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S&P Capital IQ

S&P Capital IQ


What is S&P Capital IQ?

Capital IQ is a market intelligence software solution offered by S&P Global Market Intelligence, which is the result of McGraw Hill Financial's acquisition of SNL Financial.

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S&P Capital IQ has proven to be an invaluable tool for users in a variety of industries. Its robust search capabilities and comprehensive …
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Product Details

What is S&P Capital IQ?

Capital IQ is a market intelligence software solution offered by S&P Global Market Intelligence, which is the result of McGraw Hill Financial's acquisition of SNL Financial. Capital IQ includes data and analytics on global financial markets and the companies and industries that comprise those markets. This intelligence can be used for a variety of purposes, from portfolio analysis to investment strategy, credit analysis, and analysis of regulatory requirements.

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

S&P Capital IQ has proven to be an invaluable tool for users in a variety of industries. Its robust search capabilities and comprehensive data aggregation make it an ideal platform for conducting detailed research and analysis on complex industries. Users have found it particularly useful for gathering up-to-the-minute news coverage and rely on its excellent customer service for any necessary support.

Investment teams have greatly benefited from S&P Capital IQ's valuation capabilities, as it allows them to compile statistics for comparable companies, whether they are publicly traded or based on precedent transactions. Market data, valuation parameters, and stock price performance can be easily accessed and analyzed, providing valuable insights for investment decisions. This web-based platform also offers built-in tools for conducting deep data analysis and generating complex reports according to specific business requirements.

S&P Capital IQ has become a go-to resource for junior staff in investment banks who need quick access to important financial information and client resumes. It is commonly used alongside other industry-standard tools like Bloomberg Terminal. Additionally, the software's strong data capabilities have made it a primary choice for the Corporate Finance division within organizations. The ability to conduct analysis on comparable transactions and perform due diligence on companies and their competitors has been greatly appreciated by users.

In the Healthcare space specifically, S&P Capital IQ has proven to be extremely helpful in conducting accurate valuations of various companies. Its comprehensive data coverage in this sector allows users to make informed decisions while saving time in the process. Furthermore, the software has assisted users in constructing buyers lists for sell-side M&A transactions, enabling them to work more efficiently and accurately.

Overall, S&P Capital IQ's user experiences highlight its diverse range of use cases across industries, from investment research and valuations to corporate finance analysis and decision-making. Its intuitive interface, extensive financial data, and powerful analytics capabilities have consistently provided invaluable assistance to users in their respective fields.

Exceptional Customer Service: Multiple users have praised the exceptional customer service provided by S&P Capital IQ, highlighting round-the-clock availability and quick response times. Reviewers appreciate being able to receive the required information within an hour or, for larger research projects, within 8 hours.

Reliable and Accurate Data: Many reviewers have emphasized the reliability and accuracy of the data provided by S&P Capital IQ. They commend the company for offering rewards if any errors are identified and mention receiving rewards themselves multiple times over several years.

Customizable User Interface: Users appreciate the user-friendly and customizable interface of S&P Capital IQ. This feature allows them to declutter their dashboard and obtain specific and accurate information easily. The ability to customize the interface sets S&P Capital IQ apart from other market participants who do not offer on-page customization.

Unwieldy User Interface: Some users have found the user interface of S&P Capital IQ to be challenging to navigate, particularly on certain internet browsers. This has made it difficult for them to compile specific market data and efficiently use the software.

Limited Data Sources: Reviewers have mentioned that the overall set of sources in S&P Capital IQ is not as comprehensive as they would like. They feel that the scope and depth of the collected data could be improved to provide a more exhaustive range of information.

Lack of Intuitive Navigation: The menu in S&P Capital IQ has been described as complex by some users, making it difficult for them to find the information they need. This lack of intuitive navigation hampers their ability to effectively utilize the software's features and maximize its potential.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In order to do analytics and research, the S&P Capital IQ platform provides a smart, potent financial data resource. It is a web-based platform with built-in tools for research and other important choices, combining extensive financial data and economic activity on firms and marketplaces throughout the world. It is the market leader since it is a cross-segment platform that can be used for everything from collecting basic company data to creating intricate reports using its deep data capabilities.
  • Plugins that change and analyze analysis improve it.
  • Capital IQ is user-driven, unlike other market participants, which helps streamline the dashboard and acquire accurate data.
  • Any report or analysis delivers the most in fewest words. In this data-driven world.
  • The scope and depth of the collected data can be increased.
  • The UI with little icons and buttons may be difficult at first but may become intuitive. The UI isn't horrible but might be better.
  • Global data coverage, but US and UK markets have the greatest details. MENA and APAC lack.
S&P Capital IQ stands out as a research and analytics tool thanks to its comprehensive data set, which can be used to conduct in-depth analysis and generate diverse dashboards for extracting actionable insights from data regression. The search tools and information provided are both useful and accurate.
September 01, 2020

