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What is Censia?

Censia is a talent intelligence tool that focuses on using data to produce the best possible candidates for any position. Censia automates many of the aspects of talent acquisition, saving hiring managers time and money.

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Users of this product have found it to be an invaluable tool for solving a variety of questions through the analytics it provides. From …
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What is Censia?

Censia is a talent intelligence tool that focuses on using data to produce the best possible candidates for any position. Censia automates many of the aspects of talent acquisition, saving hiring managers time and money.

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Product Demos

Censia & SAP SuccessFactors Demo Video 2020


Censia & Greenhouse Overview Demo


Censia Talent Intelligence Platform -- An SAP Endorsed App Demo

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Product Details

What is Censia?

Censia adds AI-powered talent intelligence to existing talent workflows, from recruiting to human capital management, executive search, and workforce planning. The integration comes in three levels: native, standard, and basic), and it can be used as a cloud solution.

Teams using Censia can spend less time on manual tasks (review, research, etc.), finding more qualified and diverse candidates, discovering the capabilities they already have on their teams, and unlocking the full potential of their talent teams.

Censia includes access to talent data with profiles containing detailed information not just on roles and skills but also on companies and industries.

Censia states’s its AI algorithms are trained using validated, proprietary data set, collected, cleaned, and correlated from more than 2,000 sources.

COMING SOON: Generative AI talent search and research.

Censia Features

Talent Intelligence Features

  • Supported: Continuous AI Model Training
  • Supported: Existing Skills Mapping/Lanscaping
  • Supported: Anonymous Screening/Profile Masking
  • Supported: Bias-Mitigating Algorithms
  • Supported: Diversity Reporting
  • Supported: AI-Based Role Definition
  • Supported: Candidate Modelling
  • Supported: Talent Rediscovery
  • Supported: Automated Candidate Evaluation/Scoring
  • Supported: Internal Mobility Recommendations
  • Supported: At-Risk Talent Scoring
  • Supported: ATS Integrations

Additional Features

  • Supported: Complete, Insightful Talent Profiles: Gain a complete 360° understanding of your people, passive candidates, and applicants. HCM enrichment of all talent possible.
  • Supported: Automated Ranking and Scoring (automated available): Score and rank your talent according to JD fit.
  • Supported: Industry and Company Search: Add company, industry, and sector searches to your models to find the top talent for your company.
  • Supported: X-Factors: Easily find talent with growth experience, diversity indicators, industry expertise, and more.
  • Supported: AI you can Trust: Our AI was built fairly from the start, helping you actively mitigate search bias. Anonymous searches are available for OFCCP compliance.
  • Supported: Really Great Data: Gathered from thousands of sources and manually cleaned and structured, Censia’s golden record delivers up-to-date talent information, contact data, professional links, and AI-generated insights.
  • Supported: Supercharged People Teams: Across all our products, Censia dramatically reduces your time spent on research, review, and analysis, freeing you time to focus on people, not processes.

Censia Screenshots

Screenshot of Censia's software can be used for recruiting, human capital management, workforce planning, executive search, and more.Screenshot of Censia delivers immediate and long-lasting ROI growth across the organization.Screenshot of Censia has actively collected, cleaned and structured talent data from more than 2,000 sources, making fair and efficient AI possible. Talent profiles include X-factor insights (growth, diversity), complete talent profiles with contact information/links.Screenshot of Censia dramatically reduces your time spent on manual tasks. Here's an example from our Recruiting Intelligence software.Screenshot of Censia is available as a standalone solution, integrated into your existing tech stack, and via API.Screenshot of Censia serves the Fortune 100, Big Four, and has won several accolades.

Censia Video

Welcome to Censia Talent Intelligence

Censia Competitors

  • SeekOut
  • LinkedIn Talent Insights
  • SourceBreaker

Censia Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users of this product have found it to be an invaluable tool for solving a variety of questions through the analytics it provides. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, customers have successfully used the product to find qualified candidates for their organizations. By narrowing down top candidates for specific searches and quickly gathering contact information, users have been able to work smarter and streamline their hiring process. Additionally, the product has proven helpful in restructuring sales teams and identifying areas of opportunity through data and market demographics analysis. Users are exploring the solution to improve internal talent mobility, particularly in niche areas, and have found it useful in finding a relevant pool of candidates and assessing market competitiveness for talent strategy, leading to cost reduction. With its data-driven approach, the product allows users to make more informed decisions when selecting the right talent for a role. It has also played a significant role in connecting candidates who were displaced by the COVID-19 crisis with open job opportunities. Users appreciate the qualitative assessment provided by the product, which offers insights beyond transparency assessments. Overall, this product has proven indispensable in addressing various recruitment challenges and helping users make data-backed decisions to drive their hiring strategies forward.

Responsive and Customizable Team: Several users have praised Censia for their highly responsive and customizable team. They appreciated the team's willingness to provide custom data and their quick response times, which helped them make critical strategic decisions.

Wide Pool of Candidates: Many reviewers found Censia's ability to pull from a wide batch of candidates to be a valuable feature. This broad pool of candidates allowed users to have more options and find the right fit for their needs.

Specific Weighted Terms: Users have been impressed with Censia's ability to get really specific with weighted terms. This feature has allowed them to filter results and dive deep into the data, providing meaningful insights that are essential and game-changing for their industry.

Ineffectiveness in filtering search results: Some users have mentioned that the tool is not effective in refining search results to meet their specific criteria, leading to a lack of relevant matches. Lack of automatic assessment and snapshot feature: Several reviewers have expressed a desire for the tool to automatically assess candidates based on set filters and preferences, providing a snapshot of good fits. This functionality is currently missing from the platform. Outdated contract details: A few users have noted that at times, the profiles available do not have refreshed contract details. This can create confusion and inconvenience when trying to connect with suitable candidates. No downsides mentioned by users: Interestingly, one user stated that they cannot think of any downsides to the platform. It's worth noting that this feedback may not represent the views of all users but suggests overall satisfaction. Lack of streamlining and subtopic selection fidelity: Some reviewers found that the version they were using was not streamlined enough, particularly when it came to selecting subtopics. They expressed a need for greater fidelity in this aspect of the tool's functionality. Limited impact on search match results: A couple of users mentioned that changing tagged skillsets did not drastically alter the search match results. They observed instances where some search results did not perfectly align with the role they were looking for. Overall, while there are positive aspects highlighted by users, such as ease-of-use and expansive database access, there are also areas where improvements could be made regarding filtering effectiveness, automatic assessment features, profile data accuracy, streamlining user experience, and enhancing search result relevance.

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