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CData Sync

CData Sync


What is CData Sync?

CData's Sync is a data pipeline tool able to connect data sources to the user's database or data warehouse, supporting at present over 200 possible sources, and a range of destinations (e.g. Snowflake, S3, Redshift), connecting on-premise or SaaS sources…

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CData Sync simplifies the process of syncing data between multiple systems, eliminating the need for manual export, modification, and …
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What is CData Sync?

CData's Sync is a data pipeline tool able to connect data sources to the user's database or data warehouse, supporting at present over 200 possible sources, and a range of destinations (e.g. Snowflake, S3, Redshift), connecting on-premise or SaaS sources and destinations.

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CData Sync - Transform Feature (Xero Accounting)

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

CData Sync simplifies the process of syncing data between multiple systems, eliminating the need for manual export, modification, and import. Businesses find it beneficial as it provides a user-friendly interface for setting up and managing synchronization processes. Users have successfully synchronized databases from different ERP programs in multinational companies to generate consolidation reports for decision-making purposes. CData Sync is also effective in pulling data from complex CRM systems into SQL databases for data warehousing and reporting needs. It enables non-technical users to easily handle table sync and selection, simplifying data synchronization management. The software has proven to be effective in solving data replication problems and has gained a reputation for being easy to use. It seamlessly integrates with Oracle Eloqua and MySQL, expanding its capabilities for users working with diverse data sources. Organizations with hybrid data models benefit from CData Sync by focusing on data merging instead of developing their own ETL tools. Overall, it has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its effectiveness and customer support.

Flexible and Easy to Use: Users have found that CData Sync software is flexible and easy to use, allowing for quick and fast data processing and manipulation. Several reviewers have mentioned this as a major advantage of the software.

Handle UPSERT Operations with Zero Code: The ability of CData Sync to handle UPSERT operations with zero code has been highly appreciated by users. This feature saves time in ETL developments, according to multiple reviewers.

User-Friendly Syncing Process: Users find it easy to set up the syncing process between multiple connections using CData Sync. They appreciate that technical knowledge or coding is not required, making the syncing process user-friendly. Several reviewers have praised this aspect of the software.

High Prices: Some users have expressed that the prices of the plugins are quite high, making it difficult for small companies to take advantage of the potential of the tools.

Lack of Security Features: Users have mentioned that they feel the security of the platform is not very high, as it still uses traditional username and password login without the ability to set up different logins to the admin portal or support SSO.

Limited Documentation: Several reviewers have noted a lack of documentation for more advanced features in the software, which can make it challenging for users who want to utilize these capabilities.

Users recommend the following:

  1. It is important to read all the documentation first. Familiarizing oneself with the product's documentation before using it can be beneficial in understanding how to effectively utilize the software and make the most out of its features.

  2. Ensure that the software supports all data sources and destinations. Verifying compatibility with specific data sources and destinations is crucial to avoid any potential issues or limitations when working with different data sources.

  3. Users had positive experiences with the support team, particularly with Arun from CData. The support team was found to be helpful and efficient in resolving any issues or queries encountered while using the software.

Additionally, users suggest giving CData a chance if you need to replicate data from unfamiliar sources. However, some users do not feel comfortable recommending this software to others, indicating mixed opinions about its overall performance or user experience.


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CData Sync is the automated data replication software used across different operational teams in my organization, for synchronization and replication. In previous years, we had issues with connecting to some destination databases when working with B2B companies and MNCs (Multinational Corporations). However, the software CData is an effective tool that has liberated our data replication from failed attempts, giving us successful enterprise and organizational data replicate to on-premise and cloud base databases. We use CData Sync on supported integrations as; DB2, MySQL, SQL server, and also snowflake - CData Sync complements well with these domains. We have expanded use when dealing with 10 or more sources.
  • Effortless use of no-code interfaces on data pipelining on.
  • High demand numbers of sources and destinations.
  • Works with even snowflake, with no error occurrence.
  • It uses ETL - (Extract / Transfer / Load).
  • It enhances data extraction and database support.
  • Although efficient for SQL servers and MySQL, as well as Snowflake. It is not strong for other database engines, and an upgrade on this would do a lot.
  • The installation process is manual as opposed to the cloud installation it should be.
  • A feature of syncing auto increment ID key, that will help in existing data management.
Evidently, CData Sync is an excellent middleware tool that is perfect for syncing data between systems. It is especially suitable and works well on SQL servers, DB2, MySQL, and Snowflake, and some of their brothering domains. However, it is a limitation in working with Sage 50 API. But if it is extracted with ODBC, it works well.
  • Integer-based incremental check column.
  • A syncing system that is log-based replication.
  • Equipped with hard, soft, and skip delete systems.
  • Variation in multiple-choice data types.
  • Built-in REST API access
  • The 250+ connection sources.
  • Reserves resources by covering human power via its automated sync method.
  • Saves time: on launching data collectively into a compatible domain.
Tableau is another similar software tool, unlike CData Sync, rather transforms data into actionable insights. While CData Sync works with automation, Tableau uses a drag box on its AVA, which in turn slows the work speed on the syncing of data. Over the years, I enjoyed the friendly and customizable option of CData Sync over Tableau's.
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