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What is Calamari?

Calamari is a workforce management software system offered by Chrobrus.

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Calamari is a comprehensive HR management software that is widely used for tracking and planning various types of absences, including …
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Amazing product!

10 out of 10
March 10, 2020
Since it has a Leave Management feature, most of us benefited from that one. Also it easy to use. Calamari turned out to be a great …
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Product Details

What is Calamari?

Calamari is a people management tool for small and medium businesses. Calamari aims to help companies increase their efficiency of people management, around issues like working remotely, planning time off, business trips, and being late to work.

Currently, Calamari has two modules:
- Calamari Leave
- Calamari Clockin

According to the vendor, these are the top 5 reasons customers use Calamari:
  • Provides team availability at a glance
  • Allows users to request, approve or reject time off
  • Sends the right notifications at the right time
  • Syncs with Google calendar
  • Supports remote work and remote teams
A free trial is available on the vendor's website.

Calamari Features

  • Supported: Absence management
  • Supported: Time tracking
  • Supported: Remote work
  • Supported: Slack integration
  • Supported: Google apps calendar

Calamari Screenshots

Screenshot of Calendar with detailed information about upcoming absences, holidays, and remote work.Screenshot of Online Timesheets with all the details about employees' working time. Employees can clock in/out, call a break, add projects, and take notes.Screenshot of Clocking in/out and displays all the details about the work day.Screenshot of team management features.Screenshot of the integrations that are possibile using the Calamari API.Screenshot of company document management features.

Calamari Competitors

Calamari Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesFrench, English, Polish, Spanish

Calamari Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)30%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)40%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)30%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Calamari is a comprehensive HR management software that is widely used for tracking and planning various types of absences, including holidays and sick days. It simplifies the process of requesting time off and helps companies with multiple offices and locations to manage HR tasks more effectively. Users have noted that while the interface of Calamari could use some improvement, they appreciate its overall effectiveness in reducing administrative hours spent on tracking PTOs and ensuring appropriate work hours. The software has replaced paper systems, resulting in time and cost savings, as well as fewer errors. Customers recommend Calamari for its affordability and ease of use, while expressing a desire for additional HR documentation features. The Slack integration is highly valued by users as it allows them to manage time off and clocking in/out directly from the Slack app. While there are areas for improvement such as overtime features and enhanced admin controls, Calamari has proven valuable in simplifying leave request procedures, managing employee data, and providing comprehensive reporting capabilities for deeper analysis. It has become an essential tool for managing absences and time tracking in companies of all sizes.

Excellent HR Management Software: Users find Calamari to be an excellent HR management software that makes people management easier. Some users mentioned that the software significantly improves work within teams and between managers, and it is easy to adapt to any situation.

Exceptional Customer Support: The customer support of Calamari is exceptional, with fast feedback and competent support. Many users praised the support team for their excellent communication and ability to resolve tasks quickly. Several reviewers appreciated the helpfulness of the support team in setting up everything and showing care for users.

Easy-to-Use Interface: Users appreciate the simple and user-friendly interface of Calamari. They find it easy to use once they understand the mechanism, making it a real timesaver. Multiple reviewers highlighted that even those who haven't used similar tools before can easily navigate and modify the software.

Confusing and Clunky Interface: Some users have found the interface of Calamari to be confusing and clunky, making it difficult to use, especially for new users. They have suggested more customization options to improve the user experience.

Limited Customer Support: One user mentioned that customer support was not as helpful as expected, especially when it came to making amendments or getting answers to their questions. This lack of assistance has been a concern for some customers.

Lack of Customization Options for Work Schedules: The lack of customization options for work schedules has been mentioned as a major drawback by some users, especially for organizations with flexible work schedules. This limitation hinders the ability to tailor the software according to specific needs.

