—and often received an auto-response saying “this exceeds the file size limit.” To share several images, we would copy and paste the images into a new folder—which meant duplicate images everywhere. Similarly, other files like interview transcripts, logos, and design files were all over the place—some saved together in one folder, others with our designers, others in our personal folders. Bynder has been a game changer—we are now able to search through our photographs and share collections with colleagues or outside graphic designers like we could never do before.

  • Search -- as part of the implementation process, you set up your own individual organization's filters and tags. When your portal goes live, you can use the smart search tool to find your assets within seconds based on those filter categories and keywords anywhere within the file (name, metadata, etc.).
  • Share -- Bynder's Collections tool is an easy and simple way to share one or multiple images with coworkers - even if they don't have a Bynder account.
  • Analytics -- Bynder recently launched an in-depth analytics tool so you can see how your assets are being shared/downloaded/viewed. It's great!
  • Bynder regularly adds or upgrades their system's functionality. The analytics tool is relatively new for them, so I imagine they'll be adding many more elements to that dashboard.
We use Bynder's Brand Portal every single day. It's great to use with external graphic designers, with colleagues around the world, and with our team in the office. It has really been a game changer for us. I can't imagine a scenario where Bynder wouldn't be helpful when it comes to our digital assets.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 21, 2018

Very helpful system, but not a necessity for small or mid-size organizations

Score 7 out of 10
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We used Bynder to manage our marketing collateral and sales enablement materials (e.g. reference materials, battle cards, sales training, etc.) We used it primarily only for the sales & marketing team - it would have been fantastic to have the entire organization using the system, but the per-user cost was just too high, especially since plenty of people probably wouldn't have been using it regularly - only on an as-needed basis.
The main problems that Bynder solved were around having an easy way to find different pieces of collateral for specific use cases. For example, my company has multiple product lines that are very different, so it was a good way to ensure that people could find exactly what they needed when talking to a client with only a few applications, or a prospect who was only interested in a certain product. It was helpful to look at the reporting features and see what people were using most (it often wasn't what upper-level managers thought they would be using) as well.
  • Powerful filtering features (if you set it up right)
  • Great to have one single place to update collateral so everyone has the most up-to-date version.
  • Having the option to set public links for certain files was very useful for sharing files externally without any fuss.
  • Responsive customer service that was actually helpful (not always the case with software vendors!)
  • The cost was quite high for what is really not a "core" system.
  • The company was also The cost to do business with when we needed to cancel, even though our subscription had not yet renewed.
  • Wish there was a way to "highlight" collateral in the asset bank or change the default sort order. As it is, older files are stuck at the bottom by default even if new versions of them are uploaded. As a result, the more commonly-used collateral (often the basic overview files/videos/etc which were created first) required a lot more scrolling to get to.
It's a good option for companies that are growing rapidly with sales or marketing teams that have a lot of assets to manage. However, the cost may be prohibitive for mid-size companies. It is not a good choice if you are looking to have a system that is accessible for all employees (like Dropbox or an employee portal)
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Peter Tantono | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 15, 2017

A case for Bynder as SAAS

Score 8 out of 10
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Bynder is used by over 20 locations and is implemented at the corporate and store level across our organization. The power users are the marketers and sales staff. As a marketing technologist, I use Bynder to implement a quick quote or lookbook for our clients. In other words, Bynder was instrumental in helping our sales staff identify and pull pictures from the digital asset management system seamlessly and without much effort. Another great advantage that Bynder has is the fact that it has API support as well as high availability in terms of performance. Bynder is hosted on the cloud and is very flexible in terms of features and customization. I had the opportunity to work with Bynder APIs particularly in bulk tagging and bulk import/exports of data. I've also managed to leverage Bynder to power our image searches that is used across all digital marketing efforts. And all of this is being done via the meta informatino or exif information.
  • Search or Elastic Search - The power to search tens of thousands of image without much lag time
  • Powerful templates that are available for users
  • Ability to share collection of images with anyone in a click or two
  • Powerful API - Although API is more used for technical staff, the API also allows easy integration with any systems
  • Ability to store meta and exif information and search through them
  • Single Sign On integration with all of your existing system (particularly LDAP or ADFS)
  • Support Team can be a little slow but that is understandable with a startup company (even though this company is no longer a start up)
  • API documentation can be better because there is only 1 product owner for API function (poor developer getting bombarded with requests)
  • Implementation requires more hand holding especially for the companies that do not have in-house technical expertise
The best use case for bynder is very simple. Bynder is for any organization that has over 200 digital assets and has the need to search and organize their assets in a way that is empowering. Bynder is great if you want to further your DAM system and couple it with ML. A bad use case for bynder is for any organization that has a "store everything on the network drive" mindset. If you are in this category, don't be offended, we all start somewhere but be open to better organization of your assets.
Read Peter Tantono's full review
Kevin van der Wijst | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 15, 2016

Easy-to-use for managing and sharing images, designs and other assets internally and for clients

Score 9 out of 10
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Bynder gave us, specifically our design team, a smarter and faster workflow during and after the design process. And that's a win without even fully using all of the powerful possibilities that Bynder has to offer.
  • The quick drop-and-send feature of Bynder is a simple, but powerful feature of Bynder.
  • Once inside the portal it's very easy for us to manage images, mockups, designs and other digital assets. Best of all is that it works good for internal use, but more importantly also for clients.
  • With the Workflow feature, we're able to take to our clients in our design journey and collaborate better during the design process by gaining direct, contextual feedback.
  • It's quite hard to think of a feature or anything that we really dislike, but as we are heavy users of the collections feature within Bynder, it would make our workflow even better if the sharing capabilities of collections would become better over time.
As designers we're using Bynder in a very different way than a complete marketing department at a big company would. But the nice thing about this product is that it's rich in features that are very customizable for every user working with digital assets and documents. Especially because it doesn't feel like it's overly filled with features that me or my colleagues wouldn't use – setting it up makes it flexible for any user.
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Bynder’s digital asset management platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster, and maximize the impact of marketing assets.

Thousands of brand managers, marketers and creatives from global organizations like PUMA, innocent drinks, Spotify, Five Guys, Omron and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines use Bynder to organize company files; edit and approve projects in real time; auto-format and resize files; and make the right content available to others at the click of a button.

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