A Must for Quality Analysis

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
S&P Capital IQ is being used primarily, although not exclusively, by the Corporate Finance division within my organization. S&P Capital IQ is largely used for conducting analysis on comparable transactions or due diligence on companies and their competitors. S&P Capital IQ, however, is used for a wide breadth of tasks within my organization, which is a testament to the multiplicity of quality features the software provides.
  • S&P Capital IQ's blackline tool allows for the effortless comparison of changes in company filings over time.
  • The screening tool when searching for comparable companies and/or transactions is very comprehensive and customizable.
  • It allows users to customize their dashboards and tearsheets in any number of ways.
  • S&P Capital IQ's add-in slows down my Excel when I incorporate formulas into it.
  • S&P Capital IQ's algorithms don't necessarily look in the footnotes of company filings, which can make for a less robust analysis of financials and multiples than desired.
  • The user interface is not very user-friendly and thus makes maximizing the software's features difficult. It could be more intuitive to use and not so busy (e.g. not so many small icons on one web page). The S&P Capital IQ support team, however, is always available and very helpful.
S&P Capital IQ is well suited for conducting analysis of a wide range of public companies. More specifically, the software is excellent for performing valuations of companies, whether through analyzing comparable companies and transactions or downloading company financials in Excel to conduct a discounted cash flow. However, finding enough substantial data on private companies in S&P Capital IQ can be difficult at times.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The junior staff in the investment bank I used to work for was responsible for creating initial pitch books and presentations on potential clients. S&P Capital IQ was very helpful next to other tools like Bloomberg Terminal to acquire important financial information and quick resumes whenever needed and WHERE EVER needed. With Bloomberg, you have to do this through the terminal, where CapIQ is browser based.
  • You can use it on any device, and do not have to go to a terminal and leave your desk.
  • Interactive PDF reports can be exported, Bloomberg is not that good at this.
  • Balance sheets, Profit & Loss Statements and so on.
  • Sources. In Bloomberg, when you click on a figure anywhere it leads you to the source. That is a great feature, as in finance everything has to be backed with the original source.
  • Cannot always find the needed information, the menu is too complex.
S&P Capital IQ is very good for office environments, where the employees have to log in from different machines and locations. Everyone gets login information and uses the devices on hand, while if you only have Bloomberg you are bound to a terminal. The information is reliable for initial itching but has to be double checked for anything further of course.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have used Capital IQ to do proper valuations of various companies we were trying to sell in the Healthcare space. This resource allowed me to finish my work more accurately and quickly than I could have done without the tool. It also provided me a lot of help when constructing the buyers list for a sell-side M&A transaction.
  • I really enjoy the screening tool and getting a sense of certain types of transactions that have occurred in the market.
  • I really like the company descriptions to get a sense of what the company does.
  • I found the private equity profiles, their investment criteria, and fund size extremely helpful when creating a buyer's list.
  • Sometimes the tool does not bifurcate the data as you need it when running the screening tool. For example, I cannot pull a certain advisor and its physical address. It would allow me to pull all advisor addresses on a deal.
I think Capital IQ is great for financial analysis and determining the valuation of a company. It is also great for learning about a business and determining other comparable companies in the same industry. It can also be a value add to a sales force that is trying to identify certain types of companies they want to target/sell into.
April 14, 2017

Recap on Cap IQ

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used S&P Capital IQ as an employee at Xavier University in the Trading Center in the business building. The Trading Center had 30 or so Bloomberg terminals, and these terminals also had Capital IQ software on them. I used Capital IQ to help in my credit analysis of bonds and equity securities.
  • It was very helpful to be able to create your own table based on the information important to you. You could then export this table into an excel document.
  • It was very easy to use and had links to a list of competitors and supplier which proved to be beneficial.
  • I used Capital IQ mostly to value equity and fixed income securities. Sometimes it was easier to find what I was looking for on Bloomberg with the keyboard shortcuts. Then again there was some information that was much easier to obtain through Cap IQ.
[In addition to using the product myself] I also taught others how to use Capital IQ. It was much easier for them to pick up than Bloomberg. Bloomberg is much more expansive, but also much more difficult for someone new to use. Even the keyboard for Bloomberg is different.
Becky Reid | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SNL Financial is one of the best service providers I have ever used. The aggregate data on a complex industry and provide robust and detailed search capabilities, up-to-the-minute news coverage and excellent customer service. If I need a stat on a particular company or and industry trend, they have it. If I can't find the info, they have a friendly person to help me.
  • Exceptional customer service 24/7! They are always there and always give me exactly what I need usually within an hour or for larger research projects within 8 hours.
  • Extremely well-informed people on every level. They deal with complex and ever changing data with stellar expertise.
  • Always up, always accurate and they pay you if you find an error in their data. I have collected exactly twice in 15 years over thousands of companies and documents. It is a coupe to get a reward from SNL!
  • I have never been disappointed in their breadth or depth of information or their customer service. They are the best vendor I have ever used!
If you are a casual investor and don't need in-depth information, then use any search engine. If you want the full meal deal, they are worth every penny you spend for them.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Capital IQ is primarily used for valuation purposes, including compiling statistics for comparable companies, whether publicly traded or on a precedent transactions basis. The product is used by the investment team, and helps address questions related to market data, valuation parameters for specific industries, and stock price performance over time.
  • Data aggregation and charting. We consistently use Capital IQ's data collection abilities for comparing multiple indices and/or individual publicly traded securities.
  • Excel integration. Cap IQ's Excel plug-in is extremely useful for performing valuation analyses, and allows one to easily update key market metrics for ongoing use.
  • Transaction monitoring. Cap IQ maintains a reliable and continuously updated store of M&A transactions that one can reference for the purpose of analyzing deal activity in a particular industry subsector.
  • User Interface. While Cap IQ is generally user friendly, the software can be unwieldy on certain internet browsers, and methods for compiling specific market data can be challenging at times (as it relates to charting).
  • Debt Market Data. Cap IQ's capabilities on reporting bankruptcies and statistics related to bankruptcies could use some refining, particularly for investors who frequently look at distressed debt or special situations investments.
Cap IQ is well suited for analyzing security pricing and valuation, tracking stock performance over time, looking up comparable transactions, and analyzing valuations on an industry basis. The service is also well suited for charting and data analysis purposes.
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