Attribute Ratings


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Noah Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We appreciate the download to Excel feature, which allows for deeper dives into trending, pivot tables, and other Excel functions. The available hours and leave reports are comprehensive, and we appreciate the download to Excel feature. Employees and managers will find it simple to use. The application simplifies the process by allowing clock in/out and leave requests. No one needed to come back to us after we trained our managers on how to use the system. Flexible clocking methods include smartphone clocks, QR scans, and browser checks, to name a few. I'd also like to thank the support team for providing excellent back-end support to our managers! Continue your excellent work and service.
  • No one needed to contact us after we trained our managers on how to use the system. Smartphone watches, QR scans, and browser tests are just a few of the many watch methods available.
  • Our administrators are well-served by our support team.
  • It is overly efficient in terms of completing the activities and objectives set.
  • For current labor issues, we can rely on everything included in the compensation package.
Calamari is constantly striving to account for and provide useful, practical, and simple solutions to its employees that everyone can use without significant inconvenience. Always seeking to be in an active business environment that allows them to manage the various labor policies that exist in each region and company where they work.
  • It is user-friendly and simple for all employees to use.
  • We can obtain the data from the results we seek by simply pressing a button in relation to each study circumstance.
  • It is quick and simple to provide application training to employees.
  • When there are problems with the connection, it is possible to record that the user does not mark their exit or accounts for extra time.
It was the only system that provided all of the features we required, including actiTIME, and was comprehensive enough to calculate various types of outages. Contactability with customer service, which is extremely quick, helpful, and friendly, and always resolves my problems, even when they are unique to my organization. I have faith that things will get a lot better.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Calamari as our PTO management tool for the entire organization, across all departments. This includes the employee's annual leave allowance, specifying a replacement team member, and stating a leave of absence due to health issues or working remotely from home.
  • Complex rules to define each team member's PTO allowance.
  • Overview of remaining allowance and when it is has been requested for.
  • Easy login options.
  • I would like for the platform to be available in other languages as well. Currently, only a few languages are supported.
  • While the platform is intuitive, the built in tutorials are not the best.
Calamari should work fine for Small to Medium Businesses that want to keep track of their personnel's leave of absence, especially if they have different rules based on location, experience, etc. It also works adequately to allow for PTO to be approved based on a specific org structure (manager, then HR, etc).
  • Tracking PTO.
  • Tracking remote work.
  • Allowing multiple levels of managers to approve leave of absence.
  • Allowed us to more efficiently track PTO per person, based on their specific characteristics (pregnancy, location, years with the company, etc).
We previously managed all of our PTO within Excel, which did not allow us to automatically approve PTO based on various management levels, track specific teams allowance or substitute easily.
March 10, 2020

Amazing product!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Since it has a Leave Management feature, most of us benefited from that one. Also it easy to use. Calamari turned out to be a great solution that allowed us to make the process more agreeable and helped both Employees and Team Leaders better plan their work!
  • Leave management feature.
  • Track attendance and work time of employees.
  • Free trial.
  • Lack of a mobile app.
  • A little tricky at first to use.
  • Need HR-friendly features to add.
The very user-friendly interface encourages our team members to use Calamari regularly. The tool is also very simple to use so all in-house communication is strengthened because of that. The Success team writes back within minutes and helps with literally everything so the communication between us/our team and Calamari is great.
  • Boosted employee productivity.
Overall, Calamari definitely did help our HR team to save tons of time spent on monitoring the leaves manually. What is more, our team members can see their history and current leave status live. We can surely see the difference using Calamari brought to our business.
Working with my rep is so easy and has been the selling point on this platform. I like that I don't have to think about it much, love the Slack integrations for my team and how easy it was to transition from our old process into Calamari. It's simple, clear, and for a small team, it has everything I need. The customer support team has always responded promptly when I need anything, and we were even able to extend our trial period in the beginning and converted to a paying customer shortly after.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We're using Calamari for our whole company. It's a really awesome absence management and time tracking solution, with a lot of additional functions and flexible configuration options. It allows us to plan our vacations effectively, but also track our working hours effortlessly using Beacon technology and the mobile Calamari app. No more cards and manually clocking in. You come into the office, or log in to your desk and your phone with the Calamari app, connect to Beacon, and it clocks you in. It's that easy!
  • Feature rich.
  • Cheap.
  • Professional and helpful support team.
  • Beautiful and clear UI.
  • Would be great to have a team calendar in the mobile app.
  • Give notifications about the end of the working day.
  • Provide a better dashboard for tracking available vacation days in the mobile app.
It's absolutely great for tech companies that are open to new technologies. Clocking in and out is super easy, and you have a lot of options to do it. My favorite two are: automatically clocking in using the mobile app and beacons, and clocking in/out using Slack integration. It's a great tool not only for the HR department, but for team leaders as well. It's easy to manage team member vacation requests and plans.
  • Our vacations are accepted by team leaders and the hr department, so it's super easy to plan projects.
  • Clocking in/out helps everyone with punctuality.
  • It's easier to manage overtime hours.
Our HR department used Excel and paper request forms for our vacation management, and tracking working hours didn't exist. We were only obliged to sign a list when we were entering the office. Calamari is a huge improvement in every aspect of time tracking and vacation management for your company. We're loving it!
Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Aurora
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