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Anthology Student

Anthology Student
Formerly CampusNexus Student


What is Anthology Student?

Campus Management Corp, now Anthology, Inc (the company formed from the merger with iModules and Student Labs in 2020) offers Anthology Student (formerly CampusNexus Student), the company's flagship student information system (SIS) featuring automated tuition and financial aid management, academic…

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CampusNexus Student is widely utilized by educational institutions to effectively manage student information, resources, and …
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What is Anthology Student?

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Community Insights

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CampusNexus Student is widely utilized by educational institutions to effectively manage student information, resources, and communication. With its well-designed interface and seamless navigation, users rely on the system as their primary tool for work, allowing them to access and provide necessary information to students. By integrating with other software, CampusNexus Student offers a centralized view of all student information, files, and documents, ensuring streamlined management and easy accessibility. The software facilitates various tasks such as generating reports on different aspects of student management, producing student schedules and transcripts, managing financial processing, and tracking academic achievement and engagement. Users appreciate the software's ability to store old documents for reference, track previous communications, and analyze trends in their student population. By leveraging the insights provided by CampusNexus Student, educational institutions can make data-driven decisions, identify potential areas for improvement in recruitment and marketing strategies, and tailor their services accordingly.

User-Friendly: Users find CampusNexus highly intuitive and user-friendly. They appreciate the software's straightforward design, which allows them to easily navigate and use it without requiring extensive training.

Efficient Inquiry Management: Users praise CampusNexus for its seamless management of new inquiries from lead sources. They also highlight how easy it is to train new employees on using the software effectively, enabling a streamlined inquiry management process.

Customizable Toolbar: Users value the ability to customize the toolbar in CampusNexus, as it provides quick access to frequently used options. This feature allows users to personalize their workspace and tailor it to their specific needs, enhancing efficiency in their daily tasks.

Glitches in the System: Users have encountered occasional system glitches that result in duplicate inquiries. Some reviewers have mentioned initial issues and permissions challenges during the implementation of CampusNexus, which were resolved with the assistance of consultants/providers.

Annoying Student Schedule Lookup: Reviewers find it frustrating to look up student schedules as it requires selecting a report and entering the student number multiple times.

Complexity and Lack of User-Friendliness: The software has been described by users as complex, inscrutable, and not always user-friendly. It can be tedious to navigate through different tabs to input information like addresses, test scores, and previous education before enrolling a student.

  1. Many users recommend giving CampusNexus a chance and suggest taking the time to adjust to the system. According to reviewers, CampusNexus is great for organizations that want to simplify their daily work. They advise being patient with the reporting capabilities and customizing settings if budget allows. Some users also recommend setting personalized settings within the platform for a better user experience.

  2. Several reviewers suggest asking for help to understand all the services offered by CampusNexus. They advise being careful in reviewing sales conversations and asking detailed questions. Additionally, users recommend considering how business operations fit into CampusNexus and consulting with an implementation specialist. They also suggest having someone with database experience on the implementation team.

  3. While some users think CampusNexus is sleek, sophisticated, and robust in functionality, others highlight the need to pay attention to fine details within the platform to ensure it meets specific needs. Reviewers also mention that the visual appeal of CampusNexus may seem ancient compared to web-based applications but still consider it a great platform. However, there are also recommendations to research other options that may have better functionality and be less costly in the long run.


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Ashley Watson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I currently work in higher education and our entire institution (from enrollment management to the registrar's office) utilizes CampusNexus Student to track and monitor both current and new student data. It solves the problems of managing student enrollments, student data, student status, billing, student course schedules, degree information, graduation information, etc.
  • Tracking multiple forms of data
  • Interdepartmental communication
  • Ability for multiple ranges of "authorization"
  • Layout can feel very outdated at times
  • Not always super intuitive
  • Glitchy
I think that CampusNexus Student does what it is created to do. If you are looking for a customizable system to track student data, I have no complaints. If you are looking for the newest, shiniest software, this might not be for you. While it can be glitchy sometimes, and feels outdated, it does its job and I have never felt like I couldn't do what I need to do because of any of those things.
  • Campus has provided our institution an improved level of data tracking and monitoring for all degree programs across the campus.
  • Everyone on campus can view the information they need without having to log onto multiple systems.
  • Customizable layouts have allowed us to have exactly what we need instead of some cookie-cutter software.
Christopher Power | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
CampusNexus is the one-stop solution for student management at the high school and collegiate level. There are a lot of tools for teachers for managing content, curriculum, and student progress in classes. However, this is the only solution I've found that can provide the school three key things, which is what it is used for. The guidance department uses this tool as a tool for tracking all students. First and most important is overall academic achievement, student engagement and outcomes, and analytics and outputs from the data. This software is only used by counselors and administration in order to help structure students and track them from one grade through to the end of their school career. Teachers do not need access to this, nor do they have access to the input of content or information. This solves the problem of how to track students, their classes, graduation requirements, credits, academic progress, student retention, and transcripts. Mainstreaming data makes life for educators and students much easier.
  • Particularly well, CampusNexus identifies at-risk students. In our school, and in any school, but in many city schools or schools with a lack of parent involvement or large populations, it is crucial to be able to identify students at risk of failing or struggling. This is something that is extremely effectively done here.
  • An additional strength I see is the ability to track graduate requirements. This is easily shared with students, parents, and the rest of the administration, to track and assist in student growth.
  • Academic records need to be shared and sent to colleges, parents and other high schools. Controlling academic records is a strength because it tallies the entire career of a student. Using this system helps to solidify communication.
  • The campus interface that showcases the data is very bulky. A better format would be to lay it out with options for the user to select from a series of data points.
  • Something done differently is that I would like to see a "dark mode" version. A lot of apps have dark or night mode, which is easier on the eyes and makes it better to use at night. In computer rooms it would also be an asset, because the room is often extremely bright in certain offices or classrooms.
  • I would like for parents to have the ability to see more student information, similar to what counselors are given. By giving parents more transparency at the middle school or high school level it would increase responsibility.
Middle Schools and High Schools have a great use for this, as students need to abide by a certain track of classes and credits in order to graduate. The software really helps to control student progress. Degree or graduation progress reports help to assure that all students are given the opportunity to track their own academic progress. Sharing this information directly with students or advisors and parents guarantees higher graduation rates.

Recruiting is an interesting scenario when looking at using this relationship management software. CampusNexus offers strategies for marketing and reaching new students. Evaluating those interested students in a timely fashion also saves time and money for the university. It is an all-encompassing software that handles the student experience from the first day of enrolment until graduation.
  • Positive. The cost is well worth the value of increasing the experience of students. Being able to retain students as a result of providing the necessary tools to evaluate their own educational progress is important.
  • A Schoolwide objective is to increase graduation rates. In order to increase graduation rates, we need to decrease the amount of time students spend calculating their own credits and waiting on responses from academic advisors. This is an automated and fast and easy way to give the exact information that is needed. Increasing graduation is a byproduct of utilizing this platform.
  • A downside of this would be the customer service of the actual CampusNexus team. Emails and phone calls are excessive in taking up time, which takes up time from other activities that people should be performing.
I have not come across other platforms that can do what CampusNexus provides. There are platforms such as Skedula for tracking grades. There are add-ins to websites such as MoodleRooms to provide curriculum and content management support. However, I have not found a platform that provides grades, curriculum, key functions for enrollment and tracking your own academic progress as well as analytical abilities. CampusNexus provides the output of data and results from a wide range of data sets. Tracking the data and being able to output it into charts and graphics for all educators, administration, and politicians can improve the culture of a school district. Providing all of this data can transform an entire educational institution.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
[It's] Used across the organization, manages the entire life-cycle of the student from lead to graduation. We Use CRM, admissions, registrar, financial aid, student accounting, academics.
  • Totally a Cloud Solution
  • Key partnership with Microsoft
  • Clear road map
  • Invests in R&D
  • Support and resolution of issues can be slow, even major issues that interrupt business operations
  • Developers need higher quality control in their processes to mitigate bugs and defects
  • Solution architects need higher level of ownership in aligning configurations with business processes
  • Financial aid needs greater automation without requiring the purchase of the specific financial aid automation module
Good for colleges that want a true cloud based solution Great in the for profit and private market Needs additional enhancements in the public market but making strides
  • Enhanced integrity of data
  • Allowed paring away of costly 3rd party integrations
  • Instability of the native application built on forms builde/share point has hurt student satisfaction at times
  • Student portal is not student friendly and does not serve a modern student well
  • Active directory integration is buggy and has caused frustrations with staff and students
Better road map, better vision, more aggressive company
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
CampusNexus Student holds all of our student records. From demographic information, to scheduling, to grading, it holds everything. I specifically used it to look for trends in our student population, whether that is what program they enter, what city they live in or near, or how they heard about our school.
  • It is a robust program. It hold many features.
  • It is easy to access and use.
  • Admins can give and limit rights to other users.
  • The interface screams 1995.
  • Due to the robustness of the program, it can be a little overwhelming.
  • A how-to, or help-videos would be a nice addition.
I don't know too many competitors for this type of program. I wasn't part of the team when it was implemented (over a decade ago). However, it meets our needs just fine. Though, in the end, it's not common for me to recommend any type of product. So if someone asked me if it was an okay product to used, I'd assuredly say yes.
  • It helps us manage our current students
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