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What is Censia?

Censia is a talent intelligence tool designed to continuously assemble candidate data from several sources. It automates talent acquisition and improves the overall candidate pool. Censia analyzes a large number of success factors (such as career trajectory, company type, loyalty, diversity, among others) and creates a slated ranking of potential candidates for a given position. Censia also generates individualized Golden Records that consider account information from multiple job-related profiles, delivering the most reliable information on each candidate.

Talent Intelligence

As a talent intelligence tool, Censia enables HR professionals to passively source for qualified candidates, saving several hours or days’ worth of work. It allows users to access millions of candidates from around the world. Censia uses machine learning and predictive analytics to compile the best candidates. This tool also enables hiring managers to create a model of their ideal candidate based on the attributes of their highest-performing employees. Censia uses this model to find candidates that meet the criteria, eliminating the need to manually sift through a sea of data.

Censia highlights previous applicants if they are a good fit for a different position. It will also identify current employees that meet the standards for a better role, promoting internal mobility within the organization. Employers can use Censia to limit the amount of bias that goes into selecting candidates. It accomplishes this by hiding traits such as race, gender, ethnicity, age. Without sources of potential bias, Cesnia puts an emphasis on the talents and skills of the candidates.

Workforce Planning

Censia does not function solely to acquire candidates for open positions. Companies can leverage Censia to plan for future talent needs or to build their workforce using data-driven insights. It can identify skills or abilities that are either missing from the organization or present but untapped. With the analytical capacity to identify this information, Censia is able to inform decision-makers on how to best proceed with finding new talent and where to prioritize budgetary resources.

Censia can also be used for broader analytical perspectives that are not necessarily related to the acquisition of talent. Data collected and analyzed by Censia can be wielded to monitor company goals, compliance standards, and how well an organization is performing against industry standards or key competitors.

Censia Features

Talent Intelligence Features

  • Supported: Continuous AI Model Training
  • Supported: Bias-Mitigating Algorithms
  • Supported: Internal Mobility Recommendations

Additional Features

  • Supported: ATS Integration
  • Supported: Complete Talent Landscape (i.e., access to all the professionals)
  • Supported: Candidate Performance Prediction
  • Supported: Golden Records (i.e. aggregate lead profiles)
  • Supported: Instant Shortlists
  • Supported: Automated Candidate Evaluation
  • Supported: Candidate Rediscovery

Censia Screenshots

A snapshot of an automatically-generated list of potential candidates provided by Censia Talent Intelligence software.

Censia Video

A short video demo of the Censia platform provided by SAP Partner Edge.

Censia Integrations

Censia Competitors

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  • LinkedIn Talent Insights
  • SourceBreaker

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Censia Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo