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November 17, 2017
Jamedith Pewu | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It is used throughout the whole company. Employees use it to submit requests to the help desk, and the service desk uses it as a ticket management tool for processing requests and incidents. All knowledge articles are uploaded to CA and accessed by a help desk analyst when processing requests. It is also used for reporting to track calls and emails that were logged.
  • This application is very easy to use. It is the best when it comes to training since the application is easy to understand and employees are able to easily catch up on work process.
  • It is a great reporting tool because users can look up work they've done over a period of time.
  • The auto populate feature is very helpful since at the service desk users do have several tickets to create for a single requester.
  • The right-click feature is disabled in this application and users are unable to copy and paste with mouse or touchpad.
  • The application also freezes quite a bit and a user will have to quite often close and reopen browser to get it functioning properly.
We manage calls and emails for over 15000+ employees, and I think this application is a terrific tool for managing huge loads of requests, incidents, etc. It is user-friendly and great for training purposes to explain any company's process. It is also a great tool for managers and supervisors to pull reports from.
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November 14, 2017
Farooq Hussain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We are using CA Service Management Suite of CA which CA Service Desk Manger is one of the components of that suite. We have branded the name of CA Service Management as KhidmahTech (Arabic Name) which means your service. We have made CA as a single point of contact for all IT Related Services, and all ITIL process has been configured in CA. KhidmahTech is used as a service management tools for two divisions in my company, i.e. IT & HR.

The biggest business problem it has addressed is the Service Automation
of all service of IT and HR.

  • Agility is the biggest strength of CA Service Desk Manager as it can be easily customized based on the process.
  • CA Process Automation along with CA service desk manger can be a lethal combination for automation of any process across the Board.
  • Easy to upgrade and Installation is very useful along with good documentation and support.
  • Mobile App cab be improved.
  • Constantly innovate based on the competition from other ITSM Vendors.
  • Reporting can be improved.
Scenario 1:
We got a task for Automation of Business Automation Document (BRD) which has many complex scenarios and approvals, we have achieved this with the help of CA. Also IT Downtime Notification automation is also achieved with the help of process automation and ca service desk manager.

Scenario 2:
Integration with the third party tools required lot of customization as there is no available connector for that.
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March 23, 2016
Alyssa Figueroa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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CA Service Desk Manager is being used to document all calls and work orders that come to the Queens College help desk. When a staff or faculty member has an issue or a request with his or her computer, we write an incident or request on CA Service Desk Manager. This request or incident is assigned to a staff member who will address the issue. Both the person who wrote the ticket and the person who will fix the problem log into CA Service Desk Manager. The end user receives emails for any changes that are made to the ticket. We also use it to document each phone call that we take because we are resolving issues over the phone for faculty, staff and students.
  • You can log in anywhere.
  • It is a good way to document all work that is being done by each tech.
  • It is a great way to see a staff member's history or if he may have a repeating problem.
  • When you are opening and closing too many tickets back to back, the system lags and save turns into accept which does not save anything, and basically all you have done on this ticket has been lost.
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April 17, 2015
Steven Lascarro | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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CA Service Desk Manager was used by our entire organization to meet the needs of incident, request and knowledge management. It is a web based ticketing system allowing our customers to log their own tickets (incident or request) and reference existing problems using self service. The solution allows tickets to be routed automatically depending on the customers location and product, this some takes some volume away from our call center. Because the solution is web based the customer does not need to install special software to log their own tickets and technician's do not have carry a pc with them to resolve a ticket. Our knowledge module contains a library of documents where customers and technicians can reference already discovered problems that either have solutions or workarounds. The use of this knowledge can be tracked and linked to incidents. This product is ITIL driven.
  • CA Service Desk Manager is scalable, it can handle any sized organization. The product can be load balanced and clustered.
  • CA Service Desk Manager has a patching utility and support site where to download the patches. This is very useful as not all products have software patching available.
  • CA Service Desk Manager offers a PDA site and the newer versions offer a mobile app. This is great.
  • CA Service Desk Manager does not have a right click for copy and paste in version 12.6 on the major forms and fields, that is a major bummer.
  • CA Service Desk Manager is buggy, if bugs are not addressed immediately you could lose your customers faith in the product. Since CA Service Desk Manager tends to be buggy, you need a good admin to get them addressed.
  • CA Service Desk Manager's patches tend to break other functionality.
  • CA Service Desk Manager education does not address their proprietary code enough. This is for customizations.
  • CA Service Desk Manager is sensitive to it's environment and may require a full system reboot monthly.
CA Service Desk Manager is ideal out of the box and can be used for ITSM (IT Service Management). A lot of customizations can weaken the product and it's upgradability. The LDAP functionality is great for importing new users automatically, however if your Active Directory environment is a mess then the LDAP functionality will be compromised. Everything the solution boasts depends on your environment and process. This product is designed to fit into a company where ITIL processes are followed.
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November 29, 2017
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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The entire IT organization (720 associates) use the Service Desk Manager tool. It is used for incident, request, problem, change, configuration, and knowledge tracking. Our teams have developed scalable processes that scan 15+ hospitals, supporting 30,000 end users, leveraging this tool as the enterprise-wide solution. We have upwards of 250,000 records created annually, have defined slo's and quality metrics, and have very specific kpi's we measure consistently for quality measurement as well as effectiveness of our support. Currently we have an integrated solution that includes Ivanti Xtraction (for dash boarding) and CA Catalog as the user interface. We are working towards integrating SCCM to the CMDB for population of Assets (not CI's) and have mapped upwards of 250 full services in our CMDB. CA Service Desk Manager is our true enterprise solution for service management and it has served us rather well.
  • Integrated solution for incident, request and problem and change management tickets
  • Simple but resourceful knowledge component
  • Effective survey feature for interface with end users
  • Integration to Service Catalog as well as a native self-service interface
  • Reporting is a challenge for all ticketing systems and we've had to use an external dashboard tool (and previously Crystal/Boxi) for this purpose.
  • Gui for end users is clunky, forcing to have to use a catalog tool for this purpose.
  • Notification engine is not very customizable, causing an over or under notification to customers and specifically IT users.
It is a suitable tool for a large organization with extensive user needs. It is not for a small shop as it may be over-engineered for smaller organizations that don't have teams that can manage a solution of this size. It does have some significant hardware and configuration needs, but that should not deter customers from deploying it in-house. I've seen it deployed in the cloud as well as in-house; the downside to deploying it as a hosted solution is you're forever at the mercy of the vendor for customizations, and they cost an arm and a leg. The simplest things take a long time and cost much more money than necessary, so you can't truly get a custom solution and end up with mostly vanilla services (unless you have very deep pockets.)
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August 28, 2014
Vandana Karthikeya | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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CA Service Desk Manager was primarily used to manage customer requests and for workflow management of these requests/incidents. The product was used as a workflow tool across multiple departments for fulfilment.
  • Excellent workflow management
  • Resource task management
  • Knowledge management
  • Linking into other ITSM Tools for automatic event/alert generation could be a good feature to use. Not sure if this has been addressed in later versions of the product.
  • Effective integration into communication tools such as pagers, text messages would be a great plus. Again this may have been addressed in later versions.
CA Service Desk Manager is a very good fit for workflow management for support staff. It has length wise coverage of ITSM, however it could use better depth or deeper integration techniques into the processes for, e.g., better and broader Event/Incident Management and linkages to knowledge management and other pieces.
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June 27, 2014
Curt Melancon, CBAP, ITIL, CSSGB | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
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We used it as an enterprise help desk system. We setup categories and workgroups for HR, Facilities, Accounting, IT, Revenue Recovery and Procurement
  • Conceptually ties EITM together well, although lacks tactical ease of that concept
  • Ticket categorization and routing
  • CMDB categorization
  • Knowledge alignment with incident/problem areas
  • GUI- slow, clunky
  • Integrations within the CA umbrella and with other vended solutions
  • Reporting/BI
  • The security partitions capabilities and multi tenant capabilities seems good, although we had minimal use for them.
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June 24, 2014
Ryan Hanzalik | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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CA Service Desk Manager is being used across our worldwide organization. CA Service Desk manager is used to log and track any tickets and changes within the company. This product solved a business problem in which there was never a paper trail on any changes within the company.
