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What is Catalytic?

Catalytic headquartered in Chicago offers their Catalytic Automation Cloud, which they state is used by operations, finance, procurement, HR, and legal organizations to automate and orchestrate complex and variable processes.

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Catalytic has been praised by users for its ability to standardize and upgrade technology, improving project management and automating …
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What is Catalytic?

Catalytic headquartered in Chicago offers their Catalytic Automation Cloud, which they state is used by operations, finance, procurement, HR, and legal organizations to automate and orchestrate complex and variable processes.

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What is Catalytic?

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Community Insights

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Catalytic has been praised by users for its ability to standardize and upgrade technology, improving project management and automating data analysis. It is particularly effective in handling tasks that involve data collection and transformation, streamlining operations in marketing technology, and automating the processing of unstructured documents. Users have had positive experiences with the software and appreciate the assistance provided by the helpful Catalytic staff in creating their process vision.

The impact of Catalytic has been significant in various areas. Users have reported reductions in redundant and time-consuming tasks, resulting in higher customer service quality, improved consultation, cost savings, and new revenue streams. With Catalytic's streamlined administrative processes, organizations have experienced substantial increases in speed and accuracy. It has played a crucial role in removing high-volume monotonous work throughout enterprises and identifying root cause issues in end-to-end processes. By automating manual outreaches, Catalytic saves both time and money while improving data quality, reducing error rates, risks, cycle times, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Catalytic offers extensive automation capabilities that benefit various departments within an organization. It has been successfully implemented for HR processes such as contract management and time tracking. Users have found Catalytic to be a robust, flexible, and reliable framework for developing web applications, significantly cutting down on development costs and time. It has also proven effective in purchasing and logistics use cases involving Excel manipulation, Word processing, and OCR capabilities.

One of the standout features of Catalytic is its ability to structure communication that would typically be handled via email. This provides a significant advantage by centralizing information and promoting better collaboration. Moreover, Catalytic supports digital transformation by offering a seamless end-to-end view across the enterprise, integrating various systems, and providing workflow and automation capabilities. This allows users to bring human effort closer to computer processing while maintaining full control over business processes.

Overall, Catalytic has garnered widespread praise for its impact on productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. Users have reported not only substantial time savings but also improved communication between teams, better tracking mechanisms, easy notifications, and seamless integration with platforms like Docusign and CRM. The software's ability to automate audit processes has proven invaluable in saving significant time for organizations.

Catalytic has also revolutionized communication within organizations by structuring information that would typically be handled via email. This centralized approach provides a main advantage, ensuring that everyone involved in a process has access to the necessary information and updates. Additionally, Catalytic supports digital transformation by offering a seamless end-to-end view across the enterprise. By integrating various systems and providing workflow and automation capabilities, it enables users to achieve greater efficiency and control over their business processes.

One area where Catalytic has had a notable impact is in the creation of dashboards for key stakeholders within an organization. The software has significantly reduced the time required to create these dashboards, allowing stakeholders to access real-time data and insights more quickly. Improved communication between teams, better tracking mechanisms, easy notifications, and integration with platforms like Docusign and CRM have enhanced collaboration and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, Catalytic's automation capabilities have proven beneficial in automating audit processes. By automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows, organizations have been able to save significant amounts of time while ensuring compliance with regulations. Users have reported improved accuracy, reduced errors rates, and faster cycle times as a result.

In summary, Catalytic has emerged as a powerful tool for organizations across various industries. Users have experienced tangible benefits such as increased productivity, cost savings, improved data quality, enhanced customer experience, and streamlined processes. From project management and data analysis to HR processes and logistics management, Catalytic provides a robust framework for automation and digital transformation. With its user-friendly interface, helpful support staff, and potential for further development, Catalytic continues to be an essential solution for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiency.

Cloud functionality and security: Users appreciate that Catalytic provides all cloud functionality and security services in one place, eliminating the need to use different platforms. Several reviewers have mentioned this as a key advantage of the platform.

Easy data manipulation: The ability to easily connect different data sources and manipulate them has been highly praised by users. Many reviewers have found this feature helpful in streamlining their workflows and improving efficiency.

Clear explanations and tutorials: Users find the explanations and tutorials in Catalytic to be clear and helpful in gaining a better understanding of the topics. This has been highlighted by several reviewers as a valuable resource for learning how to effectively use the platform.

Difficult to Understand: Some users have found the process of using Catalytic difficult to understand, especially for new users. They have expressed that the platform's complexity can be overwhelming and may require a steep learning curve.

Lack of Flexibility: Several reviewers have mentioned that Catalytic is not always flexible enough to cover all their needs. They feel that certain tasks or processes cannot be easily customized or adapted within the platform.

Clunky Advanced Features: Users have noted that some advanced features in Catalytic are clunkier to use than expected. They have experienced issues with the functionality and usability of these features, which has hindered their workflow efficiency.

Users commonly recommend the following actions when using Catalytic:

  1. Take the training, participate in the partnership, and stay up to date on the evolving product. Users believe it is important to invest time in learning how to use Catalytic effectively. They recommend taking advantage of the training resources provided and participating in any partnership programs offered. Additionally, staying up to date on the product's updates and changes is recommended to maximize its benefits.

  2. Allocate time for people to use the product and seek assistance from the Catalytic team. Users suggest setting aside dedicated time for employees to use Catalytic in order to fully leverage its capabilities. They also recommend reaching out to the Catalytic support team for assistance and guidance whenever needed.

  3. Possess basic JavaScript coding skills to fully leverage the tool's functions. Some users suggest that having a basic understanding of JavaScript coding can enhance the utilization of Catalytic's features. This knowledge allows users to customize workflows and automate more complex tasks efficiently.

Furthermore, users find the provided help sites as a valuable resource for answering questions and obtaining additional support when using Catalytic.

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We are using Catalytic internally to get a better understanding of its power and usage. We are looking to have other like minded organisations use it to power their digital transformation. The benefits include the ability to integrate between systems, as well as the workflow and automation component. The genius is that you don't have to be a developer to use it, and hence the value to business.
  • Automation of processes that allow us to scale as we mature our processes
  • Integration between systems in an out of the box manner
  • Business Process optimisation
  • Funky UI - doesn't take much to get used to
  • Handlebar
  • Hard to grasp the full extent of the power of the application
Catalytic is best suited for process automation. It is great with unstructured data and the machine learning capability is so accessible. The AI aspect is super intuitive and helps make good business decisions. The ability to drop pushbots into process and then do a seamless handshake to a human and back again is not something I have seen anywhere else.
  • Made us look more closely at why we do what we do
  • Shortened the cycle time on a lot of previously manual processes
  • Better experience for our customer base
Using Catalytic is dead simple, click and drag. Start simple and iterate. Once you start using the tool, you soon want to add more in and then the more you add in the higher the ROI. People will start to line up to want to use it, and realise the benefits.
We have been so lucky with Catalytic, the team have been super responsive and more than willing to go that extra mile to make sure we have everything that we need. Even with the time zone challenges, they are the kind of team that will always make sure they are available and will follow up until we have the answer and more.
We started on the process automation journey a few years back and people kept coming back to ask, was there an alternative that would allow us to connect all the disparate systems in my organisation. We looked at RPA, that wasn't the answer, some of the larger players could do what we were looking for, but it came at a price that precluded usage. Then we should Catalytic was right in that sweet spot, - we call it bang for buck, functionality that was accessible from a price point of view but delivered in terms of realising our goals
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