  • CA Service Desk Manager is good for commissioning or decommissioning servers, as the change orders can be customized so that each step is applicable to that server build.
  • CA Service Desk Manager is great for any environment with a help desk, as the alerting of priority tickets in any one group's queue is well executed.
  • CA Service Desk Manager is good for making changes within your IT department as you can create change orders with a tiered approval system.
  • CA Service Desk Manager could improve on their application code, as your "scoreboard" grows in size either in the number of nodes you have or number of ticket / changes in those nodes, the slower it takes to log in. This can be a major issue when you support critical applications and have urgent priority tickets.
This application is great for environments that need ITSM to be far-reaching, especially for larger environments.
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July 08, 2014
DeChandra Hendry, CCS | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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CA Service Desk is being used across the whole organization as the service desk system for all issues or inquiries. Specific departments also use CA Service Desk to keep track of daily requests related to coding and applications.
  • Tracking - For large projects across multiple departments, we are able to keep track of progression in one central location
  • Accountability - If someone alters a document or information, everyone is able to review the original documentation
  • Communication - While it is great to add notes and comments, there should be better interaction with CA Service Desk and Outlook email
This is well suited for companies who need to formalize communication between IT/application specialists and less technical employees.
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September 15, 2015
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
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Service Desk is being used by the whole organization (and recently some external users) and is used to track and escalate problems and occurrences between organizations and corporate. Currently Incident Management and Change Management are being used with plans to incorporate other areas of Service Desk that would provide value.
  • A large community where, if help is needed, is usually very helpful and quick to respond.
  • Various sites with good information on various issues. If you have a problem, there's a good chance some else already had it and documented it.
  • Fairly easy installation of the product if recommendations are followed and prep-work is done.
  • Certain functions can be easily forgotten and easily overlooked and sometimes hard to find. The many different levels involved with security (Access Types, Roles, Data Partitions, Functional Access, etc.) can be confused with one another and results in doing changes in one of the levels that may not be the best choice. For example: Functional Access changes done within Roles can also be achieved by the Data Partitions.
  • Simple tasks, such as sending a notification for a certain action, is difficult and confusing to accomplish. You need to create conditions that you apply to Macros (that you create) which you then apply to Events (that you create). They do have a default list out-of-box but even they are named in such a way that you're not sure if the one you are looking at is the correct one for your need until you look at the condition/macro/event to be certail.
  • Properties (attached to Request/Incident/Problem Areas) provide very basic functionality to request additional information of the user. Would like to see more options available in this area as well as the ability to trigger actions based on End User answers to the properties.
  • Administration can quickly become confusing as researching areas allows clicking certain pieces of information that open window after window for each piece of info quickly resulting in several windows being open. Closing any of the windows prior to the last open one results in all the windows closing that were open from it.
Other products I have experience with approach customizations with the end user in mind. They try to make it easy to follow and user friendly. They attempt to keep it versatile and open without compromising their product where the user may actually cause damage. Service Desk does have a fairly robust tool (Web Screen Painter) for customizations but it is difficult for a beginner or average user to use. It displays the source code of the forms allowing it to be manipulated. They also allow references to their existing tables for customizations within the schema which can easily cause confusion as to the original function of said table. Once customizations are applied, they are difficult to remove as there is not a 'clean' way to remove them. It usually involves editing some obscure file manually which leaves room for human error. Service Desk is probably best used out of box but that might not be best suited for organizations that do not prefer the Service Desk approach.
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September 21, 2015
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
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Our enterprise utilizes CA Service Desk Manager as a tracking mechanism for requests, incidents, problems, changes and integrates these areas of focus with CIs... specifically the CMDB. This solution allows us to to hold others accountable, [mirror] workflow abilities, and [obtain] historical analysis with regards to outage resolution. This level of use is within all departments and all levels of hierarchy. On the technical side, we utilize our own SLA reporting by querying the database directly for statistical analysis.
  • The database is very clean and easily to manipulate with regards to querying available data and needing to find the right table.
  • The UI interface allows for new form/template creation out of the box. In particular it is a very 'what you see is what you get' interface.
  • The API has been around for a considerable period of time that third party services already integrate with CA Service Desk Manager for automated ticket creation, etc.
  • The product requires major investment in customizations as the out-of-the-box experience is very limiting feature wise.
  • The product utilizes a proprietary language, this requires a specialist in CA products rather than a general programmer.
  • Vendor support is very limited in that the response times are exceedingly increasing to the point of waiting 24-hours for initial response.
Basic support tracking is the only time I would recommend CA Service Desk. Anything that relies on work-flow management would be better suited with another third party product.
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July 11, 2014
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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  • Increased productivity of consumers, IT teams and management
  • Reduced number of Service Desk tickets
  • Faster service restoration
  • Clearer understanding of support’s business value
  • Less business risk associated with changes
  • Fewer service disruptions
  • Streamlines support
  • Unified, collaborative self-service and mobility
  • Broad CA Service Management solution
  • Would like to see functionality of seeing tickets in a map view for a specific location .Eg. In a Retail space, Would like to see tickets related to each store, when mouse is hovered over a particular store on a Map
  • Better consumer empowerment and satisfaction: Self-service and social media give the user a consumer experience.
  • Reduced number of Service Desk tickets: Fewer tickets coming to your Service Desk can help your IT team focus on bigger issues.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Organize and prioritize service tickets (6)
Expert directory (5)
Service restoration (6)
Self-service tools (6)
Subscription-based notifications (6)
ITSM collaboration and documentation (6)
ITSM reports and dashboards (5)
Configuration mangement (6)
Asset management dashboard (3)
Policy and contract enforcement (3)
Change requests repository (6)
Change calendar (4)
Service-level management (5)

What is CA Service Management?

CA Service Management, including CA Desk Manager, is a fully-featured ITSM platform, now from Broadcom. It competes with BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, FrontRange ITSM, Cherwell Service Management etc. It is based on technology acquired by CA in 2010 with Nimsoft, and is now supported by Broadcom since the 2018 acquisition.

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